"Rosen Lawn Care" (c) Copyright, Peter Johnson 2002
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            For three years Mrs. Rosen has employed me as her gardener.  My landscaping business consists of me, my machines, and a loyal core of customers.  The job suits me just fine - good exercise for my muscles, constant tan on my body, and winters off bumming in Florida.  The Rosen estate was one of my first contracts.  Every two weeks the pattern of my visit remained constant - Mrs. Rosen sitting on her deck sipping her drink while I worked the routine and any special projects she requested.  I felt a bit sad for her because Mr. Rosen had passed away last year and she, still in her late twenties and childless, seemed too beautiful to fall captive to his inherited wealth he left behind. 

Occasionally she'd have some friends over for tea, but somehow it seemed her thoughts were always elsewhere.  My thoughts were always on her, as I would admire her long hair, ski-jump nose, perfectly proportioned breasts, and lovely legs.  It was a highlight of my week when she explained her project to me and asked if I understood.  I must have, as she always seemed pleased with my work.

            In May I noticed a slight change in our pattern, however.  As the spring days warmed, her attire became increasingly sparse and bold.  On the last week of May she wore a tank top, bra-less, allowing me a first glimpse of the pointed profile of her nipples.  The top was too abbreviated to tuck into her short shorts as well, exposing a belly button and midriff that I wished so much to caress.  I made a comment on how much I enjoyed working for her, and she handed me a tip while she smiled knowingly.  It was at this point that I decided to begin a journal of my work at her home.

            When I returned in June she seemed especially welcoming.  In a knee-length red dress, she invited me around to the rear deck for a sip of her mint tea.  The day was sunny and beautiful as we sat there discussing our ideas for a long term landscaping plan.  I excused myself to being mowing.

            At lunch break I saw her walk onto the deck.  When I stopped the mower, she sat down at the top of the flight of four stair steps leading down to the grass.  I came over to speak with her about some new ideas that had occurred to me while mowing.  But as I approached I noticed her hands on her knees, slowly spreading them apart.  I looked to her face as I approached, hoping she would not think I cared to steal a glance.  But my cock was swelling as I thought about what was coming into my view.  A friendly call of a thrush distracted our eyes from each other.  As I looked back to her I saw that under her skirt she was wearing no underwear at all!  Her clean-shaven pussy was aimed directly my way.  My knees nearly gave out, as I became lightheaded from this view. 

            As if to put me at ease, Mrs. Rosen said "Hi Peter, what a beautiful spring day."  I kept my composure and replied, "Not nearly as beautiful as you are today."   I wasn’t aware of her social life but figured she hadn’t been touched since her husband’s heart attack.

            She smiled knowingly, keeping her legs about one foot apart.  I sat next to her to avoid the distraction of this view and yet be close to it all the same.  I told her my ideas and our conversation became relaxed again.  I’m a bachelor in my early thirties and not beyond a little fooling around.

At the end of the day, I rang her front door bell to confirm the date for my next visit.  It was at this point that I gathered the courage to tell her - "I appreciate your beauty, which you shared with me today, and I want you to know that I will forever keep it a secret between the two of us."  She smiled, looked relieved and said that she looked forward to my next visit.  At this point, I sure did also.

            Two weeks later I returned to see her come out on the deck in her bathrobe.  Looking slightly rumpled, her natural beauty became ever more apparent.  I waved from behind my mower as she sat in a Brown-Jordan chair on the edge of the deck.  The warm sunlight streaked through the tall trees and fell on her body as I passed back and forth behind my machine.  This week I wore my oldest pair of cutoffs, shredded so high that they barely covered my butt.  Little did she know that I left my underwear at home so that my prick had room to grow if she repeated her show.  She did!  Only this time she set both feet up on the low railing of the deck and let her robe and knees fall outward.  Her spread was complete, unassuming, innocently devious, open and somehow perfectly normal.  It was as if she wanted nothing more than to give her labia a nice suntan.  I waved from a distance, as if to say - go ahead, don't think anything of me.  Yet I began missing my mowing rows as I stole glances in her direction.  The robe remained belted at her trim waist, so her bosoms remained covered from my view.  Good grief, I thought, how funny that she would revel in showing me her crotch alone.  As I began to consider how I should react, and as I worked through in my mind various fantasies, my penis grew so that it began peeping from under my shorts.  At the same time, each row was bringing me nearer to the deck, so I decided to let my prick be exposed to her sight so she could see the effect of her display on my psyche.  This thought made me even harder and it now dangled grotesquely from the fringe of my cutoffs.  As I looked again in her direction, Mrs. Rosen gave a grin and licked her lips profanely.  I decided to continue with my work that day, disappearing to the side yard for some trimming. 

            As we scheduled my next visit, this time she made allusion to our antics.  She said, "the lawn would benefit if you came weekly," and I told her I would be thrilled to trim her bush often.  Did we both intend the double meaning?  I know I sure did.

            The third Friday of June was one of the hottest on record.  On arriving at her home, I could hear splashing and laughing in the back yard.  Mrs. Rosen and an equally beautiful friend were swimming in the pool.  I began my work by pruning the hedges, since this gave me the excuse to work the perimeter of the pool and peek.   I hollered out - "Hello Mrs. Rosen," and she squealed back, "Hi Pete.  Don't mind us, we're just cooling off."  When her friend climbed out of the water for  another dive I realized that she was stark naked.  Oh my God, I thought, as the pit of my stomach dropped.  Is this a dream?  Her friend was heavier up top and had shorter legs, but they looked about the same age and I couldn't decide in my mind who was more beautiful.  I guessed Mrs. Rosen had coached her friend to expect my visit and enlisted her to help put on a show.  As Mrs. Rosen got off her air mattress she stood in the shallow end and removed her bikini top.  For the first time I saw her perfect breasts, with their slightly puffy nipples sticking straight out towards me.

            After the lawn was done, the sweat was dripping down my body.  Mrs. Rosen scampered out of the pool area with hose in hand and began misting me from 20 feet away.  It felt great!  I stopped, smiled, and began walking slowly toward her and into the spray.  I pulled off my T-shirt and dropped it in the grass.  She adjusted the hose to splatter globs of water softly on my chest. I kicked off my boots, pulled off my socks, and unsnapped and unzipped my cutoffs.  She adjusted the hose into a single stream of water and aimed for my pubic hairs as I neared.  "Come for a swim," she said, as the cold water withered my prick.  I dropped my shorts as she stepped backward to turn off the hose.  Saying nothing, I entered the pool areas and plunged in.

            As I lingered in the deep end, Mrs. Rosen introduced her friend, who was sunning her naked self.  "This is Sara, my roommate from college whom I invited to town.  And since we are being so familiar now, please call me Ellen."  "Good to meet you, Sara," I quickly added.  "We have a favor to ask you, Pete," Ellen inquired.  "Could you rub this Hawain Tropic sun tan oil on our bodies?"   "Sure," I said, as I lifted myself out of the pool.  I grabbed the sun tan oil and came over to Sara, rubbing my wet hands on the small of her back.  It was warm from the sun.  I knelt on the edge of her towel as I poured a stream of coconut oil along her spine.  After doing her back and legs, she parted her legs and gave me an uninhibited view of her lovely pussy.  I moved over to Ellen to repeat the process.  I was trying hard to consider their request just a coincidental favor, but when Ellen rolled over on her back and asked me to oil her front, I gave up any pretense of normalcy.  This was heaven and I was simply the luckiest guy alive.

            I began with Ellen's legs, brushing her pubic area but not really getting closer. I then lifted my right leg over her legs and straddled her lower body, allowing my engorged member to lay between her well-oiled legs.  I dripped fresh oil on her, beginning at her belly button and moving up around both breasts.  I began rubbing the oil in, stroking up from her abdomen.  As my hands circled her pendulous flesh, she sighed slightly and parted her legs, allowing my stiff cock to slip down between her thighs.  I moved up and down slowly on my knees to keep myself erect while my hands worked her upper body. 

            I looked over to Sara, who had moved to a lawn chair and been glancing in our direction intently. Unlike Ellen's, her pussy was only partly shaven, leaving a Mohawk shape of pubic hair.  "Hey, that's no fair!" Sara said.  "When is it my turn again?" she wondered aloud.  "Soon," I said, "but first show me your oily finger in a very private place."  Wow, I couldn't believe I said that without more thinking.  But it worked.  She reached for the oil bottle and inserted her middle finger to the hilt, turning the bottle upside down.  Ellen spread her legs a bit and laid her oily finger right on her slit.  Slowly she massaged her crack in the same rhythm I was using to massage Ellen's bosoms.  When I looked over and smiled, Sara's finger plunged in between her folds and flicked out again as quickly.  She raised her middle finger directly at me and, in the ultimate come-on, bent it repeatedly toward her with the slyest grin I'd ever seen.

            I walked over to Sara to begin oiling her breasts and thighs.  I made my motions all business, except my prick was even harder than before.  When she wrapped her oily hand around my penis, I let out a soft groan and hinted that we should stop before things got out of hand.  This seemed to relieve Sara, who didn't seem to be sure where to go next.  I decided that this was the best course of action since the morning after a full-fledged orgy I could easily be out of a job.  I wanted to leave Ellen wanting more!

            We all three jumped in the pool to distract ourselves.  I swam underwater for the whole length of the pool, showing off my lung capacity as if it was an indicator of my virility.  The girls jumped and dove in synchronized fashion, trying to outdo themselves in gaining my gaze.  Ellen managed to hold a split for so long the image is seared into my mind's eye:

I got out and went back to finish my work while they resumed working on their tans.  I said "Thank you for the wonderful morning" over the fence as I headed off for my second job of the day.  Too much!

            The following week was routine, as Ellen was in and out for errands and seemed busy preparing for an evening party.  We both said nothing of the pool games but seemed eager to show each other that nothing had changed.  It was at this point that I realized that Ellen luxuriated in the safety of flirting with me and not worrying about dire consequences.

Chapter 2 - contributed by K

            On the first week of July I came by Mrs. Rosen's house earlier than usual.  As I pulled up in my landscaping truck I met an elderly man in the driveway as he was getting in his car - all business-like and official.  He introduced himself as Ellen’s father and thanked me for my good work.  He added that Ellen seemed very satisfied with my results and I grinned.

            As I went around the house to the shed I noticed Ellen finishing the dishes at the kitchen sink.  We waved.  After raking some leaves along the hedge I beckoned for her to come outside.  She walked out on the deck bare feet with short cotton pajamas and her hair in a bun.  I walked up the steps to greet her and we met in a kiss.  "I think of nothing but you," I said furtively.  "You are the object of my fantasies," she replied confidently. 

            I kissed her again, brushing my lips softly against her cheek.  As she moved away, she glanced sideways at me, giving me that knowing look.  Ellen was so beautiful; I couldn't believe city socialites would ignore her.  I knew things shouldn't get out of hand, yet she was so gorgeous and inviting!  I got to work quickly and finished ahead of schedule.

            While we discussed my work projects for the following week I was thinking about working her body over the whole time.  I made the excuse I had another job to do and turned to leave. I grabbed her and we kissed deeply - she tasted as sweet as honey.  Then I let her go and walked away, until next week.

            In seemed like an eternity for the week to pass. The morning haze was still in the air when I arrive early at Ellen's estate again.  As I walked up to her, she stood there smiling a coy little smile.  Today she was wearing a beautiful, full-length black negligee.  She looked stunning.  When I was about 2 feet away, Ellen slowly stepped into the house, leaving the door slightly ajar. 

I had never been in the "bosses" house before.  I pushed the door open and there she stood in the foyer.  The belt on her negligee had come undone and I caught a glimpse of a protruding nipple.  I felt my penis stiffen.  I pushed the door shut behind me and stood staring.  Her beauty was truly breath-taking!  Ellen spoke first, "Today I thought we could do some different work," she said.  I cleared my throat and decided to play dumb.  "What did you have in mind," I asked?  "Something much more pleasurable than working in the hot sun!" she replied.

I followed her into the living room where there was huge bar in the corner with mirrors all around.  Ellen poured us each an iced tea and placed lemon slices on the rims of the glasses she handed one to me and I took a long sip.  It was very refreshing.  Ellen walked over to the other side of the massive room and opened a set of French doors leading out to the patio.  We walked to where the lounge chairs were placed in a shady area, beside the pool.  As Ellen went to sit on one of the chairs, she brought her leg around to straddle it and I once again caught a glimpse of her clean shaven pussy.  I pulled the other lounger closer to hers so I could sit and look at her.

Methodically, she handed me a bottle of suntan lotion, as if I knew what to do with it.  I knew.  It was such a turn on before, just imagine the second time around.  I had wet dreams about a moment like this one.  I stood up and reached out to push aside the edges of her negligee, uncovering her stark naked body.  I sucked in my breath; I couldn't believe I was here about to rub lotion on her luscious body, alone this time.  How far could I go, how much more of this cat and mouse game could I stand? 

I placed some pillows on the Oriental rug and asked Ellen to lie on them on the floor.  Ellen slipped out of her negligee and fell back onto the rug.  As I squeezed the lotion into my hand, I could tell Ellen was waiting with anticipation.  No words were needed  We knew what we were up to.  I gently rubbed the lotion across her smooth, flat stomach, feeling every curve.  I worked my way up to her plump breasts, lingering on each.  They were so firm and perfect, I wanted to lean down and suck a nipple, but I held back just a little longer.  I wanted to tease her to the limit, until she could resist no longer.

"Turn over," I commanded.  As Ellen was changing position, she stopped and gave me a long, passionate kiss, full mouthed.  Once again I felt my penis growing in the tightness of my shorts.  I felt like I was about to explode right then, but no, I had to control myself, do it right, the way I had played it in my mind time and time again.

As she made herself comfortable on her stomach, I squeezed more lotion into my hand.  This was the first time I really got to see her bare buttocks, so round and firm, and her pussy lips were open to my gaze.  She was so perfect in every way.  She should have been a model.  I rubbed the lotion up and down her back, being careful not to miss a spot.  I stopped briefly to take a sip of iced tea and stood to remove my clothes.  It felt great to be free of work clothes before her.

Ellen lifted her head to see what I was doing and smiled as she raised herself.  She grabbed an ice cube out of my glass and began to rub it on my bare chest.  It was cold at first but it felt good.  As it began to melt the cold water trickled down my chest.  Ellen came forward and started licking it off gently; she swirled her tongue around embracing a nipple as she did so. The heat from her breath was spine tingling after the coldness from the ice.  I shivered as her cold hands clasped by stiff cock.  She admired my thick long shaft and pensively traced her index finger along a vein.

“Pete, I want you in me,” she finally confessed.  “Yes, Ellen, it is time for us to make love,” I replied.  And that was all it took.  I helped her lie down on her soft rug and smiled at the river of dampness flowing from her crack.  As she spread her legs to my view, my fingers played with her folds and pushed her juices around.  I could feel her shudder as my middle finger rolled around and over her clitoris.  And my loins swelled deep within me as her hands stroked my hardness again.  She guided me to her opening.  The head of my cock pressed in.  I pulled out and then pressed in again, only deeper this time.  I pulled almost all the way out and then pressed in yet again.  This time I could feel her vaginal muscles pulling me inward. Out and in. Deeper and harder.  Her hips met my thrusts as we moved in unison.  “Oh fuck me Pete, fuck me hard,” she exclaimed as my breathing quickened.  “I’m fucking you like you’ve never been fucked before, Ellen,” I answered back, with an emphasis on the word “fucking” as if it was such a relief to shove our politeness aside and get down and dirty together.  “Oh, yes, YES,” she continued as I laid my finger over her clit, letting each thrust of my pelvic bone direct its energy right onto her pleasure zone.  As I told her I was about to cum, she yelped in pleasure and begged me to spray my cum all over her belly and breasts.  I pulled out at just the last minute and splattered all over her chest as her hand rushed down to her clit to masturbate herself over the top.  Her body tensed and quivered in a spasm of delight as her other hand spread my cum all over her breasts.  I bent down to place my lips on hers and lock into a long hard kiss that said all that needed to be said.  Let’s just say that the grass grew longer that day…