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The inn was not far, only 45 minutes from their home. That was why they selected it. Ted and Georgette were leaving their youngest daughter alone for the weekend for the first time. Kate was now 17 and old enough to stay by herself, as long as the neighbors were watching things.

Like many B&B’s, the inn was in a 200 year old plantation manor house that had been rebuilt by the owners. This one had several outbuildings, which provided privacy and seclusion. Ted and Georgette were experienced B&Bers who only stayed at inns with outbuildings. The last thing they wanted to have happen was to be awakened by their neighbors or worse yet, wake their neighbors up. Ted and Georgette’s weekends away tended to be "energetic" and could easily wake up neighbors.

Since they were arriving late, actually 30 minutes before dinner ended, they decided to have dinner then check into their room. The dining room was in the manor house and almost empty. Dinner was a simple fare but delicious. Conversation was fantastic, not what one would call erotic, but exciting enough for two people who had little time to be husband and wife as opposed to mom and dad, manager or volunteer coordinator. Life’s pressures melted away. Ted and Georgette talked about painting rooms in their house, paying for college, how to pay for weddings, etc.. etc., etc., … everything but what they had planned for the weekend. That, as of yet, was unsettled.

Ted told how he had to stay very busy at work that day to keep his mind off the weekend or he would have had a raging hard-on all day. Georgette burst out laughing at the picture of Ted in front of the board using his erection as a pointer. "Sales were rock solid this quarter …"

With dinner complete, Ted and Georgette finally checked into their cottage, a two-story building. The ground floor was a sitting room with a daybed, a couple of rocking chairs and a huge wood burning fireplace. The bedroom and bath were upstairs. The bedroom had a king bed and a gas fireplace. The bath was a little disappointing. The tub was advertised as a large Jacuzzi but it was actually only large enough for one.

When the luggage was carried inside and the clothes and other things (they kept a trunk of their play things within reach) were put away, Ted and Georgette decided to make it an early night. After all, it had been a long day (after a very busy night packing and cleaning). However, it was only 9:00 and neither wanted to go to sleep just yet. So, they changed into some "sleeping" clothes, Georgette into a shear (enough) purple nightshirt and Ted into a pair of silk boxer shorts. They lay on the bed with Georgette’s head on Ted’s stomach.

"Did you pack that book of ‘dirty’ stories?" asked Georgette.

"Sure did," replied Ted. "Want to hear a bedtime story or two?"

"Yes, please," answered Georgette and Ted reached into trunk and found the book.

"It was a dark and stormy night …" the story started. It was a great story about a couple’s night alone. It started with some heavy petting and ended with a massive orgasm. As Ted read the story to Georgette he punctuated it with kissing sounds, slurps, moans, and even a scream or two. Georgette listen with her eyes closed. She envisioned each action; saw herself sucking Ted’s cock just as the woman in the story was sucking the cock of her man. She imagined herself licking Ted’s shaft just as it was described in the story. She pictured her mouth on Ted’s cock, sliding up and down and herself making slurping sounds.

As Georgette relived the story in her mind, she was lightly tickling Ted’s legs, inner thighs, and balls with her fingernails, with the desired effect. There, right in front of her eyes, was her favorite toy just beginning to wake up.

Ted started a second story; a voyeur story. A woman was visiting her sister and family. The house was small and she had to sleep on the couch outside her sister’s bedroom. The sister and her brother-in-law were making love on the bed and she watched the silhouette of their lovemaking while masturbating. Georgette could see the couple’s silhouetted figures as described in the story.

Georgette opened her eyes to look directly at the large lump in Ted’s boxers. She smiled and unbuttoned the fly. She pulled his enlarged member from the silky cloth and gave it a gentle kiss on the crown, then started to swirl her tongue around the tip and head. With Ted still dressed in boxers she had limited access to the head and half the shaft. But, that was enough for her. Starting at the tip she made gentle spirals down Ted’s shaft. She spent what seemed like hours on Ted’s sensual lollipop before going for the creamy center. She knew what drove Ted crazy and a good blowjob was it. He had a tight grip on the blankets and his face was a mixture of pleasure and anguish.

Feeling his "pain", she engulfed as much of her husband’s erection as possible. It did not help. In fact, Ted let out a little gasp indicating that he was in greater "pain", which was Georgette’s plan.

She slowly lowered her mouth onto Ted’s cock until she had the entire head surrounded by her warm lips. She then slowly raised her mouth over the sensitive skin of Ted’s head. She repeated the motion, concentrating on Ted’s head. This was driving him crazy as he approached the point of no return. But, Georgette knew what she was doing and was not about to let him come until she was damn ready to.

Georgette moved so that she was laying between Ted’s legs, propped on one elbow and continued her noshing of Ted’s manhood. Her free hand had found its way down her body and into her panties. Sucking Ted always made her wet and tonight was no exception. Her fingers started to make gentle circles on her pleasure spot. As she moved up and down on Ted’s shaft, she worked round and round on her spot.

As Ted’s moans grew louder and more energetic, his hips began to thrust to match Georgette’s movement. His thrust became too much for one hand and she was forced to use both hands to steady her lover. Georgette braced herself and let Ted fuck her face. Ted’s movement became more serious and his moans louder. Soon Ted could last no longer and exploded into Georgette’s mouth. She took it all and not a drop escaped her mouth.

Licking the last drop of come from Ted’s cock, Georgette settled next to her husband on her back. She was so horny she had to finish what she had started earlier. She removed her panties and once again started the gentle circles over her pleasure spot.

Ted, being the loving husband and gentleman, could not let his wife satisfy herself after the blowjob she just gave him. Beside, one good trick deserves another. So, he reached into their "Treasure Chest" and pulled out Georgette’s new toy, an eight inch Fun Factory Magnum Silicone Dildo. He lubed it up and slowly inserted it into his wife.

"Oh! Wow!" Georgette exclaimed as the toy reached its full depth. Ted slowly extracted the toy until it almost exited, then he inserted it fully.

"OH MY GOD!" she cried out and Ted repeated the motion, inserting fully and then almost removing the toy. Georgette became more energized the more he moved the toy in and out. Ted took that as a sign she wanted it faster and harder. So, he did just that and began moving the toy in and out faster. As Ted thrust the dildo into Georgette, she let out a loud grunt. The faster he moved, the louder and more lively Georgette became. Moans, grunts, and gasps escaped Georgette as Ted continued to fuck his wife with her toy.

Ted was in complete control and planned to make his wife squirm much more. He knelt between her legs and as Georgette made love to the silicon shaft, Ted restarted the gentle circles on her clit (Georgette had given that up shortly after Ted found the toy. Her hands found her nipples and pinched them hard).

"Oh My!" Georgette gasped as soon as Ted touched her. Ted took that as a sign and started to speed up the circles.

"OH YES!" was Georgette’s response, louder than before. Ted took his cue and sped up the dildo and the circles. Georgette was wildly matching the toy’s thrusts and with every thrust, she gave out a loud shout. Ted could tell that she was nearing climax, the blue silicon was slick with lube and Georgette’s wetness. Her movement became more intense and rapid. Her actions became more wild. Faster and more frenzied she bucked. She pinched her breasts and nipples harder.

Finally Georgette produced one long shout/grunt/moan/gasp (how a woman can do that all at one time is one of life’s great mysteries) as she came. Her orgasm lasted for some time, hips in the air, pussy clenched tightly around her toy. Georgette shook intensely as her orgasm peaked. Her teeth tightly clenched, Ted heard her grunt and groan. She finally collapsed into a quivering mass of very satisfied flesh.

She recovered as Ted cleaned up. When all was put away he turned off the lights, pulled down the bed covers (difficult with Georgette still lying on them), and they curled up together. Without a word, Georgette and Ted drifted into a well-deserved and very satisfied slumber.

"The Weekend Away: Day 2: Domination" (c) Copyright, "Mjbarbag" "2006r" mjbarbag@excite.com

After more than 20 years of marriage and a couple of years of courtship Ted and Georgette thought they knew everything and had done everything interesting. However, one evening while doing some research on the web Georgette stumbled across a BDSM site. A small voice in her whispered "this is it"

The whole S&M thing had always turned her and Ted off. No leather or whips and chains in their bedroom. That was for perverts and sexual deviants. However, the site had a beginner’s page. "Go there," whispered the voice. The description of submission and domination peaked her interested.

A couple of days later she broached the subject to Ted. He was unconvinced but saw the look on Georgette’s face and decided not to poo-poo it right off. They talked about it. She described domination and submission just like the web site had.

"Who is doing the domination and who is submitting?" Ted asked dubiously.

"Well … We have our weekend at the Inn and we have two days there. One of us could dominate on Saturday and the other on Sunday."

"OK … I’m interested," Ted said. "How do we get started? Where do we get the whips and chains?" Ted said with a giggle in his voice

Georgette pulled up the site and to the beginner’s page. He read and agreed that it could be fun. The page listed a couple of beginners DVD and some other items. They created a shopping list and as the weekend approached, they ordered the DVDs, a new Fun Factory Magnum Silicone Dildo from Freddy and Eddy, and went shopping for the other items. Georgette did some extra shopping while Ted was at work and purchased a surprise for Ted. All was set except who would go first.

Ted being the traditional gentleman, was willing to let the lady go first. Georgette being the modern, liberate woman, would hear nothing of that rubbish. So, they talked ... on the drive ... in the room … at dinner ... and in bed. Eventually they decided to flip a coin. Georgette would call it. If she was correct she would go first, and if wrong Ted. Georgette called it and had to go first.

"Damn, I hate being the trend setter," she lamented

"Sorry dear," Ted gloated. They agreed it would be Georgette’s day from the time she decided to start until they went to sleep that night.

Ted and Georgette arrived back from breakfast Saturday morning, changed into some comfortable clothes and cuddled on the day bed reading. With a wood fire crackling in the fireplace and Georgette snuggled against her husband, best lover and friend, Georgette drifted of into a early afternoon nap.

In her sleep, the inner voice returned

"Georgette, its time. You need to do this"

"I know but I a nervous," Georgette thought.

"Yes, but it is now or never. Get on with it"

Her eyes opened and Georgette awaked refreshed. She told Ted she was going upstairs to use the bathroom. She was nervous. She had always been the submissive one. Sure, there were a couple of times she surprised her husband but Ted was the one who took the lead. Her butterflies increased as she gathered up the gear and laid it on the bed. Looking at the stuff made her much more anxious. "What if Ted does not like it? What if I start to laugh/? Oh My good ness, what if I hurt him?" It was like the first time they had sex so many years ago. She was terrified but excited.

She went to her bag and pulled Ted’s Surprise, a black lace and satin bustier, black satin panties, garter and stockings. This was something out of character. Georgette had some lingerie she used on special occasions like their anniversary, Ted’s birthday, and Valentines Day, but they were typically chemise, feminine, but conservative. Her new outfit was very much out of her comfort zone, feminine ,yes, but definitely not conservative.

Georgette went to the bathroom and was tempted to shower but decided that would give the away the surprise. She instead washed and applied Ted’s favorite perfume. She pulled her hair back and tied with a black ribbon. She was so nervous her hands shook as she applied makeup.

Stripping out of the sweats and undies, Georgette stood naked over the lingerie. Could she really go through with this? The voice said, "Do it! Go ahead! It is what he wants!" She steeled herself, donned the slinky outfit, and had some difficulty with the bustier. After fastening the last of the garter clips, Georgette turned and looked in the mirror.

"Damn!" she whispered.

She did not recognize the woman in the mirror. Georgette was nowhere to be seen. What the reflection showed Georgette’s inner twin, the one that was screaming to get out. Now she was out and showing her boldness. He bustier enhanced her curves. Having two kids had provided her with hips and added a couple of inches to her breasts. Now the outfit used that extra perfectly. The bustier pushed her bosom up and out and showed ample cleavage. Her legs looked more toned in the back stockings and her butt was more round and firm in the panties. The whole outfit gave her a look of power and confidence. Georgette almost cried seeing how magnificent she looked.

"God Damn!" Georgette whispered to no one in particular, pleased with what she way.

"Not bad for a 40 plus mother of two" whispered the inner voice.

Georgette now had courage and confidence. She could and will please her man like he has never been pleased before. She gathered the gear and place it in a backpack, and in one last confident move, Georgette removed her panties. "That would certainly knock Ted’s socks off," Georgette said to herself.

"More than that," the voice chuckled.

Smiling Georgette strode down the stairs.

Ted was still sitting on the daybed reading the paper. Georgette stopped halfway down the stairs and flung her panties over Ted’s head. They landed right in the middle of the funnies. He turned and was just about to say something sarcastic when he spied his wife. At least it looked kind of like his wife. It took a lot of work to pick up his jaw and put his eyes back in their sockets.

"Uhhhhh … WOW!" was all he could muster.

"I assume you like what you see?" Georgette said playfully

Ted just nodded

"Still want to go through with this?" Georgette asked.

"Yes I do. More than ever now," Ted replied.

"OK," Georgette straightened her back, "come here and get this bag," Georgette commanded.

Ted jumped up and retrieved the backpack.

"Get the DVD out of the back and the DVD player. Start it up and sit here!" she directed.

"Yes Ma’am," Ted said and followed her instructions.

After Ted sat down, Georgette sat in his lap, making it a point to show her bare butt. The DVD lasted about 90 minutes. There was some instruction in the first 30 minutes and the remaining was demonstration. It was hosted by a buxom blond woman and a well-hung man. The instruction was interesting and Ted and Georgette discussed the differences from what they had thought and rules and limits they would set. The demonstration really got to Georgette. She was watching two porn stars but saw her and Ted. She saw the possibilities and it gave her ideas. Seeing someone else bolstered her confidence. By the time the DVD ended, she was soaking wet. It took all her self-control not to rip Ted’s clothes off right at that time.

"That’s enough of that" Georgette purred as she stood. She bent over and turned off the DVD player, making sure her bare bottom was clearly visible to Ted. She delayed just long enough for Ted to start reach for the exquisite ass, she tuned. Georgette leaned over her husband and placed her hands on his thighs so her cleavage was in his direct sight.

Quietly and clearly Georgette said, "I want you to stoke the fire, make it nice and toasty in here because we may not have much on today. At least you may not. Then pull everything from the bag and arrange them neatly on that table," she nodded to the table behind her. "Then get your shorts I brought down and go stand by the fire. If you do these things well I will reward you. Do them not to my liking and you shall be punished. Oh and by the way, no touching yourself if you get my drift. Ok darling?" Georgette gave Ted one last look at her cleavage and stood up.

Ted did as he was instructed. Georgette sat in a rocker and watched with a running commentary of "Nice ass … bend over like that some more … Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

When done, Ted stood at the fireplace with a pair of silk boxer shorts Georgette had brought down. "I guess that will do," she said. Standing she walked seductively to her husband and place a small kiss on his cheek, at the same time "accidentally" rubbing her palm across his semi-erect cock. "Oooo, looks like someone has some more ‘hard’ work to do." She returned to her rocker.

Now my boy-toy, please change into those shorts. Do it slowly, make it pleasing and interesting to my eyes. Do it well and may be I will reward you more this time. Do it poorly and you will be punished. Again no touching yourself." Georgette said seductively

Again, Ted did as he was told. He slowly unbuckled his pants, trying to emulate his vision of a Chippendale dance. He slowly lowered his pants to the floor and stepped out of them. Taking off socks is not the most graceful of motions but he succeeded. He removed his underwear in one slow motion, allowing his semi-erection to pop out. He turned his back to Georgette showing his caboose, bent over giving her a better view, stepped into the silk boxers, and slowly raised them, allowing the waistband to swallow his manhood.

"Very nice … Very nice indeed. Except I believe that last part. The part where the underwear traveled over you beautiful cock, I considered playing with one’s self. I believe you need to be punished. "

"I disagree," Ted said

"Oh Now you are sassing back. I like a spirited person. However, I make the rules here and I said you were playing with yourself. Now lay down on your belly there!" She pointed at the daybed.

Georgette picked up a couple of ropes and bound Ted’s hands to the daybed arm. "Little boys must not play with themselves without permission" and Georgette lightly whipped Ted bottom. "Repeat after me, I will do exactly as I am told. I will not play with toys that do not belong to me." Georgette hummed.

After a few stroked she started to tease Ted with the fluffy end, running the ends over his thighs and back. "You know, you are so fine a specimen that I really do not want to hurt. Let me make it feel better." Georgette said. She rubbed her hands over Ted’s back, lightly scratching him with her fingernail. She lightly kissed his back and thighs and even kneaded his buttocks for a short time. Georgette worked her hands and fingers over Ted’s thighs. Rubbing her fingers over his skin, she rand a single finger up each hamstring from knee to buttocks. Every so often would tickle the inner thigh and even ticket his balls through the silky material. All the time humming a tune.

Georgette moved to the coffee table so her pussy was right in Ted’s line of sight. "Turn and look at me" Ted tuned his head and got an eyeful of his wife’s womanhood. "Like what you see?" She asked Ted.

"Yes Ma’am I do. It is lovely."

"Good Answer! I am going to untie you because I think you have learned you lesson. After I untie you, I want you to sit up and relax for a moment."

Ted sat up and worked the kinks out of his shoulders.

"Time out," Georgette said. "I did not hurt you did I?"

"Not in the least," replied Ted. "And may I say you are doing a great job. So great that if you do not call time in I may have to fuck you right now!"

"Oh ... Ok … Time in," Georgette giggled and resumed her role.

Still sitting on the coffee table, she pulled a "Sharon Stone" raising one leg exposing herself to him and then placing it by his knee. With one foot on either side of Ted’s legs, she made sure Ted had a good view of her. "We are going to play a game now. There is reward if you accumulate enough points. The reward increases as the points increase. All will be collected at the end of the game. If your score is high enough, you can fuck this," and she placed on finger between her legs. "Are you ‘up’ for the challenge?" Georgette asked.

"Can’t you tell?" Ted answered.

"Why yes I can and remember the last time you sassed back at me. Here are the rules. You must remove my stocking. Then you will give me a foot and leg message. Go as high as you want but you may NOT touch my pussy. You will get points for how well you do. I will deduct points for touching the forbidden fruit. Clear?"


"Yes …," Georgette prompted

"Yes Ma’am" Ted replied.

"Oh, by the way, you will be blind folded." Georgette laughed and reached for the bandana. The last thing Ted saw was Georgette’s cleavage.

"The oil is on the table. You may begin."

Ted had difficulty finding Georgette. But, once he located her on the daybed, he knelt in front of her. Knowing every inch of her body, Ted know exactly where to go. He started at her knee and slowly rubbed his hands up her leg. Georgette was in a heightened state of arousal and every tough from her husband sent sparks up her leg. She was dripping wet and could hardly control her self. She wanted Ted so badly. Every ounce of energy was channeled into controlling herself. Ted found the locks of the first garter and soon released them. He started to roll the stocking down her leg when his fingertips brushed against the "forbidden fruit."

"Oooo … Minus five points for touching. Let’s not let it happen again." She commanded. Ted continued to slowly roll the stocking down her leg. It was torture for Georgette but she maintained control. Ted repeated the move on the other leg, starting at the knee and moving northward. This time he did not brush anything but instead played with Georgette’s butt a little. She rewarded him with a slap on the wrists. Ted rolled the stocking down like the first with the same effect.

Ted located the message oil on the table. He lifted one foot and started to gently rub the oil over her skin. He massaged the arch, rubbed her toes, individually and together, stroked her heal, and traced patterns on the bottom of her feet. He rubbed, caressed, tickled, and stroked her foot. Ted switch and repeated the processes on her other foot. The message was phenomenal.

Ted began to knead Georgette’s calves. He gently kneaded her muscles until they were like butter. While Ted was concentrating on one calf, Georgette put her other foot to good use. She rubbed Ted cock through the silk boxers. She could feel it grow hard the more she rubbed.

"You know that makes it more difficult to concentrate," Ted complained

"Yes I know," Georgette replied in a low, seductive voice. "I am trying to make it as hard as possible for you."

Ted and Georgette continued their messaging. He has reached her thigh and gently but firmly pushed his hands from Georgette’s knee to the top of her thigh and then slowly brought them back. Over and over, he worked her muscles. All the while Georgette performed her foot job on her husband. "If you do that much longer may make a mess on your foot," Ted moaned.

"No you won’t because that will get you severe punishment," she replied. "Besides, do you think I would deprive myself of your ‘candy’ do you?" she asked rhetorically.

Ted switched leg and so did Georgette. She was so horny and wet. She wanted her husband terribly. By the lump in his shorts, he wanted her also. Each stroke sent pulses of electricity up into her. She know of he touched her in a certain way she would come. But she had to maintain control.

Then it happened. The sneak attack. On one upward stroke, Ted maneuvered his fingers into a certain position and did not stop at the top of her thigh. His finger was aimed at her clit. Luckily, for her he missed.

"Hey! You cheated! You touched me on purpose! For that you will be severely punished." Georgette moved off the daybed.

"Stand!" she commanded.

"Remove your boxers!" she ordered.

"Lay on the bed on your back!" she directed.

Georgette used the ropes to bind his wrist and ankles to the bed’s arms.

Still blind folded Ted had no idea what his wife had in mind. "Since you cannot keep you hands to yourself, I have bound them. Since I cannot have you running away, I have bound your feet. You are mine to toy with and are at my complete mercy. I have many things I can and probably will do to you. You will not be in any pain but by the end, you will be pleading for me to relieve you. You will get no such relief until I am satisfied that you have learned your lesson," Georgette used in the same tone she used on her daughters.

Ted was shocked. She had never used that tone on him. He really did not have any idea what she was going to do. He heard more wood go on the fire and heard her moving around but he could not tell what she was up to until he felt a presence at his side and then a warm pair or lips on his nipples. She was doing to him what she loved him doing to her. Georgette was licking, kissing, and nibbling one nipple while pinching the other. Now he knew why she liked it so much. There was an electrical excitement with each pinch and nibble. The warm lips soothed the skin into a false sense of security just to have more shock waved sent though it. A small moan escaped his lips.

"So, you like this. Well, that’s a surprise. I wonder it has the same effect on you as it does on me." Her hand slid down Ted’s body to his now very erect cock. "Why, no. You only get hard where I get wet," and she stroked his cock a few times. "Want to see what effect it has on me? Actually you cannot see but you might be able to taste." Georgette inserted a finger into her pussy and raised it to Ted’s lips.

"See what it does. It makes me all wet, just like I am now. I am so wet and horny and I could probably impale my self on your hard shaft, and it is hard. I could definitely give you the best fuck since our honeymoon and I would have the best orgasm in years. But that would be a reward and you are being punished." She purred.

One advantage of being married for as long as they had been married is that they know the reactions of each other. Georgette knew just when Ted was going to come and was planning to use that. She slowly kissed down her victim’s body until her faced bumped into a very stiff pole. She grabbed the shaft and stroked a few times. She then started to lick her husband. He seemed to become harder and larger and she became wetter and hotter. He lips and tongue did a number of thinks to Ted. Swirls around the head and running her tongue from balls to tip seemed to have the most desired effect. Ted’s moved his hips involuntary as Georgette gave him the best blowjob in quite a while. He was close, she could tell but she had a couple of more tricks one of which was to swallow his meat whole. In one slow motion, Georgette gulped down Ted’s shaft until her lips touched his balls. Ted let out a very audible gasp. Georgette released his prick at the last possible moment. Ted was

just about to come when Georgette stopped.

"You B …"

"Careful little boy. I am in control here" and she flicked his meat.

Georgette removed the blindfold and Ted got eyeful of Georgette’s wet pussy. "So you see how wet I am. I am so wet and horny that we could fuck all night and we might still. But I am not done punishing you." She tuned and swished her butt as she moved to the rocking chair, picking up her new dildo from the table. "I think I need some relief. I am so aroused that I cannot think straight. I want you to watch me and think how you could be using you the same way I will be using my new toy."

Georgette sat in the rocker and inserted the blue toy. It glided in her effortlessly and came out glistening. Georgette was quickly fucking herself silly with the blue toy and rubbing clit. Loud moans and gasps emitted from Georgette. Ted could do nothing but watch the show. His cock was fully erect and aching to be relived. Georgette was a woman possessed. The toy was like a piston of a fine motor. Her fingers like the propeller of a racing plane. Then it happened, Georgette exploded into the best orgasm she has had in quite a while. Wave after wave of pure pleasure swepted through her. Like waves crashing against the shore, pleasure was cresting time and time again. Georgette thought she was going to pass out. Finally, Georgette gained enough control of herself to stop but she was still on the verge of coming.

"Ok dear, I am calmed down somewhat. Now it is your turn. Make me come like that." She demanded.

Georgette move to her bound husband and into a 69. She thrust her sopping pussy so that he could easily lick her. Georgette always loved being eaten. It was her second favorite way of coming and Ted was very good at it. Bound as he was he could not do his best but he was doing just fine. She felt his tongue move in and out of her. Each lick of her clit sent tendrils of electricity through her.

"Oh my … yes ... eat me … OH MY GOD yes!" Georgette gasped.

The more he licked, the closer she was to coming. Georgette was stroking and sucking Ted’s cock to the brink of coming only to stop at the last moment. She want that to happen at her choosing and when he was in her..

Finally, she could stand it no more. She left Ted’s face and impaled herself on his very hard dick. He met each of her thrust with one of his own. Up and down Georgette rode her husband. It was the best fuck they had in a long time maybe since their honeymoon. Georgette was screaming and Ted grunting.

It ended with Ted unleashing a huge load into his wife while she completed the orgasm she started with her toy. Georgette collapsed onto Ted’s chest. Both were breathing hard and soaked with sweat.

Georgette lay there for some time. Ted was so excited that he took a longer than normal time to soften. He finally did soften and exited his wife.

"Time out for a while," Georgette gasped. "You OK?" she asked.

"Never been better," was Ted’s reply. "Wow, just when you think you know someone …"

His words were cut off by a heavy kiss from Georgette, who was crying. "I love you so much."

"I believe this outfit has a good effect on you. I think we should keep it."

"Yes. I think it has a good effect on me," said Georgette as she slipped off her husband. A few minutes later they went upstairs and got ready for dinner.

In the shower, the inner voice whispered, "See … I knew you could do it."

"Yes," Georgette thought "and tomorrow’s Ted’s turn. I wonder what’s on his mind?"


"The Weekend Away: Day 3, Submission" (c) Copyright, "Mjbarbag" "2006", mjbarbag@excite.com

Ted awoke next to his naked wife and to the sounds of the squirrels playing in the attic. Sleeping nude was a rare treat for the couple and very enjoyable. Georgette’s skin was always soft and warm. He rolled next to her and placed an arm tenderly around her. Georgette unconsciously snuggled closer and signed contentedly. Ted could stay like this for hours he mused, lying next to Georgette, feeling her warmth and softness, letting sleep drift over him. However, once awake, Ted would not go back to sleep, so he let his mind wander.

What a day yesterday had been. Georgette totally surprised him with the way she took control and was totally dominant. He had been under her spell the moment he saw her on the stairs in that corset. Oh, yes! That corset. That was a completely different look and a very erotic, sexy look. One he would just have to see again. But, he knew the price for that look. To be dominated and having to submit. But, it would be so worth it.

So, what was he going to do today? It was his turn and even though it was not a competition, he knew he would not be out done by his wife. Being the more adventurous in the bedroom, he definately would not have the surprise factor Georgette did. She was more docile, loving, but docile in the bedroom. Occasionally she would surprise him, but over all he was the one that controlled the what and how.

As he thought about it, a general plan started to form in his head. He would have to wing quite a bit, based on Georgette’s reaction. But the plan was doable. He thought about the lingerie she brought. The corset was out being reserved for a specific purpose. He knew just the one. What else? Ah yes. That will do and so will those. The ideas and inventory gelled into a viable plan. He lay under the warm covers, lovingly wrapped around his naked, sleeping bride, pondering the day until Georgette’s eyes fluttered open.

"Morning. How’d you sleep?" Ted asked.

"Dunno, I was a sleep," she whispered.

"That’s usually a good indication that is was good." Ted answered.

"Go figure. What time is it?" Georgette yawned.

"About an hour and half before breakfast," Ted responded.

"Good, no need to rush," Georgette said and they lay in bed for a few more minutes, basking in each other’s presence, not saying much, just enjoying the warmth, the quiet, the squirrels, and each other. They eventually had to break the moment and get ready for breakfast. "Join me in the shower?" Georgette offered.

"If I must," replied Ted laughingly.

The shower ended up being a "Tease Fest." Slick with soap and wet from the shower spray, Ted and Georgette giggled like teenagers. They maintained their good humor and playfulness while dressing and all the way through breakfast. It was still early, so after breakfast they took a drive in the country. Even though it was winter, the small towns, rolling hills, vineyards, and farmland were nice and peaceful. Their conversation was of the domestic type, again dealing with painting, college, weddings, and retirement. That is not to say the teasing stopped. They were after all alone. By the time the couple arrived back to the cabin in early afternoon, they were on pins and needles.

However, they decided to relax and cuddle on the day bed, reading the newspaper (they had no time during their real life to read the paper and they both really enjoyed it). So, they settled into a lazy afternoon by the fire, reading comics, commentaries, and fashion. Georgette decided it was OK to take another nap and was soon sleeping with a very content look on her face.

Ted used Georgette’s downtime to prepare. He went to the bedroom to scout out his needed inventory and to set the stage. Much of what Georgette had used the previous day was still in the backpack. He would keep all that. He needed to add a few items, the DVD player and the DVD du jour, a book of erotic stories, toys, lube, and other essential items. When all was packed, he pulled the lingerie he wanted Georgette to wear from the closet and laid it on the bed. He also selected some perfume for her. He slipped into a pair of silk boxers and a pair of pj bottoms.

He took one final stock of the backpack and surveyed the bedroom. Smiling, he went downstairs to where Georgette was still asleep on the daybed. He quietly stoked the fire, brought in more wood, closed the shutters, withdrew a half dozen scented candles from his pack, arranged them around the room and lit them (all while Georgette slept in the same room). As a reddish-golden glow filled the room and after the temperature had risen to a suitable level (he planned to see Georgette naked most the afternoon and if all went well he too would have little on), he gently woke Georgette.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Can I have a few minutes first? I have to pee and my hair is a mess. I think I should brush my teeth also," she asked smacking her lips.

"Surely. In fact, I left you a little something to wear on the bed. It would warm my heart greatly if you would indulge me and wear what I have selected."

"Oh! You have? Well, if you have gone to all that trouble, then common courtesy dictates that I oblige you," Georgette stood up and climbed the stairs to the bedroom.

While Georgette "primped", Ted completed his set up. He placed the DVD player on the coffee table, stacked a couple of pillows at the end of the daybed making a small nest, and set the backpack close to the table. He made sure the fire was well fed. He was still poking the embers when Georgette came down the stairs. He stood and surveyed his wife. As he thought, the lingerie was perfect. He had selected a short white chemise, silky panties, and a shear robe and she was barefoot. "Yes, this was the affect I wanted. A sexy angel contrasting greatly with the erotic devil from yesterday," Ted said with much admiration in his voice.

He laid on the daybed and invited his wife to join him. They spooned together as they had done the previous day. Ted started the DVD and they settled in to watch. The DVD was similar to the "Domination" one the previous day. It was targeted at women and discussed how to submit to their man, what rules to set, and that submission was not slavery or servitude. The host and hostess were the same well hung man and buxom blond and so was the format, about 20 minutes of instructions and 40 minutes of very explicit demonstrations. It was during the demonstrations that Georgette’s hand slipped and touched Ted’s leg.

"No touchy," Ted ordered as he placed her hand back on her hip. He then wrapped his arms around her and started to tickle her nipple through the silky material with his thumbs.

"That is very distracting," Georgette told him.

"Good, now shut up and watch the move, and keep your hands to yourself," he replied.

They settled in to watch some more when Georgette’s hand "slipped" again. This time Ted had to take action. He paused the DVD, removed a rope from the backpack and tied Georgette’s hand together. "That should make my point," he told her.

Again, they settled to watch the demonstrations. Towards the end of the DVD, Georgette put her hands between her legs as if she was going to rub herself. "I thought you knew the rules. I guess not," Ted said in mock anger. He turned the DVD off and asked Georgette to stand, then kneel beside the coffee table. He turned his wife and stretched her over the coffee table. He swatted her silky behind several time and was rewarded with a satisfying "Smack" and a gasp from Georgette.

"Ok, let’s go over this again. You are to do nothing unless you are told. No touching, no backtalk, no asking for anything. This is my day and I will do what I want and you will do exactly as you are told. Do I make my self clear?" Ted said in a commanding tone.

"Yes sir," Georgette replied meekly.

"Can I trust you enough to untie your hands?" he asked

"Yes sir," Georgette replied compliantly.

Ted helped his wife sit back on the daybed, untied her hands, and gently rubbed her wrists. "I did not hurt you did I?" he asked.

"No at all," was Georgette’s reply.

"Well … OK, then …Time back in," Ted exclaimed enthusiastically. "I would like you to know any additional infractions will result in you being bound once again, along with other actions. Understand?" Ted explained to Georgette.

"Yes, sir," she answered

"Now I would like you to stand in front of the fire and do a striptease for me," Ted instructed Georgette.

"Without music?" she asked.

"Yes, without music," He replied.

Georgette had never been a great dancer and she and Ted had not been dancing since they had been married. However, she managed a reasonable resemblance of a burlesque. Ted watch as she first removed the shear robe, slowly bending over so to taunt her husband with a peak down her chemise, then standing straight and untying the ribbons, letting the robe flutter to the ground. Georgette turned her back and sensuously looked over her shoulder as she lowered on strap, the repeated the motion on the other shoulder. She slowly let the silky material slips down her sumptuous, feline back only to stop just above her butt. She did a little shake and a shimmy and the snowy material fell to the floor. Georgette hooked her thumbs into the waist band of the slinky panties and slowly bent over, sliding the undies down her well toned and smooth legs until they too were on the floor and Ted had a direct view of her firm round bottom.

"Please turn around so I can admire the entire package," Ted directed. "Very nice. Very nice indeed. I must admit you are the most beautiful woman I have the pleasure of seeing naked and that I possible know. Someone should write a story about you," Ted commented with great admiration. His comments, although playful in nature, it was the absolute truth. Ted is very proud of how Georgette has kept herself in great shape, swimming a mile or so each day. Her form was sleek and sexy, svelte and strong, toned legs and round butt. She did not look like a 40+ mother of two. She had the body of a woman 15 to 20 years younger. At company Christmas parties, Georgette’s dress always reflected her personality, modest and conservative. Never one for low cut or form fitting. However, it always hinted at the form below. Georgette was Ted’s one vice, knowing that other men (both his peers and younger men as well as some women he had to admit) coveted his wife in a carnal way and

that she was his and only his (Ted did not share well nor was he going to start). By the end of the evening, he would be so worked up thinking about it that they typically left the parties early and retired to their room for a night of lovemaking.

"Excellent dance. Better than I could have imagined," and Ted rewarded his little stripper with passionate kisses, pinches of her nipples, and a finger tickling her clit. Georgette tried to rub Ted’s cock but received a small slap on the wrist. After a few minutes of her gasps and moans he picked up the shear robe, instructed her to put it back on and sit on the daybed. He checked on the fire then sat in a rocking chair opposite his wife.

"I want to discuss yesterday, especially that corset. You were a different person. You seemed more confident and that made you that much more desirable. What went through your mind, how did you feel? And remember, this is for posterity, so... be honest. How do you feel?" Ted asked.

Ted listened to his wife explain that she was very hesitant and worried that he would not like being dominated. But, when she saw herself in the mirror, a new woman emerged. As she continued to talk he just looked at his wife’s body through that shear robe. "Damn she was beautiful. I am one damn lucky guy," Ted thought to himself. "She came out of her comfort-zone for me, did all that yesterday for me. Damn I am married to the most wonderful of women. That makes her that much more desirable. "

Georgette became more excited and animated as she explained how the material felt against her skin and how the corset wrapped around her body. "Keep talking," Ted said as he rose and removed his pj pants. Her excited arm motions caused Georgette’s breasts to gently swayed and bounce. Ted felt a familiar tingle in his manhood, which was starting to rise. He removed his cock from his shorts, leaned his head back, and started to stroke his cock as Georgette described in vivid detail what was going through her mind and how she felt.

Ted noticed a few minutes later that Georgette had stopped talking. He opened his eyes and Georgette was playing with herself as she watch Ted stroke his cock.

"You stopped and I was beginning to really enjoy your commentary. Now I see why. You also are enjoying the story. But, you forget the rules. I cannot let that transgression go unpunished. Please stand," Ted explained. He again bent his wife over the coffee table and swatted her bare ass several time. Gasps and squeals escaped from Georgette each time Ted spanked her. However, this time he rubbed the red skin between spanks and even placed a small kiss on her redden bottom after he was done.

He helped Georgette back on the daybed, leaving her on her back. He took the ropes from the backpack and tied her arms above her head and to an arm of the daybed, ensuring there would be no additional transgressions.

"Comfortable?" he inquired.

"It’s not unpleasant if that is what you are asking," she informed him.

"That’s good. Yesterday was something else. I must commend you on your creativity and that corset … WOW! Now I am interested in a little fiction Please tell me a dirty story, a really raunchy one," Ted asked.

"Really?" Georgette exclaimed. "You want a story from me? You’re the clever one."

"Yes, a story you smart little girl! Remind me to spank you later. Besides, anyone who can come up with those activities can surely make up a nice dirty little story," Ted answered.

"OK here goes – What if you do not like it?" Georgette asked.

"I keep you tied there until I do," Ted answered

"I awaken to the sounds of the shower after a very serious romp in the sack the night before. Laying there in the warm bed I would normally be quite content to go back to sleep. However, after last night’s action, lying in bed alone was the last thing on my mind," Georgette started.

"I throw back the covers and quietly sneak in to the bathroom, first stopping to relieve myself. When you hear the flush of the commode, you say, "You’re up early". I open the shower curtain, drop my nightie to the floor, and respond, ‘I was hoping to say the same to you’, as I enter the shower."

"Your arms envelop me, keeping me warm. A small pool of water fills the space between my breasts. We stand in the warm spray letting the balmy air caress our skin, content for the moment to let the shower do its magic."

"After what seemed to be an hour, you lift my chin and kiss me. You kiss my lips, neck, and face, tenderly exploring and loving my skin with your lips. You rub and massage my back and bottom with your strong hands. The air is really getting hot and the source was not the hot-water."

Sitting in the rocker, Ted started to stroke his cock once again.

"You’re cruel," Georgette growled.

"I know," Ted smirked, "Please continue with your story and don’t mind me."

Georgette continued …

"Without warning you twirl me around and switch positions, placing me under the shower spray. I feel affectionate streams of water stroke my scalp. I reach for the bottle of ‘special’ shampoo, the one that smells so sweet. I suggestively squirt some into the palm of your hand and giggle. You start to slowly lather my hair. I almost melt as your hands massages the shampoo through my hair and onto my scalp."

"My senses were confused. On the one hand were your hands, relaxing me, loosening my grip on my purpose. Then … [PAUSE] …"

"Then what? You seem to have stopped," Ted alleged.

"Sorry you are distracting me," Georgette rejoined.

"Really? Oh well. You were telling me about sensory confusion," Ted answered back.

"Oh yes that was what I was speaking about … sensory stimulation," Georgette said.

"I feel you hands massaging my scalp and then there was the rest of my body, in close contact with your naked and wet body, exciting me, causing me to want more of you. I am in quite the sensual pickle!"

"My revelry is interrupted when you rinse the shampoo from my hair. I quickly bend my neck, placing the top of my head squarely in the center of your chest, leaving a frothy oval."

"‘You wicked imp’, you say to me. I just beam at you and giggle as I tilt my head back. The spray is making small rivers through my hair, tickling my scalp. Leaning back into the spray, I grab your bottom for balance, forcing our hips together, heating up the shower just that much more."

"I am happy for the moment with the warm spray on my head, your fingers running through my hair and our hips forced together. However, you have other plans. You again … [PAUSE] …

"You stopped again," Ted told Georgette. "It is such a good story so far. Please continue."

"You pick me up and twirl me around so you are in the shower spray. You reach for the liquid soap and I suggestively squirt a dab into the palm of your hand. You rub your hands together and create a rich, thick lather. Your start at my neck and lather me up. You gently rub your soapy hands over my neck, shoulders, back, and bottom. Your hands are divine. You work from my neck to my bottom, making sure all areas of me were soapy and clean."

Ted rose and moved to the daybed and sat next to his wife, his cock still outside his shorts. He leaned over and gently kissed her breast.


Ted gave Georgette a small slap on her inner thigh. "You stopped again."

Georgette apologized and restarted. Ted continued to kiss one of Georgette’s breasts and pinched the other nipple.

"After a short pause to re-soap your hands, you reach around to my front and pull me close."

[" … Oh yes …"]

Another small slap brought Georgette back to her story.

"While your hands soap up my breasts, you rub your body against my soapy back. This human loofa drives me crazy. Gone is my sensory confusion. This is sensual over-stimulation."

"The temperature begins to rise and so do you. I aid your erection by working my own human loofa action, rubbing my soapy bottom and back against your cock."

Ted’s hands slowly moved to Georgette’s pussy and he started to play with her clit.

"That is really distracting you know … Oh wow!," Georgette moaned.

"Yes I know – Nice story so far. You should see what effect it has on me." Ted stood right in front of her wife, his hard-on about two feet above her face. Rubbing his cock Ted said "It is having a great effect on me."

Georgette licked her lips and said "I would love a closer look."

"I know you would. I am thinking you would love to have the effect in your mouth right about now." Ted teased as he continued to rub his rock hard erection. "Well you will have to wait a little while longer for that. I really want to hear how this story … um … climaxes. I believe I had you pretty well soaped up like this," and he rubbed and massaged Georgette’s breasts.

"I am REALLY getting clean (in a dirty sort of way)," Georgette resumed. "Your left hand moves south as your right continues to rub and massage my breast. You begin to make small circles on my clit, making sure all of me was very clean. The rubbing of my breasts and the pinching of my nipples just makes me want to loofa your cock more."

Ted returned to the daybed and resumed kissing Georgette’s breasts. His had once again moved to her pussy and started to work little circles on her clit.

"I am hot, VERY HOT and you are very hard.

"Like now," Ted explained.

"There was only one thing to do … " Georgette carried on.


"I grab the showerhead from your hand and rinse myself. Using my fingers, I make sure I am clean all over. I turn the shower spray … [PAUSE] …

"Damn that feels so good. You are making me so wet and hot."

"Your story …" Ted reminded her.

"I turn the shower spray on to you. Starting at your chest I gently rinse you, at times aiding the shower with my lips and tongue, especially around your nipples. I slowly move down your body until I reach your magnificent, erect member. I pay extra attention to your hard cock. I wrap my hand around your cock and stroke it. Up and down your rod I rubbed my hand. Hard to believe, but you actually geot harder. I know you will not last much longer."

"I suddenly stop, open the shower curtain and leave. You growl at me. But, I soon return with my shaving stool. I set it at the back of the shower, slowly turn, and place my hands on the stool, offering myself to you. I want to be fucked from behind with your hard cock."

Ted got up and retrieved Georgette’s new toy from the backpack. He knelt beside his wife and slowly inserted the toy into her very wet pussy.

"DAMN … You are fucking evil," she snarled

Ted just laughed and pinched her nipple a little extra hard. "Please continue."

"You smile and move forward, entering me from behind, very slowly at first, then pushing the full length of your shaft into me. Then very slowly, you pull out."

"Damn, Oh damn you!" Georgette cried.

"Continue please, " Ted instructed.

"Again, you slowly push in and ever so slowly, you pull out. This is too much for me. I want it deep, fast, and hard but you are in control and you take complete advantage."

Ted paralleled Georgette’s description.

"You slowly increased you pace. Ever so slowly, you increase your pace. [… Damn … ] I am in a slow burn. I want more, I need more, I beg for more – [OH MY!] - but you have a plan and are sticking to it. Finally, I feel my orgasm building. – [YES!] -- This is going to be the ‘mother of all orgasms’. Your pace is getting closer to what I want. – [Uh … YES! … OH YES!] -- The pressure is building and I am approaching climax … Closer … CLOSER, … CLOSER!! – [DAMN … DAMN … OH DAMN I’M CLOSE TO COMING YOU EVIL BASTARD]. I am getting higher and higher until finally I arch her back and ..."

Ted stopped and pulled the toy from his wife. "And what?"

Georgette opened her eyes and looked desperately into her husbands eyes.

"I wake up to the sounds of the shower … "Georgette panted.

"You what? Oh I get it was a dream, a very wet dream by the look of that toy. Wonderful story." Ted laughed. For such a good story I will set you free … somewhat." He untied her from the daybed but tied her hands behind her.

"I have a final challenge. This one should he a walk in the park compared to the others today. If you succeed you will get a treat. I would like you to remove my shorts," he instructed.

"With my hands tied like this?" she inquired.

"I said it was a challenge, did I not? Plus, I want to be naked. Let me help and remove my shirt. There that is better. I’m getting really hot in these clothes. Please remove my shorts." It was not a request.

Georgette stood up then knelt in front of her life-partner. Grasping the waistband with her teeth, she started to tug the shorts to the ground and was rewarded with Ted’s cock slapping her in the side of the head. "Oops, let me put him away. I do not want the task to be too … um .. hard," Ted mocked.

Ted raised his hips lightly and after some tugging and giggling, the shorts finally hit the floor. Georgette straightened up and was rewarded with Ted’s fully aroused member inches from her face. "Go ahead, I know you want to suck it. It is your reward for removing my shorts.

She promptly took his entire erection into her mouth. Ted liked to watch her suck his cock. Because of her excitement, Georgette really played it up, ever so slowly swallowing him then pulling all the way to the tip. She licked the soft underside of his shaft, slowly from balls to tip. She made sure that there was lots of slurping sounds. Of course, it was more difficult than normal because her hand were bound behind her. Many a time she had to chase the cock around to get her tongue on it or to swallow it. All the better Ted thought.

"I think you are extremely hot and wet. ..." [LICK] " hotter and wetter than you have been in quite a while and you want this cock shoved deep in you" [SLURP] "... don’t you..." [SLURP] Ted teased

"Mmmm Hu." Georgette moaned with Ted’s cock in her mouth.

"So hot that you would like a cock in your pussy ... "

"YES!" she begged

"... and one in your ass ... "

"YES … YES," Georgette pleaded

"… and if you could, you would take a third down your throat," Ted fantasized

"Fuck that sounds good," Georgette said passionately.

Ted stopped his wife and untied her hands. He, for a third time, bent her over the coffee table, stretched her arms out in front of her, and tied them to the table. Rather that spanking her, he went to the backpack and retrieved a small gel dildo. He lubed it generously and slowly inserted it into his wife’s beautiful ass. He gently worked it in and out until it was fully inserted. Georgette was moaning and gasping wildly. Anal play is not common in their relationship, but they both enjoy it at the appropriate moment. Ted thought this was an appropriate moment, and given Georgette’s response, she thought so also.

Ted knelt behind his wife, lubed his cock slightly (although he did not need to) and entered her, pushing his very erect cock entirely into her very hot and wet pussy. This was not to be gentle lovemaking. It was Ted’s day and even though he thought of his wife’s needs, he wanted, no needed, a basic, primal screw. He drove hard and fast, his force mashing Georgette against the table and putting pressure on the dildo in her ass (increasing her pleasure). It was as if he had the energy of a 20 year old again and the staying power. It was amazing and incredible. Grunts, squeals, screams and a whole host of curse words escaped them both. Ted felt Georgette climax. He continued to fuck Georgette as her climax peaked then subsided. He slowed enough to ease her orgasm, then started thrusting hard, sending her over edge again. Georgette’s hair was soaked with sweat and a small pool formed in the small of Georgette’s back. Sweat dripped down Ted’s chest.

Finally, Ted exploded deep in his bride. A large load pumped from his cock just as Georgette climaxed a third time. She was shaking and groaning. Ted stood still, letting her orgasm wrap around him. As he came down, the real world slowly seeped back into their revelry and Ted felt pains in his knees. He exited Georgette (she omitted a small whine), removed the dildo from his wife’s ass, untied her, and retired to the daybed, panting heavily. A few moments later Georgette joined him. They relaxed in complete exhaustion and total satisfaction. Georgette played gently with his cock as it relaxed.

"WOW!" she sighed. There was a hint of pride in her voice. "You are incredible," she said as she kissed him. "Oops, I did not get permission, should I assume the position?" she teased.

"No, not this time, dearest. Maybe later," and Ted pulled his wife into a naked, sweaty, passionate embrace.