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Jolie often showered first on Sunday mornings. She would get up a couple hours earlier than me just to shower and have breakfast waiting for when I finally hauled my ass out of bed. I always heard her get up, or rather, I felt her get out of bed. It got colder. Jolie kept the bed warm. I heard her turn the water on; despite her efforts to be quiet, I knew she couldnít. The showerhead I installed allowed for reach around and maneuverability. The head also let one control the jet stream for an oh-so-pleasant feeling if sprayed directly upon oneís clit. I imagined her jilling off every morning before work, because she still left shortly after I came home from my bartending job. Iíd swear sometimes from the way she acted though, that Jolie preferred the showerhead massager to my skilled tongue. She swore otherwise but with all the recent changes in my life, I had trouble believing her. Hell, I couldnít even believe it myself, I was jealous of a plastic showerhead.

She swore up and down, even in her dominating tone to me that any additional toys brought into the bedroom or our relationship were for us. I usually pouted sometimes afterwards but Jolie either ignored me or ravished me, depending on her mood. I knew I was being a bitch but I really didnít care. With me having moved in, her changing jobs as well as schedules, things have just been chaotic around here. I still had several boxes to unpack, a few things back with my old landlord I left unfinished and I still had to pay the remainder of a few bills so working had bee my focus. I hadnít trimmed up my hair in God knows how long either. I told Jolie it wouldnít work out right away but she lured me into moving in with her using her seductive tones. God, I was so attracted to her voice when she talked to me like that!

She told me she understood everything that went through my mind, sometimes she was there to coddle me but lately she hasnít been around. Work had been slightly more demanding on her too. So most mornings I just rolled over and went back to sleep until about an hour before she came home. She opened the door usually to find me in a bathrobe, hair up in bun, making myself toast. Even though I moved in with her, my eating habits hadnít advanced yet to her tastes. She always laughed as she stroked the back of my neck, feeling the little hairs grow out. She did prefer longer hair on her girlfriends but she said I looked way too cute with my pixie cut. I hadnít had the time or money to get it trimmed up lately and I wouldnít ask Jolie for the money, I am too proud.

Lately though when she comes home she goes straight to bed for a nap, woke up a few hours later, throws something light together for dinner and we just watch TV in silence until I leave for work. The weekends have been rather dull; sheís been here while Iíve worked two jobs. Iíve just needed the money that badly. I hate being behind on bills. I know Jolie has felt neglected as I have lately. Iíve honestly been scared that like other women, Jolie is planning to leave me. That deep connection I thought we shared just seems missing.

Today being Sunday, I expected the normal routine. I was dog-tired from work and I wanted to crash in bed. I drank some on the way home and if it werenít for the car wreck behind me, I certainly would have been pulled over by the cops. I pulled in my parking space, stumbled out of my car and almost fell into the door as I tried to open it. Jolie left it unlocked for some reason. I scratched my head and walked in, noting the scented candles throughout her townhouse. It smelled pretty but I just wanted to concentrate on sleep. The Saturday night crowd always wears on me, theyíre so demanding.

"Sarah, come here please?" Jolieís voice called from the bedroom.

"Just a second." I detected a certain sweetness in her voice I missed!

I stepped out of my pants and through my shirt off on the floor and headed back towards our room. Jolie lay across the bedspread, naked and relaxed. Soft music played in the background. Funny, I never noticed having a CD player there.

"Come lay with me, sweetie." She patted a space beside her. I came over to the bed and sat down beside her, placing my hand over her head.

"What can I do for you?"

"You can take off those clothes and crawl into bed with me, for starters."

I unhooked my bra and slid out of my panties and crawled on top of the bed and when my body hit the comforter, the only thing I remember is Jolieís hand rolling me over, a memory of lips tasting mine. Then my mind drew a blank.

Water running woke me and I knew it was Jolie readying a shower. Or so I thought. ""Sarah, come here please? I know youíre awake."

I opened my eyes, rubbed the sleep from them and inhaled the scent of vanilla still in the air. The candles must have burned all night. I glanced over at the clock; it was missing. Damn! I through off the covers and stood up, my head pounding from the hangover I was suffering from. I swore Iíd stop drinking so much but that promise Iíd never keep. I was proud to be a lesbian alcoholic!

"Sarah, hurry!"

"Okay, Iím coming." I stood up, yawned and headed towards the bathroom. Jolie was sitting in the tub full of bubbles, her head poking out. Her gorgeous curls were held up by pins; exposing her neck. My how she looked yummy, even through a headache I still had a libido!

"Jolie, umm, this is ratherÖ"

"Unexpected? Yeah I know dear. Come here, the waterís warm. I want to see you. We havenít been together like this in weeks."

Hesitating, I carefully stepped into the bathtub, the hot water scorching my legs but feeling so wonderful at the same time. I felt the pressure from my headache slowly leave my body as I stepped in and sat down against Jolieís body. Her firm and slippery breasts pressed against my back, her trimmed pussy hair against my ass, the water felt incredible, so relaxing. Jolie put her arms around my body and pulled me into her closer, caressing me and letting the water flow around us.

"Now doesnít this feel better?"

"Mmm, much better."

"Good. You know weíve been rather distant with each other."

"Yeah," her hand fondled my breasts and my nipples hardened.

"Itís been bothering me that weíve been so distant with each other. Are you falling out of love with me?"

"Honestly Jolie," her hand slithered down my now silky stomach, "No. Change has just been difficult for me. Everything," her lips fell to my neck and she placed sweet little kisses on it, "has just been difficult and stressful lately."

"So how does this bath catch your fancy?"

"I like it."


Jolieís hand slithered further down my stomach, brushing over my pubic region until a finger slid in between parting lips. Her nail tugged at my clit lightly causing me to jump against her. She continued to place little kisses over the back of my neck and run a finger through my matted hair. The mountain of bubbles parted just enough to show her slender legs and mine before covering them up again. I felt her nails slide down my back until she reached the middle and began to massage my muscles with her one hand. Her other hand began to glide in and out of my cunt. I felt another finger inserted and she spread me open even further, both fingers making little circles inside of me and it felt wonderful. I suddenly felt a stream of water gently caressing me as her breasts pressed further into my back again, her hair falling over me. I closed my eyes and guessed it was the showerhead I bitched about so much that sprayed the steady stream directly on my clit while she played with me. It felt so wonderful, "Mm, Jolie, you treat me so well."

" Thatís my baby, now come for me." Silky feel, silky bathwater, silky voice in my ear, I knew it wouldnít be but another few seconds before I came, sending fluid into the water. Her tongue flicked against my earlobe and her fingers worked faster inside of me, harder and deeper she probed; each time when I thought she couldnít fuck me any deeper her fingers would go just a little further in, pressing upwards against me. My body shook from the stimulation of both the showerhead and her fingers, I rode and bucked against them, lowering my own hands to force both showerhead and her hand into me, my heavy breathing was in rhythm with her hands. I let out a loud sigh, came and still came harder against her, moaning her name.

"Oh, Jolie! Oh my fucking God! Yes, thatís it, m-my body, f-u-ck!"

She bit down on my earlobe hard and I collapsed into her arms. She tilted my head back against her shoulder and kissed my lips gently. "Thatís my good girl," her silken voice spoke into my ears.

The next thing I recall was the two of us lying together on the bed, her stroking my face with the backside of her fingers. Jolie looked down on me, she was lying on her side. Her body clothed only in a nightgown, her skin smelled lightly of her perfume. Words werenít required for once, just her starring deep into my eyes to reassure me that everything would be all right.