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As all on line chatting it had been months of getting to know each other and realizing they lived an hour away in NY. Tara had always been more of the aggressor while Cindy always said yes to meeting, then always writing an e-mail why she shouldn’t. A three-day weekend was starting and Tara again called Cindy to drive the hour to visit, or let her drive over and finally meet her.

"Cindy, no strings attached! Just let’s spend a few hours together getting to know each other in person - nothing has to happen, how about it?"

"Well I guess we can just see how things go but I can’t stay late, is that okay?"

"I think you’re being silly but if that’s what makes you feel better as long as you come over so we can meet that’s fine."

With that settled Tara went to her bedroom to shower and get ready to finally meet her on line friend. She undid her ponytail letting her black hair fall softly around her shoulders and after showering put on a tube top that showed her nipples through the cotton fabric. Sliding on a denim mid-thigh skirt and pair of sandals she decided to leave off panties. Her thoughts went to the jpeg picture Cindy has sent on line last week. She could picture Cindy’s short blonde hair and her blue eyes and wondered if her nipples were light pink or a deeper rose color and if her pussy was shaved or with light blonde curls. Tara could feel her own pussy getting wet from the thought of their cyber adventures on line and the word’s Cindy had typed were running through her mind. It wasn’t long after the doorbell rang and Tara opened it.

Tara recognized Cindy immediately from her picture and although heavier than how she pictured Cindy, she seemed lovely. She laughed, "Cindy?" They both laughed and Tara stood back as Cindy finally walked into her house after seven months of chatting, cybering, phone-sex and confiding in each other.

"Yes, I can’t believe we’re finally meeting like this. Tara, you look just like your picture!"

"Well at least we are some of the few that actually sent our own picture to the other person. Come on into the den and have some coffee. You like black coffee, right?"

In the den Cindy sat down as Tara drank her coffee, walked around admiring the den and backyard garden.

"So, Cindy, have you enjoyed our phone sex as much as I have?"

Cindy stuttered and turned to look out the window. Tara could feel her own nipples hardening watching Cindy shuffle from foot to foot and finally answer, "I like phone sex a lot but never as much as since we have been doing it."

Cindy was standing by the window watching the sunset when Tara walked up in back of her making her jump being startled. "Easy, Cindy, it’s only me!" She put her hand on Cindy’s shoulder as a friendly pat but then left it there slightly caressing her shoulder as they both looked out the window. Tara eased her body against Cindy’s and let her hand slowly slide from Cindy’s shoulder down to her breast. Kissing Cindy gently on the neck she turned the woman she had wanted for months away from the window to face her.

Tara’s voice was comforting and light as she said, "Know what I’ve always loved that you said on line Cindy?"

Cindy’s voice was nervous but she stayed under Tara’s caressing hands, "No, what?"

"I liked that you love more than anything having a woman suck on your clit. That would make me wet then and now I can feel my pussy wet from the thought. Is your pussy shaved, Cindy? I never asked you that on line."

Tara could see Cindy swallow and her eyes were staring into Tara’s as she answered each question Tara asked, "Yes, but I can let it grow if you don’t like shaved!"

By now Tara’s hand was unbuttoning Cindy’s blouse and sliding it off her shoulders, revealing white skin and breasts with hardened pink nipples. Knowing Cindy was very nervous Tara slid off her own tube top revealing large, heavy breasts and dark brown nipples. She watched as Cindy stared at her big breasts. Tara had to take Cindy’s hand and place it on her breast…closing Cindy’s hand on it and squeezing.

"Cindy, have you been with a lot of women?" Tara already knew the answer as Cindy’s hand only tentatively began caressing the soft flesh of Tara’s tits. While Cindy’s hands became bolder, feeling Tara’s large breasts Tara slid off her skirt, letting Cindy get used to seeing her. While Tara just ran her hands up and down Cindy’s arms giving words of encouragement Cindy became bolder and more relaxed. She noticed Cindy’s gaze constantly darting to look at her pussy.

Tara smiled at her on line friend now boldly touching and squeezing the nipples of both her breasts, "Cindy, let’s go to my bedroom, just like we said on line, to just be with each other touching and kissing, okay?"

Tara watched as Cindy smiled and shook her head in agreement now quite at ease with the entire situation of being with someone that she had already told for months how she liked sex and what she liked best.

In the bedroom they faced each other and Tara pulled Cindy against her, so her nipples rubbed against Cindy’s. When their nipples touched Cindy whispered, "Oh that feels so good!" Tara smiled and softly kissed Cindy letting her lips slide slowly back and forth, as her nipples rubbed back and forth. Sliding her tongue between Cindy’s soft lips to duel with her tongue, she finally let fingers slide down and begin to caress Cindy’s pink tipped nipples. Not moving fast since Cindy had mentioned on line that she hated to be rushed, Tara took her time pulling on the rosy tips and letting Cindy’s hands do whatever they wanted…touching and caressing her breasts.

Tara looked into Cindy’s questioning blue eyes and said, "On line you said you would want me to taste your nipples, remember typing that?"

Cindy’s yes was whispered as Tara finally lowered her head to Cindy’s beautiful, full breasts. She felt Cindy’s hands slide into her hair, guiding her head to her breasts. Cindy’s skin was soft was Tara’s tongue traced a line around her nipples and then her mouth closed around one hardened nipple. Her tongue played with the tit, licking and suckling it while her own breasts rubbed against Cindy’s skin. Tara’s hands slid lower over Cindy’s fleshy thighs and on their inside soft skin. She knew Cindy wanted her tongue on her clit. Cindy had told her many times that she liked to feel her clit being teased. Tara slid her hand between Cindy’s thighs shoving them apart since Cindy kept them together. She kissed Cindy’s nipples one last time, squeezing her breasts before sliding her tongue down Cindy’s body to her freshly shaved mound. So smooth and soft that Tara knew Cindy had to have shaved just before driving over. Kissing and nipping the soft pubic mound she loved the smell of Cindy’s fresh powdered pussy knowing she had pampered her pussy just incase Tara would be down there.

Cindy was flat on her back now and Tara slid off the bed, pulled Cindy toward the edge and kneeled between Cindy’s thighs pushing them wide open. Tara watched Cindy as Cindy began to massage her own breasts, crushing them together. She asked, "Just like we cybered on line Cindy, do you want me to suck on your clit?"

Cindy’s breathless yes and the smell of her pussy brought Tara’s tongue to work magic. Cindy’s clit tasted so sweet and her pussy was so smoothly shaved that Tara’s tongue slide easily over the soft moist flesh. The taste and scent of Cindy made Tara’s own pussy juices start to drip. She wanted to swing around and grind her own pussy on Cindy’s lips but knew not this time, so she licked the sweet tasting juice from Cindy’s pussy. With her tongue lapping and pressing on Cindy’s tight clit she let her fingers begin to play with the entrance to the sweet flow of pussy juice. Lightly Tara played with Cindy’s dripping opening as she heard Cindy begin to voice what she used to type.

"I want you to eat me, lick my pussy!"

Tara knew Cindy liked to talk what Cindy called dirty talk and she began to work harder sucking and fingering Cindy’s wet cunt. She could feel her own nipples tight and hard. With her left fingers holding the small pussy lips apart and licking and sucking Cindy’s clit, she let her right index and middle finger slide into Cindy’s pussy. It was so easy to suck at Cindy’s clit and lick her soft pussy lips without pubic hair to get in the way…all creamy, wet flesh.

She could feel Cindy start to wriggle and push harder up against her mouth and she sucked tightly on her clit while fingering her lover’s dripping pussy. Suddenly she felt Cindy grab her by the head and hold her tight to her pussy as she began to grind on her tongue and lips.

"I’m gonna cum, Tara! I want to come on your face! Suck my clit!"

This was the Cindy Tara knew on line. Demanding…Needing to come for her. She pulled Cindy’s pussy lips wider apart stretching her clit and sucked it harder, shoving her fingers in and out until she felt Cindy arch her back and her pussy drench her fingers with come. Her come tasted as sweet as her nipples! Tara loved the taste of this woman she had under her mouth.

As Cindy stopped moving against Tara’s lips Tara climbed on the bed by Cindy’s pussy and continued to play lightly with it. Tara looked up at Cindy saying, "I’m glad you came to visit, your pussy is as pretty and pink as your described it and I like your taste." She could see the blush creeping up on Cindy and slid up taking Cindy’s nipple in her mouth and licking it. "Cindy, can you stay the weekend?"

When Cindy answered yes, Tara knew she would be teaching Cindy how she liked her own pussy sucked and said, "I’m glad. I have a lot to teach you, just like online.