Early Sunday Morning (c) Copyright 1999
All rights Reserved
by J.D. Coltrane

The beginnings of sunlight were there in the window when I turned in our bed to check the clock. It was a Sunday morning, a day with nothing planned to be done, nothing committed to do. The covers felt warm, good, so I pulled them up, making sure I didnít disturb her.

I rolled to my side and looked at her. She was on her back, still asleep, the gentleness still there in her face. Selfishly, I moved closer to her, drawing myself to her, feeling her naked skin against mine, snuggling, she called it.

I saw the hint of her smile and kissed her cheek. "Good morning," she whispered without opening her eyes.

"Good morning to you, too," I answered as I moved down to kiss her neck.

My hand over her front moved up from her stomach to her breast. I cupped her right breast before moving my palm over her nipple in gentle circles. My kisses were longer now, my tongue tracing a path on her neck, her shoulder, the upper part of her chest.

I looked to see, knowing her eyes were likely still closed. They were, the smile still there ever so faint.

I moved down to her left nipple, letting my tongue warm it before taking it into my mouth. My left hand massaged her right breast, feeling the nipple respond, growing hard and prominent.

I love these moments, the ones where I can please her and know she is pleased. Her body tells me, it speaks to me, and just then it was saying, thank you. I drew her nipple into my mouth and began to gently suck, but only for a moment. I raised myself in the bed to move over her, moving to take her other nipple in my mouth.

In these moments there is no plan, no strategy, no pre-set ritual. It is spontaneous loving. Nevertheless, I moved up her neck to kiss her, knowing what she would probably say. She did, saying, "I havenít brushed my teeth yet." I smiled and chuckled aloud before kissing her anyway. And as always, she responded without hesitation.

When I moved my mouth and tongue back down to her breasts, she took my left hand and pushed it down, down to where she wanted it to go. I let her put my hand between her legs but didnít touch her the way she was asking to be touched. One finger ran slowly, lightly up her lips, feeling the wetness, gathering it before returning to rub it over her nipples. I licked and sucked them both clean.

She took my hand again and pushed it down. I let it stay this time, letting my fingers stay flat, rubbing in slow circles over her clit. I moved from nipple to nipple while I rubbed her.

Her eyes were still closed.

I heard the automatic coffee pot begin perking in the kitchen, and I smiled to myself knowing we had all morning.

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