"Beach" - 2005 by the Story Guy 
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After a long walk down a tree-lined gravel road, Katie and I had finally arrived at the old parking area for Mazo Beach. Until a few years ago, one could park in this lot that was only a short walk from the beach. Unfortunately, in response to protests from religious fundamentalists, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources had closed the road leading to the beach, forcing visitors to park over a mile away. The beach was still open, and still "clothing-optional," but you had to really want to be there. This was the first time Katie and I had visited since the road was closed, and we were nervous about running the gauntlet of protesters we had heard about, but none were in evidence that hot July day.

Katie and I made our way toward the Wisconsin River, trudging through the deep sand with our cooler, picnic basket, and canvas bag of towels and sunscreen. The sand felt hot through my flip-flops. I regretted forgetting to bring one of those plastic sleds that seasoned Mazo visitors use to drag their belongings.

We rounded a sand dune and headed left, and immediately found ourselves in the midst of the beach crowd. It was all very ordinary-looking -- brightly colored towels, broad beach umbrellas, red Igloo coolers, skin shining with oil and sunscreen -- except that everyone was naked. I noted that, as usual, most of the people on the beach were our age or older; although some of them looked toned and athletic, many weren't. There were even a few larger-size women who were close to Katie's shape (she weighs about 250 pounds).

Katie and I walked past the crowd toward the quieter, more open area to the west. It felt strange to be clothed around so many nude people. We found a spot about fifty feet back from the water and gratefully put down the heavy cooler and picnic basket.

I made a halfhearted attempt to smooth out a small area of sand with my foot, and we spread out our beach towels and began undressing. I removed my shorts, feeling the brief sensation of oddness to be in my underwear outdoors. I watched Katie undress, trying not to be too obvious about it. I loved that moment when she unfastened her bra and leaned forward, letting her heavy breasts droop downward. We stepped out of our underwear; I noticed the contrast between Katie's dark pubic hair and the relatively pale skin around it.

We lay down on the towels and I began applying a heavy coat of sunscreen. Katie is one of those people who tans well and seems immune to sunburn, but I am the type who can literally get sick from too much exposure. I quickly covered my arms, legs, and back; it amused me to have to apply the lotion to my penis and testicles too. Katie helped apply it to my back, then immediately immersed herself in a book. I opened a bottle of cold water from our cooler and sat cross-legged, watching people wading back and forth across the river.

It wasn't long before the heat and unrelenting sunshine made us uncomfortable. "I'm getting in the water; I need to cool off," Katie said as she put her book down and stood up. I joined her and we quickly walked the short distance to the water; our feet were bare and the sand was very hot.

Katie and I waded about thirty feet into a shallow area and sat down on the sandy river bottom. The water came up to our shoulders; Katie positioned herself just behind me and to my right, put her arms around my chest, and rested her chin on my right shoulder. We sat quietly for a few minutes, watching the people on shore and feeling the current moving over us.

As we watched a fiftyish woman walking a golden retriever along the riverbank, Katie moved her right hand down my stomach and gently took hold of my penis. Within moments I was hard. I kept my eyes on the woman with the dog as Katie began to stroke me. The woman came closer; I looked at her large, pale nipples and the tuft of gray pubic hair under the slight paunch of her abdomen. Katie continued rubbing me and I could feel her left breast pressing against my back. Suddenly I was close to coming and I reached awkwardly behind me and found Katie's clitoris. "Oh," she said softly.

As the woman passed us, Katie withdrew her hand and whispered, "Let's find someplace to continue this."

"Okay," I said, "but give me a chance to calm down first." We sat silently for a couple of minutes as I waited for my erection to subside.

After a few minutes we stood up and walked onto the shore. We picked up our towels and I followed Katie into the wooded area behind the beach. I lagged behind Katie a bit, as I had left my flip-flops next to our cooler and picnic basket and had to step carefully through the undergrowth. I watched Katie's wide rear jiggling slightly as she walked. Idly I wondered if anyone on the beach noticed us walking into the woods.

We arrived at a small clearing that was about a hundred feet from the beach. We could still see the beach through the trees but were far enough into the shadows that we couldn't easily be seen. We spread out our towels side by side on the ground; then Katie turned and put her arms around me. As soon as her breasts and belly touched me I was erect again.

Katie lay on her back on the towels and I got on top of her. We were both so aroused that we skipped the foreplay. Katie spread her large thighs and guided me into her. She was very wet and slick. We both let out small gasps as I buried myself in her. We lay still for a moment and then I began thrusting gently. Katie closed her eyes. I could hear the faint sounds of the people on the beach. I looked up to see if there was anyone nearby.

I watched Katie's plump belly and breasts vibrating in response to my thrusts. As I watched her dark, stiff nipples moving, I felt myself passing the point of no return and my thrusting became more hurried and urgent. I no longer cared if anyone was watching. Katie sensed that I was nearing orgasm and put her hand between our bodies and began massaging her clitoris so that we'd come together.

I froze and let out an almost silent grunt as I passed the cusp of orgasm and released the first spurt of semen into Katie. Then I began panting and pushing into her again as my spasms continued. As my orgasm slowly ebbed I could feel the faint twitches in Katie's vagina as she came too. As always, she kept her eyes closed during her orgasm and made almost no sound.

I collapsed onto Katie and we kissed gently for a few moments as our breathing and heartbeat slowed; then I rolled onto my back next to her and we looked up into the forest canopy together. We might have stayed there longer, but the mosquitoes soon found us. After slapping a few of them away, we realized we'd have to return to the beach before we were eaten alive.

We picked up our towels and walked back to the beach. No one appeared to notice us. Katie immediately spread her towel out next to our cooler and picked up her book, pausing to blow me a quick kiss before she resumed reading. I spread my towel on the sand and sat down, staring blankly out at the river. The woman with the dog came by again, and she glanced over at us and smiled.