Slick 'n Slide, By Sheila Jay. Copyright 2001
1000 words

"You're slick as a water slide, babydoll." Trish separated Penny's legs and licked her scent. "That a girl. Give me that sweet pussy, and I'll ride your wave home. On her back, Penny spread wide, and looked up at the ceiling mirror. She had a perfect view of Trish's quivering ass.

That was the quiver that caught her attention when she saw Trish running on the bikepath. Penny, stretching against a tree, noticed a pair of long, lean legs run by. They were clad in tight, black spandex with a royal blue stripe running inside each thigh. The tight ass jiggled just a bit under the spandex.

Penny's desire dropped into her cunt which began to tremble with anticipation. Trish had on a nearly backless sports bra. Her reddish brown hair bounced against her bare back, tied in a ponytail. Penny held herself back from wrestling this sublime creature to the ground.

Her imagination went wild with her tongue trailing down that smooth, sexy back. Her fingers teasing under the elastic waistband of the running pants. She could picture herself wiggling the black spandex pants down over those luscious hips, and slipping her tongue inside the sheer panties. With a little maneuvering, she'd lift that sweet ass up high and lap at the panties til the outline of her pussy pressed against the fabric.

Oh, god, how sweet she'd taste, even through the panties. Penny's cunt started to drip just thinking about it. She didn't know what she was going to do. She couldn't very well chase after her. But she couldn't let that ass or that girl get away.

Penny got back on the trail, and ran a little faster than usual. Soon, she saw that quivering ass again. The woman was stretched in a yoga dog pose. Her hands were flat against the ground, with her body arched up, and her feet stretched back about four feet. That positioned her ass high in the air, and when Penny walked by, it took all her self control to keep from squeezing it.

"Been practicing yoga long?" Penny asked.

"About a year." She got out of the pose and stood up. "I love doing postures outside. What about you?"

"Nothing formal. Just a few stretches here and there. I know what you mean about yoga outside, though. The postures produce so much heat that the fresh air really balances it out."

"Yeah, that's one of the things I love about yoga. The heat."

Penny thought she picked up a certain something from the way she said, ‘The heat.' Was it possible that she was interested in pursuing this chance meeting?

"My name's Penny."

"I'm Trish. Wanna finish our run together?"

That's how they ended up in Trish's studio apartment. When they finished the trail loop, they were in need of something cool to drink. Trish invited Penny to her place which was just over the bridge.

The drink turned into light conversation. Talk turned into laughter about previous lovers, and it didn't take long before the laughter matured into a kiss. Penny had waited two hours to touch Trish's ass. She wasn't going to wait a minute more. Her hands slid down Trish's nearly bare back, and she brought her fantasy to life by slipping her fingers inside the waistband of her black spandex pants. Penny's fingers slid down Trish's ass and cupped her warm, firm flesh.

Trish responded by slipping her tongue up to the roof of Penny's mouth, and then nibbled on her lower lip.

"Is it okay?" Penny asked as she started to slip the pants down over her luscious hips.

"Oh, it's more than okay," Trish said, and she lifted Penny's t-shirt over her head. "Oh, sweety, look at those tits. They're beautiful." She unclasped the bra so that her breasts could escape their bondage.

While Penny massaged her lover's ass and rubbed the side of her hand up and down her crack, Trish played with Penny's tits. Holding the lovely mounds in her hands, she swirled her tongue around the nipples, teasing them to attention. She traced the lower curve of Trish's tit over to her side.

As Penny pushed her finger against her lover's tight little back door, and felt Trish's tongue lick the hollow under her arm, she grew hungry for a taste of pussy. They moved into the bedroom where they peeled the rest of their clothes away. Penny lay on her back and Trish kneeled over her, moving her face near Penny's steamy cunt. She kept her own pussy clear of Penny's mouth, for now.

"You're slick as a water slide, babydoll," Trish said, and pushed her lover's thighs open. Her fingers pulled Penny's outer lips apart, and playfully rubbed over the already wet pussy. Trish lowered her mouth to the tantalizing aroma. She slid her tongue up and down along both sides of Penny's slit, and echoed the motion by rocking on her knees.

Just before Penny closed her eyes to savor the sensation, she glanced up at the mirrored ceiling. She could see Trish's firm, quivering ass as her face slid over her sopping wet pussy. Penny spread her legs even wider.

"Oh, that's my good girl," said Trish, and she penetrated her cunt with the tip of her tongue. It felt too good to just lie there, so Penny grabbed Trish's tight ass and pulled her pussy to her hungry mouth. She could smell her femaleness as she came closer, and the intoxicating scent brought her closer to her own climax.

Trish rubbed and squeezed Penny's clit and then inserted a finger next to her tongue and began to rhythmically slide it in and out. Penny slurped at Trish's sex, savoring her taste, and slipped one, two, then three fingers inside. Riding hard, their hearts beginning to pound, they bucked up against each other.

"Wanna finish our run together?" Trish mumbled with a laugh. And with their mouths full of hot, slippery pussy, both of them came.

Copyright 2001 by Sheila Jay, . All rights reserved. Not to be used or reproduced in any form without written permission from the author.