THE WATCHER, Copyright Scarlet March 2001 

The woman Jim pegged as the perfect lady, was putting on a sex show just for him, pleasuring herself for his eyes only. The room was lit with only a candle. But Jim didn't need much light to see what lay before him. He watched her perform silently as he didn't want to distract her. The sounds and sites she made burned in his brain, burning his flesh with desire.

Tara inserted one finger into her hot wet muff, slowly pushing her finger in and out, circling the petal like folds of her vagina. She opened her legs wider and gasped. Tara then began to rub that magical spot that gave her so much pleasure. Her hips begin to bump and grind, she had never masturbated in front of anyone. She felt excited, but yet she felt embarrassed to have someone watch. Not that she had anything against masturbating, she had always done it in private. 

Jim watched intently, grabbing his own cock and gently stroking himself, as he watched her. With each moan and each time her fingers slid in and out of her pussy, Jim stroked himself harder, almost losing it. Tara got lost in the moment as she watched Jim play with his cock. It seemed the more he pleasured himself by watching her the more she wanted to do for him. Tara was really turned on by this and she felt the fires of passion began to erupt inside. She motioned for Jim to come to her and lay beside her. She placed Jim's hands on her breast and directed him in what to do next. 

He pinched and twisted her nipples and begin to suck them as if he was starving. She inserted two fingers into herself. You could hear the sucking sounds as she pumped in and out, until she climaxed. She tossed her head back as her body shook in a powerful spasmodic climax. Her fingers were dripping with her glorious nectar, she placed her fingers in Jim's mouth and said "lick until you are content," and then lifting her legs and spread them apart invited him in. He swallowed hard his throat was raw from his own ragged breathing. The only thing to wet him was the nectar from her sweet pussy. He sank to his knees in front of her. Burying his face in her hot pussy. He licked and sucked and probe his tongue in and out of her hot wet muff and licking her clitoris, and then down to her anus. Jim licked and sucked every inch of her hot pussy, until she climaxed several times. She leaned up to his ear and licked his earlobe and whispered "Jim I am ready, Fuck Me! Fuck My ASS! PLEASE! 

Jim hot with excitement was not one to refuse such a request. His cock was throbbing. He gazed upon the beautiful woman who laid before him, naked and ripe with passion. Tara was a voluptuous woman, tall and nice large hips. Her skin was creamy and soft. Her hair was long and curly and large lips and a sexy smile. Tara's brown eyes could melt your heart. Jim's nostrils flared as he inhaled her sex. Jim thought to himself, she was more than he had bargained for and more beautiful than her picture. He rolled her over on her stomach and placed her on her knees. His hands moved softly over the contour of her ass as his fingers traveled toward her wet pussy. Two fingers slid into her hot wet pussy, and she moaned with delight as she felt them move in and out. She bucked against his hands. When he felt she was ready, he removed his fingers and rubbed her sweet juices on her anus. he rubbed her sweet little hole and a slight whimper escaped her lips. Jim grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart and slid his hard shaft slowly into her ass. Tara thrashed her head, gasping rapturously, completely skewered as she felt the full length of his hard cock.  Jim withdrew his gleaming cock and began long searing strokes, in and out, unhurried, masterfully generating the utmost ecstasy. With every stroke her little round bottom bounced compulsively impaling herself repeatedly on his stiff dick, taking it all.

"oh, God!.........Oh,!!.....god don't stop!........."

Jim wanted to fill her cunt full with his hot juices and not her ass. He pulled his hard cock from her ass and motioned for her to roll over onto her back. He straddled her and lifted her legs up over his shoulders and entered her with such force and passion she felt like she was about to rip open, he was inside her so deep.....and deeper...he groaned with each stroke as he ground himself deeper and deeper, he lost himself in her. She tightened her muscles around his hard cock and bucked like a wild horse. He stayed hard and fucked her until she was breathless and exhausted.

Jim tensed and shuddered, oh,

Tara's fingers dug into Jim's back and yelled, "give it to me.......yes...yes...oh, god, I'm cumming.
The candle flickered and the room was dark once again.

2001 All rights reserved.
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