Traveling Companions II ©J.Neworder 2001

1. The Arrangements

Our on the road e-mails reached each other at the same time. We had expressed to each other the desire to meet soon again. She suggested that I check our mutual itineraries and find a suitable location. I spent most of the morning in the hotel business center comparing flight schedules and destinations. Madrid looked best. I wrote her with the suggestion and details. I was in my room when she called excited about the choice and timing and asked that I make reservations for her when I made mine. The hotel travel clerk sent her confirmation of flights as well as a hotel in Madrid. I counted the hours and she said in her e-mails she was also.

Both of us had long flights to Madrid with changes in another country. I would arrive in the morning and she late in the afternoon. I decided to wait for her at the airport but left a message at the hotel where I was. I worried she might have to catch other airlines or have missed connections. I went to the airport net link center and worked through all the possible combination of flights she might be on, then kept going back and checking. We both had to give in to the cell phone age soon. After the flight link showed her plane had left on her last leg, I checked the airline counter to see if they had the passenger lists. They were Spaniards and understood the anxiety of love. They checked and confirmed she was on her way. I had only four more hours to wait.

2. Meeting Again

I peered as far as I could into the jet way and finally saw the top of her head and face. She spotted me outside the glass wall and blew me a kiss that I returned. I went to where she would come out of customs and tried to imagine where she was each step of the way. She finally came out toting her bags. We met and she let them fall onto the floor as we embraced and kissed passionately. We gathered my luggage and rushed to a taxi. We no sooner got in and we were in each otherís arms.

We checked into our hotel, got to our room and held each other tightly. She was smiling and wiping tears from her eyes at the same time. I wished I could show the joy I felt just as easily. I kissed her on the neck and mouth as I unbuttoned her blouse. She helped undo her bra as I fondled her breasts. I kissed down from her neck onto her breasts. She pulled her blouse out, loosened her skirt and shoved it and her panties to the floor. She hung on to me as I kissed down her stomach to her belly button. I stuck my tongue
in it and moved it around. She cried out with pleasure. I moved up and suckled her breasts more as she removed my clothes.

We moved over to the bed and as she lay on her back we kissed on the mouth and sucked on each otherís tongues as I fondled her breasts. Her nipples became hard and I again moved down and licked and sucked on them. I kissed down along her stomach and her belly button. I then kissed down through her pubic hair to her mound. My feet were up above her head so she was reaching down behind and softly along my scrotum to the base of my hard. I licked around the base of her nub. She held my hard tightly as she moved down to get her tongue near it. She pulled too much and I groaned with some pain. Oh dear, she said this is harder than I expected. We giggled and chuckled at the pun. I looked back at her as we tried to get into a good position, which now became part of the fun. Finally I slid under her and helped her straddle my face. I pulled her back toward me where I could put my lips around her mound and nub. She reached down and drew her tongue up along my shaft while I flicked her nub with mine. I could feel her take it into her mouth, draw it in and squeeze her lips around it. As she pulled her mouth up along it I slowly sucked in her nub. I released it as she held the base of my hard and moved her lips downward and up again. She sucked close to the end and at the same time moved her tongue over it. I sucked her nub stronger and harder. She was moaning and trying to suck and lick at the same time. I sucked more on her mound and nub, and she rose with a yell of joy. I turned around and moved up to kiss and hold her. She asked me to kneel over her and she guided my hard between her breasts. She squeezed them around her and massaged it with them. It was a soft yet strong sensation. She reached up, placed a hand around it and rubbed it more vigorously. I came strongly onto her chest and her face. We laughed as we kissed our juices off of each other.

We went into the large shower together. We lathered each other up as we faced each other. We moved back together under the shower to rinse off. I unhooked the showerhead and pointed the water up between her legs at her tenderness. She spread and shuttered with joy as the water surged upward. She turned around to finish rinsing and I reached around to hold her breasts. I kissed her on the neck as I fondled her. She reached back and stroked my face softly.

We began dressing together. She slid on her panties, and went through her luggage deciding what to wear lamenting that she did not know what people wore in Madrid for the evening. She took out a long smooth cotton dress with slits part way up either side. She held it up and slipped it on without a bra. She asked if I minded, because she felt so safe with me that way. I reached out and moved my hands over her smooth dress and body, and around her breasts. I held and kissed her as I ran my hand up and down her smooth back to let her know it pleased me.

We took a cab to old downtown where the restaurants are. It was close to 8 pm and the offices would be closing but we hoped to beat the crowd. She sat close to me in the cab and I could feel her warm body against mine through her thin dress. We walked along the main street hand in hand checking out the different restaurants and discussing that we would like to find a quite, place with reasonable simple food. We entered one and were shown to a small booth where we could sit side by side. Other couples, mostly younger, came in wanting to be just as close to each other. They were catching kisses, and we felt comfortable doing so too. We ordered a common dish and ate slowly as we talked and looked into each otherís eyes. We talked about arranging our work and travel schedules so we would have more time together, and about visiting Toledo so she could check out the shops for imports. We were pretty tired when we left the restaurant because our body times were 3 hours later and we had a long day. We fell into bed in each others arms kissed quietly and were off to sleep.

I was gently being awoken by kisses on my chest and nipples while her hand stroked softly from below my scrotum along my private part. I began to feel it getting hard as I was waking and she continued to stroke it lightly. I rolled over, kissed her good morning and moved my hand along her breasts with their already erect nipples. I put my leg over hers as she spread open and moved it up against her tenderness. I could feel her wetness as I pushed my upper leg against it. She breathed heavily and said please quickly, I need you in me. I sat up on the bed and guided her up into my lap with her legs around me. I helped pull her forward toward my erection. She found a position where it entered in a direction she liked toward the top of her opening. I had my hands around her back and moved a finger down toward the bottom of her spine and pressed inward. She moaned heavily and pulled closer so that her breasts were against my chest. She said she wanted to stay in this position forever. We both felt no urge to hurry. I could feel my hard getting bigger than I had ever known it to do and filling her inside especially near her opening. It was a whole new set of feelings and sensations to both of us and we were not sure what to do from here. We kissed as best we could in this position, and as I sucked on her tongue I could feel her opening tighten and loosen around me. She cried how good that all felt so I continued to kiss her stronger, suck her tongue and move a hand around where I could fondle her breasts and roll her erect nipples. Even they were larger than I had felt before. Her opening spontaneously pulled tighter and released less as I felt tension build through her lower body. She started leaning back and crying out as her opening closed tighter around my hard. The tension began to release as she moved up and down more along my hard. More deep breathes and cries as her whole body trembled with a powerful orgasm. I had come sometime during this. We both fell over on our sides in each others arms relaxed and quite exhausted.

2. A Special Day

We headed to the Prado Museum. Last evening she saw that people dressed all ways so she wore well fitting Bermuda shorts, a halter, sun glasses and her shade hat. She carried a small shawl in her bag just in case she needed more cover at different sites. We were not quite sure where to begin in the museum so we picked a gallery and wandered in. We had not done something like this before and our approaches were different. She liked to study each picture carefully whereas I liked to move through the gallery and take it all in. We laughed at this and decided that we would first stand as far back as we could looking over a number of pictures and then when she saw one she liked we would move in close. She had art in school years ago but did not keep up. It was slowly coming back about what to look for. She enjoyed instructing me in the details as they came back to her and I spoke about what impressions I was left with.

We spent a few hours in the museum when we decided to check out of the hotel and drive to Toledo. I took some pictures of her in front of the museum and along the street, and she used my camera to take a couple of me. We were on our own with a guidebook and a hotel we booked along with the car. We looked at maps and got directions out of town. She gave the directions as I drove. I was awkward going around circles four lanes wide joining six streets looking for our road out. She would eventually spot our way out after going around several times. She got great glee out of this and on our last circle she said we were really getting better at it because we only had to go around twice. It was an easy drive the rest of the way. She talked about the sites along the road, the olive orchards, farm animals, and the small towns off to the side. Some of it was spoiled with signs advertising these places as tourist attractions.

The shops she wanted to visit to see if they had any goods for importing near the entrance to town. We chose one and went in. It specialized in jewelry and she mostly stuck with soft goods like rugs, shawls, blankets and linens. Jewelry was too specialized for her and she wore very little herself. She was attracted to a display of rings, particularly the emeralds. They were velvety in appearance and appeared fine cut. The shop clerk said the stones came from Columbia and they made their own settings. I asked to see one, looked at it a moment, slipped it on her finger and asked if she would marry me. She looked a little surprised as she smiled and looked into my eyes. She responded in her very practical manner that she would if she could buy the wedding bands. We looked at them in another case and she chose a finally crafted pair. The clerk returned with the bands and a small box he said that contained information and instructions about the emerald.

We went to our small hotel that was just off a square with a shopping area. We checked in but were too excited to go to our room. We decided to walk around for a while. I wandered into a book and map store while she went to womenís store. We caught a snack at a cafť. She kept holding up her hand and looking at her ring saying she had not felt this happy in years. We made our way back to the hotel.

She disappeared into the bathroom for some time. When she stepped out she was wearing a flowing gown with a long open top that drew up against her breasts. The rounded sides of her breasts were exposed and her firm nipples pushed outward. She stood in front of the light from the door and the silhouette of her whole body stood out. I stood up as she walked toward me. She said that she never thought she would feel so beautiful to want to wear a gown like it. We embraced and kissed but were in no hurry to exchange our passion for each other because we wanted to savor the evening. She asked if I would take pictures of her to remember it by. She did different poses around the room including leaning against a jutting corner with her hands behind her, pushing the top of the gown slightly off her shoulders to show more of her ample breasts, sitting in the wing chair and pulling her legs up under so they were exposed to her upper thigh. She then moved more sideways so that her thighs and as much of a breast was exposed from the side. Through all of this she had her warm smile and an additional glow to go with it. She leaned over and held me as I downloaded the pictures into my computer for us to look at. She was very pleased and told me I was a good photographer while I said the subject made the picture.

We had a balcony and it was dark enough that we dared go out on it to watch what sunset we could see. She extended her hands and pulled me over toward the railing. We kissed and hugged as she undid my pants and I lifted her gown. She hung on around my neck while I lifted her up against the rail and found my way into her. I could feel her moistness over my pubic hair as I entered her. We moved slowly at first until she started crying harder, harder for me to push and move as hard as I could. I could feel her tensing and building up. She came with a gush but asked me to keep pressing. In a short time she came again. We tried some more but I finally came. She put her feet down and held her gown up as I got down in front of her. I licked up along the lips of her opening to her erect nub. I put my mouth over it and her mound and sucked. She shook as she came once more. I continued to lick her softly and slowly when she said please again. I again sucked on the mound and she released quickly, I did it as many times as she asked. Her juices were running down her legs and over my face, but she could feel herself drying up. She reached for me to stand up and kiss and hug her as she said how exhilarated but exhausted she was.

3. Another Change in Plans

The next day we visited the open air markets and did the tourist sites. It was fascinating seeing the El Greco museum and his paintings. She had more education and arts background than I did by far. She pulled back to look over a whole wall of paintings, and went on to explain that many people thought that his elongated paintings represented the way the world really looked to him because of a sight and vision problem. It was these kinds of encounters between us that brought us closer and closer together.

We went back to the hotel in the late afternoon. She said she could not stand the thought of being separated again tomorrow, and that she wanted to head home with me. I told her I had the same feelings ever since we parted last time. We held each other tightly as we talked. I told her that I would change my plans and continue with her on to her next stop. We discussed the latter and thought of the joy of being with each other in another exotic place. I called an agent to have the changes made.

We were very relaxed that evening knowing we were going to stay together. We had a light meal sent to our room. She remembered the box that the clerk gave her with her ring. It had a note explaining that the emerald was the stone of the Goddess Venus and it represented bringing love into her life. She then lifted out a green candle with its note saying to light it and hold the emerald near it so it would become part of our hearts. We closed the curtains tightly and followed the directions. Her face glowed in the candlelight. As she moved the emerald toward it, it radiated light brightly outward across her face. We sat there spellbound with the light around us. We looked at each other in the candlelight and kissed softly. She said this was our own moment to remember and asked that we not tell anyone else about it for fear the spell would disappear. Our embraces and kisses were our warmest moments together yet.

The arousal we were feeling toward each other at this moment was coming on slowly and tenderly. We undressed and lay on the floor under the candlelight. We caressed each other along our faces and necks and down the sides of our body. We kissed softly. She slowly guided me on top of her and curled her legs up behind me. She pulled them tighter around me as she wanted me to enter her. I slipped into her as she spread her legs more so that my pubic hair was pushing up against her. She arched her back and dug her fingers into my back. I moved in and part way back out catching the top of her opening where she was so sensitive. She verbalized more. ďOh how pleasant, how enjoyable, Iím coming, Iím coming, oh yes, oh YES. She kept me in her as we rolled over and she sat quietly on top of me for a little while. She then moved up and down more and more vigorously as she reached another climax and I came strongly inside her. We lay back down on the floor stroking each otherís body. We were ready to sleep, pack, and go to the airport and head to our next destination.