Morning Coffee, © 2005 by Mjbarbag
All rights reserved - copy/duplication prohibited

"15 years!" Ted thought to himself as he poured himself a fresh cup of coffee. "Where has the time gone?"

The house was quiet. He was up early and had just seen the kids off to school. A part of the anniversary present to Georgette. As for the other parts, he would wing that!

The fact that he was not at work and the kids were gone for the day, along with the coffee warmed him. He sat at the kitchen table, opened the paper, kicked his feet onto another chair, and took a sip.

The aroma of the almond extract in the coffee filled his nostrils as Ted remembered the night he and Georgette met. It was at a Holloween party in the apartment complex at which they were living. They did not know each other or had even seen each other, although they lived in the apartments for over a year. Ted was dressed as a cheerleader, complete with saddle shoes, skirt, hairy legs, full beard, cigar, and funnels under a halter-top. Georgette was dressed as a black cat, black stockings, thigh high boots, whiskers, and a skintight leotard cut low.

They hit it off from the get go. The left the part early walked to a coffee shop down the street (still in costume), where they served flavored coffees and talked until the wee hours. He walked her back and kissed her good night. She invited him in, but he declined but did ask her out for dinner the following weekend. She accepted and they had begun a beautiful friendship.

Ted was smiling as he refilled his cup and sat back down. The paper was still on the same page. He remembered another party. It was New Years Eve and a friend of Ted's had invited them to a part at his house. The party was a disaster. Ted’s friend and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument and had almost gotten into blows had Ted not stepped in and deck the host.

The party broke up at that point. Ted apologized to Georgette and offered to take her home. He was not in the mood for more parties. Georgette suggested a quiet New Years Eve at her place. Her roommates had left for a weekend of skiing so they would be alone. He accepted and offered to buy the wine.

Georgette told Ted to find something good on the "Tube" and make himself at home. She went into her room to change. This was not the first time Ted had been here but this was the first time they were alone. Georgette returned a few minutes later dressed in the thigh length pink sweater that she used as loungewear. She laid a blanket on the floor and dimmed the lights as Ted opened and poured the wine. They snuggled together as Dick Clark talked on the screen.

"I was very impressed by your actions tonight. Will Bob be mad at you tomorrow?" Georgette asked.

"Bob is an idiot and has a drinking problem" Ted responded. "This is nothing new for us. He will have a big hangover in the morning and will call and ask whyhis jaw hurts. Maybe someday, he will…" Ted was stopped short as Georgette kissed him. She had done that often but this kiss was different. It was more passionate, more intense. It actually floored Ted, which was Georgette's plan. She lay on his chest, kissing his neck and face. Ted rubbed Georgette's back, noticing no bra. That did not surprise him, Georgette often wore no bra at home. No, it was not the braless Georgette that surprised him; it was the panty-less Georgette that surprised him. She giggled and bolted to the bedroom, flinging the sweater into the air as she ran. Ted was stunned, the proverbial “deer in headlights” until Georgette yelled "Are going to come, Ted? I plan to!" He came to and started to run and strip at the same time, something that resembled an old Chevy Chase skit.

This was the first time Ted had seen Georgette completely naked. They were both conservative and had been taking their relationship very slow, having just ended long-time relationships. Ted had seen Georgette in a swimsuit but never naked. Georgette was a fanatical swimmer and has the body to prove it.

Georgette was hysterical when Ted arrived at the bed, with his socks still on. He silenced her with a single kiss. Their lovemaking was fast and furious at first. Several months of tension burned off in a fast, hot exchange. Stroke after stroke, their fire burning them, burning deep and complete; this was a night dreams were made of. Missionary, Georgette on top, Ted taking her from behind; NOTHING was left out. Georgette screamed at the top of her lungs at each organism, Ted matching her each time he released deep in her.

Dawn found then, sore and fulfilled, on a bare mattress, the sheets having been torn from the bed. Their legs and arms were entwined in a knot no man could set asunder.

The phone rang and Ted returned to the present. He let the answering machine get it. He lifted his coffee and the aroma sent him on anther journey.

A woman in her ninth month does not sleep well and Georgette was no exception. No matter how she turned, she would not get comfortable. She cursed Ted for getting her pregnant as he lay in peaceful slumber.

Georgette was hot and sweaty and threw the covers off. Ted was in a very peaceful slumber and was lying on his back. "If I cannot sleep, neither can this asshole." Georgette said to herself as she gently unbuttoned his boxers and released his penis. It was a soft and warm. She kissed the tip and it slowly started to awaken. She giggled as she licked and sucked her comatose husband to erection. Ted started to moan and Georgette imagined the dream he was having. Ted awoke to see his nine-month pregnant wife giving him a blowjob.

When Ted was ready, she lay down on her back. He moved beside Georgette and entered her. Their lovemaking was not awkward, but loving and tender. They climaxed together and lay there until softness forced Ted from Georgette as both drifted to sleep

Ted was awakened later that night by Georgette. "Ted, I think my water broke." Eight hours later, their eldest daughter, Mary Virginia, was born.

Ted finished his coffee just as the shower started in their bathroom. Ted put his cup in the sink and climbed the stairs to see if his blushing bride wanted someone to scrub her back.