Spring Morning (c) by Chris Kendall @Sensualstories@aol.com  copyright 2001
All rights reserved to the author
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Waking to the distant rumbling of thunder, I find you snuggled into me, sleeping deeply across my chest. Head on my shoulder, right arm and leg embracing me, intertwined, not knowing where your body ends and mine begins. Oh, I love spring showers, but this one is sounding like a pretty good storm brewing. It is Saturday morning and I can hear the paper boy as the paper hits the storm door with a loud thump. Trying to beat the storm... I will give him a break.

The birds are chirping frantically outside our window, as if sounding a warning of the approaching storm. Curtains dancing as the wind picks up, I look down at you only to find you looking back up and me. "So what's your story Morning Glory?" with a smile you ask. "I am just laying here, in awe of so many things in my life. But most of all, how right it feels with you in my arms. How at home it feels, do you know what I mean?" "I mean" not letting you respond "it is like coming back to the town you grew up in for Thanksgiving dinner, everything looks familiar. Or maybe how it is when you pick up a conversation with your best friend like it was yesterday, but it might have been several months since you last spoke. Hey wait a minute, who is babbling now?" Giggling at me your hand starts to caress my chest, circling my nipple with your index finger, as your head snuggles back onto my chest.

"So Sweetheart, what would you like for breakfast?" I ask while stroking your hair.

"Hmmm, You."

Giggling "Well since you asked I was thinking about..."

"No funny man, I mean you for breakfast." Reaching out you take my semi-erect cock into you hand, taking in its smoothness as it slowly awakens. Stroking it very slowly, your head slides along my belly and your tongue reaches out and gently touches the head. Slowly circling the head with your
tongue, I can feel my self drifting off, feeling the pleasure you are giving me. The wetness and warmth of your mouth covers my cock as my eyes close soaking in your love. The wind is picking up, blowing the curtains gently across our bed. The cool breeze is a welcome change from the brisk, biting wind of the winter.

"Mmmm, you better slow down honey, that is feeling really good this morning."

Looking up at me as my cock slides out of your mouth, you give me a wink while your tongue slowly moves down my shaft and circles my balls. Holding my cock alongside your face as you squeeze my balls, gently stroking underneath them and then running your tongue back up towards the head, my moaning is increasing as is the thunder outside of our window.

"Okay, Okay you, my turn" I say as I pull you up to me and we embrace in a deep kiss, tongues filling our mouths as your hips start to grind against me. Breathing quickening as we part and my mouth moves down along your neck. Kissing your neck my tongue slowly tickles you as you start to straighten up allowing my mouth to move further down. You are in total control as your breast comes to my mouth. Nipples hard I reach for your right breast with my left hand as my tongue finds your left nipple. Hard and smooth your nipple is slowly taken into my mouth. The heat of my mouth brings a loud gasp from you as you press harder into my face. Taking your breast into my mouth as deep as I can, my right hand reaches for your ass, cupping it firmly. Your hands are quickly running through my hair. I can sense your growing excitement as the rain is starting to fall and the room grows darker from the coming storm. With a flash of light and a quick clap of thunder your body shakes as both hands are now pushing your ass up to my stomach allowing my tongue to slowly move down your body until it finds your belly button. The wetness of my tongue darting in and out of your navel has your body tensing and your back arching. Your hands now on the window sill, you slowly run your pussy along my chest, over my chin you pause and slowly lower yourself as your wetness grows. My tongue slowly parts your lips as you slide back and forth and the rain starts to blow in the window. The coolness of the rain is a direct contrast of the heat you are feeling between your legs as my mouth takes in your lips, tongue moving quicker inside of you. Rocking quicker between the softness and wetness of my tongue to the hardness of my chin you start to quiver. Your moans are growing louder and you are starting to come. Riding me I can feel the rain coming from your body as the thunder grows louder. Tongue moving in and out of you my mouth reaches for your
clit, pulling it inside of my mouth you come again, more forcefully then before.

You slide down my body, very wet from the rain, the coolness of your body excites me even more as your hard nipples slide along my chest. You lower yourself perfectly on top of my hard cock. The heat from your pussy has never been hotter. Moving hard and quick, clenching me, we meet in a hard passionate kiss. Neither one of us caring that it is raining harder on us, we move almost frantically, out of control as we both reach hard and loud for an orgasm. I can sense myself about to explode as thunder echoes through our room. I can hear myself growing louder with every move, filling you up, faster, harder, hands on your hips, pulling you down for one last hard thrust, I come deep inside of you, as you collapse on me with your own powerful orgasm.

We lay motionless as the thunder is once again in the distance. I am still inside of you, you still on top of me. I slowly rub your back and you stroke my hair. Reaching down for the covers I pull them over us.

"I Love you Sweetheart."

"I love you Honey."

We whisper to each other as we fall asleep and the thunder continues to roll away.