"The Photoshoot" (c) Copyright, John J ©2003 (Email Millfordboy@hotmail.com

Its evening, Cathy is at home alone; there's a knock at the door.

'Hello I'm John from Star Photos, you must be Cathy, you wrote a few months ago to one of our agencies saying you would like to be considered for some photo modelling work. I'm here to interview you and take some initial photos'. 'Oh yes I remember, I'm Cathy come in', she replies.

They sit in the lounge and although she looks a little nervous he explains what he’s come to do. 'I'll take some photos and circulate them around our clients and if they like what they see they will pay you good money to work for them. Have you done any modelling work before?' 'Only a bit and that was in a gentleman's magazine if you know what I mean'. 'Yes, I know what you mean' he replies. 'I wish I knew when that was because you are very attractive and I feel jealous that others have seen you and I missed it'. They smile at each other.

' Cathy, you are fantastic. I love every move you make'. John looks away at his papers. 'You say in your application that you would consider some soft porn men's magazine shots. You said you've done some before so is that all right?' 'Yes' she replies. 'Fine, then for these shots Cathy I want you completely naked; you must take off your underwear'. She looks at him and slowly says, 'John I think you'd better do that as you do it so well'.

John nods and for the second time that night he is taking off her underwear, but this time he is facing her. He walks up to her, put his arms around her and undoes the clasp of her white lace bra. It falls forward and catching it he throws it to one side and stares at her breasts. His hands run down her body onto her hips and crouching he pulls down her thong. The thin material has caught in the cheeks of her bottom and has become trapped in the folds of her hairy pussy. He pulls the thin crotch of the thong slowly out and her pubic hair that has become wrapped around the thong and it pulls at the flesh of her outer vagina lips. They stretch ever so slightly and then the thong is loose. Cathy sighs heavily.

John’s face is just inches from Cathy’s hairy haven. Once again she steps out of her underwear and he throws the thong and bra to one side. Putting his hands on her stocking tops he slides them up over their lace tops, over the suspender clasp and reaches around behind her, cupping her buttocks in his hands he pulls her towards him and kisses her mound of Venus and his tongue gently licks the top of her vagina and sucks on her clitoris. She holds his head there for a few seconds but then pulls him up to her breasts which he licks in circles and kisses in turn and then sucks hard for several minutes.

In a soft daze Cathy says 'John, c'mon I want you to take the rest of the photos for me'.  He rises and picking up the camera begins to take more photos.

'For men's magazines Cathy I want to see you looking straight at the camera. Remember every photo is meant for the man reading the magazine. You are there for him and he wants you for himself. Never look away. When he wanks over your photo, and believe me there will be hundreds wanking over you, he wants you to look him straight in the eye'.

Cathy stands in front of him and staring at the camera squeezes her breasts and rubs  them in circles pinching the nipples and pulling them away from her tits as if they were going to be pulled off. She moves back to the bed naked except for her suspender and stockings and sitting on the edge spreads her legs as wide as they will go and begins to play with her fanny. As she pulls apart the pubic hair and then the outer lips of her vagina as far as they will go John sees deep into the dark corners of her womb. Click, click, click. She rolls on her side and lifts one leg high into the air and shows him her fanny and anus in one go. She fingers her fanny and two fingers disappear into her cunt while the others tease her anus. Turning onto her front and resting on your hands and knees she pushes her arse into the air so that John gets a full view of her puckered anus stretched wide and nestling in the hollow of her arse crack. Click, click.                       

For what seems like hours Cathy moves around the room, rolling on the bed laying on the floor showing him every inch of her body making sure nothing remains unseen.

Then she lays on the bed but this time with her knees pulled up to her shoulders and with her fanny held high she rubs and squeezes her vagina lips, first slipping one finger into her wet cunt, then another and then a third. She sighs and moans softly and drifts of into a world of her own as she fingers her cunt and rubs her clitoris. It’s as if she was all alone and John was an invisible onlooker.

' Cathy ... Cathy '. he says quietly. 'Mmm, what?' she replies dreamily. 'Cathy just a few final shots. Go over to that radiator on the wall, lift your right leg and put your foot on the top'. Moving slowly she does what he asks. He takes more photos from the floor, from her left and

from her right each time making sure he can see her beautiful puffy pussy with a glisten of love juice seeping onto the outer lips of her vagina making the pubic hair wet.

He can hold back no longer, the camera all of a sudden is not needed, it's in the way. He  puts it down and comes up behind her, wraps his left arm around her waist and begins to squeeze and rotate her right breast and pinch the teat of the hard nipple in his fingers. His right hand goes to her right knee and slides slowly down her stocking clad leg, over the bare flesh of her thigh, cupping her hip and under to her  crotch. He begins to slide his fingers backwards and forwards along her fanny crack. In this position he gently pins her to the wall and she has no option but to let him explore her body with his fingers. Cathy’s vagina is soaking wet from her slippery love juices and his fingers begin to slither along her outer vagina lips and probe into her inner most personal folds of skin. He rubs, squeezes, and massages her cunt and nipples and as he squeezes harder and harder with a gradually increasing rhythm the intoxicating mix of pleasure and pain starts her writhing too and fro and he knows she is on the point of orgasm.

He stops and spins her around. Grabbing his tee shirt she lifts it over his head. Then she fumbles at his belt and undoing it she drops his zip and pulls his jeans to the floor. Thenlooking him in the eye she says 'Now it's my turn to take your pants off'. Cathy pulls down his shorts and his penis springs into the air and points itself straight at her, drops of pre cum juice hang on the end like a silky spiders web. 'Mmm, now that's what I call juicy'. She says.

She leads him to the bed pulling on his erection. Sitting on the end of the bed she takes him in both hands and begins to lick his prick and suck on the juices that cover his helmet. 'I've never seen such a gooey prick in all my life, it’s fabulous'. She carries on sucking and licking his shaft as it disappears and reappears from her wet, soft pink lips over and over again covered in shiny slippery goo. She is giving him the best blow job he has ever had in my life. His head drops back as feelings of intense pleasure spin through his ball sacks.

He is on the point of exploding and that would be a waste so pushing her back onto the bed and lifting her knees up to her shoulders he pushes her into the position she was in for his photo shoot. Cathy’s fanny is up in the air and with his fingers he separates the outer lips of her vagina and presses his mouth into her open cunt. He now licks her and begins to suck on the soft pink folds of the flesh that disappear into her cunt. The smell in heady and he is transported to another place as he sucks and nibbles her clitoris. He sucks very hard and pulls away from her sucking her soft pink skin with him. She is beginning to writhe again so he pushes her back on the bed and in one smooth gentle action he rams his hot, wet, shinny engorged penis into her open waiting cunt. They move together as if they had always meant to be together and he begins to gyrate and rhythmically force myself upon her in and out and in and out. She looks him in the eye and moans softly as he thrusts his penis into her womb. Their feelings are cosmic. He is lusting for her and his penis probes the depths of her womb. Cathy feels full, almost as if his penis will push its way into her stomach 

He withdraws and Cathy looks annoyed but he lifts her up and turns her over into the doggy position. She raises her bottom and he impales her your wet cunt again from behind but this time with his arms around her waist he squeezes the outer lips of her vagina and rubs her clitoris in his finger and thumb, pinching extremely hard and twisting. He then runs his hands up and down her back and as he does so he scratches her and she moans in a mix of pain and pleasure. He returns to massaging her fanny and in seconds her body spasms and she cries out, 'Oh, oh yes, aaaah, oh God that's so good'. Her body jerks and wriggles for a long time and her shoulders collapse onto the bed as she orgasms intensely.

He withdraws his engorged penis from her and while he turns her to face him he says, 'Now it's my turn'. Standing in front of her as she sits at the edge of the bed he begins to wank himself firmly and slowly. Cathy watches almost dazed as he begins to work himself up into frenzy. 'I'm going to cum' he mutters. 'It's coming, I'm cuming, Oh God I'm cumming'.

He pauses and his prick jerks as the first flood of watery cum shoots out of the eye of his penis and hits her on the chin. The next squirt is thicker and flies onto her cheek and then the next thickening stream lands on her nose.  She instinctively opens her mouth and a huge gob of very thick ivory-white creamy thickness lands on her tongue. John erupts several more times each spray of white cum landing on her lips or splashing into her mouth. Cathy’s face is splattered with his juicy cum and it is beginning to dribble down onto her breasts.  She sits and waits for him to finish enjoying the feeling of his warm ball cream sliding down her face. He squeezes the last drops of his sex juice onto her tongue and then smears his prick all over her face spreading his gooey cum on every part. His thick penis slips into her mouth again and she gives him another sensual blow job and as his shaft slides in and out of her pink lips covered with white frothy love syrup. He pulls his prick from her mouth and she holds his warm manhood and licks it slowly. Then smiling at him she starts to lick the cum from her top lip and suck it into her mouth. 'No Cathy, don't do that' he says. 'I want it to go where it belongs'.

He leans toward her and licks his cum from her cheeks, nose, chin and lips and holds it in his mouth. Then pushing her back he gently opens her legs and spreads them wide. His fingers gentle part her puffed and swollen vagina lips and he spits his cum into her love hole. Then pushing the lips closed he rubs them together his thick ivory love juice now squishing around inside her cunt, her pubic hair covered in a white film of cum. Then with his prick still hard from the intense arousal he plunges it back into her cunt and pushes it in and out with such intense force he makes her bounce on the mattress. He leans forward and once again licks and kisses her cheeks, her eyes and her lips and he pushes his tongue into her mouth and they kiss with a passion as their tongues explore their mouths. Her hair is wet with their juices and lays across her cheeks damp and sticky.

The smell of their juices is overpowering and as he rams his prick into her cunt they lick each others face and smear their love juices all over each other. His head is spinning with the overpowering physical sensations and thoughts that are streaming through his body. An hour ago he didn’t know her and now he is penetrating her womb with his swollen penis. He is shafting her cunt. He looks at her beautiful body, it is his and he is taking it and using it. He stares into her cheeky twinkling eyes as he is screwing her arse off. He is on her bed with her soft body bouncing below him and he is ramming her hairy hole with his bulging penis, screwing her with his balls slapping hard against her arse.

Cathy you are so erotic, he thinks, and I am fucking your vagina, I am fucking your love hole, fucking the soft wrinkled folds of your womb, fucking you, fucking you, fucking you.

They stare into each others eyes but hers roll and her body goes rigid and once again she is plunged into a shivering powerful orgasm and writhes around the bed. 'Oh God, Oh Christ, Oh funking hell, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh Jesus fuck'. She screams as she orgasms. It seems to last forever and is so violent that she is in tears and they are both shivering all over.

John falls forward onto her chest with his penis still lodged in her cunt. The room is full with the smell of their sex. The only sound they hear is their breathing as they lay with their cheeks together. They can feel their hearts racing and pounding against each other. They both move very slowly from side to side in the glow of after-play, their slippery sex juices making their pubic hair wet between their legs.  There is silence. They stop and he pushes himself to his knees withdrawing his prick from her cunt and kneels at the end of the bed between her legs holding onto her stocking clad knees. His penis is still throbbing and there are dribbles of their juices oozing from its eye. As they watch they hang in the air on strings of sexy stickiness before they drop slowly onto her cunt still open and stretched since he pulled out his prick. She is spread out on the bed, her hands above her head and her legs set wide apart. Leaning forward he kisses her once more before standing and slowly moving around the room to dress as she watches.

'I don't want to go Cathy but I must. You are a really sexy minx, a fabulous woman and such a good fuck.' She says nothing. 'Thinking about it, I'll leave you the last part of our application form. It's asks if you would like to do some hard core photo shoots. There are various things we can try. Maybe you would like to take a look and give me a call?' 'I'll take a look' she replies.

He picks up the camera turns and Click. 'John!'  she exclaims, 'That was naughty, me looking like this and everything'. 'But Cathy you look absolutely fucking fabulous and that photo is just for me'.

He is fully dressed now and Cathy is still naked their juices still oozing from her warm soft puffed fanny onto her pubic hair and dribbling down onto the bed. John reaches out and smears some of the juice onto his finger. He spreads it onto her lips and gently licks her face one last time and gives her a farewell kiss.

'Bye Cathy. Will I see you soon?'  'Maybe' ……………to be continued

(Cathy is a family friend and I have always lusted after her from a distance. I have dreamt this fantasy many times as I thought of her. This is for Cathy, although she will never know it…or maybe who knows?)

I  especially like stories with a long build up to an energetic end. The build up is like good foreplay and is an essential part of getting the reader into the story. This is the first time I have committed anything like this to paper and greatly enjoyed doing so. I would love to hear any comments that anybody has on this story. I live in the UK.

"The Photoshoot" (c) Copyright, John J ©2003 (Email Millfordboy@hotmail.com)