A woman's touch . . .(c) Copyright by SecretScandal (Clayton C. Mitchell), 1998
By SecretScandal@juno.com
[All rights reserved - copy/duplication prohibited without prior authorization]

Kathi, alone for the evening, indulged herself in a long luxurious body soak. She laid back and enjoyed the muscle relaxing hot water while reading a new novel she'd picked up. It was a rather spicy bit that added nicely to the stimulation she felt from the water. After an hour or so, following a couple of water 'reheats' from additional hot water, Kathi decided it was time to get out. She hated to, but the 'prune' wrinkles her finger tips and toes were developing indicated it was time.

Kathi lay her book carefully out of the way then hoisted herself up out of the water. The warmth had totally relaxed her so she was a touch unsteady. A bit of adjustment allowed her to proceed without toppling over. She grabbed a towel and began a vigorous rubdown. Her skin, sensitive from the hot water - and the steamy romance she'd been reading - tingled as she dried, reacting to the touch of the terry cloth. She smiled. Even this she found stimulating. What could she say, tonight she was just simply in the mood to be stimulated. She glanced and saw the paper she'd brought in with the book.

The folded sheets of Jeff's story! Oh yeah! She'd almost forgot. Jeff, a coworker who'd become a good friend had emailed her some racy scenario of 'work related naughtiness'. Grabbing it up she opened, read, and instantly was absorbed. She held the pages in one hand and continue to towel dry with the other. Oh my!, she thought as she was instantly drawn into Jeff's scenario.

A short dressing bench stood before the mirror. Kathi sat down, her eyes never leaving the pages. She sat nude, the towel draped loosely. over a shoulder. Her lack of attire added to the stimulus of Jeff's words. She felt her body react with force. The tingle hovering just below the surface now bloomed. Her nipples stiffened and yearned for a touch, a squeeze or more - a bite! Yes, a bite and the thought of teeth nipping lightly forced a deep breath to be drawn. The breath forcing the chest up and forward, increasing the yearn for stimulation. Oh my! - Kathi read on.

The words continued to heat and Kathi could not resist. Her free hand crossed her chest and gently cupped her own breast. With deep and deliberate action she squeezed, filling her own hand with the fullness of her breast. A finger lifted and lightly played the nippled peak. Flicking, pressing, playing with the sensitive zone, heightening the pleasure she felt, driving her to yearn for more - so much more! Her hand slipped forward and forefinger and thumb took the erect nipple between, squeezing, rolling, pinching the taught woman flesh.

"ahh!", she moaned as another deep breath was drawn. "Oh Jeff!

. . . The very idea!" - she delighted in Jeff's suggestion. The scenario Jeff painted was truly a man's perspective. With a hard driven sensuality to it, almost rough, definitely rugged; not, in fact, Kathi's general taste, but tonight it appealed! It's rawness seem to stroke a hunger deep inside and awaken cravings that actually surprised her. 'To think', she pondered, 'I WANT this!' She smiled, devilishly so, with great mischief playing throughout her mind. Her hand offered another caress - but yet, too hard to be labeled a caress, though a touch, nonetheless - and a surge of stimulus emanated throughout her body.

Kathi read on - of the male character taking such forceful Control. A dominance, no doubt, but one allowed by the She. Kathi delighted in the scenario, considering how she might react in the She's place - whether to accept the advances, whether to resist! Oh, to be taken! Now that would be something. And the scene, the surroundings, all too familiar: her work cubicle and Jeff's, laid out in perfect detail.

She certainly recognized the place. And the characters too .. the she was her, no doubt and the he was Jeff. There was no veil here, Jeff was spelling it out in detail, he wanted her and wanted her bad. The surprise was with Kathi, for as she read she couldn't deny she wanted to be wanted! And the fact Jeff was doing the wanting? Well, that was no deterrent! In fact . . . dare she say, dare she admit . . . she wanted him to want! Oh Jeff!

Kathi stood abruptly, closing her hand against the papers, folding the words out of view. She clinched her eyes shut, shook her head, and opened them again widely. She stood with a deer-in-the-headlight expression, staring at her nude self in the mirror. What in the world was she doing?, quizzing herself as she stared without really looking. She grabbed her book, the towel still flung over her shoulder, and stepped resolutely into the bedroom. She jammed the folded sheets into the book and put the book on the bedside table. She blew out a long breath as she shook her head, walking to her dresser, trying to come back to her senses.

'Gracious!', she sighed.

Kathi tossed her head back and shook out her hair. She hadn't washed it but the tips were wet from laying back in the tub. She toweled them dry and smoothed them out, glancing at herself in the dresser mirror. She reached and pulled open her lingerie drawer, her mind on the hair task at hand. She reached for a pair of panties from the front stack in her drawer, the everyday stack. Her hand stopped short when her fingertips touched the cotton, ordinary pair she targeted. She glanced down and spied the colorful stack of 'special' ware in the back. She pulled the drawer further open and visually sorted through the silk, satin and lace neatly arranged in the back. It was the 'good' stuff.

Special lingerie for a special task; sexy, lacy, feminine ware designed to entice, show off and enhance her own physical beauty. It was designed to attract and arouse, to bring out pure animal cravings deep within the hungry human male. Such thoughts stirred as Kathi mentally clicked through her inventory, each piece being imagined in place clinging to her body. She stopped as she came to a particular piece. It was the sexiest, most daring, most provocative garment she owned. It complimented and accented her body features, it sent strong signals of

"I'm yours" and "make me your toy". Kathi laughed with delight.

A grin slowly crept on to Kathi's face. It took her lips, yet a seriousness remained in her eyes. The primal nature of Jeff's scenario came to mind; the characters, now, not hidden behind fictitious names.  In her mind's eye, Jeff was there hungering, anxious to touch and she was there hungering to be touched. A delicious moment was once again washing over her - body and soul.

Kathi reached for the risque underwear and slipped it onto her nude body, enjoying the caress of the smooth cloth sliding against her skin; enjoying the sensation as it nestled home, tight against her sensitive crotch; feeling, noticing the stimulus as her breasts were cupped and pressed into place. The sensations did not go unnoticed. A rumble in her throat sounded in response. Her breathing deepened as she donned her provocative ware. She glanced at her image in the mirror. She pictured the scenario, Jeff's scenario, and thought of this look. Thought of Jeff and his reaction to the scene she saw before her. Thought of how his hunger would build, of how his cravings would intensify as she in this very outfit became revealed. And she thought of the revealing process, her outer clothing being slowly removed, one piece at a time, one button at a time. She imagined Jeff's strained self-discipline, his forcing himself to move slowly as he aided the removal process, with a hungry anticipation. The anticipation, that within moments, he would take her! Kathi reached and flicked the bedroom overhead lights off, allowing the soft glow of the bed stand lights to illuminate the room. She allowed her grin to blossom into a smile, but the seriousness remained in the eyes. She took a few steps to the stereo and inserted a favorite CD, a very base and primal rhythm, music a friend of hers referred to as 'fuck' music. At the moment, she too was thinking of the music along such lines -and she was thinking of Jeff!

Kathi noticed the press of her garment as she moved toward the stereo, the stimulation chased through her body and heightened her arousal. She turned the music up, not loud, not overbearing, but where it could be felt. She closed her eyes as she allowed the rhythm to take hold. The music found her hips and they moved, rolling to the beat; a slow subtle start that grew in intensity as the beat droned on.

Kathi again felt the press of her provocative ware. A slight moan issued from her lips as she moved further into the music, her hips now rolling, her  pelvis occasionally thrusting, her body being consumed. Her arms found the beat as well and were up tracing patterns through the air. Her head rocked and bobbed as well, eyes closed, mind gone. Her mind was cleared of all. All, that is, except for Jeff - Jeff was there. He was there in such vivid imagination she felt his touch, felt his breath, heard his voice. Her own cravings began to consume as she placed herself with him, offering him complete and total control - to have her and do with her as he desired - knowing his desires would please!

Kathi danced. A lover's dance. Letting her mind go and her emotions run, she danced. One arm sent a hand outstretched above her head. Bending at the elbow her hand came down smoothing her hair to the back of her neck. She massaged her neck a bit, noticing, feeling how the motion brought her breast forward and up, pressing against the cup of her lingerie. Her other arm crossed the front of her body, still undulating to the strong primal rhythm, and pressed fully against her abdomen, her hand and arm both laying fully against her. She hugged herself and felt the warmth as she swayed in perfect rhythm.

Her hand then loosed and slid up her belly finding the bulge of her breast. She took her own breast fully in her hand and squeezed deeply. Her lips parted and an intense sound broke forth. The moans indicated her surrender, she relented to the passion forces playing on her and turned herself over for release. She massaged her breast then found the stiff, erect nipple poking against the satiny cloth. With forefinger and thumb she rolled the nipple, sending ecstatic sensations - and she thought of Jeff. Of his caress, his touch, his hands playing her breast. She fought it no longer and gave in to her mental yearnings. Images of Jeff filled her mind. She considered his smile, his laugh, his warmth - he would be a delightful lover. She thought now of his face, his lips, of his kiss. With her own tongue she licked and wetted her lips, caressing them, pressing them as she continued her dance, thinking of the interaction of a deep kiss, of how a kiss stirred so. She thought of Jeff's lips, his mouth, as his kiss moved from her lips to her neck, the slight touches of moisture left as he lip walked his way across her skin, of how he might touch an ear, nibble a lobe, how he would definitely be moving south, moving toward her anxious breast, seeking her nippled peaks, to caress, to kiss, to lick, to fondle, to suck, to bite. "oh Jeff",

Kathi moaned as she punctuated the call with her own fingers closing on a nipple.  Her fingers slipped beneath the covering of her lingerie and found her bare breast; toying, flicking, squeezing the erect nipple, allowing her hunger to build. She felt the wetness of her cunt as she continued the undulations of her pelvis matching the rhythm of the music. It begged for stimulation, wanted to be touched, perhaps to be licked, definitely to be fucked. She squirmed deeper as her thoughts stumbled on the desire and her mind focused below.

Her hand left her neck, coming back over her head. She brought it to her face, caressing her cheek as she slid it down across her neck, onto her chest and upon her unattended breast. It offered similar stimulation as the other and she gasped at the new wave of stimulus. Her opposite hand now slipped down, palm against her trim and tight abdomen, sliding south pressed against her rocking, swaying body.

She slid the hand to her pelvis, holding there, pressing, riding with the rhythmic movement. Kathi was not stopping, just anticipating. She was beyond her self. No mental command center was in control. Passion was in control. And the music beat on. The dance continued.

Pinching a touch of cloth between her finger tips, Kathi pulled up and tightened the press of garment against her crotch. She blew out a breath, feeling the added stimulation. The rock of her hips increased and she pressed her pelvis against the hold of cloth for added stimulus. Her wetness was intense, she'd already soaked the panty pressed against her. Kathi slid her finger tips forward and they crept onto her zone. She felt her tight curls beneath her fingers and through the silky cloth. She inched forward, her fingertips felt the softness of her woman flesh through the wet cloth. She caught a breath and touched herself with determined pressure. She danced on.

The stimulations soared through her body. She humped her pelvis toward the pressing finger, though her hand rode with the movement, not truly offering any additional press. She pumped to the music, always with the music, a part of the music. She controlled the inputs with her finger and hand. The pelvis was her, craving the touch, pushing forward with desire. The finger, the hand, was Jeff controlling the action, making the call, deciding the deed. She hungered, craved, begged for more.

She inched her hand forward, a finger tip felt her cleft, pressed in, the wet silk material pressing with it. She gritted teeth and breathed hard. Her other hand repurchased on her breast, gripping hard. "oh, ga" was grunted in response and Kathi danced on. Her hand - Jeff - moved again.

She thought of Jeff. Of his hand, a man's hand, touching. Of his finger's slipping in and stimulating. Of his cock and its firmness, its manly state. Her finger retracted and slipped beneath the edge of her panty, finding warm wet skin beneath. She slipped her finger in - and at the touch, she nearly came! She called out, near screamed, Jeff's name. She danced against her own piercing finger, allowing the fuck, considering Jeff.

Kathi's mind began to swirl. Images flashed and repeated, strong sexual images. Jeff was there, his face, his smile, his body, his hardened cock. She was there, her clothes off or half off, her desire unashamedly displayed, her craving exposed. Kathi dropped back across the bed, flat on her back, drawing up her knees, spreading them wide. Her garment snapped across the crotch and she quickly opened it. Her pelvis kept the beat and rocked on. She pulled back the material and allowed her hand full and unrestricted access - for her hand was Jeff and Jeff was to take her!

Her breathing was in gasps, deep and forced. Her breast was still being stimulated but the true focus was below. Her fingers played her woman flesh for a toy; touching, stoking, rubbing. The tips laid open the woman lips and joined together to pierce her opening. They fucked her - Jeff fucked her. A quick burst of repeated penetration - hard, quick fucking. The kind after the foreplay, after the initial startup. The kind where Jeff has mounted to ride her home to ecstatic release! She pictured Jeff riding her, mounted between her thighs thrusting his great man-cock deep within her tightening wet cunt. "Oh my, JEFF!" she screamed out, as she did herself.

She withdrew fingers, now wet with her own juice and put a tip of one to her swollen clit. Very directly she rubbed the now super sensitive spot. She gritted teeth and loosed grunts of satisfaction as muscles drew tight across her body. She threw back her head, pressing into her pillow and gulped great gasps of air. Her release was close and she increased the frenzy. The music - the fuck music - beat on its base primal beat. Images of Jeff flashed through her mind at a dizzying pace. She found the one of him on her, between her, deep within her and held it focused within her mind's eye. She pictured great, powerful driving thrusts as his hardened cock pressed within to the max, bringing an uncontrolled scream from her open mouth. She imagined: Jeff came, his powerful body shuddering in great spasms, his ejaculation flooding her cunt with bursts of hot man-cream. Deep, gutteral grunts were heard as Jeff held against her in orgasm, his hands beneath her hips pulling her all the more tighter against him, driving his cock all the more deeper into her!

Kathi played her clit to frenzy. With images of Jeff in orgasm and her own hand rubbing with spastic convulsion, she came. She slipped her fingers in to fuck against her. Waves of orgasmic release ripped through her belly, emanating from her filled and stimulated cunt. It was a hard, powerful, full bodied cum. An orgasm that rolled her eyes back in their sockets and drew out uncontrolled, unrestricted animalistic sex sounds from her mouth. It felt so good and in her mind she fucked Jeff for all she was worth, allowing him to know her to depths beyond all others. She imagined holding him tight, cumming against him, her fingers dug into his back, nails biting the flesh.

She imagined the heat of his breath against her, the weight of his body atop her. It was good. Very good. She peaked, the climax being a notable event she would not soon forget. She held herself tight as she felt the pound of her own heart and her blood course through its veins. Her breathing slowly restored, her heart rate began to calm. She smiled. It was a most pleasant moment. The music CD had moved on to other tracks and its intensity had lessened too. She felt as if she were in a dream. The physical stimulation matching and suporting the mind's eye - an odd sense of reality to be sure.

She slipped her fingers from herself, shuddering a bit at the sensitivity, forcing herself to go slow and easy. She slipped her breasts back into their covering and snapped her garment back in place. She lay there a moment and considered what she might do. How she might 'answer' Jeff's little senario.

She dreamed up all sorts of cute ways, some fun, others almost serious. At the thoughts of serious responses she chided herself, "don't forget - reality this is not!' But then she smiled and continued her considerations. She glanced at the clock and saw that bed time was near. This pleased, for in her dreamlike state she was ready to slip into peaceful slumber.

She decided on a drink, her mouth was terribly dry. She slipped on a robe and stepped toward the kitchen. Along the way, she saw her computer and an idea sparked. She grabbed a quick ice-water, then sat down to boot up the machine.

A grin crept across her face. After a moment she was up and running, she opened her Email program.

"Dearest Jeff . . . I got your story. . . might I tell you how it pleased? . . .