Welcome Home (c) Copyright, Katrina Devlin, 1998
By: Katrina Devlin katrinadevlin@hotmail.com .

[All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced in any manner without the express written consent of the author.]

You've been gone on a business trip for a week now. But tonight you're coming home to me and I cannot wait. My pussy is so wet just thinking about you.

You walk through the door and drop your garment bag and computer case in a heap by the door. Immediately, I'm in your arms kissing your tired lips. I can't help but let my hand wander down between your legs and give you a squeeze.

"Geez, I'm tired. Can't you wait?"

"No, I can't, come upstairs." I drag you quickly to our bedroom. I can't wait to get you out of that damn business suit and run my hands over your naked body. I've missed touching you.

"I couldn't get it up with a crane." You groan as I start to undress you. First your jacket, then your tie, my hands are frantic to get to your warm flesh. Fuck the shirt, I head for your pants. Roughly, I remove your pants, leaving them pooled around your ankles. I kneel before you and run my fingernails up your hairy thighs.

"I'm telling you, babe, it ain't gonna happen. I'm beat."

I suck your soft cock into my mouth. I'm able to fit the whole thing in my mouth because it's so soft. My tongue snakes out and begins to lick your balls. I sense a thickening in my mouth and I giggle lightly against your prick.

"Oh, god," you sigh as you tangle your hands into my hair.

I tickle underneath your balls with my long, red fingernails as my tongue plays at the base of your shaft. I feel the head of your cock expanding inside my mouth as you lengthen. I always love watching you get hard for me, but to feel you growing harder inside my moist mouth is delicious. I continue to taunt the underside of your cock as it begins to slip from my lips. You're so big, I never can get all of you inside my mouth.

You're almost fully hard now and my hand leaves your balls to wrap tightly around the base of your cock just in front of my lips. I slide my lips and my hand so slowly up and down the length of your stiff prick. You begin to press more firmly against the back of my head and slowly thrust yourself back and forth. But this is not to be a quickie, my love. You've been gone a long time and I've missed the taste of you. I'm taking time to savor it.

I remove my mouth and revel in the sight of your glistening, wet cock in front of my face. I love the sight of a hard cock, the slight vibration visible from so much blood pumping into it. I've been masturbating in front of our X-Rated videos while you've been gone. I just pause them on the shots of those hard cocks, standing out so stiffly from the bodies. Then I imagine what they would feel like sliding between my lips. But the sight of yours, here in front of me, real and hard, makes me soaking wet.

I extend my tongue out into a pointed tip. Very lightly at first, I trace a path along the bottom of your tight balls, swirling several circles around each. I can feel the heat from your cock as it rests along the top of my nose and the velvety tip pushes against my forehead.

You try to guide my mouth back to the head, but you will have to wait, I am enjoying this too much. I flatten my tongue against the base and drag it quickly up the length of your cock, flicking the tip against the drop of pre-cum that glistens there. Using my soft hand, I slowly stroke you as I roll the taste of you around inside my mouth. A delicious appetizer of the main course to come.

The smell of you is driving me insane with lust. I nuzzle my nose into your pubic hair and inhale deeply. I love the scent and spend a few lingering moments rubbing my nose along your testicles. The soft head of your cock against my cheek feels like a loving caress. I spend a few more moments enjoying the sensation of running it along my cheeks, my chin, and finally caressing it with my soft lips.

I spend a long time covering you with soft, warm, travelling kisses. Every inch of your hard flesh is loved with my lips. But my tongue is longing to taste you and it begins to lick and flick against the thick veins standing out against your hardness. You know how much I love the head of your cock, so I save the best for last. The skin there is like no other spot on your body. I could spend an eternity feeling it's velvety texture sliding against my tongue as you thrust again, struggling to get inside my mouth.

I slide my hands slowly up the back of your thighs to your ass. My tongue continues to tease the swollen red tip of your cock. I smile wickedly as you moan anticipating what's to come next. You love this part and I feel you tense beneath my sharp fingernails gripping your ass firmly.

I wrap my wet lips loosely around the tip and use my hands to guide you slowly back and forth. Only the head slips into and out of my mouth, the tension mounting. Just as I feel your muscles relaxing, I tighten my lips and use my hands to thrust you deeply into my mouth taking nearly all of you in, but not quite. A loud moan escapes from deep inside you as I continue guiding you, fucking you with my mouth.

I could continue to taunt you like this for hours and am torn with the decision. But you are tired from your trip and I find I cannot wait any longer to taste you. My lips form a tight, oval shape and my hands continue pushing you from behind. I feel the back of my throat relaxing, hungry for your treat, and I am able to take more of you deeper into my mouth. The sounds of your moans echo in my ears as your hands grip my head more tightly. You thrust once, deeply, the head of your cock pulses against the back of my throat as your salty, delicious cum explodes into my mouth. I swallow quickly, trying to keep up with the flood. Then, as the spasms subside, I suck ever so gently to retrieve the last precious drops and relish the taste as it slides down my throat. I let your spent cock slip slowly from my lips.

Still kneeling before you, I look up at your satiated face and your warm, but tired, eyes.

"Welcome home."