"Hunters Moon" 2005 by Mjbarbag
All rights reserved - copy/duplication prohibited

Becky loved her sister’s house.  It was warm, homey, and full of surprises.  One night last fall she got QUITE a surprise!

Becky had flown in from the West Coast for a little R&R.  She missed the East in the fall.  The house has no guestroom and the “Bekster” was assigned the couch in the living room outside by sister’s room.  As she lye under the covers, the quiet was broken by a sigh.  Not a “Man I am tired, what a day” sigh, but a “OH YES! THAT FEELS GOOD” sigh.  Becky was intrigued.  Her sister always kept the door to her bedroom cracked a little for the cats to go as they please.  Becky was intrigued and crept to the door.  The house was very dark and Becky was sure that she could not be seen.  However, there was a full hunter’s moon shining through the bedroom window.

It was like looking into a light box.  All Becky could see was the shadowy shapes of her sister and her brother-in-law silhouetted by the silvery moonlight.  She was on all fours, kneeling over her husband.  From the implied movements, the sounds, and moans, Becky could see with her mind’s eye the pleasure being given.

Becky watched the shadow play and felt the hot tingle in her own womanhood.  Her right hand slipped in to her panties as her left held the doorframe for support.  As the dark shapes continued their sensual dance on the bed, Becky’s fingers played a sweet solo tango, twirling and sliding to the sexual music in the next room. 

The dance, outlined in the bright lunar radiance, changed as Becky’s brother-in-law gently pushed his wife on to her back and his illuminated outline for crawl into her darken middle.  Becky watch as the shaded form of her sister moved to the rhythm of the luminously stimulating music.  Gasps, purrs, and moan escaped from the darkness like crickets in the summer, you can hear them but not see them. 

The lovers’ splendor was closely rivaled by the heat generated by Becky’s actions.  She could feel the power of the moment building up as she watched her sister and her lover.  “What a rush”, Becky thought.  She had not spied on her sister since they were girls.  The lunar lovemaking in the next room coupled with the thrill of voyeurism made her all that much excited.

The pearl-light shined on the lovers as Becky’s sister arched her back aiding her husband.  More soft moans and purrs filled the darkness.  Passion in and out of the bedroom built.  Becky began to smell the sweet muskiness of lovers and could tell from where it was coming; her or the dimness within. 

The dusky dancers changed position.  Once again, Becky’s brother-in-law was on his back.  Becky’s sister moved like a cat along a fence.  She crawled forward and slowly mounted her husband, letting out a deep moan and gasp.  Becky could see her sister clearly outlined in the bright moonlight.  Her motion was slow at first but quickly accelerated into a frenzied pace.  The gentle bouncing of her sister form mesmerized Becky. 

Becky was nearing orgasm and she knew it would be big.  She firmly gripped the door jam as waves and waves of pleasure filled her.  Every sense was sharpened and it took all her concentration not to scream out in orgasmic delight.  As Becky relaxed, she saw her sister arch her back, sticking her dim breasts into the air and begin her own orgasm.  Becky could not tell in the darkness that her sister was shaking with sensual joy. 

She watched until her sister collapsed onto her husband’s chest.  As the couple cuddled in twilight afterglow, Becky returned to the couch.  Hot, sweaty and totally exhausted, she crawled under the covers.  From the bedroom, her sister called, with a knowingly giggle, “Good night Becky.  Pleasant dreams!”.  That, Becky knew, was a given.