Vanilla, Anyone? (c) Copyright Sheila Jay, 2001
By Sheila Jay - Copyright 2001
All Rights Reserved - Copy, Duplication Prohibited

"Give me a ride." Dolores wet her pinkie and teased his lips.

"No can do," Roger said. "I'm workin'."

"You promised." She sucked his thumb into her mouth.

"Jesus, Delore, what're ya doin' to me? Can't cha see I've got customers comin'?"

"I see. But can you see this?"

She lifted her baby blue T-shirt. Two fabulously perky tits flashed before his eyes.

"That's not fair, Lore," he groaned. "Give me a fuckin' break, would ya?"

"That's what I'm trying to do, Rodge," She seductively leaned against his "Frozen Delights" truck and squeezed her tits. "I'm trying to give you a fuck'n break."

"Shhhh, customers coming."

Roger leaned his head out the window. "What'll it be today?" Rodge loved his job and she loved him for it. She also lusted for him. Like this morning, watching him slip his bare-ass naked body into the coveralls.

"You wanna take me for a ride, today?" She took his soft cock into her hand.

"I'm always up for a ride with you." He reluctantly removed her hand from his crotch. "Look for me about two over on Camellia." He pulled her close, and gave her ass a tight squeeze. "I'll
take you for a spin."

That's how she ended up on Camellia this hot summer afternoon, wearing nothing but a light
blue cropped T-shirt, a tan cotton/spandex skirt, and some thong sandals.

One of the customers read his name tag, and made a joke about his first name. "Hey, Mr. Rogers! Got any rainbow pops for the neighborhood?"

Before he knew it, Roger had sold half a dozen multicolored popsicle treats. He exchanged sugar for cash, thinking that this block was now satisfied. But it was Dolores's exposure that
had put the real hunger in him.

"Get in here." He slid the metal door open. "What kind of treat do you want little girl?"

"You know what I like, Mr. Rogers," she grinned innocently. "Let's be friends." She pulled his zipper down, reaching her fingers inside, and fondled his nipples.

"I'm in the mood for vanilla." She twisted his nubs between her thumb and middle fingers. "Vanilla with an orange swirl, and you better close that freezer before the heat melts your revenue."

"That's not the only thing that's heatin' up, darlin'," He shut the freezer, and guided her fingers back to his zipper. They opened the coveralls, and Dolores smiled at his chest. Her eyes wandered down the narrow trail of brown hairs which led to her treat.

"Take me for a ride, babe. Let's find a more private place." She tucked her hand inside the coveralls, and felt around just below the stopped zipper. His masculinity broke free, and she absentmindedly bit on her lower lip.

"You hungry, Lore?"

"I said drive the damn truck, didn't I?" She took her hand from his crotch and licked off the tiny bit of juice he'd dripped onto her palm. "Jesus, you taste good. Quit staring at me, and get us out of this neighborhood, Mr. Rogers!"

He pulled up his zipper, and drove to the back parking lot of a boarded up supermarket. He swivelled his seat around to face her. "Another one bites the dust," he said, referring to the bankrupt business.

"Don't say bite around me, unless you're serious." She moved toward him, and in a snap his coveralls were open, and she was down on her knees, down on him. "God, I'm hungry." She
held his cock in the palm of her hand, and licked his tip.

"Did you decide what you want, Lore?"

"Mm hmmm, yes I did, Roger. Throw over one of those orange swirl pushups." She gripped him around his base while her tongue lapped at his velvety skin.

He reached around and took a pushup out of the freezer, and removed the wrapper.

"This what you wanted?"

She pushed the stick until the creamy vanilla swirl extended beyond the cardboard cylinder She
rubbed the cold, smooth treat over his throbbing cock.

"Delore, babe, you're killin' me." He took her hand away from his base and together they stroked him, evenly and slowly.

"You want me to make it feel better?" She put the creamy popsicle into her mouth. She sucked, licked, and lightly indented the tip with teeth marks. She moved the frozen bar in and out of her mouth in pace with their strokes.

"Lore," he said quietly and took the ice cream from her hand. "What do you have under that skirt?"

Delores stood, and let it fall to the floor. She pulled her T-shirt over her head, laid back on a sleeping bag, and spread wide. "See anything you want?"

He came to her, holding the frozen treat, and stepped out of his coveralls. Lying between her legs, he marveled at her beauty. With his free hand he grazed her bush, and traced small circles around her tummy. Her small breasts lay nearly flat as she relaxed on her makeshift bed. Dolores brought her knees up and used her fingers to part her excited pussy lips.

Roger pressed the tip of the pushup against her, making her gasp. As he pushed it in farther, it melted from her body heat. He worked the treat into her, smearing the orange cream all over her
pussy. She opened wider, begging to be fucked. He pushed the frozen treat in and out of her, until there was barely anything left. Throwing the remaining ice cream aside, he went down on her, licking the sweet stickiness from her body.

Dolores squirmed and opened even wider as Roger parted her lips with his tongue and played over her clit. She reached for him, moaning, pulling at him. His body climbed over hers, and with the freedom of a popsicle melting in the summer heat, he slid into her mysterious yet
familiar depths. Their bodies swam in melted pools of desire, and they came in a glorious swirl of vanilla delight.

Copyright 2001 by Sheila Jay, . All rights reserved. Not to be used or reproduced without written permission from the author.

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