The Locker Room, 2000 by Scarlet
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I had just taken on this new client. It was The Gym Room. The manager was very nice and he explained to me that the gym closed every night at nine p.m. and that I could come and clean by ten p.m. at night. That everyone would be gone. This was my first night to clean. I was rather anxious and wanted to do a great job so I could get the contract, so I arrived a littler early that night. I was working my way through college it was my and this was my last year. I really needed this job. On my first night there I kept hearing voices. I began looking in all of the rooms, trying to figure out what was going on. Finally I found the room where the voices were coming from. As I stepped around the corner I could smell the aroma of alcohol and cigarettes. In the room before me stood five naked men and two women, and they were watching porn movies, drinking and having a party.

I wasn't sure how to proceed to do my job. I was slightly embarrassed. Especially once things seemed to liven up. The girls began to lap dance for the men, and it was obvious by now, from the talk from the men, that Joe was getting married and I had happened upon his bachelor party.

Slowly I backed away from the sights and sounds before me. But, suddenly I heard lustful moans coming from the women and heard the other men rooting for Joe. I must say my curiosity had gotten the best of me.

I watched from behind a ceramic wall. I was sure no one could see me. I peered around the wall and saw two women licking and rubbing Joe's fine hard cock. I was surprised to see the other men stroking themselves as well. As the other men cheered Joe on in his victory, the women became more aggressive in their sexual play.

Even from a distance I could see Joe's hard cock drip with precum. The tall blonde got on her knees and stuck her tongue out as to catch his juices, as the other girl held his cock in her hand and was stroking him. I have to admit this scene before me was very hot indeed. But I had my job to do. I had been studying hard at college and had no time for any sexual play in over a year. And maybe this was the reason for the wetness in my panties. I found I could not pull myself away from the scene before me. In my mind I was wishing I was one of those women. I wonder what would happen if I just walked over and started playing. I almost groaned out loud as I was rubbing my taunt nipples through my blouse.

The women began to rub and suck Joe now, and suddenly Joe let out a primal scream as he shot his juices on the girls faces. But, what happened next totally caught me off guard as well as the men. The blonde (they called her Sheila) leaned over and began to lick the cum from the brunette's face (they called her Dee) . As she was licking her face, her long slender fingers softly probed Dee's bare mons pubis. Sheila was now tongue kissing the other woman and she was reciprocating.

Suddenly they were in the floor, both on their hands and knees crawling to each other. They met in the middle of the floor and begin to rise from their knees and place their hands-on each others breast and pussy's. They acted as if they were there alone. The men began to talk amongst themselves. They were encouraging the women to make love to one another. They were applauding and screaming,"do her baby! Lick that pussy, suck those tits!" The men were holding their cocks and stroking them.

They formed a circle around the women and they watched the women bump and grind to the sound of the music. As the crescendo to the music became higher and faster, the women were fucking each other's pussy's with their tongue's. the men were now jacking off on them. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was almost disgusted by this site, but something in me would not let me turn away. I thought how humiliating, but the women loved it. They were bathing in the juices of the men. And licking the cum from each others faces and bodies.

I began stroking my pussy, I could feel the wetness and the throbbing of my clit. My panties were wet. Inside my velvet lining was hot and wet. I wanted to cum so bad. I wish I could strip naked and fuck myself, with anything. This scene was getting me so hot. I think because I had never been a voyeur before. There was something awesome about watching real people have sex.

I had to get on with my work, but I couldn't tear myself away from the site before me. I was so hot and really horny now. I was really enjoying watching those women love each other. So soft seemed their caresses and the way they ate each other's pussy, so soft and slow. As if they were eating a popsicle. Long nice licks up the slit and licking the lovers nub, while a single finger probe each other's little hot box. I think they were putting a show on for the men. But when I saw Sheila straddle Dee's face and she began to rub her hot little pussy on her face and Dee's hands grab Sheila's ass I knew it was no show. They enjoyed making each other cum. Sheila was twisting her nipples and Joe stepped in front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth. Another guy got on his knees and began to eat Dee's pussy. My god what a site. So primal, so hot. Suddenly I could feel myself begin to cum so hard, I let out a small moan of pleasure as I heard and saw the trio all cum together. The gym room that night needed no steam, all you could hear were lustful moans. I was spent. I watched as they all slowly got dressed and said their good-byes. And they left. Here I was with a mess to clean up as well. I laughed to myself as I started pulling up my pants and started cleaning up the locker room

I finally finished cleaning the gym. Boy, what a night. I was tired, hot and sweaty. so I thought I would jump in the shower and get cleaned up before going home that night. As I showered I felt the hard spray hit my face, and I just got lost in the rush of the water. Just letting it blast out tonight's frustrations. I didn't realize how horny I was. As I soaped up my hands and washed my body, the thought of those women kissing and eating each other really had me hot. My hands were now sliding between my thighs, and rubbing my clit. the other hand rubbing my breast. I rubbed my clit harder and faster, my body ached with the need for release. when suddenly I heard a male's voice behind me and startled the hell out of me.

"And who are you?" His tone was rather harsh.

I turned around with my hands crossing my breast to cover myself the best I could. It wasn't easy, to decide to cover my breast or my bare naked muff.

"Whooo are you?" My tongue sputtered. the man standing before me was about 38 or so. Very handsome, I thought. Big brown eyes, and hair the color of spun gold. His face was taunt and I could see a slight smile. He stood there tall and muscular with his tanned body. His pecs hard and shiny with oil. His towel wrapped around his slender waist. His thighs looked strong and his towel seemed to be rising in the middle.

"Young lady I am the owner of the gym, Paul Stone." He cut a glance at my bare muff.

I managed to nod acknowledging who he was. And with great difficulty explained who I was. You would think he would be a gentleman and offer me a towel. I wasn't sure to offer him my hand to shake or to take off and run.

"I am Ally, th-e-e-e cleaning lady."

"Do you usually bathe in the men's locker room, Ally?" he asked.

I was in a daze, my mind was mush. Here I stood in the presence of a magnificent male specimen. And all I could do was stutter and gawk at his bulging pecs and biceps.

I finally managed to utter,"huh?"

He stepped in the shower and walked passed me to the next vacant showerhead. He turned away from me and dropped the towel. My goodness, what magnificent gluteus maximus he had. He had a body most men never achieve in a life time. Most women would kill for a man like him. I caught myself staring at him. I watched as he soaped up the washcloth and began to wash.

"Ally? Your name is Ally?" he asked

"Yes, sir."

"Well, Ally, do you always take a shower in the men's locker room."

He had turned then to look at me. There I was naked in all my glory. The water still beating down my back and splashing my face. I was slightly chilled and my nipples grew taunt. I wasn't sure how to handle this. My college days had never prepared me for this encounter, I thought as I smiled to myself.

"A-hem, Mr. Stone, the doors were locked and everyone was gone, and I was done cleaning, so I thought I would just jump in and shower. I really didn't think it would matter." I tried not to stutter, but I was nervous as hell. What would he think? I would lose this contract for sure.

"I guess it doesn't matter," he said. and turned to finish bathing.

"Well, if your sure? I will finish my shower and leave."

"No, go on and finish. I promise not to watch." He smiled and winked.

I took the bar of soap and began massaging it slowly between my hands, the suds slipping down my arms and down to my breast. I lathered up my breast, and gently washed them. I began washing down my inner thighs, and the water was pounding on my back as I was leaning over. I turned and faced the shower to rinse off. The water was splattering against my face and it felt so good. I thought, here I am taking a shower with a hunk and about to miss the opportunity of a life time. I was about to finish my shower when suddenly I felt a whisper in my ear and firm hands on my shoulders.

"Your not leaving yet are you?" He asked. Common sense was screaming at me to pick up my clothes and run. But, you got to understand, it had been a year since a man had touched me. And here he was standing there with me in the shower, naked and I could feel his erection probing my back. then the unbelievable happened. I think I whimpered when he kissed my neck and his hands snaked around my waist. I could feel his hot breathe as he whispered "I want you here and now, in the shower." Suddenly he spun me around and his lips kissed mine and his tongue probed my hot moist mouth. His hands on my ass, pulling me into his masculine body. I shivered as the water ran lukewarm. I melted against him. My arms wrapped around him as we kissed. His head slipped down to my large breast where he nestled his head between my mounds of flesh. The water ran down my back and I tingled as he took a nipple into his mouth and suckled like a new babe. I moaned as my fingernails gently clawed his back. His other hand slid between my thighs and found its way to my comfort zone. My head began to flail from side to side. I wanted more than his hand. I wanted to feel him inside of me. He gently picked me up and I wrapped my long legs around his waist. He carried me from the shower to the large bench in the middle of the room and laid me down. He placed my legs over his shoulders as he bent down to lick my bare mons. His face was in my crotch, my thighs were holding him tight. His tongue was lapping up the moist beads of water that had accumulated between my thighs. My heels raked across his back as his tongue toyed with my clit. He licked and sucked me to the edge of orgasm and left me on the edge. I pushed my cunt hard against his face as I fucked his face with my hot juicy pussy. I grabbed his hair, his ears, and clawed his back. I felt like a wanton slut. His fingers probe my hot box. I screamed and grunted and cried out loud for him to fuck me. I begged him to fuck me. "Oh, please Mr.Stone, fuck me hard. I want you inside of me." I pleaded.

Then suddenly he stood before me, and showed me his huge shaft. The head was large and the veins stood up. I could see precum oozing from the head of his bulbous cock. He was almost as out of breath as I was. He gently rolled the head across my lips. Back and forth, and then he slid his cock down between the valleys of my breast. His cock finally descended where I needed him the most. My hips bumped and grinded against him.

"You want my cock? Don't you?" as he slapped it against my clit. "Yes, please yes!" I begged. He placed the head of his cock at the opening of my wet lips. He slowly pushed his hard cock into my valley. Deeper and deeper he went, as I moaned and begged for more. Suddenly he impaled himself with one single thrust and enter the deepest core of my soul. Within one-second I burst into flames. I panted as he enter me back and forth. With each thrust a new wave of pleasure entered me. My hips moved to meet his thrust. In me he felt tight and snug. As he with drew the length of his sword he paused, and I inhaled him. He looked deep into my eyes and I could see him hungrily consumed with my pleasure. My world faded away, as he plunged deep inside me and we both burst into flames. I felt him as he spewed his seed into my valley and I yielded to him as we both bellowed in the night, like something ancient and primeval. I felt the thunder in his heart as he came, and the lighting burned my thighs and I could feel small jerking motions in me, as my vaginal walls spasmed around his spent cock.

We both were intoxicated by the afterglow of what had happened. We laid there like to rag dolls and cuddled.

"Ally, you never did answer my question."

"And what was that?"

"Do you usually bathe in the men's locker room?" and laughed.

"Why only with you Mr. Stone. Only with You," and smiled.

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About the Author:   I love reading and writing erotica and have been doing it for years now. I am 47 years old and have 2 daughters. One is a mother to my beautiful granddaughter and my other daughter is 18 and going to college. I am a nurse by trade and one day soon hope to be a published author~s~. You may visit my websites and read my poetry . I hope you enjoy my stories and please feel free to comment on them to me.