A Hefty Proposition, 2000 by Neonlite
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I. The problem

Kera's ears were becoming numb with the sound of his voice droning on about his weight. Personally she didn't find him that heavy. 'Oh sure, he could stand to lose a couple of pounds but then who am I to talk?' she thought. She sat there, watching Steve shove food down while complaining about how his belt was too tight and his pants were too tight and his shirt was too tight. Everything was too damn tight! A nasty thought raced through her mind, 'I'll give ya something tight to wear, that you'll like.'

Kera smiled at him as he continued on. "Well, why don't you just fast for a week to drop a few pounds so you'll be comfortable?"

Steve made a hopeless sound and said he just wasn't motivated right now. "So, what was your motivation before?" she inquired with a raised eyebrow.

He replied with "I dunno."

Kera knew what the real answer was. His previous motivation was her. They had been rather close at that point in time but several things had wedged their way in between their friendship. First, a new, more exciting female friend came into his life. Then they both had gotten into a 20-minute phone sex fling in which Kera left the poor guy high and dry because of stage fright. Finally four days later, she had planned to rock his world with an office escapade that would blow his mind but Steve abruptly cut her off and informed her that he didn't want to play anymore. She was more than a little hurt and the 'friendship' was now mildly strained.

Steve was cute but she was getting frustrated with his incessant whining. He had issues, lots of them; money issues, relationship issues, friend issues and yes, even weight issues which is enough to make your entire life suck. Kera been in his position and know how he felt. He needed a real motivator, something that he could look forward to; something that would get him off his ass and start going to the gym again. She felt she could help him and figured the solution wasn't far off.


II. The proposal

Kera came into work the next day with an idea on a new weight loss program for Steve. She walked right into his office as if she owned the place and closed the door. His posture told her that he was in a pitiful state of mind again but he pried his eyes away from his computer long enough to ask her what she wanted.

"I've thought of a new program that should help you drop some pounds," she said smiling.

Steve gave the doomed look. "Nothing's worked so far. What do ya have?"

"Well I was thinking that with every 10 pounds you lose I could give you a little incentive."

She leaned over just enough so he could see down her blouse and then placed a hand on his knee. Fingering the button on her shirt, it popped open so the lace on her bra was showing. He rolled his eyes at her, "you're not serious."

Coming in closer to him, she placed her legs on either side of his knee. "If you will work hard to lose weight, I will give you incentives to keep you going until you reach your goal. You know I won't back out of a deal that's closed with a handshake."


Steve stared at her knowing that she wouldn't back out of a serious deal. "What do I get when I reach my goal?" he asked with raised eyebrows and a big smile.

"What is it you want?"

Without hesitating, he blurted out "you under me."

Kera grabbed his wrist, stood him up and shook his hand to close the deal. She then steered him towards the fitness center so he could weigh himself in front of her. She was thankful that it was empty when they entered. As Steve rose up to stand on the scale, Kera slinked up behind him and wrapped her hands around the front of his thighs. When she began to rub up and down he stopped fiddling with the counter weights.

"Mmmmm. Those first ten pounds are looking real good, aren't they?" she asked him in a low, sexy voice.

He mumbled something about wanting to work out right now. She smiled up at him and declared "I'm looking forward to this."


III. The first ten

Two weeks had gone by and Steve was out on the floor talking to a fellow officer. He noticed Kera was watching him and came over to her desk. She sat down, leaned back in the chair and placing her hand on the inside of a thigh very near her crotch, asked him how it was going. He was at eight pounds. "It's Wednesday. Better get moving big boy."

Grinning, he looked down at her hand. When he realized he was turning red with embarrassment and excitement, he shuffled away. Kera then picked up her phone to make plans for Friday after work.

Friday was here. She left him a voicemail that told him to check his mailbox for a room key along with instructions inside an unmarked envelope.

Kera was nervous as she pulled into the hotel and made her way to the room but she was excited nonetheless. Once inside, she pulled out her lingerie. For this night, she had chosen an ivory colored, lace nightie. It had thin satin straps that would gently fall off the shoulders and a delicate smattering of pearls on the bodice. The lace was sheer but not see through; just enough to leave a good imagination smoldering. Slipping on the satin panties with frills on the sides, she laid down on the bed then propped up her head in one hand. It was close to 6pm when a key made a clicking sound in the door. Steve's eyes widened at the first sight of her laying there just for him.

He confirmed that he had made his first goal of ten pounds. "I'm pleased. Do you have your officer's uniform in that bag?" she asked, gesturing towards the bag he was carrying.

He nodded yes.

"Put it on for me and then sit in the chair when you're dressed. Oh and by the way, tonight you can't touch but you sure can watch."

She caught her breath when he walked out of the bathroom with the outfit on. She always liked a good-looking man in uniform. Adjusting himself, Steve sat down looking at her. Closing her eyes she kneeled on the middle of the bed and parted her knees slightly. Taking a hand, she stroked her hair and moved down to caress her throat while the other hand slowly rubbed her breasts on the outside of the lace. Kera's nipples hardened with the touch of her fingers and the idea of Steve silently watching her. She would gently sway from side to side every now and then with the movement of her hands. He cleared his throat as he moved in his chair watching her advance her hands lower. Opening her eyes, she cupped her crotch then rubbed up and down bending her knees with each move. It aroused her even more to see that Steve was stroking himself through his pants.

"Well Officer. Any orders?" she playfully inquired as she crawled off the bed and stood directly in front of him, continuing to touch herself.

"Slip your hand inside your underwear." He used that same sexy, hot voice when they had the jiffy phone sex.

She bent at the waist as she turned around with her back facing him. Rolling a hand between her legs, he could see her touch herself through the silken panties. Steve reached out towards her backside, but she gently reminded him that he couldn't touch. This was just an incentive. He groaned with disbelief and reluctantly put his hand back on his lap. Strolling back over to the edge of the bed, she sat down while spreading her legs and steadied herself with a hand on the bed. Starting at the right knee, she stroked all the way down her inner thigh until she reached her crotch and massaged her clit through the satin. The hot wetness felt good on her fingers. As she rolled her head back and moaned, she slipped a finger past the band of the fabric and onto the bare skin. Playing for a moment while stroking up and down she finally slipped inside. He cleared his throat again. "You're killing me," he said.

Kera looked at him and saw how bad he wanted his hands all over her. "If I let you touch me this time, then next time it won't be so special."

She laid down on the bed and continued to please herself. Massaging her fingers in and out, she worked into a frenzied state of erotic desire. Kera's insides screamed as she felt the spasms coming. He sat there with his hand in his pants getting himself off. She was sprawled out, wide open on the bed as he watched her make herself cum. She was glistening with wetness as her fingers worked faster and harder. Finally, her body racked with sweat and juices, Kera drew her knees together and let out a scream of anguish and then release. Laying there for a moment she came into a sitting position. She smiled as she noticed his hand was full of cum. "Well, was that incentive enough for the next 10 pounds?" she asked.

Grabbing a hand towel from the bathroom, she threw it to him. She watched him for a second then walked over and kissed him very hard. He offered his tongue to her - she gladly took it.

They then dressed and returned to their normal lives for a short while.


IV. Feel me, touch me

The next ten pounds came off in three weeks. Kera chuckled imagining Steve running himself into the damn ground trying to huff them off in anticipation of having her. She called and told him that the next incentive meeting was Friday at the Fairfield Inn. She'd have a key left at the front desk for him. He eagerly agreed and asked "Are you going to let me touch you this time?"

"Of course" she replied.

6pm. Friday. Kera was dressed in a buff colored baby doll. The top was made of see through lace that flared out in satin down to her hips. She was waiting for him at the end of the bed and when he entered the room, she stood up and took his bag from him, placing it on the chair. Putting her arms around his neck, she whispered into his ear "tonight you can touch me anywhere you want, but you still can't have me."

He nodded in agreement as she began to undo his shirt and lick his chest. He stood there with his eyes squeezed shut, letting her tongue do its work. He took off his shoes and socks for her and then she continued to work her way down to his belt buckle. She unbuckled his belt as she got on her knees and taking both hands slid his pants to the floor. She pushed her face into his crotch, through his underwear and bit him gently. "Oh God," he breathed out while touching her hair.

Kera continued to nibble and she could feel his shaft getting harder through the fabric. She stood up leading him to the bed and they laid down facing each other. As he stroked her face, he leaned in for a kiss. His cock was hot to the touch and felt just right in her hand.

They laid there kissing and groping each other - she jerking him off and he probing with two fingers at a time. Kera wanted to fuck him until he was raw, but promised herself to stick to the plan. They got into a sixty-nine position with Kera on top but both decided to wait for the real thing until the final night and continued to just use their hands. He watched himself working his wet fingers slowly in and out of her; his thumb stroking her clit while juices ran down her lips and into her hair.

Steve's dick was gleaming with pre-cum as she stroked him, throbbing every time she would stop and circle the tip of her finger around its head. He would lightly twitch every time she also ran a finger down his balls. As she went back to the job at hand, he began flexing his toes and bending his knees with every stroke. His fingers weren't working as diligently as they had been and she knew he was about to cum.

She could feel his stomach muscles contract under her weight as he moaned. Kera moved down so he could shoot his load between her tits. When he finally began to cum, she rubbed the head of his dick in her cleavage so he could have more friction. He jerked several times, then his legs went limp and his hands fell to his side.

Kera climbed off and curled up next to him. "I want to make you cum," he said with a concerned but determined look.

"I can wait until next time. Consider it extreme payback for leaving you high and dry when we tried the phone sex," she tenderly retorted with a crooked smile.

Steve thought about it for moment, then smiled and shrugged ok. Eventually they dressed and left.


V. Goal!!!

Kera could hear the need oozing from his voice when he called. "I've reached my goal and I want my prize, TONIGHT."

"Wow! I didn't expect this to happen during the week, Steve. I don't have anything sexy to wear for you," she playfully stated.

"I don't care. I want you anyway."

Kera made a reservation at the Residence Inn and left a key at the desk. Tonight she was shaking from nervousness of feeling him inside for the first time. Thinking about him, she felt herself getting warm between the legs and then heard the door click.

Steve walked in with a proud air and definitely looking much thinner. He took an arm and slapped his cuffs onto one of her wrists. Kera was shocked because she wasn't expecting anything like this. She looked at her new bracelet and then back up at his face. He unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off over the cuff. Grabbing both breasts, he reached down and kissed her while gently pushing her towards the bed. He took off his shirt and pants and pulled off hers along with her stockings. As she moved up to the middle of the bed, Steve placed a knee on either side of her hips and sat down on her thighs. She just stared at him. He took the cuffed hand linking it to the other and stretched both arms out straight above her head.

"Consider yourself under house arrest, young lady," he said in that sexy voice.

All she could do was smile and ask him if he was going to show her his nightstick. He laughed. "You're going to FEEL my nightstick."

Bending down he licked the side of her neck and ear lobe. As she groaned with anxiousness, he began to breath hard. Backing up, he pushed her into a leaned back sitting position with knees slightly bent. Placing both hands on her knees, he spread her legs apart and went down for the kill. He first rolled his tongue over her clit through the satin, then he moved the fabric aside with his finger and pushed inside. She arched her head back onto the headboard as he tugged her underwear off and then removed his own.

Steve went back down to get another taste of her juices. He licked and sucked until Kera's hips were moving with his tongue movements. As he came up and crawled between her legs, he held his dick and teasingly rubbed the head up and down her wet slit. She coyly asked him to free at least one of her hands so she could touch him.

Steve fumbled for the key in his pants pocket, but found it quickly and released her bonds. As she placed a hand around the back of his neck to bring him down to her, she brought his dick into her with the other. She thought she would cum on the spot. He felt unbelievably fucking good inside of her. 'No pun intended,' she thought to herself. He bit at the side of her neck as he fucked her. Steve started out slow at first but became faster with each of Kera's groans and the sweat rolling off of their bodies. She could feel his dick hit the top and this sent her into ecstasy with each and every pump.


She wanted her clit to get action too, so she tilted her hips and bucked with every slam as she could feel the heat rising. He worked harder and harder until his cock couldn't take anymore and exploded inside as her cunt grabbed him hard. She began to let out a angst ridden scream as she wrapped her legs up and over his ass to bring him closer into her as they both came.

His breathing was labored and he was soaking wet all over as he dropped onto her with satisfaction. They both laid there listening to their breathing until he said "Damn. The program's over and I lost my weight. Now what?"

Kera kissed his forehead and then told him about a new program. "Whenever you even think about bingeing on food, let me know and I'll give you something else to think about."

He smiled back at her.

 * * * * * * * *

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For many years I held a fascination with erotica, but kept my interests well hidden beneath a veil of obscurity. I tended to call myself a closet erotic. My entrance into this new world came in early 1999, when at 31 years of age, I began to grow tired of the secretiveness. Many stories have formed in my head, but not until recently have I ventured out to put them into circulation.

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