For her pleasure Copyright ICER 2004

I lead you into a dark room lit with a few candles. With a large bathtub in the center. which is fill with hot hot water and thick relaxing bubbles. There is soft music in the background. 

I come up behind you. Wrap my arms around your waist and start to remove your blouse "If the lady would allow me?"

I gently pull the blouse up and over your head. And let it drop to the floor. My hands hold yours for a second our fingers intertwine like lost lovers that found each other. My lips start to kiss your neck with small sucking kisses and my hands trace the arms to your shoulders. Were they slide the bra straps off the shoulder and down the arm. 

My kisses move from the neck down the back to the buckle holding the bra on. With a quick bite. The bra is free to fall to the ground.

My arms then move to the front of your jeans. Where they undo the button and the zipper. "Shall I proceed? Or do you wish to continue to undress without me? I can come back when you're finished"

I slowly pull the jeans free from your hips. And slide them down your legs. And over your bare feet. Then I place my hands on those lovely hips and start to nipple on your ear a little and pull you close to me. Our warm bodies press up against each other. Your head rest on my shoulder as I start to once again kiss your neck . My hands move up and cup your breast and slowly massage them in small circles. 

I reach down with one hand, and slide it in the front your panties. And explore the area between the legs. My finger caress your inner most area. I feel it's warmth and moistness on the tips of my finger. I caress again. It feels warmer. I start to massage your area. Until I discover the entrance I was searching for. I slowly push my finger inside you. And slowly pull it out. Then, I do this again, only with two fingers this time. And once again pull them out.

My other hand takes the panties. And slides them off. Then I take your hand and lead you to the awaiting bathtub. Were you slip in to the hot bubbly water. I take my place outside the tub and kneel behind you.

My hands start to massages your shoulders with strong but gentle squeezes "Now just relax dear. And let the day slip away"

My hands move from the shoulders to your naked breasts. Cupping each of them softly in my hands, I whispered into your ear, " There's not a man alive who hasn't dreamed of being with a woman he can literally lose himself in. I am truly one of the fortunate ones to be here with you" As my thumb and forefingers start to play with your perfect nipples. While my hands continue their gentle squeezing of your breasts. My soft lips start to once again kiss your neck and shoulder. 

My hands start to move down your lovely form. Till they reach your hips. Their they stop and start to massage your thighs and upper leg. The soapsuds make it a slippery and smooth sensation. My face is even with your as I reach down to massage you. Looking into your eyes. I ask, "Is there any other parts of your beautiful body that needs attention? Or shall I just guess where I should put my hands next?"

My hands slide to your inner thigh. And searches for your crevice. Finding it. The fingers take over and gently play with opening. Playfully teasing it until it starts to moisten and open up to them. Then slowly one finger enters you. Just a little at first. Just enough for you to feel it's presents. It moves in small circles around your inner body. It starts to push deeper and is joined by a second finger who explores the inner body as well. They both move softly and slowly exploring you, searching seeking, driving deeper into you crevice. Finally one finds the object of its search as it touches upon clitoris. It starts to massage it. Rub it. Play with it. Then the second finger joins it. And they trap the bundle of nerves between them. And gently start to squeeze it. 

My firm lips greets your incredibly soft sensitive mouth. Our lips meet. Electricity flows through our bodies as our lips press against each other I draw a deep breath and press ever so slightly harder to draw you in closer. My body tingles with excitement. As your kiss ignites my desires. Reluctantly our lips part. We pause for a moment, mouths still open to each other, and we simply breathe each other's breath for a second.

As our lips part. My third finger slips in to join the other two. And together they start to massage your inner walls. Then they pull out. Just when they are almost out. They dive all the way back in. till one touches your button. Then they pull back out. Then they push back in. This time with a little more force. And once the nub is reached. They pull back out. Only to repeat the movement. Again and again. Fast and faster. My other arm holds you. While my fingers make love to you. 

The water in the tub starts to splash back and forth in rhythm with my hand as it continues to move in and out of you. "Darling, I want you to cum." I whisper as I kiss you again. "I want to see you have a beautiful orgasm." My hand is driving in and out. Fingers touching your bud again and again. I move around to the side of the tub while not missing a beat as my fingers drive ever deeper into you. My other hands starts to massage your breast. And I bend over and take a nipple into my mouth. And play with it on my tongue. 

My tongue teases your peak. Sucking on it. Licking it. My hand continues to play with the other. As My mouth engulfs your breast now. And under the soapy water. The fingers continue there the pleasant task of pleasuring your cunny. Faster and faster it moves. Deeper into you. Suddenly they stop in you. And they all three bend up to reach deep into you and start to wiggle while the hand pushes deeper. My mouth continues it sucking. Then I stop. "If I undress, I must warn you that I will be making love to you. And I tend to get passionate."

I remove my shirt to reveal a chest of a person who works out moderately. I drop the shirt to the floor and unzip my pants and let them fall as well. I stand there in front of you with just my briefs on with a bulge in the front of them. "Are you sure this is what you want?" I ask. As a look of pure desire crosses my face. As I look and your nude body in the tub. Those breast, those legs, "MY GOD" I say " What a gorgeous woman"

I slip out of my briefs and set my hard-on free from it prison. Then I climb into the tub with you. And draw you close to me. I wrap my arms around your nude form. I kiss you lovingly . I slowly guide my erection into you. I let out a moan of pleasure as your cunt envelops my lance. I start to remove and thrust him in again and again. Thrusting harder and harder. My kisses start to move down you neck and toward your chest.

My kisses reach your beautiful bosom. Mouth takes one of the mounds into it. And gently sucks on it. The hips start to move faster and harder plunging my dick ever deeper in to you. Taking my hand. I reach underwater and play with your labia. 

I play with your labia while my member continues to move in and out of you sexy body. My tongue and mouth suck and play with your breast. Sucking on it while the tongue moves in circles around the tips. My pace quickens as I get more aroused by you. I look up to your soft beautiful face. I take both arms and grab the side of the tub. And drive him deeper in to you. "OH GOD" I yell as I arch my back in pleasure. 

I continue to hold on the sides of the tub, While pushing him deep inside you. The room becomes fuzzy. My head start to get dizzy. The only clear thing in the world is you. Your beautiful form and lovely face are the only things I see clearly. I return your little bites and kiss. And in between them I say, "Yes, my love, I would love to cum inside you." My arms support us both as your arms are wrapped around my neck and your legs wrapped around my hips. Your mouth continues it assault on mine. And vise versa

My pace is at a fever pitch. My whole body starts to quake. My kisses and little bites get more forceful. My eyes lock on to yours. And I see past them. I look deep inside your soul. I see your heart, your pain, your joys, and your sorrows. I see your essences. Your very being. And it is the most wondrous things I have ever laid my eyes upon. The very sight is more then I can handle. I reach the limit of my pleasure. My whole body goes stiff. My organ grows in size and suddenly. It explodes in a mind numbing orgasm.

Our body's relax in the tub. I look to you and ask "Is there anything I may do for you my dear?' "Maybe" you reply with a sly smile.