The Pool (c) Copyright, Cathy O'Niel, 1999
by Cathy O'Niel

I'm laying on the lounge chair, a sleek, black one piece bathing suit clinging to my softly rounded body. I watch her, splashing in the cool water of the swimming pool. God, she grows more lovely to me everyday. Her smooth soft skin looks enticing with the water running off of it.

I watch her walk up the steps at the edge, her full thighs moving slowly, her hands slicking her hair back from her face. Our eyes catch, and we just smile. We had been talking about fantasies today. The raw emotions and thoughts we revealed to each other felt so good, both hearing hers and sharing mine.

I could see her big nipples through that white bikini I love so much. They are puckered and hard, pressing against the thin fabric of the top. The low cut bottoms cling to her hips and pussy, outlining the lips in the front.

I stand up and walk over and hand her a big fluffy towel. She takes it from me, our fingers brushing, and I feel an electric shock. We both flinch, our eyes meeting again. I feel something passing between us. A giving, a granting of permission maybe.

Or maybe it's just my own heart talking, my own desires. My hand seems to lift on its own, slowly reaching for that right breast, the one closest to me. My fingertip grazes over it, then again. She takes a sharp breath, and her eyes drift shut for a moment. Her back arches slightly, offering me that breast. My hand covers it. I can feel that hard nipple against my palm. I gently squeeze and massage the soft flesh, pressing, releasing, again and again. My other hand goes to its twin, and I hear a soft sigh whisper from her lips.

Her eyes open, and we look at each other. It's a look I have never seen in the face of a woman before. Wanting, needing, the passion sizzling through her, passing to me with just a look. I get a crystal clear vision in my mind of her on her back, legs spread wide, her beautiful plump pussy glistening wet, my head lowering towards it. God, I want that. I want to taste it, feel it, smell it, experience it.

I lean in closer and kiss her cheek softly. The skin so smooth and cool from the water. Her hand comes up to frame my face. I pull back slightly, looking into her eyes again just before my lips meet hers. The incredible tenderness in that first kiss is unmatched in my memory. Her lips touch mine, lightly at first, then more firmly. I edge closer still, my hands going to her waist, feeling our breasts nudging each others. We turn our heads, this way, then that, kissing softly.

I want more. I want a real kiss, with soft tongues, nibbling little bites, and gentle sighs being absorbed by each other. I want to explore the interior of that lush mouth with mine.

My tongue tentatively laps at her lips, and her mouth opens for me. I feel a shudder rippling through me as her tongue touches mine. I embrace her fully, pressed together from mouth to knees, and kiss her. It's a devastating, mind blowing kiss, full of passion and lust. Our tongues and mouths greedily seek the others, swirling together, sucking, nipping, biting each others lips gently. I feel totally lost in the feelings of her mouth on mine, finally on mine. It just goes on and on. Her mouth feels like a part of mine. I can't tell where hers begins and mine ends. The taste of her is intoxicating. I can feel my heart thundering in m chest, a deep ache throbbing between my legs.

Her fingers tangle in my soft hair, holding me close to her. We start to rub our breasts against one another. Little whimpers seem to be ripped from deep inside me.

I lean towards her more, gently pushing her back towards the lounge chair. We break the erotic kiss as she sits on the very edge of it. I grab the towel and fold it, making a cushion for my knees. I kneel between her legs, spreading them wider apart with my soft hands. I scoot in closer, my mouth running down her neck, my tongue lapping gently at her fragrant skin. She shudders slightly, breaking out in goose bumps across her body. I glance down, watching her nipples harden even more.

Moving lower, my lips skim across her chest, making my way down to those nipples. I latch onto one through the thin material, laving it with my tongue. God, the sound she makes reaches deep inside me, stirring me even more. I move to the other matching puckered little nub, and suck through the cloth.

I have to have more. I reach around behind her and untie the bikini top, and it drifts down slowly as I peel it away from her. Her nipples are a dusky rose color. I take a deep breath, wanting my mouth on them more than anything I have ever wanted before. Her hands lift to pull me closer to her. My lips and tongue worship her nipples. Licking, sucking, nibbling, tasting, finally devouring, I lose myself in her soft body. Her fingers are tracing furrows through my hair, encouraging me, pulling me closer still. I can feel my own nipples hardening in response to her touch. They throb, ache, demanding attention.

I lean back, lowering the straps of my bathing suit, wanting to be naked with her, for her. Her eyes travel down my body as it is exposed. The shyness I feel is not enough to stop me from removing it completely. I see only approval in her soft brown eyes, and I smile. We kiss again, another deep, erotic, carnal type of kiss, the kind shared by lovers.

I pull back, gazing deeply into her eyes. "I want to taste you, my love."

Her only response is to push down on my strong shoulders, telling me with her body that she wants it too. She lays back on the chair, her legs parted around me. She lifts her arms over her head, making her beautiful breasts thrust upwards. I run my hands over her, from her shoulder down to her chest, then lower, caressing her smooth flat stomach.

My hands slip inside her tight bottoms, slowly peeling them down her womanly hips. She lifts them, a generous gesture of help. I get my first glimpse of her beautiful pussy, sheltered by the lush thick dark pubic hair.

I lower my head, inhaling deeply, the first real smell of her warm body reaching me. It's a musky, heavy, totally female scent, like nothing I have ever smelled before. It draws me in, pulling me closer to her. My hands spread her legs wider still, and my fingers move to stroke her softly furred pussy.

Never having seen another female body this close, this intimately, I look my fill. Her lips are full, puffy, the outer lips pale in comparison to the rich mauve color of the inner lips. I can see her little hard clit, covered by its protective hood, shimmering at me, coated with her honeyed juices. One long finger is irresistibly drawn to flick across her clit, and her body jerks in response, followed by a deep guttural groan.

Encouraged, I spread the lips apart with my fingers, seeing her opening. I want to know her taste, learn it, experience it, savor it. I lean down more, and with one long, slow, flat tongued lick, do something I have never done before, but fantasized about countless times.

The reality of having my soft wet tongue on the pussy of another women makes my fantasies evaporate into thin air. Nothing in my imagination could compare to this. This intimate knowledge of her body, the sharing of her, the rich taste of her nectar is unbelievable.

Her hips arch up, offering me more of herself. I take, oh do I take. I start to lick her from bottom to top, those long smooth strokes seeming to drive her wild under me. She groans, she whimpers, she pleads, and I give.

Sucking on her clit, and swirling my tongue around it at the same time seems to push her to a new level of arousal. Her hips buck against my face, lifting and lowering in an instinctive rhythm. I follow her relentlessly, wanting her to climax for me. Knowing that I am doing this to her, for her, for myself, is a heady feeling, rich with power and satisfaction.

Her hands grip my head, pushing me deeper into her, and I respond accordingly, devouring her with my mouth, sliding a finger deep inside her at the same time. I can feel her strong inner muscles clutching at my finger, pulling it deeper inside. I slide another in, and move them in and out as I concentrate on her clit with my mouth. Suddenly, her body locks, becoming rigid, her back arching up, her breasts thrusting out. Then the convulsions hit her, staggering in their intensity. A deep groan seems torn from her throat, and her head lifts up as her stomach muscles clench and tighten.

I stay with her, my mouth locked on her clit, feeling it almost sink in away from me in its' powerful orgasm. Deep shudders and trembles ripple over her as it fades slowly. Going on instinct, and on what pleases me, I lick and lap at her slowly, feeling the aftershocks she experiences on my tongue.

The juices are thick and rich and sweet now. I slowly rub my lips and tongue across her inner lips, the taste addicting, making me want more.

She pulls my head up to hers, and kisses me. A wet, sharing kiss with tongues twining together. I can smell her so strong in my nostrils and know she can taste herself on me.

Neither of us says a word. The things I feel inside are myriad, not knowing which is more intense. The deep fulfillment I feel is uppermost in my mind. The culmination of a thousand nights of dreaming, wishing, wanting, suddenly realized.

A single tear runs down my cheek, my emotions so strong at this point. She leans back, gazing into my shimmering eyes, and gently licks the tear from my skin. Hugging me tight, my arms around her as well, we just sit there for a while.

She stands, taking my hand in hers, pulling me to my feet. "Now it's your turn, my love."

I reach up and take her hand, my mind going back to the night we first met. I remember seeing her at a party at my sister's house. She'd come with a friend of my brother-in-law's. We ended up sitting on the couch together as the men talked about sports. She was bright, and funny, and so pretty. I felt drawn to her from the first moments we talked.

I had always fantasized about another woman, but never really considered doing anything about it. But since my divorce, I found my fantasies turning to thoughts of another woman more and more. Wondering what it would really feel like, what she would taste like, would I have the courage to actually do it.

Now here I am with her, at her parents summer house on the beach, naked, wet, wanting, my hand in hers as she leads me into the poolhouse. I feel my legs shaking, my heart thundering in my chest, not knowing what to expect now. To make her climax, that was a dream come true. But to think of her mouth touching me, there, oh God, I shudder all over just imagining it.

Her soft lips caress my cheek, and I jolt back to reality. I look at her, her beautiful face, smooth skin, soft brown eyes, and I feel a deep excitement building inside me. It's a wonderful, tingling feeling, like nothing I've ever felt before. Terror, lust, passion, need, all tumbling around inside me, battling each other.

Her slim hand comes up and smoothes across my cheek, tucking my hair behind my ear, and her lips lightly kiss down my ear and neck. I can feel goosebumps racing across my skin. Her other hand gently cups my breast, her thumb dragging over the hardened nipple. I moan softly, and I feel a smile in her kiss against my skin.

As she leans up closer, her mouth covers mine. She runs her tongue across my lips, seeking entrance. My mouth opens under hers, and her soft velvety tongue slips in, chasing mine, capturing it. She sucks lightly on it, then my full lower lip.

I feel my body softening, melting, yielding. My hands rest on her hips, pulling her closer. One arm wraps around my neck, one hand squeezing my breast. I arch my back, pushing that aching breast into her hand more. My nipples presses against her palm, and I groan again. The kiss deepens, becoming almost desperate.

I can feel a lust like never before surging in my veins. Her hand tangles in my hair, gripping it tight. My hands drop down to cup her soft cheeks, lifting her up against me tighter.

She breaks the kiss, pulling me by my hair, forcing me to lay down on the bed on my stomach. She straddles me and begins kissing and licking her way down my back. I quiver and tremble and writhe under her as she searches for and finds my most sensitive spots. She returns to the spots that get the most reaction from me again and again.

Her hand probes between my legs, causing me to spread them wider. As her finger slowly penetrates my hot, wet pussy, my back arches, offering her more of me. She pushes in deeper, sliding another finger in beside the first. I can feel her pressing on my hardened cervix, then turning her hand as she searches for that magic spot deep inside me.

My hands clench into fists as she probes and presses harder, deeper. She seems to know exactly how to drive me wild under her touch. "That's it, Cathy, open up for me," she whispers as I spread my legs wider still.

I am irresistibly drawn to pull up on my knees, and she helps me, lifting up with her fingers that are deep in my pussy. I can feel the slick, wet juices of my arousal as they begin to move in and out of me.

My hips rock back and forth, my face down on the bed, my cries of pleasure smothered by the pillow.

She lightly slaps my bottom, and I jump, another deep guttural groan ripped from me. "Turn over, Cathy, I want to taste you." I remember saying that to her just a short while before.

I roll over onto my back, and she kneels between my legs. Her hands slowly slide up my silky inner thighs, pushing down, stretching my legs apart. She lays down on the bed on her stomach, her face inches from my throbbing pussy. I can feel her soft breath whispering across my tender skin, and it makes my hips tilt up, reaching for that mouth, dying for it to touch me. To finally feel the softness of another woman's mouth on me.

Lowering her head, her soft pink tongue slowly drags across my pussy, from the bottom all the way to the top. A low scream scratches from my throat as she gets to my swollen clit. My hands clutch at the blanket, and I close my eyes, just feeling her.

She starts to lick and probe at my little nub, teasing it from under its hood. My hips undulate under her and I spread my legs as wide as they will go. Her hands pull the puffy lips apart, exposing more of me to her touch. She zeros in on my clitoris, sucking on it tenderly, then harder. I can feel my body responding, helpless under her expert mouth.

The climax, when it hits, is more than any I have ever felt before. A great, thundering, crashing, gut wrenching orgasm. My stomach muscles clench and my shoulders lift off the bed. A primal scream is torn from my throat as I convulse over and over.

Nothing had prepared me for this, this deep, intense reaction to the fulfilment of my fantasy. I shake and shudder and tremble under her as she lovingly licks the juices flowing thick and sweet from me.

I lie there, feeling like I am floating, and she kisses her way up my stomach. Lying down next to me, her arms around me, we snuggle up close, our bodies warm and damp. She presses soft little kisses on my face as I calm down.

We drift off to sleep, the ceiling fan whirring gently above us. I feel a small smile on my face, and see her face in my mind as I fall asleep.

The Pool - by Cathy O'Niel copyright 1999 not to be distributed without express permission of the author.

About the Author:    I started out writing erotic e-mail for online friends. Many told me my letters were some of the most arousing stories they had ever read, and urged me to try and get them published. One thing lead to another, and now writing takes us most of my free time. I live in a small town in rural Kansas, am divorced, and live with a feisty dog named Lucy. I began exploring the wonderful world of D/s earlier this year, and feel I found my niche so to speak. The depth of emotion and caring in a true D/s relationship cannot be matched. I hope you enjoy my little glimpses into one of those relationships.