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I was waiting in the Hilton restaurant for Christine, my date for the day, to arrive. She'd agreed to pay me my usual escort fee - 150 dollars per hour. I was at her disposal for that fee; we could just talk or go up to a room and have sex. From our phone conversation I expected her choice to be be sex.

When I started in the escort racket as a student over four years ago the money was very important to me. But nowadays the different types of women that I get to meet, and the sex that I have with some of them, are more important to me than the money.

I'm obsessed with women: I love how women taste and how they smell. I love how their legs look when enclosed in nylons and how the swell of a woman's ass and tits starts my juices flowing.

The people who I work with down in Wall Street would be shocked to learn that I lead a double life. I'm a financial analyst for a hedge fund forty hours per week and an escort on nights and weekends. When I graduated from the Business School at NYU I stopped working for the Midtown Escort Service but placed my own personal escort ads when I realized that I missed the escort life.

I don't have sex with every woman that I escort. In fact, I've
been with over 200 women since getting into the escort business
and have had sex with only about 20 percent of them. And, even
if an escort job involves sex, it almost never happens on a
first meeting - these things tend to evolve over time. At least that's the way I like to play it. Some guys in the business are more anxious to get pussy as soon and as often as possible.

Christine arrived at the time we'd agreed upon. I chose a booth for privacy so that we could get acquainted and discuss exactly what she wanted.

In that first meeting in the Hilton restaurant with Christine it became obvious that she was interested in getting serviced sexually; at that point I decided to get explicit and describe the range of sexual services that I could provide for her, in clinical detail. If the other people in the restaurant could have heard our conversation they would have been shocked. She blushed when the conversation became explicit but I have enough experience in these matters to get her to openly admit that she wanted to get oral sex from me and to get fucked.

She paid the check and we went up to the room I'd reserved for
the afternoon.

When we got into the room I told Christine that it was time to disrobe. I turned away from her so that she could remove her things without having a stranger watching her strip. I took off my clothes at the same time, folding them neatly on the dresser. I gave her plenty of time to get naked before turning to face her. That sort of thing is usually difficult for new clients.

After slowly removing my clothes, I turned and found Christine naked and sitting on the bed. I sensed her nervousness but I also felt her desire. Sitting down next to her, I held her hand. With this show of tenderness on my part, she relaxed. I cupped her chin and turned her face away so that I could gently kiss the soft spot under her ear. Her hand clenched my fingers as she turned her face toward me. Her free hand touched my shoulder in a tentative embrace as I kissed her mouth. When she let my tongue touch hers, I was as caught up in the moment as she was. I released her hand and moved mine to the heated center of her thighs. Her legs spread open and I moved a finger gently up and down her slickened lips. Her moans took my breath away.

"Lie back for me, Christine. Spread yourself wide for me."

She did as I asked. "Richard, I'm so hot. You have to eat me, you have to fuck me!"

I complied. I've found throughout my 'career' that women appreciate a man who takes his time. I wanted this experience to an incredible one for her - after all, that's how I built my client list - so I moved my head to her pussy and started slowly licking down the length of her. It's so beautiful to watch a woman respond. As her excitement grew, her outer lips drew apart. I wanted to touch the tip of her clit but it was hidden. This aroused me because there is nothing more sensual than slowly bringing a woman to the brink of an explosion. I drew circles on the soft pink folds with my tongue, coaxing her clit into exposure. When it finally appeared, I touched the top of it, felt it quiver under the little flicks. Her moans became music to my ears as I drew this little pearl into my mouth. I held it between my lips as I lightly sucked it, letting my tongue move across the tight bud. She gave me an experience to remember when she came. I gripped her hips to hold her down as her orgasm took control.

After the oral sex I had her lie back with her legs spread and fucked her slowly and thoroughly. Before I screwed her I put on two condoms, standard for guys in the sex business. You can't feel much that way, but you need real protection when fucking strangers - God knows who's been there before you! Protection works both ways; the woman has protection from pregnancy and disease when I use a double condom.

I've learned quite a bit about Christine since our first meeting. She didn't tell me much about herself but I was intrigued and did a little research. She was divorced about nine months earlier from a wealthy older man. Christine runs her own consulting business in the Internet marketing area and has been written up more than once as an example of how women are getting into positions of power in the new world of the Internet. That may be why she intimidates most of the men she meets; they are bothered by a woman who projects self confidence and power. Also, she is pretty picky about who she chooses to go with to social functions. Whatever the reason, she was getting very lonely and sexually unfulfilled. Then she spotted my personal ad for escort service and decided to call me.

Over time the relationship evolved. On one occasion she was pissed off when she called me and I said that I already had a date to escort another woman at the time that Christine wanted to see me. I thought that she was so pissed and jealous that she might terminate our arrangement, but she finally agreed to a session at a different time.

When I next saw her she started asking questions about the other woman and what had happened. "Tell me about that woman you were with last Sunday. Is she good looking? How old is she? Did you screw her?"

"Christine, I will not answer such questions about other clients. But remember that I will never tell another soul about what we do together. Can you accept the fact that I see other women? If not, we can't continue."

She pouted a bit but accepted the situation. She was especially loving that time, giving me a really great blow job.

Yes, a blow job. That wasn't part of our original deal but over time she has decided to pleasure me in return for my taking care of her needs. In fact, she now tells me that fellatio is one of her favorite activities.

Our sessions have settled into a basic pattern (with a few surprises from time to time.) We start out by kissing and fondling each other. I use my hands, mouth and tongue on every part of her body to get her aroused. At this point I usually perform oral sex on her. That's a skill on which I pride myself; I know from the reaction of my clients that most have never had their pussies eaten, or that the guys involved didn't really enjoy oral sex.

The next step for me is usually to fuck Christine. Luckily, for a guy who is into servicing women, I can have many orgasms within a short period of time. It's a valuable skill if you're going to do the sort of thing I do for women. I'm sure that one reason clients tend to continue with me is that I'm a much better lover than the other men that they know. That's due to good stamina, excellent technique, and real desire on my part. You cannot fake desire!

More recently Christine has taken to sucking my cock before or after I fuck her. I remove the condoms from my dick so that I can enjoy getting sucked off. That way there's still a slight risk of catching something, but with condoms there's no fun at all for me when she goes down on me, and not much fun for her.

She loves to lick my cock from my balls to the glans, slowly and with passion. Christine is one of the best cocksuckers that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She enjoys the taste of my semen, saying that it has a distinctive salty flavor - and she swallows it with relish. I get great pleasure from seeing her expression of lust and fulfillment as she gives me oral

I told her, "Chris, you're a very deceptive person. You come across almost as an unapproachable 'ice maiden' type to strangers. But when it comes to sex you have real lowdown slutty instincts, which I appreciate."

The relationship with Christine has gotten much more intense (and complicated) recently. One day she questioned me about the sort of tasks that I normally perform as an escort for other women. I reminded her that, for most clients, I simply acted as an escort to various events, and that sex wasn't usually included. I hastened to add that sex with her was great.

"Am I unusual in being so needy for sex?", she asked.

"No, no, Chrissie - you're not unusual. Many women have strong sex drives but don't quite know how to get what they want. I like to see the expression on your face when I make love to you. I do this sort of thing for money but what I really get is satisfaction if I can satisfy a woman like you. And, of course, I have my own strong need for sex."

After a pause, she said, "This coming weekend would you please take me to a new play that I want to see? I'm sure that I can get tickets. Let's make a real date of it. You know, pick me up at my place and then we'll have dinner, followed by the play. I'll make all the arrangements. And...I'd like you to spend the night with me - none of this quick fuck thing at the hotel. Naturally I'll pay for all expenses and whatever money you want for your time. Please do this for me, and I think you'll have a good time."

I hesitated for a few moments and then agreed to see her on the following Saturday and spend the evening with her.

When I showed up her apartment house on the Upper East Side that Saturday I felt very strange; it was like picking up a date many years ago when I was a high school kid. I was nervous as hell and wondered if she would like the evening with me.

When Christine answered her door and let me in all I could do for a moment was stare. She looked quite beautiful and seductive. The idea of a woman that a woman who'd been paying me for sex was trying to seduce me was very strange. That's never happened with any of my other clients. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about a seduction scenario. On second thought, the idea of being seduced by Christine was arousing. Like most men, I'm accustomed to being in control. But she had taken control of the evening, and that was exciting to me.

I knew enough about women's clothing to realize that she was wearing expensive and elegant things. Had I really been sucking and fucking that enchanting creature? I felt my dick respond to her with a mind of its own. Smart lady - she knew exactly what I was feeling and knew that her efforts to dress up had been successful. Her lips touched mine as we hugged and then she smiled and said, "You like?"

"Whatever perfume you're wearing really turns me on. You know that I have an urge to take you to bed right now and eat your delicious pussy, don't you? You are some exciting woman!"  "Later, my dear. We'll have the night together here. I hope that I won't have to rape you."

"No rape needed. I'm not only ready for any kind of loving that you want, but I'm very aroused. You're really enticing tonight. I suppose we have to get going to make dinner on time. Do you have the theater tickets?"

"No problem. Dinner reservations are in my name. We'll pick up theater tickets at the box office. Let's go."

She had picked a good French restaurant close to the theater so that we could just stroll to the play after dinner. This evening felt very strange in that events took place in the opposite order to what I was accustomed to.

My early experiences of dating women when I was a young guy were typical. Dating a woman for the first time involved uncertainty about whether or not we would even hit it off. Then, if all went OK, I would try to get her into bed. But this was a woman with whom I'd already been having very hot sex! I knew her body and her sexual hot buttons very well but knew very little of her beyond that. The challenge now was to get to know the woman as well as I knew her body.

The dinner went well - the food was good and we talked about ourselves in intimate detail. It was shaping up to be a very nice date so far. I felt quite mellow after a few drinks and very relaxed.

I was staring at her cleavage during dinner, imagining what her nipples would feel like later when I planned to lick and suck them. I put my hand on her knee as we talked and managed to slip the hand under her skirt to her panties and get one finger under the panties and into her cunt. It was wet already! I withdrew the finger and sucked on it, tasting her pussy juices. What a great appetizer for the meal!

I got very mellow and relaxed with the drinks and my lovely dinner companion. I told her about my struggles to make something of myself, and how I got started working for an escort agency to pay for the education. I've never discussed these things with a date before.

At that point I was embarrassed to have talked about so much personal detail, but she put me at ease by listening intently.

She did ask me if I'd ever gotten serious with a client. "A few times," I answered. "But usually the women were more serious than I. I've been asked three times by wealthy women old enough to be my mother to marry them. They were very nice ladies but that wasn't for me. There was one special case, a middle-aged widow from Norway who had lots of money and wanted me to move to Europe and live with her. She was some wild woman! She was into kinky sex and introduced me to BDSM. I spent two weeks in Amsterdam with her - going to various S&M clubs. It was wild, and the sex was exciting. But I realized after a few weeks that her fantasies were more extreme than what I wanted in my private life. I didn't want to beat the shit out of her or have her do that to me."

Then Christine opened up about herself; her cheating husband and his "boyfriends", and with her disgust at being both a cover up for his homosexual activities and a "trophy wife" as well. Then she got into how tough it was for a woman to head a company in a business that was mostly run by men. It was no wonder that she was fed up with men who considered her a rival and a threat. She wanted a man who would let her be herself -  sexually and in other ways as well.

At the theater we held hands. For the life of me, I can't remember a damn thing about the play. I was so taken with Christine that I couldn't focus on what was happening on stage.
At one point she reached over and placed her left hand on the bulge in my pants and slowly rubbed my cock! I almost came right then.

After the play we hopped a cab to her place. "Spread wide for me," I whispered and put my hand under her skirt and played with her pussy as the cab proceeded uptown.

As we entered her apartment I put my arms around her and we embraced. She broke the clinch after a few minutes. "Let me have your jacket, Richard," she said. "Let's get comfortable and I'll put out some brandy. Sit on the couch and relax."

She hung up my jacket and turned up some soft music on the hi- fi set in the corner. Then she came out with two brandies, set them down and headed to the bedroom while saying, "be right back. Relax."

I sat there sipping my brandy and listening to the music. After five minutes she reappeared wearing a white terry cloth robe. It was tied loosely in front, making it obvious that she was naked beneath the robe. As she sat next to me on the couch I had to laugh. "Christ, Chrissie - soft music, low lighting and brandy. You've seen too many seduction scenes in the movies."

I should have known that it would piss her off but couldn't help making the remark, being a wiseass by nature.

That was a mistake. I almost blew it. She turned away and was about to get up in anger. But I put my arms around her to keep her on the couch.

"Hey, I'm sorry Christine. I'm a stupid joker and couldn't resist the remark. I apologize. Please forgive me - I want to make love to you and I'm sorry that I almost screwed up the evening for us. Let me make it up to you. I'll play the scene tonight the way you want it to go. OK?"

She was still pissed but I held her and kissed her until she relaxed, finally saying, "You were being a bit of a prick. But I'll forgive you. If I weren't so horny I'd probably tell you
to leave. Put on the robe I laid out for you in the bedroom and come back here for your brandy."

She had put out a matching robe for me. I took off my clothes, put on the robe, and came back out to the living room. We sat side by side on the couch, sipping brandy and listening to the music. I turned to her and opened her robe. I kissed her throat and then licked and sucked her nipples. I could sense her arousal. She nibbled on my ear as I bent over to work on her nipples. I worked my way South with my tongue, heading for the Promised Land of love and sex. I could smell the aroma already rising from her cunt and it was intoxicating. I love the smell and taste of cunt, especially when the woman is aroused.

My tongue found her clitoris which was already wet, exposed, and ready for pleasure. As I made love to her clit with my tongue and mouth I inserted a finger into her vagina and finger fucked her as I sucked on the clit. She exploded with a spasm that shook her body.

I wanted still more; so I straddled Christine with my head right over her pussy and used my tongue and mouth on her labia and clit again. She raised her head and moved it up and down while embracing my dick with her mouth as I ate her pussy. That's about the most intimate thing a man and woman can do together. It was a tremendous turn on to perform oral sex on each other at the same time.

She played with the sensitive area between my asshole and my balls as she gave me head. The final touch that brought me to orgasm was her finger playing with the sensitive nerves surrounding my anus and then probing beyond there into my rectum.

I awoke from a deep sleep the next morning when Christine shook my shoulder and announced that breakfast was ready. She was still in her robe - I put on mine and joined her in the kitchen. She had laid out orange juice, a pot of freshly made coffee, and English muffins. We sat there relaxing over breakfast when Christine announced that she was going to give me a "concentration test."

"What the hell is that?" I said.

"Just sit there and concentrate on breakfast while I conduct the test. OK?"

"Well, that's alright with me," I said, getting into the mood. "I've always been good at tests."

"We'll see if you pass this test. Remember that you have to concentrate on breakfast no matter what I do." She opened my robe and then knelt down between my legs and put her hand around my flaccid cock. There was only small motion of the cock as she applied pressure and stroked it. But she didn't seem discouraged; she reached for the raspberry jam on the table and smeared it over my cock. Then she put my penis in her mouth and lovingly sucked on it. As I watched her head going up and down I could feel the beginning of an erection. Amazing, after all that action last night! I put my head back and just enjoyed the blow job. When I came she sucked up the spurt of white cum and swallowed it with gusto.

"How did I do on the test?," I asked as she wiped white ejaculate from her face.

"I'd give you a B-Minus," she replied. "You lost some concentration at the end. Maybe you'll retake the test later."

"Not today. I'll have to get dressed soon and get back to my own pad. I've things to do at home. Let's repeat the test the next time I see you."

An hour later I put on my clothes and prepared to leave. As we kissed at the door she put some money in my jacket pocket. I pulled out the wad of cash and did a quick count; it seemed
like quite a bit to me.

"Hey, Chrissie," I said. "This seems like too much..." She cut me off with a kiss, saying, "Rich, it was worth every cent to me. You're a great lover and I'd rather spend the money on you than anything else."

Perhaps the most surprising thing that's happened to me in my years of escort work was the phone call I got from her about ten days later, on a weekday evening.

"Richard, I want to share some wonderful news with you. I just got an offer of financial backing from an investment group I've been talking to recently. They are going to back me and want to do an IPO and bring my company to market within six months. They think the time is ripe to do this deal. I'm so pleased and excited. You're the first one I've told."

What I found astonishing was that there was no mention of a date or sex - just plain enjoyment at the sharing of good news. "Whoops," I thought to myself. "This is getting serious. We're getting into 'sharing' now; not just sex."

"Great," I said. "Let's have a drink on that tonight. We'll meet at 'Jasper's,' that place around the corner from you. I can be there in an hour. OK?" She agreed.

We kissed when she entered and found me at a quiet back table. She was still glowing with excitement at the good news about her company. After a few drinks I decided to get down to serious matters.

"Chris, I think we have to talk about the situation between us. You once asked me if I've ever been in love with a client. Well, it's happened between us, at least as far as I'm concerned. Do you feel that way about me?"

"It's obvious, isn't it? I get jealous as hell when you are with other women. And you were the first person I called with the good news. It may seem strange to fall for a guy who fucks you for money, but I think I ought to accept love in whatever form it takes. Life without love is pretty damn empty."

"I'm willing to commit to not dating other women and not asking you to pay me any money. But we ought to realize that things could change in the future. Can we agree now that either one of us will be able to call the relationship off, without any crap about assigning fault?"

...after a long pause, she said, "That's fine with me, with one small change. I want to keep paying you money for what you dofor me. That may sound strange, but I find that the thought of paying for sex excites me. It's a form of dominance, I suppose - I like the thought of being in control. Maybe we'll experiment with S&M in the future to see how the dominance thing plays out. How do you feel about that?"

"....well, S&M might be interesting. But I still feel funny about taking money from you."

She laughed and said, "How about my investing the money for you in some nice mutual funds or stocks? That way you might even get rich as well as fucked and sucked."

Ah, love and money in the Big City! We agreed that Christine would invest the payments for me and went up to her apartment to celebrate our new arrangement.