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 She was sitting at the bar, alone. Chris had walked in; noticed her right away. Their eyes connected only for a moment, but it was long enough for him. He walked over to where she sat, standing close to her as he ordered a beer.  

 She touched his arm. "Do you have a cigarette?" she asked. Her eyes were a deep blue and he felt them pull at his cock, even though she had not glanced in that direction.  

 "Sure," he said, handing her his pack. He sat down on the stool next to her and reaching into his jacket for a lighter. He turned up the flame; felt the heat of her hands on his, holding them to her cigarette as she puffed. Her touch sent a surge through him like nothing else ever had. 

 "Thanks," she said with a smile. "I don't usually smoke but there are times when I'm drinking and it seems a cigarette is a need."  

 He nodded, not quite sure of how to reply. Whatever her magic, this was not a situation he felt comfortable in. He felt out of control without really knowing why.  

 She exhaled a puff of smoke, watching him. "I'm full of needs tonight. Care to help me out?" Her eyes held his, a hint of amusement in them.  

 "I'm not quite sure what you mean. I'd offer to help if I could."  

 Saying that, Chris felt better. He had gained back control of this situation. Her hand on his knee startled him. She kneaded it, fingers strong as they massaged and slowly moved to the area just above his knee. With a knowing precision, she dragged her hand slowly up the inside of his leg, fingers moving in little circles at the area where his leg joined his hip. 

 "I want you," she replied. "I want you for the evening." 

 Her fingers grew more insistent at that spot that made his cock twitch. Smiling, she gently squeezed it through his jeans. Chris couldn't say a word as she stroked him under the bar, away from seeing eyes. She let her hand trail back down his inner thigh to once more hold her drink on the bar.  

 When he was able to breathe, he leaned close to her. "You want me?" He had gained his control back when she told him her need. She wanted his cock and he had the power to refuse her.  

 "There's just one thing. I call the rules. Whatever I say, whatever I need, you'll comply."  

 He looked at her. "Rules?" He shook his head. Putting down his drink, he stood up and rested his hands on bar "Look, I'm not interested. I think you're looking for someone else."  

She turned and gripped his left hand tightly. Her right hand slid down his chest, fingers finding his nipple through his shirt. She pinched it lightly, feeling it harden under the soft material. 

 "You're not?" She moved her hands away from him. "Sorry, my mistake."  

 At that moment, he knew he had to have her. Her touch had him burning with desire. He had never been propositioned like this before. No one had ever managed to shake his control. He took a drink from his glass.  

 "No, not a mistake. Maybe I am interested. Tell me about your rules. Tell me your name." He extended his hand out to her. "I'm Chris." He tried hard not to sound like he was really interested. He tried to sound like he was curious. She didn't take his hand. 

 "My name is Samantha. The rules are simple, really. You'll be mine for the evening. Do whatever I want. Talk when I say you can, come when I allow you to." She inhaled her cigarette deeply and leaned toward him, right breast grazing his upper arm. "If you agree to be mine for the evening, you'll obey me."  

 His excitement mounted. This was his fantasy! But he hesitated, not sure if he could go through with what he knew it would encompass. His controlling nature was so much a part of him. Even his career demanded it. To be offered a proposal like this for one evening was something he had always wanted. Now, now that his fantasy was becoming a reality, he hesitated.  

 "I won't explain any further. I've told you I wanted you, told you the rules." Samantha took a sip of her drink. He watched the tip of her tongue circle the rim of the glass. He could envision that tongue swirling around his nipples or better yet, on his cock, caressing the sensitive spot where his hips met his inner thighs.  

 "Al right. For the evening I'll obey you." He picked up his drink. He looked at her in surprise when her hand held his arm down.  

 She paid the bar bill for both of their drinks. "Starting this minute, then." She stood up. "Let's go home."  

 Chris followed her out the door. The crisp fall air cleared his head. Common sense told him to walk in the other direction. His heart told him to complete the fantasy, his fantasy.  

 "How far is it?"  

 Samantha turned to look at him. "No questions, no talking. Just follow me."  

 Chris watched her walk as she made her way to the parking lot. Her short blue skirt emphasized the twin cheeks of her ass. He could hardly wait to feel those fleshy globes in his hands, fingers spreading her crack wide. Perhaps he'd even let her feel the power of his cock in that small forbidden hole. His thoughts were interrupted when they got to her car.  

Samantha unlocked the passenger door and walked around to open the other side. He opened the door and slid in. As she got into the driver's seat, Chris got a glimpse of her upper thighs. She made no attempt to pull her skirt down as she turned towards him, pulling his face to hers. She kissed him with an open mouth, tongue tracing his lips, then forcing it deep into his mouth.  

 "Now, turn around and face front. You'll not look at me again until I tell you to. Understood?"  

 "Yes, Samantha. I understand."  

 "Good. You'll not speak again unless I ask a question. You'll remember that I am in control. You are mine for the evening."  

 She turned the ignition and drove out of the parking lot. It only took a few minutes for them to arrive at her house. For Chris, the trip took forever.  

 Samantha opened the car door. "Follow me into the house. When you get inside, go immediately upstairs, the first door on your right. Don't turn the light on. Take off your clothes. There's a bathroom with a shower on the other side of the room. I'll be with you in a little while."  

 Chris followed her instructions, his heart racing as he went up the thick carpeted stairs and opened the door. He stepped into the room and shut the door. A nightlight on the wall gave him enough light to see where he was going. The bathroom door was slightly open and he could see another nightlight in that room too.  

 He walked to the edge of the bed and noticed a rocking chair in one corner. As he unbuttoned his shirt, he looked up to see his shadowed reflection in a large mirror over her dresser. A thrill went through him as he finished undressing while he watched himself. He was in the home of a stranger, undressing, about to take a shower. He was taking orders from this stranger.  

 Chris walked on the plush carpet, toward the bathroom. As he turned on the hot water, his feelings of nervousness and lack of control got the better of him. He stood up, coming to his senses. What was he doing here? What was he getting involved in? He turned toward the door, ready to call the evening off, when he felt that strange yet pleasant pull at his cock. It felt as if someone were watching him. He looked around the room but saw nothing out of the ordinary. The sensation in his cock and balls sent him into the shower. It was now, that he felt all control leave him permanently. He was really going to be hers for the evening.  

 Chris stood under the hot water, let it beat on his back. He thought about the way the evening had started as he soaped his chest and arms. His hands moved down to his cock as he remembered the way it twitched when she had asked for a cigarette. As he thought about how her hand felt on his knee his erection grew harder. He stroked his hand up and down, soaping his cock for her. He thought again about how her tongue would feel as she reached out to kiss the tip of his shaft, lips gently sucking him hard. His explosion came from deep within as his hand moved faster under the beating water. He came with a passion he had not felt for a long time. Holding his arms straight out against the wall, he bent his head down between them. His muscles quivered as he felt his control fall away like the drops of water that fell from his shoulders.  

 The slap on his ass surprised him. Jumping, he turned around and saw Samantha standing there. She was dressed in a terry cloth robe, red curly hair pulled back from her face.  

 "Chris, I hope I didn't witness you coming before I gave you permission." She gently but firmly touched his cheek.  

 He looked at her, knowing that she could see it in his eyes. He couldn't lie, even if he wanted to. "Yes. You did. I was thinking about you and this evening…"  

 She put her fingers against his lips shaking her head. "It's obvious you don't listen very well. I'm pleased that thinking of me could make you come but that is not what you were told to do. Time to get out of the shower."  

 He shut off the water and stepped onto the ceramic tile. He leaned over to grab a towel when he felt her move against him.  

 "Don't move. I'll dry you off."  

 Samantha picked up the towel and moved around him. She started at the top of his shoulders, gently wiping the water from his back. As each area of his flesh was dried, she kissed it, slowly. By the time she got to his ass, his body was shaking with anticipation. He didn't expect another slap on his ass. Startled, he turned around, only to feel her hands on his hips, stopping his motion.  

 "Don't turn around."  

 She slapped his ass again, not hard enough to hurt him, yet hard enough to make him realize he had no choice.  

 Samantha moved her face close, gently kissing the spots she had colored with her slaps. Her fingers gripped his hips tighter as she placed soft little nips on his ass with her teeth.  

 Chris was having a hard time standing still. He felt her control yet he also felt a strong caring feeling from her too. He knew that if she wanted to, she could have spanked him a lot harder. His thoughts of her mouth on his cock became even more insistent as she moved around him, toweling him and kissing him.  

 He looked down at her and marveled at the way she looked, face shadowed by the nightlight. Her hands rubbed the towel over his chest and stomach, mouth following every inch of his body. She moved down his upper legs, the rough terry material giving him chills of desire for this woman. As her hands moved up his thighs, he tried to move so that she could touch his cock, kiss it to an even more complete hardness. She deliberately ignored what he wanted her to touch. When her fingers accidentally touched his balls while drying his thighs, his cock quivered. She pushed at his legs and he stepped farther apart, exposing everything to her.  

He pushed his cock toward her fingers and mouth. All it would take would be one caress, one lingering kiss and he would explode once again. He could feel her breath, feel her sucking lips pulling on his thigh, moving closer to that sensitive spot by his hip. Just as he knew her next move would be on his cock, she stood up.  

 "Chris, you look just a little too excited. And besides, you've already come. Let's go into the other room."  

 It was hard for him to walk but he managed to follow her, wondering what she was wearing under that terry robe. She sat down on the edge of the bed and motioned for him to stand in front of her. She didn't say a word, just looked at him. He could feel her eyes move down his body, slowly, sensuously. The stares made him feel very uncomfortable. He couldn't tell what she was thinking and he was torn between saying something and wanting to pick up his clothes and get dressed. Just as he made a decision to speak, she spoke.  

 "Close your eyes," she said.  

 He stood in front of her, arms hanging by his side. He looked into her eyes briefly, then closed them as she had ordered. He heard the soft rustle of her robe coming off. Thinking that now they could begin to enjoy each other, he waited with his heart racing in anticipation. He could not stop thinking about her tongue. He almost smiled, wondering how he would feel when he saw her breasts, feel the tips harden in his mouth.  

 "Chris, you have a wonderful cock. It's so inviting. I wish you hadn't disobeyed me by making yourself come in the shower. Turn around."  

 He turned around with his eyes still closed. He could feel her eyes on his ass. No one had ever looked at him like this. No one had ever made his body quiver without a touch. He stood there quietly, wondering when he would feel her hands. He didn't have to wait long. Her fingers drew a straight line down his spine, stopping to massage each bone.  

 "Spread your legs wide, Chris. Put your hands on the back of your head."  

 His legs widened and his hands rested on the back of his head. Her fingers moving slowly down his spine. Then she leaned into him so that she could touch his nipples from behind. As she felt his ass move against her pussy from his excitement she whispered in his ear, "I love your nipples. So sensitive, so wonderful to touch and tease."  

 She moved her hands to his ass and pulled the cheeks apart. He felt her breath, eyes looking at him, as she used her pointer finger to massage his rosette. She didn't try to enter him, just teased him. He was amazed when she found nerve endings he didn't know he had. His cock stood even straighter as she continually teased him, finger insistently moving along his crack, other hand moving to caress his balls. 

 His legs trembled at the way she molded her hands to his balls. He moved his ass into her finger, not knowing if he wanted her to push into him but needing to know the pleasure of it. Her fingers held his balls, rolling them, cupping them in her hand. His cock was on fire. He needed to feel her hands and mouth on it. As if she knew his thoughts, she stood up.  

 "Turn around, Chris."  

 He turned around with his eyes still closed.  

 "Open your eyes and look at me."  

 He opened them to see her standing in front of him.  

 "I want you to watch me undress. And I don't want you to move."  

 She stood before him with a smile on her face. It was as if she knew exactly how far to tease him before his need to explode overpowered him. She was wearing a thin white silk bra and matching panties.  

 Chris almost moved to pull her close to him, wanting and needing to kiss her, make her moan with anticipation, gain control back over what was happening to him. The nightlight painted the shadows of her cleavage and made him tremble in anticipation. He wanted her so badly yet knew that she wanted him to remain unmoving. He wondered if she knew what she was asking of him.  

 Samantha stepped closer to him, her breath faint on his cheek.  

 "Chris, I want you to see what you'll be enjoying, once I say it's ok."  

 Her hands moved to her back, unsnapping the bra. Moving the straps away from her shoulders, her hands fell to her sides, bra falling on the floor beside the robe. His eyes grew wide as he saw her dark nipples. He was close enough to see the dimpled edges of her aerola and it took all of his control not to reach out and touch the hard little buttons. Taking a small step back, she turned around, bent over and showed him the round curves of her ass. His hands clenched into fists as he saw her move her fingers to her waist at the side and slide the panties down her legs. Her cheeks tightened one at a time as she stepped out of them.  

 Samantha turned around with a smile. "What a good pet you are, Chris. I knew it the minute I saw you."  

 She moved closer, deliberately rubbing her nipples against his upper right arm, knees bending as she moved up and down, nipples pulling across his flesh. She straightened up and stood so close to him he could feel the heat of her pussy against his cock. Grabbing his hands, she entwined her fingers with his as she moved their arms straight out and forced their nipples together, barely touching. Still holding his hands tightly in hers, she moved her nipples down towards his navel, caressing the soft down of his lower stomach. Her thighs touched his as she slid down the front of his body, nipples caressing his entire length.  

"Time for bed, Chris," she said as she stood up, releasing his hands.  

 She pushed him gently backwards, forcing him to lie face up. Her lips caressed his ear with a whisper, "I want you."  

 Her words were like a match turning up the heat. She moved her mouth from his ear, across his jawline. Finding his mouth, she nibbled his lips with her teeth as her hands moved up and down his arms. He never knew what happened until he felt the soft material wrap around one of his wrists. She stood up and tied it to the left side of the headboard. Moving her hands down his captured arm, she slid them down his chest, across his nipples and down to his upper thigh. He felt overwhelmed as she stood over him; felt an excitement he did not know he was capable of as she grasped his ankle with soft material and tied it to the bottom left headboard.  

 Samantha moved onto the bed and straddled Chris's waist. Her pussy hairs were mingling with his pubic hairs as she sat up straight and rubbed her lower lips across his balls. Leaning to the right, she wrapped his right wrist in the soft material and tied it to the headboard. As she slid her pussy down his body, she turned around, showing him her ass as she completed his spread‑eagled bondage. Moving back up his body, she knelt over him, her pussy near his face, his cock near her mouth.  

 She leaned over his cock and lightly moved her tongue from the base of his cock to the very tip, lingering there. His movements became rapid as he tried to force his cock deep into her mouth and his tongue into her pussy. He felt the slight sting of her palm on his upper stomach. Samantha stood up and looked down at him.  

 "You can't come yet, you're not to move, you're not to speak."  

 She walked over to her dresser and quickly came back with a small bag. Sitting down on the bed, she pulled out a thick piece of silk. She placed it over his eyes, lifting his head gently so that she could tie it. Her hands caressed his face, then moved over his nipples, rotating them in the palms of her hands. Rewarded with hardened buds, she reached into her bag. He felt the pinch in the middle of the pleasure she was giving him; little clamps placed on his nipples. He took a deep breath; not sure he liked this sensation. He was almost tempted to speak when he felt her hands hold his balls. And to his surprise, her fingers and hands felt different  more intense, more pleasurable.  

 "Amazing, isn't it pet? A little pain and a lot of pleasure?"  

 She massaged his balls in both hands, making sure she didn't touch his cock. As she rolled the two round spheres between her palms, she noticed that his cock was quivering. She didn't want him to come yet but he looked like he was having such a hard time controlling it. Her pussy was wet with desire for him but she didn't want him to know that yet.  

 Holding his balls in her right hand, she moved her left hand up his body, lightly tracing his cock, then moving to his nipples. The tiny clamps had been placed at any angle so that she could touch the hardened buds. As she gently touched the nubs, her hand squeezed his balls. She saw his cock grow thicker, heard his moans of passion. She felt her power over him and she liked it. She was not a dominant but she knew he needed this fantasy to become real, if only for one night.  

 She leaned down towards his cock, never releasing his nipples or balls. Her tongue moved to the tip, pushing into the little slit, then down under the lip. He only felt her tongue, not lips or teeth, just her incredible tongue as it moved under the rim, moving up to flutter against the tip, then go back down to swirl around the rim. His ass was moving up and down, trying to find more of her mouth, needing to feel her throat pressed tight against his cock. Her tongue moved down the side of his cock, lingering at the base, only long enough to start moving up again, towards the tip. Once there, she opened her mouth wide and slid him deeply into her mouth. Her throat opened slowly as his cock filled it. She moved her mouth up and down, letting him feel the slight rub of her teeth against the sides, then bury it deep in her mouth again.  

 Pulling away for a second, she said, "Chris, my love, you can come now." Her mouth covered his cock. Her tongue swirled his entire length as it slid deep into her throat.  

 His balls tightened; his nipples swelled with passion, the clamps pinching them a little harder. He pushed ass off the bed, burying his cock deep into her mouth, the explosion like nothing he had ever felt before.  

 "Samantha, I'm coming for you…"  

 He cried out her name again and again as she sucked his juices into her mouth. He could feel her throat constrict with each swallow and it excited him even more. She held him in her mouth without moving, her tongue making slight sporadic touches against his cock as it softened in her mouth Holding his balls, her fingers gently squeezed so faintly, he was not sure it was  

 When Samantha felt him totally relax she sat up and slid her hands up his body, tracing his soft cock. It thrilled her to know that she had the power to make his cock hard or soft. Her hands reached his nipples. One at a time, she removed the clamps, putting her mouth over each nipple, massaging them softly with her tongue so that the pain would be bearable. Then she moved her hands along his arms, releasing them from their captivity. As she removed his legs from his bondage no words had been uttered. The comfort and ease over what they had just shared left them unable to speak. For Samantha, it was an intense awakening to feel a power she did not know she possessed.  

 Chris removed his blindfold.  

 "Come here, Samantha."  

 She smiled at him as she moved to lie next to him. Resting her head on his shoulder, one of his arms went around her waist. His free hand held her head, and pushed her hair behind her ears.  

 "Do you know how much I love you?" he sleepily asked. "No one has ever tried to make me as happy as you do. It really felt like a stranger was picking me up. I really felt the power of giving up my control to you. And I now realize the power of trust."  

 He rubbed the small of her back, feeling happy and powerful.  

 Samantha closed her eyes, feeling the power of contentment  

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