The Video © 2001

   Friday afternoon at the video store.  I don’t usually watch a lot of television or videos, but I thought I needed a break.  Especially on this, a three-day, holiday weekend.  As a mid-40’s divorcee, 100 miles from my kids, I didn’t have any picnic plans and even the hawg needs a break now and then.  So, there I was, wandering the aisles of the cellulose candy store.

 I had a short motorcycle ride planned for Sunday morning, but the rest of the weekend I planned on watching all those movies that everyone had talked about for the last year. 

As I picked up each interesting empty, plastic cassette cover from the shelves, I tried to match the title to the mental list I had accumulated since the last video weekend I had.  I was having pretty good luck picking up the selections I wanted since it was still too early for the after-work crowd to pick through the good movies.  I spotted one of the summer’s favorite comedies with only one copy left available.  I reached to the top shelf and as soon as I picked up the cassette jacket, a small hand covered mine and I heard a whispered, “Damn”.

  She was an angel. I have no idea where she approached from, perhaps she just appeared.  “Do angels curse?” I wondered to myself.  I don’t know how tall she was, but she only came up to the chest on my lean, 6’1”, frame.  Golden wavy hair framed her slight features and cascaded to the middle of her shoulder blades.  I could see the instant look of disappointment in her flashing green eyes as she looked at me like she was searching my soul.

   In her haste to reach, or lunge, for the video, her momentum caused her to continue her travel as she lightly bumped into me before she came to a stop.  Instinctively, I put my left arm around her to keep her from falling.  She may have been slight, but I could feel the taut muscles in her back as I held her firmly until she regained her balance.   Unlike some other bumping incidents I’ve been involved in, neither of us recoiled from the encounter.  Frankly, my hand felt quite natural as it rested in the small of her back.

   Her hand slowly lifted from mine as I continued to keep a foggy grasp on the cassette jacket.  She blinked slowly, her long lashes lowering and rising like butterfly wings.  She briefly licked her lips and cleared her throat before she spoke.

   “I’m sorry about that.”  She said with a voice that can only be described as sweet as honey.  She took a step back but not before slightly running her hand down my arm as she lowered her outstretched arm.  As she moved back, I could take in her features more clearly.  I assumed she was a student from the local university from the white blouse with the school emblem stitched on the left breast.  Her print summer skirt and sandals added to her youthful appearance.

  “No problem”, I replied as I tried to maintain my composure.  Now look, I’ve spent over 25 years in the active and reserve military, traveling the world over, taking many lovers in many different lands, have been a successful businessman attracting many beautiful women along the way, but nothing compared to what I felt as I looked upon this young lady.

 “That movie is supposed to be The BOMB”, she exclaimed, smiling up at me.  I knew from office talk, that being a bomb is something good.  “Really, I heard it was too.” I said as I finally lowered my arm from the shelf to hold the cassette jacket with a light grasp.

 “I would do just anything to see that movie this weekend.”  She gushed.  Continuing, she said, “All my friends are teasing me for being so out of the loop.”  I guess it was a combination of my instant lust and nature that prompted me to slowly wink at her and reply, “Anything?”

 “Well, you’re not, like, an ax murderer or into scary stuff, are you?” She laughingly asked.  I wondered to myself if being a Dom was considered scary stuff? 

  I had gotten interested in the Dom/Sub lifestyle after my divorce several years ago. Since my early days on the playground, through boy scouts, school, the military, college and business, I had either always been chosen to be the leader or rose to the top of my field.  Once I gained some internet knowledge, I knew I was a natural Dom and began exploring the ways and means.  I had met several skilled Doms and Dommes that were kind enough to teach me in the ways of pleasure and pain, exploring limits, and the power exchange that happens between a Dom and Sub.

  “No, no I’m not a killer or anything like that.”  I laughed.  “Well, then, let’s talk about the video, ‘k.”  She said, exposing her perfect teeth as she smiled again.

 Suddenly, the coveted cassette jacket slipped from my hands and fell to the floor.  Again, we both reached for the plastic cover.  This time she was quicker as she smoothly swooped down and came up with the prize in her delicate hand.  “Ha, got it.” She joyfully exclaimed.  “You want it, come and get it.”  She teasingly held the jacket out in front of me.  I hate to take advantage of people sometimes.  At other times, it’s a pure joy.  I think this was going to be one of the fun times.

  I snapped my left fingers.  As she was momentarily distracted, I reached out and took the jacket like taking candy from a baby.  “Hey, that’s no fair.”  She poutingly laughed as she stomped her feet like a child throwing a tantrum.  “Stop it, or I’ll have to spank you!” I said, smiling widely at the thought.

She stopped her stomping and looked in my eyes with that searching look again, she stood up on her tiptoes until she was almost level with my shoulders.  She raised her head and I could feel her breath on my neck as she whispered, “Promise?”  I looked down on this young lady, wondering if she knew what she might be getting herself into.  I slowly raised my hand to hold her delicate neck.  As I turned her head slightly, I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Yes, I promise.”  I gently kissed her ear before I released her neck.

  I heard her slightly moan as I whispered to, and kissed, her.  As she looked in my eyes, I got the feeling again, that she was searching for something.  Perhaps she was searching for me?

“What time does the video start?” she asked in a husky voice.  We quickly made plans to meet for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant in a few hours. 

   I watched her climb into her little red economy convertible with the Alumni license plate holder.  She blew me a kiss and waved as she pulled into traffic.  I sat on the hawg, pondering this brief encounter as I smoked a cigarette in the up-to-now lazy afternoon.  Every Dom has a handful of Sub encounter fantasies, but the video store had never crossed my mind.  I chuckled to myself as I put out the cigarette and fired up the iron maiden for the short trip home, videos secured in the weather resistant leather saddlebags. 

  I didn’t really have anything to do until dinnertime.  The housekeeper had come on Thursday so everything was clean, shiny and put away.  Even my toys were neatly arranged in the special closet and dresser drawer I kept them in.  I tried reading a little bit, but couldn’t seem to stay focused.  I finally spent the time waxing up the motorcycle for Sunday’s ride.

 As I showered, shaved and dressed for dinner, I again wondered if my good luck would hold out.  The restaurant was only a few blocks from my house and I arrived several minutes early.  I could hear the music from the live band at the bar across the street.  I didn’t see her car, so I just sat on the bike and tapped my toe to the rhythm of the drum and guitars.  I suddenly had the feeling someone was watching me.

 As I began to turn around, I felt her small hands reach around from behind and cover my eyes.  She reached up and lightly kissed my neck as she giggled, “Guess who?”  “Hey, baby,” I replied as she moved around to the other side of the bike to face me.  Her button down sky blue summer chiffon dress did nothing to hide her figure.  The tiny white leather belt showed the contour of her waist and accentuated her slight hips.  It was easy to tell she was bra-less as the evening air encouraged her eraser-sized nipples to press against the light fabric. 

She put her hands on my shoulder as she batted her long lashes, cocked her hip to one side, and said, “If you don’t feed me now, I will surely pass out right here and you’ll have to give me mouth-to-mouth.”  Not that reviving this young lass wouldn’t be high on my list of things to do to pass a Friday evening, I was beginning to feel the pangs of hunger as well.  “Okay, let’s get us fed before movie time,” I said as I lightly kissed her forehead.

 Dinner was a fun-filled event where we flirted and became acquainted.  She wasn’t a student at the University after all, but she had just graduated in the spring with her MBA, a certificate of concentration in Information Technology, and her teaching credential.  She had accepted a two-year internship to stay on as an undergraduate instructor and to do business-modeling research.  She had turned 26 the month before and moved out of the dorms with some other female interns.  This was really her first time on her own, and even then she claimed she let her roommates influence her too much.  She grew up on the east coast but had fallen in love with our little west coast city her Freshman year at the University.  Both of her parents had passed away and she wasn’t close to any other family, so she planned on making this area her home for a long time.

As we sat across from each other, telling about ourselves, we would occasionally bump our legs.  She asked me about my foreign travels with the military.  As I was telling about a trip to Argentina, I felt her foot on my ankle.  The more I told the story, the higher her foot moved up my leg, until it was gently pressing against my crotch.  I looked straight into her laughing eyes and asked, “Having fun?”  She giggled as she replied, “Comfortable?”  I laughed as I reached under the table and grabbed her thigh.  She bumped the table with her knee as she tried to jerk her leg back, but I had her thigh firmly grasped and closed my legs against her foot.

  “Anyway, where was I?” I asked as I continued my story about south of the equator.  As I talked I took an ice cube from my glass of water.  She gasped as I began rubbing her bare foot, still resting between my legs, with the ice cube.  Her skin was soft as silk as I worked the ice cube up her ankle, and back down.  She began squirming as I gently moved the ice cube over the bottom of her foot and between her small toes.  I could feel her other leg under the table, pressing against me.  As the ice cube melted, I gently massaging her foot with the cool water.  The heat of her building wonderment and the coolness of the melted water made for a most sensuous combination.

She tried to continue dinner but I could tell the foot massage was having its effect on her.  When one ice cube melted, I took another from my water glass, resuming the under-the-tablecloth massage, working my way up her ankle and calf.  As my hand slowly worked up and down her silky calf, I positioned her foot firmly against my growing manhood.  Through my jeans I could feel her toes wiggling, dancing on my crotch.  Her breath became shallow as I took yet another ice cube to work her upper calf and lightly run it over the area behind her knee.  I kept talking about my adventure when suddenly she tensed and closed her eyes tightly.

  I could feel her leg begin to quiver as she pressed her foot against my now hard erection.  She dug her toes into the fabric of my jeans as she shuddered and clenched all the muscles in her body.  I watched her face slightly contort as she continued to relax and tense her leg muscles as her orgasm subsided.  “Oh, gawd” she exclaimed when her breath returned. 

 I took my time wrapping up the story, allowing her time to recover.  We finished dinner and I slowly lowered her foot off my chair.  I could tell she was trying to discreetly put her sandal back on as I paid the waiter.

 As we walked to the parking lot, she slipped beside me and put my arm around her waist with her hand over mine.  I walked her to her car and opened her door for her.  She sat on the seat, sideways with her feet still on the pavement.  As I leaned forward to kiss her, she pulled my head hard to lips with her right hand.  Her left hand found my right hand and guided it up her thigh until I felt the warmth of her womanhood.  Her heat was overpowering as she sucked my tongue as if it gave her life.

I gently ran my forefinger up the fold of her thigh, feeling her perspiration.  Firmly, I cupped her mound, drenching my palm with her freely flowing juices.  “Oh god, I want you,” she sighed as we took a breath from our deep kiss.  All I could muster was a husky “Follow me.”

 As I withdrew my hand from under her summer dress, I let my middle finger ride up the slit of her pussy, applying just a hint of pressure on her clit.  She literally jumped as I touched her tender, swollen spot.  I brought my finger to my lips and began to lick her silky love slowly.  She leaned forward, her tongue joining mine on my finger.  Tongues intertwined, we shared her taste as the world went on around us.

 I slowly inserted my finger into her mouth as I licked her lips, re-moisturizing them.  She took my finger like it was a cock, swirling her tongue around it while sucking deeply.  She looked pleadingly at me as she gently bit on my second knuckle.  I pulled my finger from her enticing mouth, making a popping sound, like a juicy lollipop.

  I tried not to run to my motorcycle.  I’m not sure if I succeeded, but it seemed to take forever to ride the few blocks back to my house.  After I pushed the remote for the garage door opener, I motioned for her to pull in between the bike and my Jeep.  It pays to have a three-car garage in instances like this. She pulled in, parked, and was standing beside me before I even had the kickstand down.

 On the short ride from the restaurant, I decided to regain some composure and conduct myself as the Dom I am.  With her standing beside me, bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet, I took my time turning the big engine off.  I clearly remember the clicking and popping sounds the engine made as it began it’s cooling time.  I slowly took my helmet off and hooked the chin-strap over the handlebar.  As I began to take off my soft leather gloves, she put her hand on my shoulder, perhaps as encouragement to hurry-up.

 I turned my head slightly and smiled to her, silently laughing to myself.  Again I asked myself if she really knew what she was, or might be, getting into.  She continued her little bounce, like she had to go pee, and softly bit her lower lip.  It seemed she wanted to say something, but couldn’t quite get the nerve.  I finally finished with my gloves and set them inside the hanging helmet.  Finally, I was ready to dismount the iron maiden and meet this lass head-on.

 I gently put my hand between her breasts and pushed with just enough force to let her know she needed to back up so I could get off the bike.  “Oops”, she giggled, as she yielded to the pressure on her chest.  With my hand still in place, I swung my leg off the bike and turned to face her.  As she stood on her tippy-toes, I leaned forward to give her just a peck of a kiss on her glistening forehead.

 “Come with me young lady”, I said, as I took her hand and headed for the door connecting the garage to the laundry room. 

 She willingly followed my lead through the door, through the laundry room and to the long kitchen counter.  I hooked my keys in their special place and turned to see her staring intently into the living room.

There’s hardly anything quite the conversation piece than a St. Andrews cross.  Mine happened to be handmade by a craftsman friend of mine.  The bold maple cross beams stood in solid contrast to the cream carpet and burgundy chair rail running the length of the living room.  I watched her eyes survey the implement up and down, then sideways, then start their journey over again.  “Wow”, she whispered, “that looks so cool.”  “Would you like to try it out?” I asked as I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her petite frame.  “Oh, gawd, would I?” she said, her voice faltering just a bit.

 “Well, movies or play time?” I asked.  “Umm, how about a nervous pee break?” she timidly replied.  I showed her where the downstairs guest bathroom was and went back to the kitchen to pour two glasses of white wine.  As I made my way to the large, double mattressed futon, I heard her flush the toilet and turn on the sink faucet.  Removing my loafers, I made myself comfortable waiting for her.

She returned in just a few moments, rubbing her hands lightly, like they were still damp.  “May I?” she asked as she approached the cross.  “Sure” I replied as I studied her smooth walk across the living room.  When she reached the cross, she just stood in front of it for a moment, like an art student standing for the first time in front of a masterpiece.  “Wow” I heard her whisper again.  She tentatively reached out and touched the upper right beam, gently running her fingers from the leather shackle to the middle beam intersection.  She did the same to the upper left beam.  Along the outside of the large beams were eyehooks, suitable for holding ropes, chains and hanging other implements from.

She played her fingers along the hooks on either side, similar to a harpist strumming the melodious strings of the instrument.  She knelt down and touched both of the lower beams, spreading her arms as her hands ran the length from the intersection to the bottom.  As she laid her hands on the adjustable footsteps, she leaned forward, putting her weight on them, testing their strength.  They didn’t move.  She softly felt each of the leg shackles, fingering the straps and buckles on both sides. 

After a few more moments, she turned and literally crawled towards me.  When she reached me, she looked at me with those beautiful green eyes.  This time, there were no questions, just passion.  She crawled between my legs as I reached down to take her face in my hands.

Our lips met with tenderness and passion.  Her tongue was smooth as honey as she snaked it against my lips.  She began moaning softly as I searched her mouth with my tongue.  Her grip around my neck became fevered as she tried to bring herself up to me.  I held her in position, keeping her knees on the soft carpet as I continued to taste her mouth’s passion.  After a few moments, I broke the kiss.  I held her face in my hands and just gazed upon her beauty.

 “Stand up” I said.  Slowly she stood in front of me, hands at her sides, feet slightly apart. I offered her a glass of the chilled wine.  As she took a sip, she tried to smile, but it was obvious she was still nervous.   As I told her to close her eyes, I heard her let out a small sigh.  I put some erotically romantic music on the stereo system and returned to her, standing in front of the futon, eyes closed, trying to relax.  I approached her and just stood silently beside her for a moment.  I could feel her breath quicken, knowing I was there.  I bent down and ran my hand lightly over her smooth calf.  She shivered slightly at the soft touch.  I knelt beside her and lifted her foot off the carpet.  As I slipped her sandal off, she instinctively spread her pretty little toes, letting the air cool them.  I reached across and slipped the other sandal off and sat them to the side. 

 I stood behind her, watching her dig her now free toes into the rich, soft carpet.  I moved in front of her and placed my hands on her shoulders.  Another sigh, accompanied this time, with a small shiver.  As I began unbuttoning her dress, her breath quickened again.  Each button was slowly undone as her dress revealed the tender flesh beneath it.  I finished the bottom button, unclasped her small belt and stepped away.  She was most certainly a vision of beauty standing there, barefoot, dress unbuttoned, open, exposing, yet hiding her treasures.

 I quickly took off my shirt and socks.  I returned to her from the rear and softly removed her dress.  As she moved her arms backward to allow the dress to come off, she again shivered, this time stronger.  I moved in front of her again and sat on the couch for a few minutes.  Staring at such a lovely creature could become a full-time hobby.  “You may open your eyes,” I barely whispered.  Slowly she opened her eyes to see me sitting in front of her, admiring her.  Her smile this time was less nervous.  I offered her another sip of wine before getting up and sitting our glasses on the fireplace mantle.

 I again moved in front of her and began inspecting every inch of her.  I felt her hair cascade softly in my hands as I ran my fingers through its fullness.  I looked at her face, and how her eyebrows perfectly matched her hair color.  I felt her jaw-line and traced a path to her ears, causing another shiver.  Slowly I ran my hands softly over her shoulders, down each arm to feel her tiny hands at her side.  I extended each arm separately and felt the smoothness from her hands to her slightly perspiring underarms.  She obviously took a great care shaving, as she was as smooth under her arms as her face was. 

 Lowering her arms, I ran both my hands down her neck to her chest.  Ever so slightly, she pushed her breasts out to me when I approached them.  Soft as a feather, I felt her breasts, lightly feeling her extended nipples.  As I gently pinched each bud, she softly moaned and closed her eyes, lost in her own thoughts.  My hands continued their journey, down her sides, feeling the firmness of her ribs and the curve of her hips.  I lightly touched her stomach, watching her taut muscles contract.  I knelt before her and slowly tickled her belly button with my tongue.  She giggled as she tried to take my head in her hands and pull me tighter.  I muffled my own laughter as I took her hands and placed them back at her sides.

  I ran my hands down her stomach, to just barely above her shaved slit.  She moved slightly to spread her legs farther apart.  I felt each of her firm thighs, slightly kneading them as I worked my way down her calves to her ankles.  I lifted each small foot separately, placing them on my knee as I examined the curve of her flesh and bones.  Finishing her second foot, I placed it back on the carpet and let my fingernails slightly dig into her as my hands made their way back up the inside of her thighs.

 She shivered greater than anytime before.  Her moisture was now beginning to naturally flow out.  I traced a path of her honey from the inside of her thigh to the moist parting of her now swollen lips.  “Turn around,” I softly said.  She faltered only slightly as she slowly turned around, her back now before me.  I stood up again and continued my review of her flesh.  As I massaged her neck, she arched slightly back into me, brushing her bottom against my stretched jeans.  As she felt my hard manhood, she started to push against me and tried to grind.  I firmly grabbed her hips and straightened them up with a small smack on her exposed bottom.  “Patience, little one” I whispered in her ear.  She gasped and shuddered again as she felt the slight sting of my instruction.

  I returned to massaging her neck for a few moments.  Leaning forward, I first kissed, then slightly bit between her shoulder and neck.  Her moan was louder now and I could feel her hips wanting to move into me.  As I examined her front, I did the same to her back.  The way her muscles were firm from her shoulder blades to her bottom.  The slight rounding of the top of her buttocks, continuing on to the firm cheeks that would soon be desperate for attention.  Her skin was flawless, not a blemish anywhere.  I finished surveying and touching the back of her thighs and calves.  Again, I lifted each foot separately, lightly touching the bottom, watching her squirm as I ran my fingers worked from her toes to her heels and back again. 

  When I finished with her feet, I sat back on the edge of the futon, wishing the wine were closer.  “Get our wine glasses, little one,” I said.  I heard her soft reply, “Yes Sir,” as she smoothly moved to the fireplace and back with the two glasses.  “Here, sit,” I said, pointing to the floor between my legs.  As she sat cross-legged, her excitement was evident on the inside of her thighs, as a large drop of her moisture had worked its way almost to her knee.  As we each took another sip of the still chilled wine, I reached down and felt Mother Nature’s lubricant.  I softly massaged it into her thigh, working my way to its source.  “Put this back please,” I said as I gave her my glass.  She quickly got up and returned the glasses to the fireplace.

 As she returned, I told her to stop before sitting down.  “Turn around,” I instructed again.  When her back was facing me again, I told her to bend over.  Ever so slowly she bent at the waist, reaching downward with her hands on her legs until she touched her toes and stopped.  Before me was a sight to behold.  Her taut back and leg muscles held her firmly in place as her cheeks spread naturally to expose her tight, dark little button asshole and spread her flower-like swollen pussy lips.  I leaned forward until my face was only inches from her hot flesh.  I reached out and began kneading her cheeks, feeling her suppleness returning them to form after each knead.

  Leaning forward, I took in her musk, drinking deeply of it.  As I placed my thumbs on her velvet pussy lips and spread her cheeks even further, she shuddered again.  The song on the CD was by a popular artist singing, whispering really, about the joys of giving oral sex to a woman.  How apropos.  Softly I blew warm breath on her exposed clit, her leaking pussy and puckered ass.  She began shaking slightly as I leaned forward.

The moment my tongue touched her clit, she came, filling my tongue with her love juice.  “Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd, yessssss” she moaned as I continued to lick from her clit to her asshole, searching her sweet pussy hole with my tongue on each pass.  In a matter of minutes, she was quivering and unable to stand any longer.  She fell to her knees, in front of me, panting, chest heaving, trying to regain control.  I let her stay there until she was breathing normally again, softly rubbing her back and bottom with my hands.

 As I stood to get the wine again, I gave her a light spank on her exposed bottom.  “How do you feel, little one?” I asked.  “I have never, ever felt like that before,” she said, smiling up at me with her head resting on her hands.  “That was way too wonderful.” She sighed.  I handed her wine to her and motioned for her to join me on the futon.  As she sat next to me, her body folded so perfectly into mine.  We sat and talked for a few minutes, sipping wine, her telling me each little shiver was really a small orgasm, building to the big one.

As she turned to kiss me, I savored the flavor of her passion mixed with the sweetness of the wine.  “May I please you now My Lord?” she asked, looked softly through her liquid green eyes.  “Yes, little one,” I replied, “you may please me now.”  “Oh goody,” she exclaimed as she smoothly got up.  She took the glasses and padded to the kitchen to refill them before putting them back on the fireplace.  As she returned to me, she straddled my legs, placing her still leaking pussy firmly against my forever ready cock.  She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

 She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth, working it over with her tongue and gently biting me.  She broke the kiss and began kissing my face all over, my eyes, nose, cheeks, jaw working her way to my ears and neck.  She continued her oral assault on me, working down my chest until she found my nipple.  She lightly bit each nipple until they were as hard as they’ve ever been.  She moved down my smooth stomach, playing the same game with my belly button as I did with hers.  As she reached my pants, she looked up, smiling, and said, “these have to come off, you know?”  As I was getting ready to reply, she found my cock through the material and blew hot air through my jeans directly on it.  I couldn’t believe the sensation.  Like a fire I’ve never felt before.   She began biting me through the cloth, working from my head, down the shaft and back up again.

 I couldn’t believe the pure passion she was exhibiting.  Less than a minute ago she was kissing me, and here she was, giving me a blow job through my pants.  She quickly undid the buttons on my jeans and began tugging them down.  I lifted my hips from the futon and they easily slid off.  She then asked an odd, but revealing question.  “Will you stand for me?” she asked looking up from my feet.  Slowly I stood in front of her.  With her on her knees, it felt like I was towering over her.  “Will you turn around please?” she asked.  I turned around, placing my hands by my sides.

 I felt her tongue start at my heel as she began giving me a tongue bath, working her way up each leg.  I was surprised, yet so pleased with her touch.  She finished my legs and stood up.  She must've stood on her tiptoes as she began the same treatment on my shoulders, licking and lightly biting my flesh as she descended towards my bottom.  When she reached my cheeks, she softly asked, “will you bend over please?”  I bent over, leaning on the futon, as her tongue kissed and licked my cheeks fully.  She began kneading my bottom as I did hers.  Following my exercise on her, she spread my cheeks and ran the bottom of her tongue from the top to my hairy hole.  It was my turn to shudder as she pressed her pointed tongue against my hole, trying to tongue fuck my ass.

 Needless to say, it took all the control I had not to turn around and take her like an animal.  After a few moments, she retracted her tongue and swathed my smooth balls from behind, sucking each one into her warm mouth.  She rolled them around, exploring my flesh with her tongue, again gently biting the sac before releasing it.  “Will you stand up and turn around please?” she huskily asked.  As I stood and turned, she was still kneeling, suddenly face to face with my raging cock.

  “Oh, yes,” she moaned as she cupped my balls in one hand and grabbed the lower part of my shaft with her other.  Slowly she milked my cock, releasing a large drop of pre-cum.  “Mmmm,” she exclaimed as her tongue snaked out to taste me.  Not satisfied with just a taste, she slowly lowered her mouth over my head and firmly grasped it in her lips.  She continued to slowly stroke my shaft as she worked more and more of my cock in her mouth.  When she finally had all of me engulfed, she rested on my pubes for a minute.  Then I couldn’t believe what she did next.

Without moving, her mouth began milking my cock.  It felt like one of those vibrating, rolling sleeves that you can get at the adult toy store.  Beginning with her throat, then teeth and tongue, she was creating a sensation I had never felt before.  Her breathing came quicker and quicker as I approached my orgasm.  For just a flashing moment, I remembered that porn movie from years ago, the one with the woman who’s clit was in her throat and the only way she could come was through giving oral sex.  I’m not sure about the actress, but this woman knew how to work her mouth like no other.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to explode.  As she sensed my approach, she gently squeezed my balls and reached up and pinched my nipple.  That was enough to send me over the edge.  I grabbed a handful of hair in each hand and just held her still while my cock erupted in her throat.  She quickly swallowed each spurt, adding to the sensation and contracting her throat on my super-sensitive cock head.  Taking a few minutes to recover, I could not believe what just happened.  As I looked down at her, she still had my cock in her mouth, coaxing every available drop out, smiling at me with her eyes.

 When she was satisfied there was no more, she softly sucked one last time, leaving me drained and amazed.  She stood and moved up onto the futon with me, kissing me deeply, sharing our passion.  As she snuggled beside me, she sighed deeply.  Gently we napped like that, building energy for the next awakening.  

           We never did watch the movies that weekend.  But that’s a story for another time