Wish Hard Enough - by B.K. Bilicki
Copyright (c) 1997

Karyn fumbled with her keys as she tried to open the lock on her apartment door. The two bags of groceries she held did nothing to assist in her task as she cursed at the jangling metal torturers. "Oh c'mon, already!" she grumbled as her fingers flew. Finally she snared the correct key and held it still long enough to shove it into the lock. With a fierce grin of triumph, she released her keychain just long enough to regain her grip on her groceries, then with a quick twist she unlocked the door and rushed inside.

Placing the bags on the kitchen counter, she returned to the open door and retrieved her keys from the lock before closing the door and relocking it. Returning to the kitchen of her small apartment, she quickly put her purchases away while her mind kept going over the scene that had been playing in her head all day. Shivers of pent-up lust tingled through her as she removed the last item from the bags - a well-worn paperback book. Opening it to one particular dog-eared page, she scanned the words and nodded slowly. Perfect, she thought with a smile as she closed the book.

She turned and strode purposefully to her bedroom, taking the book with her. Placing it on the nightstand as she entered, she stripped off her dark blue blazer and tossed it onto the bed. Her shoes followed and her toes wriggled and flexed on the deep pile of the carpet as she stood in front of the full-length mirror which sat beside the dresser and regarded herself with a frown. Quickly undoing her braid, she gave her long dark hair a vigorous shake and then looked at her reflection again. The frown slowly melted into a smile. Dark eyes flashed with the fire burning inside her and her hair streamed across her shoulders wildly. The feelings which she had kept buried inside her all this maddening day spilled out over her and the slightest hint of a growl rumbled in her throat as she appraised the newly-reborn wild woman in the mirror. No longer the mousy secretary, pawn to those arrogant fools at the office, she was once again fully in control of her life.

Quickly she skipped into the adjoining bathroom and went straight to the tub. Turning on the water, she tested it with her fingertips and adjusted the temperature before turning and slowly sauntering to the bathroom mirror. Her hands slid up over her formal business attire, slowly up over her hips to her waist, and she shivered slightly. She closed her eyes and slowly the touch was no longer hers, but his. He was coming to her again, to pleasure his most favorite of lovers. Her body sang to the thoughts of him whispering softly in her ear, running his strong hands over her willing flesh, but suddenly her eyes popped open and she looked at herself in the mirror. Her hands had slid up her body to cup her small breasts and her right thumb and forefinger pinched and pulled at her erect nipple through the thin fabric of her blouse. She chuckled softly, but then shook her head with a look of disapproval.

The sound of splashing water returned her mind to the moment. Spinning around, she quickly turned off the water. Kneeling next to the tub, she watched the wisps of steam rise up from the surface of the water. Fingertips dipped into the water and slowly pulled through it. Her digits waded in the delicious heat, making the steam swirl about wildly, and she smiled again.

She stood and slowly started to peel away her clothing. First to go was the white silk blouse she wore. Her hands undid each button with loving care, gradually exposing her smooth light skin to the growing warmth of the room. The blouse fell from her shoulders with a slight whisk of silk on skin and landed in a crumpled heap upon the cool floor. Her hands stroked up over her tummy before her fingertips traced the undersides of her breasts. Her breath came out in a slow hiss as she stroked the white satin cups, teasing the sensitive mounds of flesh encased within. Her hands met between her breasts and slowly undid the clasp of her bra. It fell away from her chest and her fingertips returned to her bare skin, gently stroking outwards until she reached her nipples. They reacted immediately to the soft touches coupled with the exposure to the cool air, the rust-coloured areolae crinkling up as her nipples popped erect. She traced over the stiff buds and a soft moan escaped her lips as she flicked them once lightly.

Desire rocketed through her small frame and she exploded in a flurry of action. Shrugging the bra off her shoulders, she let it fall to the floor where her blouse lay. Her hands flew to the waist of her dark navy skirt and undid the clasp before sliding the skirt down her legs and quickly kicking it off and away from her. Her pantyhose followed, stripped off and tossed towards her discarded skirt. Slowing down finally, she looked back to the mirror and gasped softly at what she saw.

A vixen stared back at her from the rapidly-fogging glass, her hair as untamed as her heart, her nipples thrusting out into the damp air, her thin white panties stained with proof of her passion. Her thumbs hooked the elastic waist of her panties as she stared into the wild eyes of the woman in the mirror. She felt the thin cotton slowly brush down over her hips and thighs, but still her eyes remained locked with those of her reflection.

As she bent over to step out of the panties, a small droplet of moisture trickled from her steaming sex and down the inside of her thigh. Her breath caught as she felt the tickling bead of honey meander down her leg. Quickly stepping out of them, she cast her panties aside but remained bent over at the waist as she continued to revel in the feel of her wetness trailing down her thigh. Her eyes closed and she could instantly feel him behind her, staring at the shaved glory now exposed to his every desire. She could sense his approach as he leaned closer to inspect the single wayward drop that had made its torturous way down to the back of her knee. The merest tip of his tongue snatched the droplet away and her eyes flew open wide, gasping as bolts of fire rippled through her sex.

Her right hand dipped between her legs and she slid her middle finger into her lush folds. Wetness bathed her hand and she palmed her mons and squeezed it gently, moaning at the torrent of molten lust he had inspired. I want you so badly, she thought as she gave herself a long slow stroke with her finger that ended on her pulsing clit. Her eyes closed and she shivered mightily at the onslaught of sensation, but then she removed her questing hand and stood back up.

She turned and carefully stepped into the tub. The steaming water flowed over her calves and she waited as her body adjusted to the sudden warmth. Once it did, she slowly lowered herself into the water and sighed happily as she lost herself in its luxurious heat. Her hands quickly gathered her hair and cast it over the edge of the tub as she laid back. Sinking into the water up to her neck, she purred happily as the heat added to her own. Swirling waves of warmth washed over her stiff nipples and her hands caressed them softly. Her clit ached from her earlier attentions and cried out for release, but she still focused on her breasts. The rest was for him, she had decided, and she would not deprive him of it.

Her hands reached for a small bottle of perfumed oil which rested on the edge of the tub. The combination of anticipation and raw lust coursing through her body was quickly subdued as her mind focused wholly upon her actions. The trembling of her hands stopped, her panting slowed and her eyes saw only the bottle she now held. She uncapped it and carefully poured a single drop into the water directly between her breasts. The scent of jasmine floated through the humid air and she poured another small drop, watching it form on the lip of the ornate bottle and then fall into the water. Again the pattern repeated - drop, fall, splash - but this time her body tingled as the drop hit the water. Her eyes raced back to the bottle just in time to catch the next cycle. Drop, fall, splash, tingle. One more, the last small remaining piece of her conscious mind called out faintly. One more. The cycle repeated.

Drop, fall, splash.

The tingle which usually followed was not there. It was instead replaced by a numbing calm which spread across her like a liquid sheet. The bottle was swiftly capped and returned to its place, then her hands slipped back into the water and slowly started to dance across her flesh. The swirling fragrance called to her, setting her imagination free, and her eyes slowly closed. Dreams of flowing silk danced in her mind, scarlet and sapphire and emerald. Luxuries which even the gods felt unworthy to possess were all suddenly within her grasp. The greatest of these was him, her lover, the one who she now prepared for. This was her ritual, her escape from the world she knew, and she was ready. Ready to accept him, to hold him, to experience all that he was. She was ready.


Without word or thought, she stood up in the tub, her eyes still firmly closed. Perfumed water cascaded down over her body, its splashing breaking the silence, but she didn't hear it. All she heard was her own rapid breathing, the laboured beating of her heart, the pulsing cry of her sex. Then, above it all, came a voice. A familiar voice, rich and flowing like honey, which surrounded her, blended with her. It spoke only one word.


Her mind took the place of her still-closed eyes in describing her surroundings as she stepped out of the tub. Hands that were hers and yet somehow not found a soft towel and quickly dried her body. The towel fell from her hands, landing next to her discarded clothing, and she turned slowly and walked to the bedroom. She did not enter, but instead stopped in the doorway. Wisps of jasmine had followed her but now she sensed another fragrance. Deep, crisp and masculine, like cinnamon and fire intermingled, she knew its source well.

He was here.

Her eyes opened and beheld splendour the likes of which she had never dreamed. The bedroom she knew was blotted out by the visions her mind had conjured and what she saw was nothing short of opulent, a dream of silk and mahogany and amber. The simple bed had been replaced by a mound of pillows the colours of a desert sunset, rolling hills of light rose, sandy browns, and vibrant scarlet. Where once were walls now hung ornate tapestries and flowing silks. The ceiling was bleached linen, held up in places by several sturdy carved poles. This was the dwelling of a desert princess, someone who lived a life which she had only dreamed of.

Which she now was eager to live herself.

Silently she strode forward towards the mound of pillows, her naked feet warmed by the rugs and furs which lined the floor. The hiss and swish of satin greeted her as she took her place in the center of the pile and laid back onto it. Despite its scattered appearance, it was nonetheless solid enough beneath to keep her from sinking into it. Stretching catlike upon the pile, she reveled in the feel of the cool satin on her burning naked skin. A warm dry breeze caressed her and she smiled in delight. Someone had entered her private dream.

Looking down across her naked body towards the doorway she had just passed through, she instead saw the drawn-back flap of her tent. A tall figure wrapped head to toe in robes the colour of sand stood in the opening with the sunlit desert behind him. Only his eyes were fully visible, twin points of amber which burned through her like the noonday sun. 

"Darling," she called to him softly, reaching her arms to him in invitation.

He silently made a small bow, then glanced quickly behind himself as if to see if he was being followed. Apparently satisfied, he closed the flap and secured it. Turning around again, he pulled down the wide swath of fabric covering his face. He wore an inscrutable look as he gazed upon her naked body, one of desire and concern and the trace of something akin to amusement. Her body tingled as she watched him walk to her and stand by her feet. "I have returned to you, my flower," he said in a deep sensual voice which made her body melt upon the pillows.

"I'm glad," she whispered.

"You realize if they suspect I am here-"

"They won't," she assured him quickly, her voice betraying a hint of urgency.

The corners of his mouth curled upwards, revealing a flash of pure white teeth which contrasted with the deep tan of his skin. His hands removed his headgear and she gasped as she watched his long black hair cascade across his shoulders like a lion's mane. Next his loose shirt was slowly stripped away, revealing his dark hairless chest, and she moaned in anticipation. Ceasing his undressing, he carefully lay down next to her and looked deep into her eyes. "The wait was long?" he asked, his voice caressing her gently.

Gripped by lust, she barely managed to gasp out her reply. "Yes."

"I must make up for that," he whispered into her ear as his fingertips lightly traced down the center of her chest. His touch was fire, pure animal heat which burned its way into her soul. The trail blazed down to her belly and her legs immediately spread wide, inviting him, begging him to enter. Smiling at her actions, he leaned down and his lips claimed her earlobe and gently nibbled it as his hand swept back up to her breast. Her groan of frustration was choked off by a cry of delight as he found a nipple and rolled it deftly between his thumb and forefinger.

Outside the fantasy her mind had created, Karyn sighed as she pulled lightly at her nipple. Her head turned to the side and pressed into her pillow as her phantom lover continued to pleasure her.

His lips planted kisses from her earlobe down the side of her neck to her shoulder and she squirmed in delight. A shuddering gasp ripped from her throat as the tip of his tongue flashed up her neck and then traveled around the shell of her ear. The short hairs at the nape of her neck stood upright and her body tingled as sparks raced from her ear to her breast. The sparks became a searing jolt as he pounced upon the breast he had been caressing and snared her nipple with his lips. Sucking gently, his tongue swirled over her nipple and flicked it lightly back and forth. The magic his active tongue performed upon her sensitive breast masked the actions of his hand, which slowly made its way down to her bare mound.

She shrieked in delight as she felt one long finger slide sensuously between her soaked folds, its entire length brushing over her clit. He chuckled softly at her reaction, then swiftly leaned over her to take her other breast into his mouth. The onslaught of sensation was too much for her and her body started to convulse upon the pillows. Sensing her approaching climax, he sucked madly at her breast as his finger danced in rapid circles over her clit.

Outside the dream, Karyn screamed out her passion as her fingers strummed her clit mercilessly. Her other hand pinched and pulled at her nipples, mimicking the actions of her lover. Suddenly she stiffened and gave a short yelp as her orgasm crested. Light and sound and heat rocketed through her body, making her thrash wildly upon her bed. Riding the waves of pleasure as far as they would take her, she rolled onto her side and whimpered as she continued to stroke her breasts lovingly.

"You liked?" came a sensuous whisper from behind her ear. His hands still massaged her breasts gently as he waited for her to recover from her devastating climax. She heard his voice but was too weak to respond, so she just lay there and enjoyed the feel of his large hands upon her. Glancing down at it, she smiled in wonder. Despite its rough sun-baked appearance, his skin was soft as lamb's wool. Lips of the same softness nibbled her shoulder, breaking her reverie, and she heard his voice again. "Karya?"

A weak laugh answered his query. How she loved it when he called her that. "I'm here," she answered.

"Good," he answered simply as his body moved closer to hers, moulding itself against her bare back. Cupping her breast, he hugged her firmly and pressed his lips against her neck just below her ear. Tingles of delight shivered down her back and she found herself able to move again. Her arm reached behind her and grabbed the small of his back as her bare bottom rubbed seductively against the bulge his remaining clothes tried to conceal.

Noticing her actions, he chuckled again. "Still more, my love?" he asked, his voice rippling with feigned surprise.

"Now," she commanded playfully, lifting her topmost leg and hooking it behind his and giving his straining erection another firm stroke with her buttocks.

"My insatiable, incomparable love," he groaned as he felt her drenched heat through the layers of fabric keeping him from her. His hand left her breast, easing down her body until he cupped her pert bottom, pausing there only a moment for a quick playful squeeze. Freeing his erect member, he stroked its steely length against the insides of her thighs and she whimpered in delicious anticipation. The hand he held himself with released its parcel and slithered back up her body until he was once again cupping her breast. "I am yours," he whispered into her ear, punctuating his words with a light kiss upon her cheek.

Love swelled within her until she thought she would explode. This small gesture spoke more of him than his expert lovemaking ever would. His insistence that she decide exactly how and when she wanted him inside her always brought tears of joy to her eyes. Gathering her senses, she reached down and grasped his manhood. It pulsed angrily in her hand, a living column of heat and lust, and she stroked it once slowly from tip to base to inflame him as completely as he had her. An answering rumble from behind her rewarded her efforts and she smiled blissfully as she placed him at her soaked gates. Pulling the flared head between her slick lips, she coated it thoroughly in her juices before easing back and sliding herself down onto him. She tensed as he parted her, wanting to savour every sweet inch of his entry.

Two fingers slipped slowly into her slit, filling her exactly as her fantasy lover was now doing. Karyn moaned as her fingers dove into her body repeatedly and she squirmed about atop her bed as she imagined him starting to lose control at long last.

Her lush heat drove him mad with desire and he took over, easing his cock into her body to the hilt, stopping only when he felt her bottom grind hard against his pelvis in delight. Pulling back quickly, he grinned as her mewl of distress was plainly audible. "My sweet Karya," he breathed as he started to pump into her with long regular strokes, the fronts of his thighs slapping against her rear. His right arm reached beneath her body and wrapped around her midsection, holding her tightly as his hips started to pump faster. His left hand quickly found her clit and rubbed it firmly as he felt himself starting to climb towards his peak.

"Darling!" she cried out as he plunged into her. Placing her right hand upon his left as it played her clit, her left hand reached back to grab his head. Her fingers twined in his hair as her orgasm ravaged her, tossing her about like a ship in a storm. A shuddering growl signaled his climax and he poured himself into her as their bodies were consumed by the fire their lust had created.

Karyn screamed as her orgasm ripped through her in both her fantasy and here upon her small bed. Her fingers rubbed her clit almost brutally as she held herself beneath her breasts with her other arm, not noticing the deep thrusts still plunging into her sex. Above the overwhelming pleasure, in that small part of herself that was contained neither by her dream nor her reality, the moment froze. Here it would remain, now and forever, for her to revel in whenever she wished. The wish permeated her, became her world, her reason for being. In the space of a single heartbeat, her soul smiled before all was obliterated by white light and fire.

* * *

Karyn mumbled as she stirred from her slumber at long last, still lying on her right side. Her right eye managed to open just a slit and she looked straight ahead. The familiar bedspread greeted her, along with her crumpled blue blazer. Shit, she thought with a sigh. I'll have to iron that later. Looking around as much as she could, she caught glimpses of her bedroom. Remembering all that had happened, a satisfied smile appeared on her face. The self-induced trance had worked even better then she had hoped, far better than the last several times she had tried it.

Thoughts of the hypnotic trance snapped her good mood like a dry twig. She was back now, back from the dreamrealm, back to where things could hurt her again. The loneliness, the heartache, the desperate longing for someone, anyone, to share her life - all of these came nipping at her heels like hungry dogs. Closing her eyes, she sighed heavily and lightly stroked the arm draped across her body.

Her mind twitched alive. Wait a second. Quickly her mind raced across her being, her senses taking account of where everything was. Her right arm lay beside her on the bed and her hand rested upon the arm wrapped around her. Her left arm lay upon her body, pinned to her side by something. But if my arms are here, whose is this? Her right hand froze upon the mystery arm, afraid to alert it to the fact that it should not exist.

A soft sigh behind her made her heart leap wildly. Panic gripped her tight and questions flooded her mind. Should I scream? Run? Try to rouse myself from this dream which hadn't the sense to flee when I woke up? She was still frantically pondering options when a soft voice sounded behind her. "My sweet Karya."

The combination of the words and that mellow voice eased the turmoil in her head just long enough for her other senses to report in. A warm body was spooned up behind her, snuggling close to her as a pair of satiny-soft lips pressed a loving kiss on the back of her neck. Tingles trickled down her spine and she closed her eyes and shivered in delight before catching herself. This is impossible! He couldn't be here! He doesn't-

"Exist?" came the voice again, but this time it was overflowing with amusement as it finished her thought for her.

"Yes," she whispered in reply, deciding to see where this unimaginable situation led.

"Silly dove," the voice chuckled softly, the words tickling her earlobe. "The answer lies before you."

Opening her eyes, she looked straight ahead and saw her nightstand. Atop it lay the worn paperback book she has placed there earlier. Her brow furrowed in confusion for a moment, then she read the long-forgotten title across the binding. In a flash, she remembered her overwhelming wish at the peak of their loving. With a smile that reflected the joy blossoming in her heart, she hugged his arm and read aloud the three simple words before her: 
"Wish hard enough."

- Story inspired by the song 'Blue Night' by Mike Oldfield (Earth Moving -
Virgin 91270-2)
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