Night SecurityŠ, Keri Fleming, 2003,
All Rights Reserved to Author, Copy/Duplication Prohibited

As Mike sat watching the monitors for the downtown office building where he worked security, he found his mind drifting to thoughts both erotic and ordinary. At 2:00 am in the morning his mind tended to take on a wandering quality. It seemed to have an agenda all its own. His thoughts ran the gamut from the projects waiting for him at home, to fantasies both rich and varied. Currently he was engaged in an erotic fantasy that involved using the many security cameras he had at his disposal and the lone car that had been parked in the parking lot since the start of his shift. He imagined one of the many good looking women that worked in the building entering her car to find privacy and release while he watched through the eyes of the unseen surveillance cameras.

His blood had just begun to stir when he noticed a woman enter the garage from the street, and head straight for the little sports car he had had his eyes on. It must be my lucky day he thought watching as she slowly approached her car.

She had generous curves and knew how to move them. Her walk was like a southern drawl in motion, slow and sexy. He could only see her from behind at the moment, but he liked the view. Her ass was round and full, he imagined what it would feel like to have it tucked firmly into his pelvis and grew hard at the thought. Suddenly his senses were on high alert. It no longer felt like 2:00 am. He was wide awake now and it had nothing to do with the coffee he had been drinking.

She stopped in front of the car and looked through her purse for her keys. It always amazed him how careless women could be. She didn't seem to notice her surroundings at all. How easy it would be for someone to come up behind her and force her into a dark corner or stairwell where security cameras wouldn't help.

She found her keys and immediately dropped them behind her. As she stooped to pick them up his view changed. Now, along with picturing her round ass tucked up against him he could picture his hands cupping her more than generous breasts.

Some men felt that more than a hand full was a waste, but Mike was the bigger the better kind of guy. He wasn't disappointed with his view of her ample breasts straining the fabric of her revealing silk blouse. He could almost feel the creaminess of her skin and the hard buds of her nipples in his mouth.

He shifted in his seat trying to ease the strain in his pants. He wanted to relieve the strain all together, but knew his partner could be back from his rounds at anytime. He glanced out the door to see if he was coming and was glad to see he was still alone for the moment.

He looked back in time to see her slide into her car and set her purse on the passenger seat. He thought she would just drive away, but she seemed to hesitate with one hand on the wheel and the other on the ignition. Then her hands dropped to her lap as she let her head rest against the seat closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

He examined her profile and was instantly intrigued. On first glance he would describe her as cute rather than pretty. She had a pert nose framed by well defined cheek bones; her face had a pleasant quality his fingers itched to touch. But it was her mouth that kept him from placing her in a category too close to ordinary. Her mouth was full and wide. It looked like a mouth that begged to be kissed and he could easily imagine doing just that. He found himself wanting to bite, nibble and then draw her mouth into his. He also found himself wondering what her lips would look like wrapped around his cock, pulling him into the warm wetness of her mouth.

Just as his fantasy started to heat up, she opened her eyes and reached into the dashboard. He couldn't quite make out what she had in her hand, but didn't have to wait long to find out. She moved her seat back and lowered it into a half reclined position. He watched as she eased her skirt up around her thighs and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. He quickly looked around for his partner. Finding he was still alone he worked the zoom on the camera until it was as magnified as it could be.

He shifted himself again as he watched her caress one breast and then the other. Her other hand slipped down between her thighs and found the release for her days tension buried between her legs. She must have had a vibrator as her hands didn't move once she found the right spot. He could only follow her build up by watching her face and body as she moved in rhythm with the steady climax that was building in her clit. He watched as she traced her nipples with her fingers, wetting them first with her tongue. Her head and back arched against the rising tide of heat that was swelling in her pelvis. Her other hand shot out and grasped the door handle of her car as if she was bracing for an impact. Her mouth was open slightly as she caught her bottom lip in between her teeth.

He momentarily cursed the monitoring system for not having any audio. Even without speakers he could well imagine the hot breath and moans of pleasure that escaped her lips as she came closer and closer to her goal. Just when he thought that he might explode himself, she came in a forceful arch. Her body shuttered as the after shocks of her orgasm rippled through her body.

For a moment she lay motionless. As he watched her recover he realized he had been holding his breath. He eased himself back in his chair as she stirred in her seat, which she adjusted back into driving position. She buttoned her blouse, smoothed out her skirt and started her ignition. She started to back her car out and then paused looking out the window of her car, as if she were searching for something. Then her eyes found the camera at the top of the ceiling only 20 feet from where she was parked. She looked at the camera a moment and then gave a sly smile before pulling out and driving away.

Seconds later Jack, the other security officer, let himself back into the office.

Looks pretty quiet out there tonight. He said as he poured himself some fresh coffee.

Mike could only nod as he excused himself and headed to the bathroom. He only hoped that it would be this quiet again next week, he thought, whistling and smiling as he walked down the hall.

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