Traveling Companions, (c) Copyright, Jneworder, 2001

1.0 The Meeting

I was on my way to make another overseas trip that I’d made a few times before. It was always a long one. The first leg was an overnight trip of seven hours to London. A layover of four hours, and then an eight hour trip on the last leg. I arrived near the counter well before the two hour check in time, as was my usual habit. In the seating area I spotted a pleasant looking woman I’d seen twice before on the last leg of a journey. I knew she was pleasant because we’d said hello a couple of times at different gates and in customs lines, but had no time to talk beyond that. Like me we were both beyond middle age. She was pleasantly plump and had a warm smile. She was dressed comfortably for the journey in a loose fitting skirt, a blouse and sweater, and knee socks. Her blouse was open enough to show a little bit of cleavage and the outline of well-rounded breasts.

I felt comfortable walking over and asking if I could sit next to her. At first she looked surprised, and then said she recognized me from previous flights out of London. I acknowledged the same and we exchanged information on our travel plans. Since we were early we’d have some choice of seats. Almost at the same time we asked the other about sitting together. As soon as the counter opened we went and asked for seats together. Luckily we were able to get two seats on the outside along a section that only had two seats there.

We got to the gating area shortly before they began calling aisles. We stood next to each other waiting. I felt comfortable with her shoulder against mine and felt a warm glow inside me that I’d not felt in a long time. Her voice was soft, and her face grew rosier as we chatted. We got on the plane, were directed to the proper aisle and headed to our seats. I helped her lift some baggage up into a compartment. I couldn’t help but see into her blouse and gazed at her breasts. She was wearing a half-slip with a built in soft bra, but no halter. She certainly knew how to travel comfortably.

2. The Flight

They began the first part of the food service as we headed up the coast, before turning out over the ocean. We were talking to each other during all of this, deciding what the other liked to eat best and exchanged food. Her hands became somewhat more animated in conversation and she’d place one on my arm for emphasis. How warm and gentle. I surprised myself when I placed my hand on top of hers on one of those occasions. Fortunately, she didn’t feel my pulse beginning to quicken and she let my hand stay there.

There was more food, more animated touching back and forth and warmer conversation. Then the lights dimmed as we sat there holding hands and talking softly, looking into each other’s eyes. I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it gently. She moved her head closer to mine. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the neck. She put her hand softly on the side of my face. I lifted the seat arm between us, reached over for her shoulder and brought her a little closer. I pressed my lips against hers and she pressed back harder. We nibbled each other’s lips for some time. I reached across her body and pulled her closer. She moved so that she lay her leg over my knees. We both moved from kissing on the lips to kissing each other’s neck. I moved my hand down and cupped a breast. She moaned slightly and accepted it. We began kissing harder and moving our tongues in and out of each other’s mouth. I fondled her breast as I caught her tongue and sucked it between my lips. She was trembling and holding tighter, and moaning some more. I unbuttoned her blouse and slid my hand in over her slip. We both struggled awkwardly as I tried to reach into the top of it. She pulled away from my lips and whispered in my ear to be excused for a moment so she could get a little more comfortable.

It seemed like eons, but she was back quickly. She slid across in front of me to her seat. We sat close to each other for a little while and began embracing and kissing again. The movie was starting as I began to unbutton her blouse and fondle her bare breasts. They were soft and pleasant to hold, and were larger than I’d imagined. Her nipples were firm and erect. I rolled one gently between my fingers while sucking on her tongue. She was moaning and quietly saying not to stop. She was trying not to cry out louder. I moved my mouth down and began to lick a nipple while holding her other breast. She placed her mouth over my ear and told me how wonderful all this felt. I began sucking on her nipple and her breast while moving my tongue around it at the same time.

She moved her legs across my knees again and taking my hand guided it up under her skirt - along her inner thigh. Reaching up further as she spread her legs wider I began to touch the moist lips of her tenderness. Slowly I ran my fingers along her moist lips and let one reach part way into her. She was throbbing slightly. I slowly moved my finger in and out up to the top of her opening. Her little nub was erect and firm. I moved my finger around its base being careful not to touch the top. She kept her mouth against my ear to muffle the sounds she was making. I moved my fingers between her nub and vagina.

It was going to be difficult in the tight space, but I whispered in her ear to pull a blanket over her. I worked my way down on my knees in front of her under the blanket. She leaned back and spread as wide as she could - I worked my tongue up her thighs to her moist parts. She was holding my head and guiding it. Moving my tongue up along her tenderness I flicked her firm bud. I placed my lips around it and began sucking it slowly and gently. I could feel her tensing and stretching as I sucked. I alternately released and sucked feeling her relax and tense in rhythm with me. I sucked longer and stronger, feeling her tense then stretch and suddenly gasp. She then relaxed completely and went limp. I left my head in her lap for a while. Leaning forward she guided upward, around and into my seat.

We sat closely looking into each other’s eyes. She then slid over in her seat and put her head in my lap. After a few moments she brought the blanket up over her and began undoing my belt and zipper. I helped as best I could. Feeling down into the base of my erection she moved her hand along it. I’d difficulty keeping from releasing. She then moved in closer and ran her tongue from the base toward the end. Easing her mouth around the end she took in as much as she could. She sucked gently as she moved it in and out of her mouth. My heart was pounding and it was throbbing. She began to suck and stroke more strongly, and hold me tighter. I came with a surge. She carefully licked the come away and wiped it and her mouth on the blanket. I held her tightly as she sat up and we pressed our lips together and kissed our juices off each other’s faces. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. When we woke we changed to the next leg of our journey. We had seats together and hugged and kissed while we flew into the continual sunset that occurs when traveling eastward. Arriving at our destination we worked our way through the customs line, got our baggage and took a cab to our hotel.

3. The Hotel

We asked that our separate rooms be changed to a single suite for both of us.

We went into our suite and immediately began embracing each other. She started unbuttoning my shirt as I slid her sweater off her shoulders and undid he blouse. I reached to the side and unzipped her skirt - it fell to the floor. She undid my pants and pushed them to the floor, and off my legs with her feet. I pulled her slip up over her head, and slipped her panties to the floor. We were hugging, kissing and caressing. I turned her around so I could hold both breasts and kiss her neck. She reached back and held my head. I began to get hard and she felt it sliding between her legs. She bent over with one hand on the bed, and the other guiding me into her from the back. I held her hips and pulled her tighter against me as she guided me into her. She bent over more, and moving, moaning and panting she massaged herself with her fingers until moaning loudly I knew she was coming. She moved more and shuttered. Turning to me she confessed that she came had just come for me like no other time before. We lay down in bed holding each other. She was softly smiling and said she never did it that way before. I told her it was the first time for me also and that I’d never realized how pleasurable it could be. We held each other as we fell off to sleep.

The next day we had meetings with our respective clients. Meeting for dinner we went to an exotic restaurant in the hotel. We sat on cushions around a low table and laughed as we kept trying different positions to get comfortable. We couldn’t understand the waiter too well as the different dishes were brought out and we tried them on after another. She would hold something between her teeth, lean over and place it into my mouth. I would take it as we grabbed a kiss. There was entertainment while we were eating including belly dancing, sword dancing and snake charming. She excused herself for a short while and returning she stuffed her bra and panties into my pants pocket. She whispered she was ready to leave any time. We walked out of the restaurant and into the hotel gardens. It was beginning to cool off. We stopped behind a tree and held each other. I ran my hand up and down the unobstructed back of her dress. I then ran it over her smooth bottom and pulled her in as close as I could. She spread her legs slightly as she straddled my leg. I could feel myself getting hard and her pulse quickening. She whispered we should be heading back to the room before we violated any local customs.

We entered the suite holding hands. I drew her into my arms and we held each other. She undid my clothes. I slipped her dress over her head, and guided her toward the bed. I swung onto it and pulled her on top of me. We hugged and kissed intently. She straddled me and moved up on her knees so that my hard could enter her tenderness. She reached down to help guide it in. I held her firm breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers. She sat up taller and arching her back took more in. She lifted herself slightly so that my end was closer to her entrance. She had found her inside sensitive part. She arched her head back and her neck muscles stretched. Reaching down with her finger she massaged her nub. She pumped up and down along my shaft and was reaching a height of delight like I’d never seen before. She moaned and yelled out, "Oh yes, oh yes." I was surprised how long I could stay hard as she proceeded. She pulled herself up again to where my end was close to her entrance as she moved up and down in small motions and massaged herself around her nub. She reached her orgasm just before I came. She dropped down into my arms and we both fell asleep.

We both had different destinations to fly to from here. We didn’t want to part, but had to – we promised each other we’d meet after we got back home. We hadn’t anything for a long time, but now both knew we’d something to look forward to when we would meet back home.