The Ranch Ferals

Ranch Granny and her pets

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owl1Oh no, there's Ranch Granny with her camera, again!
 Shooooo, Shooo, Hooo, Hooo What to doooo dooo!  
That gosh darn woman, is sneakier then a raccoon stealing food. 
owlkOkay, maybe if I ignore Ranch Granny she'll just go muck stalls. 
 Did she leave?  You look, if I look she'll will wave hello. 
 Tell me if she left!   My cell phone is under my wing, dial
  hooo  hooo - twooo twoooo twooo 
owl2I give up.  Nomatter where I am Ranch Granny is there! 
HOOO HOOO  Okay, here, let me look at youuuu, hoooo
Please tell our Ranch Granny to go get her coffee and read a book.
owl  Ranch Granny, I'm nesting!  Go take a picture of a hawk!
  Give an owl a break!  YOUUUUU HOOOOOO
   Golly, Gee Wiz!