Ranger Danger

2001 by Debora Myers. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author.


The spring air is warm and sweet. I stand near the peak of a magnificent mountain. I am stopping to rest at a little vista and take in the spectacular view of the verdant valley below me. As I shrug off my pack I take a deep breath, enjoying the piney aroma as it fills my chest.

I hear someone approaching while sitting on a rock at the trail-side. My heart pounds as my mind races as to who or what was crunching toward me up the trail. I freeze for a few seconds that seem like an eternity. I sigh in relief to see a tall manly form making his way up the trail towards me. It's the attractive young ranger I checked in with that morning. I made sure to let the park officials know my hiking route and time I should return to ensure my safety.

I feel the blood rush to my face, as I observe again just how well favored this forest man is. "Hello, I'm surprised to see you out this far. What brings you up here?" I ask. " I came to warn you that a huge thunder storm is barreling over the mountain. We need to take cover and quickly. Four people were killed by lightening strikes last summer." "We need to hurry Ms. Ramon. Follow me, we don't have time to return to the ranger station. There is an abandoned cabin nearby."

As I follow him down the trail, I can't help but notice his strong muscular legs and wide shoulders. My pulse quickens and I feel my blood heat as I try to contain my obvious excitement. We continue at a nimble pace and arrive at the cabin, just as the first torrents of rain blow in. We are soaked to the skin, and dripping wet. He attempts to open the door but it is locked tight. I make my way to a side window. "Give me a boost, I can crawl in through here, I call."

I notice a glimmer of interest in his eyes as I motion him towards me with my hand. He clasps his hands together and offers them as a step- ladder. I step up to the window and feel the warmth of his hand at the small of my back to steady me once I make it to the sill. Sexy ideas flood my mind and heat shoots throughout my body as I make my way to the cabin door and lift the latch. He enters and the wind catches the door and slams it closed. My eyes adjust to the darkness as I rummage around the cabin; I am delighted to see that my ranger has already started a lovely fire in the old stone fireplace.

Following my body's lead, damp and shivering, I start to strip off my drenched clothing in front of the now roaring fire. The sexual tension in the cabin builds inseparable with the elements, which push me closer to my true instinctive nature. Leaning closer to the fire I comb my hair out with my fingers. I feel him draw nearer, and tingle from head to toe knowing that I am successfully enticing him toward me. He hesitates, waiting for my signal. I turn to face him with my backside to the fire. The storm continues to rage around us and I know it is now or never.

He never hesitates. All it takes is a long, permeating look to establish what we both hoped for. His eyes are affixed to mine. I reach for his khaki shirt and tentatively start to unbutton it. His chest rises and falls faster and faster as I make my way from his adams apple to his fly. His eyes ignite with a carnal fire. He removes his shirt and drapes it over a chair to dry.

"You're obviously thinking what I'm thinking and as a Park Ranger, I'm always prepared." He reaches in his pack and pulls out an emergency thermal blanket and wraps it around my shoulders. As I gather the crinkly space age blanket around me I hold my breath as he slides out of his pants and stands next to me, drying his glorious body at the fireside.

I let the blanket fall to the floor, directly focusing on his gaze. I watch his eyes hungrily take in what I am offering. "How prepared are you for this? I'd like to thank you for rescuing me." Without saying another word I move, full steam ahead to make my way with this gorgeous man. He looks like a puppy, big soft eyes of disbelief at his incredible good fortune. He turns and  rummages through his pack again, producing a roughrider condom.

Now I'm the one who feels incredibly lucky, realizing we can go for it with no holding back. I surprise myself at how easy I slip into the naughty girl routine. But now, I am ready to let go and do what feels natural and right for the moment. I tear off my bra and throw it to the floor. He becomes stark naked in the firelight before me. His muscles are taught and ready. I pull the table closer to the fire and attempt to climb upon it, not wanting to make love on the cold, dirty floor.

I have one leg up and feel his hand grasp my thigh. He pushes my hair aside and kisses the back of my neck and nibbles my earlobe as he presses up against me. I am still a little apprehensive, but considering I am ready to climb up on the table I laugh at myself out loud. He strokes my hair and continues kissing me, starting at my neck and working his way down to my butt.

He gives me a sharp smack, and I squeal with surprise and excitation. He takes my hands in his and reaches around to kiss me. His tongue searches my mouth, kissing me with the same force as the storm raging outside. While pushing my body against his, I reach my arms behind him and pull myself up from his shoulders. He moans out loud, picks me up off the ground and sets me on the table in front of him.

He spreads my legs with his strong hands and moves in. Grabbing me up he takes complete control, carrying me over against the wall near the fireplace. Heated with passion we both are pulled into a frenzied, steamy state of abandon. The firelight shines against his statuesque figure and handsome face as he sets me
down just long enough to give me an excellent view of his rock hard manliness while he rolls on his sheath. My eyes now widen at the magnificent sight of him. I am so ready as he embraces me and lifts me up, bracing my back against the wall and rubs me lustily until I cry out for him to cross the threshold.

He thrusts into my wet-nest with an onrush of power. My legs are entwined tightly around him, and my urgency takes over as he fills me completely. I am so hot, so full of him I rotate and rock my hips until the rhythm brings me to a climax. I release my leg hold and he gently lets me stand without drawing out. He
makes love to me slowly at first, moving with confidence he makes sure to bring me off many times over.

My legs are shaking and I must change position so I move to the table and bend over, he wastes no time and while squeezing my breast he enters me again. We rock and roll with the storm; the thunder crashes while I come repeatedly to his unrelentless thrusting. As I begin to power down he holds back no more and pushes into me with such force that the table and I are propelled to the other end of the room, where he explodes in a roaring climax.

Breathless and speechless we lean on the table to gather our senses. I eventually turn to see a very happy and satisfied public servant. He smiles a wry smile. "Thank you for saving me, sir, over and over again!"

"It was my pleasure Ms. Ramon. I am here to protect and serve!"

Top Cop 2001 by Debora Myers. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author.
Debora Myers is editor and co-founder of LadyFire.Com. She is a graduate of the Self Heal School of Herbal Medicine in San Diego, CA. She has also studied extensively with Traditional American Indian Healers and been actively involved in the civil rights and environmental movements. Debora is a life long student, constantly updating and educating herself concerning the holistic healing arts and sexuality. Debora writes light, mildly erotic short stories for her site and for fun. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children