'Summer Passion' By Sabrina Smith Moses
(c) 1999 By The Author All Rights Reserved

(Vanilla Erotica For Mature Readers)

The tardy bell sent a ripple over my body as I darted up the last flight of stairs. I was late. Why should it really matter if I was late or not? I was, after all, paying for the class. The literature class was a Summer course offered to adults for expanding their education. Me? I was just taking it to broaden my horizons...in more ways than one.

"Stella, you're late," my professor mumbled the obvious as he initialed my parking pass. I stared down at the top of his balding head and smiled. The scent of my sweat mingled with Shalimar on my skin. He could just smell me and get aroused ... I knew this for a fact. He tried to avoid looking me in the eyes, and handed back my pass with trembling fingers and an uncomfortable grin. I was right, he was very aroused.

Later, after class was dismissed, I met him for coffee in our favorite cafe. Max was more than my professor, he was my lover. A kind, intelligent gentleman who buried his passion in essays and classes, and occasionally a young woman's thighs. The literature class had been a prefect interlude to our Summer together.

I wasn't playing the role of the teacher's pet. I was already passing his course with excellent grades of my own accord and wasn't seeking to earn any brownie points with the head of the class. I was just happened to be attracted to Max and vice versa. Of course I was about twenty years younger than Max, but the years between us melted away by the time we had first slid between the sheets together.

Even in the cafe, Max kept up a professional front as he sipped his  coffee and chattered away about literary topics. Under the thin green table cloth, the chubby fingers of his free hand where doodling erotic inscriptions upon my pale thighs. I felt the tiny hearts he traced on my skin through the thin material of my skirt and my sex began to stir with moist passion. Sipping my cafe au lait, I tried to keep a straight face and follow the cool, even flow of his conversation. It was impossible, however, and I suggested we finish our conversation at my place.

Lucky for us, my small studio apartment was only a few blocks from the cafe. Max beat me there, waiting on the stairway like a randy little puppy. His lust filled eyes were magnified by his coke-bottle thick glasses and he licked his cupid-bow lips as I hurriedly unlocked the door.

I had just shut the door, locking the outside world away, when I felt his eager hands around my waist. He pulled my round little belly to his own and tilted my chin upwards to meet his soulful gaze.

"Oh Stella ... " he cooed as his warm, moist lips covered mine with a soft, passionate kiss. Our kiss released him. Max 's hot, passionate nature shone brightly as his rustic, book-wormish exterior melted away  in my arms.

I pulled away from our kiss, slipping his tie from around his neck and tenderly placing his glasses on the small table beside my bed. Like a blind man he let his hands feel every curve of my still fully clothed body. I felt the stickiness of his sweaty palms through my blouse and skirt, stirring my sensitive  skin, which was alive with pleasure under his touch.

He paused over my breasts, teasing my nipples with his doodling fingertips. My nipples came to life, hardening against my blouse, as his lips captured mine in another intoxicating kiss. With a moist sweep, Max's tongue gently explored my mouth as I surrendered to his  lusty libido. His hands were familiar with my dressing habits and, without a flaw, he peeled me out of my blouse and released my taut nipples from my bra.

I gasped with mounting excitement as Max took an exposed nipple between his teeth and gently nibbled at the sore, aching tip. My entire body shivered with desire as I arched my back, giving him full access to my sensitive peaks. Max teased both of my breasts with his tiny love bites. I melted into his arms with a deep sigh and my head spun in an erotic daze. Max tenderly lowered me onto the silken sheets and slid his hands down to my rumppled skirt.

Like my blouse, Max's eager hands slid off my skirt as easily as I had put it on that morning. The scent of my moistened sex filled the small apartment as he lowered his head, kissing the tender insides of my thighs. I wiggled my hips as Max hooked his fingers in the thin  elastic waistband of my silken undies. He slid them off too, as he kissed apart my thighs. Moaning softly, I opened my lower limbs wider to his hungry mouth as he kisses zeroed in on my moist, hot sex.

I gave a shivering inhale as his tongue lapped over my damp feminine pleasure. He buried his face in my wet petals as a series of  crashing, orgasmic waves washed over my body. I cried out as my body rippled with rapture. Max stood over me and smiled down into my flushed face. Still reeling with wonton desire, I looked up at him with a dazed smile.

"Max, I want you inside me," I said in a lusty, thick whisper.

Max quickly slid out of his trousers revealing his own arousal, which  bulged with desire from between his thighs. He pressed his body over mine and glided his aching member inside me. Our damp bodies joined together in matching rhythmic movements. I arched my back, thrusting upwards to meet his steady strokes. Max groaned as the passionate motions of our sexes drove him to the edge of his own ecstasy. He uttered a deeper groan and, with a final thrust of satisfaction, Max pulled himself out from inside me. He spilled his milky juice over my belly and sank down beside me on the cool, silken sheets with a blissful smile.

Before Max left my apartment, I helped him adjust his tie as he prepared to head back into the outside world again. The hot, passionate man I had just made love to had vanished. He was replaced by the quiet, book-wormish professor of my adult literature class.

"Stella, are you going to be tardy for class again?" he asked with a soft smile.

I shook my head, returning his smile.

"Good. I'll see you in class tomorrow," he replied with a knowing wink and headed out the door.

I've come to the conclusion that if all goes well with the Summer class, then I might just have to sign up for his Fall classes too!