First Meeting (C) Jennie Watson 2005
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We had been online intimates for nearly two years, sharing the thoughts and desires we couldnt share with our partners. Its not like we meant it to happen, but as most things that start out innocently, it didnt end up that way. Not that Im complaining, either is he. In fact, were both still grinning, as we sit on a bed and write this story together.

Matt lived in California, Me in Montana. We met online in a chatroom . This was before bots, and open propositioning in chatrooms, it was still somewhat civilized. He was as unhappy in his relationship, as I was in mine. Over the course of several weeks, and sharing many confidences, the subject eventually led to sex. Matt and I had already connected on a mental level, wed spent weeks learning about each other, our lives, and we looked forward to our daily emails, and private messages. Luckily, our workplaces either didnt monitor internet use, or didnt care, as time went on, our conversations went from mild flirting to heating each other up so much wed have to find a private place to relieve ourselves at lunch. We yearned to really touch one another, feel skin against skin. Make real the things we told each other online. We cursed the gods that allowed us to meet others, the fact that geography and responsibility prohibited us from meeting. Especially once our respective relationships ended.

One morning, I came into work, feeling particularly low about my life at home and found a package on my desk from my boss. It was a list of seminars he wanted me to attend in various cities. Right away I looked for one near Matt. Bingo! There was one scheduled in three weeks in the city where Matt lived. My hands shook as I typed a quick email to Matt....and held my breath. Would he really be willing to meet me or would he back out? Online, we both agreed was one thing, but was he willing to " cross the line" as we talked about?

Of course, just after Id sent the email, our server crashed. Between not knowing what Matt would answer and the thought that just maybe our steamy chats had finally burned something up in the server, by lunchtime I was a nervous wreck. Finally around 1:30, the computers came back up and I could check my email. Finally, about halfway down, was an email from Matt.


I got your email this morning, and my head has been spinning ever since. YES!! Please, make reservations and let me know all the details. Will you be staying over the weekend or what? Cant wait to hear from you....


I immediately filled out a travel request, had it approved and gave it to the travel desk. Within an hour I got my confirmation; I was going to California for a seminar that lasted from Wednesday to Friday, and because of flight schedules, I would stay until Monday. I emailed Matt, gave him my travel information. Within minutes he popped up on an instant message, a big smiley face and an online outline of breasts...I had to hide my smile and clear the screen as my boss walked in. As soon as I was alone again, I typed back a big smile....and a sly grin afterward. After a quick hello and a lot of grinning, we both went back to work. 

The emails that went between us for the next few weeks were steamy and incredibly erotic. Id begin by emailing Matt how Id love to be under his desk my head between his legs sucking his cock slowly and gently at first, then moving faster and more firmly as I felt his long cock stiffening. Then Id leave it off there. Matt would email the next chapter....he gets up from his desk, locks the door, then gives me his hand out from under his desk. He sits me on the edge of his desk, warm hands pressing against the inside of my thighs, his head bending to my cunt. His hot breath against me swollen clit, his fingers opening my lips ever so slowly. My wet hot cunt slippery with my juices as his tongue reaches out for a taste.

Jan:    You spread my legs gently, and slide your tongue along my slit. My knees are now over your shoulders, my hands squeezing my breasts in abandon as your magic tongue works on my secret spot. My hips try to catch your mouth and hold it to me as you tease your way across, up and down then finally slide your tongue inside me as I moan with pleasure.

Matt:  My hard cock jumps at your moan, wanting to be inside your wetness. First, I slide a finger into your cunt, watching your back arch as you feel it filling you slightly. I bend down, flicking your clit with my tongue as I slowly slide my finger in and out, spreading your juices touching your tight hole almost by accident. You spasm with desire. "Do you want to cum?" I ask?

Jan:  My hips move against your fingers in answer to your question. "Please, please, do me Matt..." I gasp. I barely have the words out when you slide two fingers into me, twisting them to hit my "G" spot. My hips leap from your desk as a wave of orgasm washes over me and I bite my lip to keep from crying out. Your fingers still inside me, moving enough to keep the waves washing over me, you kiss me deeply smiling devilishly.

Matt:  After your first cum, Im more than ready to do you as you asked. My cock is throbbing wanting to be inside you. I sit you up on the desk, have you roll over, so I can enter you from the rear. I want to feel my balls slapping against you as I drive myself deeply into you. I come up close behind you, so you can feel the heat of my body, my cock, radiating against you. I press the head of my cock against your still throbbing lips, wetting it, sliding it against your slit, touching all those spots that are acutely sensitive after orgasm. Your moans are making it difficult for me to hold back as I lean back, and slide myself into your depths. My cock fills you like youve never felt, as you brace yourself against my desk. Thrusting as deeply and as slowly as I can, I feel your orgasm welling again. I pull out as I feel you begin, listening to your gasps as your ass tries to find my cock. I plunge in quickly and begin pumping hard and fast, pinching your nipples as my shaft pumps into you. My balls harden as I get closer, your breath now coming in gasps as each plunge brings on a new wave for you. I feel myself gather for the explosion as my knees go week from the strength of my orgasm. I lean against your back as our bodies tremble.  Have a great day Jan....

As the weeks went by, wed managed to really work ourselves into one hot lather. Finally, I flew in to California for the seminar, wed made arrangements to meet on Friday afternoon, as he could get away for the weekend. As soon as I got to my hotel, I set up my laptop and got online. Matt immediately IMd me, telling me hed driven by my hotel this morning, imagining meeting me there as a surprise. My heart nearly stopped at the thought of being with him RIGHT NOW. It seemed as if Friday was an eternity away. 

I sat through the seminar, rewarded each day with an email...and online chat with Matt. Tuesday night he asked me what my fantasy was....I explained my desire for light bondage....for a man to be a man...yet gentle. He wished me sweet dreams and left me wondering what he was up to.

Friday finally arrived. The seminar finally got finished around 4:00 and instead of joining the other attendees for drinks, I decided to go to my room, take a shower and wait for Matt, we planned to meet around 6:00.

As I stepped into the shower, a knock at the door interrupted my thoughts of lust. I looked out the peephole and saw no-one, so I opened the door a crack to find Matt standing there. I opened the door and pulled him inside. Locked in an embrace wed waited two years to feel, our mouths explored, tasted and touched. My bathrobe fell open as he caressed my breasts, his hands full of the electricity Id felt online. His mouth taking in my nipple, my god he felt good. Gaining my senses for a moment I reached to unbutton his shirt and growing annoyed at my clumsiness, pulled until the buttons popped. Matts face showed his desire, and pulling him against me, I could feel him hardening.

"You taste and feel better than I could have imagined" Matt whispered in my ear. I pulled his mouth to mine, locking us in a kiss that made any reply worthless. My hands were running over his chest, unbuckling his belt, my bathrobe was already lost somewhere on the floor. We fell together on the bed, our bodies unable to slow the passion that had built for so long. I began to place kisses from his chest to his stomach, watching his cock twitch with each touch. As I moved down his body, I gently blew warm breath on the head of his hard cock, giving him a hint of where I was headed. " Please touch me.." Matt groaned. I smiled at him, not saying a word and began licking the inside of his thigh, running my tongue up one, down the other, avoiding his cock, touching it only with my hair as I moved across him. Finally, my hand caressed his balls, gently running my fingertips over and around, my tongue flicking at his cock as I do. His quick intake of breath said all I needed to hear. I  pressed my lip against his swollen head and sucked him in, my tongue swirling around him as I slid my lips just over his head. I could feel him thrusting his hips to meet my embrace. My fingers wrapped in a circle at its throbbing base, I took his long shaft deeply into my mouth, allowing my tongue to explore along the way. As I pulled back up, I twisted my head so that his whole cock felt my tongue. 

Matt groaned, and pulled me from my work. "I cant wait, I have to taste you!" he whispered hoarsely, as he lay me gently on the bed. "I dont know if I can wait...I want you inside me" I cried as I looked into his eyes. Smiling he replied " Itll be worth the wait, I promise" as his hands slid up my legs, gently pushing them open. "My god, you are beautiful!" I heard him whisper. His tongue kissed my stomach, moving to my mound as he took in the aroma of me. The first touches of his fingers, opening my lips made my heart pound. I was throbbing anticipating his touch, when I felt his  warm tongue slide into my slit. "Oh" was all I could say as I clutched the bedspread to keep from grinding my wetness into him. As he explored my lips, and found my clit, his hands were running slowly and gently up my thighs, gently stroking the very top of my thighs, just outside my lips. His warm breath on me was incredible. Finally he took my clit in his mouth as he slid a finger into my soaking cunt. The sounds that came out of me were unknown...he felt so good. I could feel my orgasm building, my hands were alternating between pinching my nipples and holding his head as I came closer and closer. As the first waves started building within me, my walls began to contract around his finger...he pulled away. My disappointment was obvious...I needed to cum, NOW!

My need was filled as Matts long, hard tool pressed against my slick lips. We both looked into each others eyes as he slid into me. His cock bigger than Id imagined...filled me, as we both cried out in pleasure. "You feel so good" I breathed as he slowly began to pump inside me. His smile and groan told me he felt the same. Within seconds, my orgasm began to build again as his cock pumped in me. Knowing this, Matt quickly pulled my thighs up so he could thrust deeper. As his swollen head hit my G spot, the damn broke, and my body convulsed in ecstasy. My cunt tightened around his cock as my hands held his ass pushing him in a deeply as I could. His cock throbbing inside me, he reached down to kiss me deeply as his cry of pleasure escaped from his lips. We lay together until his spent cock slipped from me, then held each other in the afterglow. Neither one of us quite knowing what to say now that we were face to face.

"That was incredible" I finally broke the easy silence. "It was, but I always knew it would be" Matt replied. "Weve always been on the same page, and well, weve spent a long time thinking about this moment". I laughed, "Weve spent a long time imagining, its incredible to finally experience it." Leaning over to kiss him, I ran my fingers through his hair as he drowsily looked at me. "Im glad you came." Not one to miss the double entendre, I smiled and asked "was there any ever doubt?"