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The light in Juliaís room looked faintly dimmer tonight as she was expecting company from work to come over. Lauren had mentioned discussing business plans. Julia set the table up appropriately, two candles, plates, silverware, two champagne flutes and her favorite pair of panties on the chair. She was dressed for a special meeting, the boss had come over to discuss the dayís previous minutes at the meeting, but Julia could not help notice Lauren blatantly eyeing her all throughout the meeting. She could not get that stare out of her mind either. It haunted her the rest of her workday. Laurensí luscious green eyes pierced her soul. She seemed unusually fixated upon her bossís starring. She was not opposed to the attractions of women; she preferred the roughness of a man. She preferred his scent, his touch and his overall manliness. Julia had never been with a woman, but she was open to new ideas. She found her boss attractive, and perhaps on a less conscious level, she thought her boss sexy. But she would not dare speak of it to anyone, not even a word in her own diary for fear of acting out her fantasies and thus causing problems at work. She knew the typical scenario and wished no part of it.

Julia was always a sexual creature; it just usually involved her own self, and nothing more. She kept her house dťcor slightly romantic, had the lights set up with dimmers and possessed an extensive collection of music with which she would bring herself to orgasm. That was her world, one she was not certain about inviting someone else into, especially another woman. She was not scared of women; she often fantasized about playing with another woman. However, this was her boss!

Everything set in place; Julia was ready for her boss to show up. She still had no real idea what her boss wanted exactly. Todayís meeting ended and Julia was gathering her papers Lauren had brushed up against her shoulder. She excused herself then turned to ask if Julia had plans tonight as she had some business to discuss with her. Julia caught the look in Laurenís eyes but was unsure of what to make of it. She blew it off at first and went about her day, but the curiosity of it kept nagging at her. She had almost forgotten about the look by the time her work was finished until Lauren had winked at her and mentioned that she would be at Juliaís around 7:00 PM or so. Julia drove home a little excited, stopping at the supermarket for a few things on the way home; meanwhile, this nagging feeling between her thighs crept up on her.

A sharp knock at the door around 7:00 and Julia peered through the peephole to find Lauren dressed in the red power-suit she wore at work earlier today. Julia opened the door and invited Lauren in.

"Hello Lauren." Her tone did not hide her nervousness.

"Hello Julia, how are you doing?"

"Iím fine. Wish I could have left work earlier, but thatís what life is like in my position," the humor evident.

"Come in, have a seat. I havenít gotten to dinner yet, I hope you donít mind?"

"Iím okay right now, thank you." She took her seat on the loveseat facing Julia.

"Did you just leave the office Lauren?"

"Yup, I sure did. Damn, today was hectic. The sales department is a mess right now. Well youíve been there for the meetings."

"Yeah, Iíve noticed. My work load has gone up but my pay somehow hasnít," she joked.

"Weíre working on that. I promise, Deary we are. I meant to bring over a little request for you," she said fumbling through her briefcase, "but it seems Iíve left them at the office. Damn."

"Itís okay, I suppose. What did it involve?"

"Iíd like to get some figures together for the stockholders to show where we need funds to meet our quota for the end of the quarter."

"I suppose youíd like me to get those figures for you?

"You know your job too well Julia." She had that piercing look in her eyes again as she watched Julia.

"Well, Iím not sure what I can do right now Lauren. Iíve got so much other work. Iím just not sure Iíd be able to handle this task right now."

"I have faith in you." Her tone changed, becoming a little silky.

Julia was becoming more aware of her bossís stare and had become fixated on starring back at Lauren while they talked. A tingling sensation between Juliaís thighs made it hard to concentrate on business talk, but she persisted for another ten minutes. The sensation grew deeper within and Julia decided it was time to deal with it.

"Lauren I-" Laurenís silky voice cut Julia off.

"You have the prettiest lips in the office Julia."

"Come again?"

"I also like your eyes Julia. Theyíre so soft and kind."

"Thank you. I donít know what to say Lauren." Her voice was becoming unsure.

"I know this is going to sound sort of wrong Julia, but Iíve been paying close attention to you at work. Iíve so admired your body, itís kept me worked up so much that I couldnít concentrate without taking those little breaks to run off and pleasure myself.

Julia giggled slightly at this thought. It was company time after all, and they were paying Lauren well. The tone in Laurenís voice had softened and Julia could not concentrate on rational thought any longer, the quivering sensation between her thighs sending a tingle up her spine as she thought about leaning forward to kiss Lauren. She tried hard to change the subject, answering unsteadily, "Lauren Iíve noticed you watching me. I noticed all today as you watched me during the board meeting. It made me wet. I managed to ignore it until you and I crossed paths again," the aching in her cunt now more present from Laurenís hand upon Juliaís thigh, "I had to come home after work and play with myself."

Lauren giggled at this as she continued to run a slow hand up Juliaísí thigh; Julia tensed up slightly before Lauren had sat next to her on the couch. She continued to stroke Juliaís thigh, softly, slowly, and Julia let her. Silence carried the first few minutes. She was not sure this should have been going on with her boss; she knew the stereotypical situation. Somehow this did not seem to matter that much to Julia, with the thoughts of "live a little" echoing in her head as they touched. Lauren was not straightforward anyway; she was soft, and slow. Her advances were nothing to worry about yet.

But when Lauren leaned forward to touch her lips to Juliaís, Julia jumped back slightly. Lauren paused before sitting up.

"Did I scare you? Iím sorry Julia I tho-"

A finger to Laurenís lips followed a soft touch of their lips. A shy smile came across Juliaís face as she had kissed her.

"I canít explain where that came from Lauren." She knew where that kiss came from; her thighs were slick from Laurenís slow advances.

"Would you like to try it again?" Lauren almost sounded desperate.

"Yes," a soft moan from Julia. She had been giving it thought, deciding she liked the kiss, and wanted to try it again.

Both women leaned forward a bit, slowly at first until their lips met. Lauren noticed Juliaís hand on her thigh, slowly moving it up her skirt. Lauren followed suit as she felt good, but was intent upon making her new lover feel the same pleasure. Lauren took her free hand to remove one sleeve of her jacket, Julia allowed her to stand up and do so before kissing her again. It was getting a bit warm in the room.

"Let me get this off Julia. Sit back for a moment." She pushed Julia back a little, coaxed her into relaxing on the couch with her legs slightly spread. Lauren took off her jacket, exposing a white cotton shirt and belt, which had somehow become undone during the little play that had gone on. Julia looked straight at her bossís chest; it was beautiful she thought. Her imagination could only wonder what lay beneath that dress shirt. Lauren slowly undid the buttons on her shirt as Julia watched in awe, not completely believing she was witnessing this act but going with it nonetheless. Lauren dropped her shirt to expose the flesh beneath it, a lacey white bra that held her breasts firmly in place. The belted skirt caused a slight pudginess in her stomach, but Julia giggled softly at the sight of that, placing her hand first to her own stomach, then to Laurenís. She ran her hand upwards, cautiously at first, running it over the bra and clasp, and back down accidentally hitting the clasp to cause it to come undone. Laurenís breasts fell out, exposed now to the cool air in Juliaís house, Laurenís nipples became erect from the touch. Julia stood up to face Lauren; both women were about the same in height, the look upon their faces a wondering what the next move was to be.

"Shall I remove your top, Julia? I have often fantasized in my office about your breasts. How smooth Iíve pictured them, how round and full, how perfect the nipples are, and how magnificent they are to touch. I would so love to see them. Please, may I?"

"Yes. Oh please do." The voice was trembling slightly, "Tell me more of how you fantasized about me in your office Lauren. Iím curious."

"Well," a soft whisper, and by this time Julia and Lauren were sitting hands clasped together, placing simple touches here and there, about each otherís body. Julia had never touched another womanís body until tonight. A pause, Laurenís voice continued, "there would be times when I would come into the office, see you sitting there, your hair up exposing your neck, inviting my lips, legs crossed, and a thought crossed my mind, a thought of kissing those legs. I just found your legs attractive Julia. I just found your legs, hiding underneath that skirt you sometimes wear, the blue one, calling my attention to them, allowing me to fantasize about what lay beneath the skirt, as I also admired the way your hips sway when you walk. You would walk by my secretaryís desk and I would glance at you from my office, your chest, not quite full in your shirt. I would see you in the halls, look at your eyes, your face, a pretty one, not a jagged triangle, but softer. I wanted to kiss your lips, just as we had done, and make love to you Julia. I would have leave my office long enough to go back into my private office and play. I would imagine you touching me, caressing me slowly and kissing my lips. Your innocent tongue would find itsí way in my mouth. You would trail your tongue to my neck, and down to my breasts while your fingers touched my cheeks, to the back of my ear and along my hairline and coming back down to my nose to grace my lips as I kissed your finger."

Julia had been listening fervently and the tingling sensation between her legs grew to a pleasurable pain, she parted her lips and touched a gentle finger to her still unexposed cunt. Lauren caught sight of this movement and continued to watch, slowly trailing her own hand downward towards her own sex.

"What happens next?" escaped from Juliaís voice as she touched herself, rubbing the area in slow circles.

"I would picture in my head, that you would take off my shirt, slide my bra down, slowly, and start kissing lightly all over my breasts, sucking on one part or another, licking my nipples, biting gently, giving them your mouthís full attention. Your hand would trail around to the small of my back, slowly caressing my spine, creating a tingling sensation that would cause my hair to stand on end, gently touching, trailing a finger around and under the waistband of my skirt just enough to make me wet. It would be about this time that I would spread my legs and touch myself, feeling the wetness between my legs as I touched and felt around through my panties. I would close my eyes as I cupped my breast in hand, pinched the areolas and nipples, twisting them slightly enough to enhance the tingle between my thighs. The taste of female lips upon my own would bring an image of you kissing me, imagining how your silky red lips would feel on mine, I would continue to rub my finger between the wetness, sliding it between my lips into my vagina and out again to taste myself."

Julia saw that Lauren had lifted up her skirt enough to expose her panties and her hand was over her crotch touching a wet spot. Julia decided to be a little bold, "Youíre playing with yourself Lauren," shaky in her voice, "Iíve only felt my own pussy, may I touch yours?"

"Touch my cunt Julia."

Lauren slid her panties down her legs, slowly, and then she slid her skirt up enough for Julia to have a full view of the Venus in front of her. Lauren had a thick forest of dark pubic hair, now glistening with drops like dew kissed grass in the morning. Julia moved a bit closer to get a better view of Laurenís lips. She stretched out a hand, and Lauren spread her legs apart a little further for easier access. Julia guided two fingers to the skin hidden in the forest of hair, put her other hand on her own vagina and mimicked what she did to Lauren. She spread the lips open slowly, taking a good look at them; she could smell how hot Lauren was; making Julia hotter. She slid her two fingers in slowly, first pushing in a little, stopping and pushing in a little more until she had reached a point where she could go no further. Lauren moaned softly, "Julia, Iíve waited for this for some time, please play, please touch me."

Julia felt Laurenís clitoris, the little jewel peeked out to see what all the fuss was, only to be teased and taunted the way Julia did herself on occasion. Both womenís breathing quickened steadily, the more stimulation Julia gave to Lauren. Lauren placed both her hands on Juliaís shoulders pulling her close enough to see her clitoris as Lauren encouraged Julia to stand up.

"May I feel your pussy too Julia?"

"Oh Lauren, please do, "in between soft groans.

Lauren slid her hands down Juliaís shoulders, then softly over her arms applying more pressure the farther she got down until she had reached her forearms. She motioned Julia to lift up her skirt, noticing that Julia not wearing any panties. Her pussy was bald and smooth. She gazed into Juliaís soft eyes for a moment with her own, wondering what was going on in Juliaís mind. She hesitated briefly, though she had performed the beautiful act a great deal of times with past lovers, this was a new feeling, with a new lover.

"Iíve never felt a smooth pussy like this before. Julia, it feels so velvety, just a little tuft of hair around your pretty lips. " Her fingers grazed the area slightly, Julia shuddered. Lauren inserted two fingers straight in; they slid with in no problems, as Julia was more than ready at this point. Julia felt a quivering in her thighs from Laurenís fingers as Lauren spread her fingers apart slowly, slightly. One of brushed against Juliaís clit, causing her to groan, followed by slow in and out movements.

"This is my first experience with a woman Lauren, you feel so good with your fingers exciting my clitoris." She reached for a kiss that was accepted. Julia peered into Laurenís green eyes; she could read them well. They spelled out Laurenís honest desire for an earnest mutual time of play. They conveyed what Julia had wanted them to, pure lustful desire.

"Iíve done this many a time, but never felt so much pleasure before."

Lauren had done this many a time, had several female lovers, mostly one-night stands. However, Julia had held her attention with her innocence. Lauren cupped Juliaís round ass with a firm grip as she pulled her in closer to thrust her fingers deeper. Julia had been pressing herself against Laurenís fingers for some time, steadily allowing Lauren to motion in and out for stimulation but neither had touched each other much elsewhere until Lauren took Juliaís ass in hand. She stroked it with her fingers, felt how soft it was. Lauren liked Juliaís shapely bottom and grabbed harder as both women were thrusting their fingers in and out, producing ignored sounds from the wetness. Lauren stopped Juliaís hand, pushed her back onto the couch and spread her legs apart, looking into her soft eyes for approval.

"This is one of my favorite things to do Julia. Has any man ever done this to you?"

"Done what?" Julia wasnít sure what Lauren meant.

"This," and with that Lauren had spread Juliaís labia apart and flicked a tongue in and out, then up and down both sides of her lips. She saw Juliaís hiding clit come further out and Julia felt warmth from Laurenís soft breath. Her thighs quivered more with each lick and touch. Lauren ran her tongue along the inside of Juliaís thigh, first from one side to the middle, and to the other side again, slowly. Julia moaned softly, thinking of holding back. This was the first time she had felt a tongue between her legs, but she could only feel waves of pleasure as Laurenís skilled tongue worked its way in, out, and around her loverís quim. The more Lauren lapped at her, the more she could not hold back, and finally, she came.


"Oh god, oh god Lauren, oh my god," her moans came as the wetness ran down her thighs while Lauren continued to taste and nibble at her loverís peak. Lauren kept her own legs spread and a hand between them to play while she gave Julia this new treat. Lauren could hear Juliaís breathing quicken, and she became more vocal as well.

"Oh my god. Lauren, keep doing that please donít stop! Oh yes, right there, oh thatís a good girl, yes!" as she started to thrust her hips upwards. Lauren tried to hold on with her tongue though the wetness made it hard to keep a decent hold. Finally, she could not keep her tongue planted, but allowed herself to be bucked off by Julia.

"Yes Julia, yes, my sweet," Lauren crooned as she brought herself to orgasm at the same time. She had thoroughly soaked her own hand as Julia lay there panting, calming down.

Both women spent, Julia took Laurenís free hand, pulled her up on the couch with her as they both rearranged themselves comfortably in their mess. Neither cared about the wetness or work the next day for that matter. Both would call in sick. Julia had enjoyed too much pleasure to care about work and Lauren knew it, as she had finally gotten to make one of her fantasies a reality with the woman she fell in love with. Julia and Lauren lay quietly on the couch for quite some time before the phone ringing broke the silence. Julia ignored it as Lauren lay there atop her, both of them breathing much calmer now.


"Should I leave now, Julia? We do have work tomorrow, ya know."

"Yes, but I didnít figure either of us going in. Itís already midnight and wellÖsix hours of sleep isnít much." She grinned.

"So I think you should call in tomorrow Julia."

"Hey, youíre the boss."

"Damn straight."

"So youíre going to come cuddle with me right?" Juliaís pouty lips looked adorably cute to Lauren.

Lauren settled closer into Juliaís arms as they shared little kisses, their lips barely touching at first. They pressed their lips closer together a few more times before Lauren laid her head on Juliaís naked shoulder. The plush couch made a nice bed as the two snuggled up. Julia noticed Laurenís closed eyes and rhythmic breathing; she was peacefully asleep. She reached over the couch, pulling the blanket over the two of them and repositioning the pillows, made them both comfortable. She smiled to herself and at Lauren before kissing her forehead. She trailed a hand over her head and laid her head back, closed her eyes and drifted off to a nice slumber.

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