The Bet a New Beginning (c) Copyright, Scarlet 1999,2000
All rights reserved - copy prohibited


Things hadn't gone as planned. I was surprised that my New Master was Andrew. There was too much history here. On the way to his home he instructed me of my new life. He reassured me, that he wouldn't do more than I could handle. But, reminded me I was his and I was there to please him in every way.

I explained to him I had some doubts of this working out. He didn't know of the love I had always felt for him. I also felt I couldn't always share him with others. But for the next six months I had no choice. I was his. He made me aware of that night in more ways than one. There was this electricity about us. Even not knowing who he was at the club he still managed to mesmerize me.

"my Kitten, we're home.....wake up!

I was to exhausted to move. He opened the door and gently held me in his arms and carried me in. I was so amazed at this man. Who one-second was the most gentle creature I knew, then the next he was a terror. He ran a nice warm bath for me, and undressed me placing me in a hot tub with the scent of Jasmine. Candles, were lit all around the tub, and he joined me. I picked up the soap and brush to wash him and he instructed me I was to lie there and he would bathe me. I was to enjoy the moment. I was so relaxed, so calm. This was the moment I had dreamed of. Him treating me like a Queen. He tenderly washed my breasts and as he was doing so he'd gently nip at them. As he washed my pussy he'd gently massaged my clit. His mouth covered mine in a deep long passionate kiss. I was so wet. I wanted him. I begged him 'please Master take me,' 'shhhh, my kitten. He took the hand held shower head and placed it on my clit. 'how does this feel my kitten'? Ohhhh, Master........its so delightful."  He held it there longer and more forceful - he was facing me, watching my face. He knew in his own way he was tormenting me. My bottom was moving up and down while I was trying to pull away from the showerhead.

He looked at me, with those piercing eyes, and said 'cum for me"

"please Master I want to feel your cock inside of me."

"Not tonight, I have more in store for you My Kitten"

He finally had his wish. I came so hard I trembled, and he held me and kissed me deeply as I came. It was now 4 am and I needed some sleep.

I begged him, 'please Andrew let me sleep, I'm so tired'.

Yes, my Kitten. He rubbed me down with oils and placed me in bed. he told me tomorrow would be a big day. He also before I went to sleep wanted me to sign 'the Contract'. The one between The Master and Slave. He told me to read over it, but I was to tired and sleepy, so I just signed it.

I slept so peacefully that morning. Not knowing what was to be in store for me.

That afternoon Andrew woke me. I felt his fingers sliding in and put of my pussy and his fingers were covered with my juices. He pressed a kiss to my forehead, 'my little cum slut, even in your sleep I can make you cum. his mouth went to my nipples and started nibbling on them and he started shoving another finger in my hot pussy. I wanted him so bad, just as I was going to ask him to please fuck me........the doorbell rang..........He looked at me and said 'good, my friends have arrived.


'ah, my friends have arrived, and this will be your test, if you chose to submit to me, they will be our witnesses to our lifelong bond between us, then there will be a ceremony and celebration. If you chose not to, I will release you from your contract and you will be free to go and we will never see each other again.....When he said that, a tear ran down my face at the thought of never see Andrew again........I was hurting to deep inside to think of saying 'no'.

"Now get up and follow me.  My kitten, are you up to this?"

"yes My Master, I'll do anything to please you, I'm yours". As I said that I kneeled on my knees and laid prostrate to him.

"now my pet, get up' what you have said pleases me very much. Hold your head up high as my friends enter the room, you'll only bow your head to me when I address you .

'yes master'

He took the brush from the dresser drawer, I cringed at first. I thought I hadn't done anything yet to be punished. But he surprised me by, untying my hair and brushing it very lovingly. He told me to finish tending myself and he'd send someone in to help me, while he attended his guess.

He had Lady Jacki, a woman he had trained years ago, and had invited her to bring her Master Nick, and that she might bring any mutual friends of theirs along with them.

He also invited a total of 10 guests. Five Masters and Five Mistresses, and each with their slaves.

You took my hand and placed me in the middle of the Living room floor. You'd prepared me for your entertainment as well as theirs. You'd placed the spreader bar between my legs, and blindfolded me. You also had taken silken scarves and tied my hands behind my back. You gently whispered in my ear "my precious kitten, here's your chance to leave.' I shook my head no.

I heard him ask Jacki and Nick to tend bar for him and pour the wine for his guests, as they paraded through the living room where I was standing. Everyone was talking, but suddenly the conversation came to a quiet hush as they saw me standing there. I held my head up high, although I knew not who was there.

Master Nick took the lead and stepped in front of me as the others looked on.  He raised his voice so that others could hear, 'Scarlet, why do you come here?'

"I come to offer myself, to Master Andrew. I turned to face him and bowed my head.

"Master Andrew, I beg you please accept me as your slave, your pet, your love, you have my complete and total submission. I pledge my love to you, and honor you, I submit to you and obey you, and I'll strive to please you in all things......take me please, allow me to be yours.

You stepped before me, and undid the blindfold, the spreader bar and untied my hands.

"my love look me in the eyes." He reached to Master Nick who handed him a gold filigreed collar studded with sapphires and diamonds. It was made in a narrow band, he'd designed especially for me.  While we gazed into each other eyes I felt a love and devotion I'd never felt for anyone else before.

'scarlet, this collar is like no other, once fastened around your neck it can never be removed except by destroying it, just as by accepting this collar and being claimed as my slave, you may never leave, disobey, or dishonor me without forever breaking the bond that binds us together. Do you submit and commit yourself to me?"

"yes Master Andrew.....thank you, I'm yours totally and completely."  Tears welled into my eyes as he placed the collar around my neck. There was a finality in the click as he locked the clasp that could never be undone. He then held my face in his hands, and kissed my eyes, and mouth tenderly, I dropped to my knees and kissed his feet. I saw a mist in his eyes also, as he held me close and whispered in my ear, 'I love you My're mine forever!

The ceremony was so intense, it was only now that I realized I was naked in the middle of the living room with only the collar he had placed around my neck. I suddenly became embarrassed. I thought it was time for everyone to go home. But I was so wrong.

Master Andrew stood on a step stool and wanted to make a toast, ." to my pet, may she always obey me and love me - and always show her submission to me."  Everyone raised their glasses.

"now my pet, spread your legs wide. I want my friends to greet you'.

Suddenly it was like that night at the club. Everyone was walking up to me and probing my vagina and rubbing my clit and nibbling on my nipples. They came over, and examined me, some in pairs some came by themselves. They touched and pulled and probed and looked and licked until I could take no more. In spite of trying to be obedient and not cum, it was hard not to. Master Nick, with his slave Jacki, came over, he probed my hot pussy and had his slave suck my taut nipples.  He rubbed and pinched and pulled on my clit until I felt my body tremor as I experienced a series of orgasms.

'Master Andrew, come here'. I think your precious little slut just had an orgasm without your permission."

You walked over to me, with a stern look in your eye, "Is this true? did you cum without asking"

" I tried not to master.....I thought I could hold off.....but I couldn't." My voice trailed off

"My slut, you'll be punished for this!  You want to act in such a whorish manner, you'll submit to all in this group who choose to use you in what ever manner they wish."

I looked at you with fear in my eyes and tried to hide the tears, never dreaming you'd share me with anyone, much less a group.  I was horrified, how could you do this to me.

"You'll submit to any and all who choose to use you, and you will do this for me publicly to demonstrate your submission to me!"

Your guests were pleased to hear this, they knew you were punishing first no one came forward....then Master nick and a couple of slaves lifted me up onto the table and tied me spread eagle. They stretched me as far as they could. I felt like was to rip open. They exposed every orifice to my body. My legs were slightly bent so they could see my asshole.  The first to come over was a slave by the name of Sheena, and her Master Jack. They went to work on me immediately. Sheena eating my pussy while Jack was eating my ass, then they worked on my breasst, my moans and cries filled the room as they probed, pinched and stretched me........

"My friends" he announced, my little slut is a cum junky, she loves it on her, she loves to taste it, drink it.....don't you my pet

"yes master"

Master Nick was excited my this, he loved cum.  He spread my pussy lips apart, stretching them wide and burying his face in my pussy. He took my clit into his mouth, biting and sucking it.  He was going to make me scream in delight and was going to punish me by making my orgasms so intense they'd hurt. While he worked on my pussy, one of the others worked on my ass......Suddenly I was screaming and cumming with delight........never before was my orgasm so intense.  Then suddenly, Lady Sheena came over and began to finger and rub my clit. She stuck one finger in then another and then I felt a pressure like never before. My master stood in front of me, stroking his cock, watching my face.  He explained to me, Sheena had her fisting in my pussy, and he could see the intense pleasure in my eyes, oh, my god I was going to explode.  I wanted to cum, but I knew with him standing over me I couldn't

He looked at me and said "suck my cock, you slut, my whore........and yes you may cum for me.......she pounded inside of me and was fucking me like never before.

As I was sucking my master's cock, he invited the rest of his guest to spank me with their favorite device. My Master came all over me, my face, my tits......and I licked and sucked him dry.

I thought, this is it. We're done and I have proved myself. But suddenly Jacki, Master Nick's slave screamed out eat me you slut you've captured the heart of Andrew and you'll pay. She straddled my face, and I had no choice but to eat her pussy. She slapped my tits and pinched my nipples. This was a jealous woman. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, you'll not have My master Nick, he's also smitten with you. She fucked my face like it was a cock. Then Master nick came and placed his hard cock in my pussy and started to fuck me, when Andrew walked up and said "no" only I fuck her pussy.  Then Master Nick ate me and fingered my pussy and bit my clit, harshly, my muffled screams were heard by all.  As I screamed, Jacki experienced her own orgasm, her body pushing down and shivering on my face.......

Master Andrew stepped forward and the guests gradually stepped back to make way for him. He climbed up on the table, and kneeling before me, he slid his nice big hard cock into my juicy pussy. he began fucking me in long even strokes, slowly, I looked at him with pleading eyes, and I could see there was some pain in his. He began fucking me harder and deeper, pounding away all his frustrations. I began to feel him grow bigger and harder in my pussy, knowing he was about to burst deep with in me. Suddenly we both came together with such intensity I began to cry tears.......he released his hot sticky cum into me and I felt it run down my thighs. He laid there until he was totally soft. He slowly rises from the table and takes his glass of wine and pours it down the slit of my pussy and begins to lick me dry.

He whispers in my ear as I so tenderly lick his cock clean, he looks with love as he says" you'll never have to endure this again My pet, I promise.  Your devotion to me has pleased me, you have made me very proud of you.'  He stepped back and kiss me deeply tasting our own juices.  He turns to his guest and asks them to leave, thanking them for coming to his home and sharing our new beginning.

He picks me up and holds me in his arms and says to me "come my precious Kitten it is time for us to be alone"................