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Paul had just moved to El Paso Texas after a bitter battle with his now ex-wife over debts and the house they used to own. He was quite pleased with himself having picked up a very beautiful and larger older home for next to nothing. Sure, he knew it needed a few things here and there, but he considered himself handy at fixing up things. Paul was an attractive 30 something insurance broker who's sex life was, or rather had been exciting and frequent. His ex-wife was every bit the nympho any man would love to be married to, yet there was something missing in their bedroom connection which was part of the reason they made their split.

It was Paul's second night in his new home and he was eating leftover Chinese while sitting at the makeshift table he had made from empty boxes. There were many boxes strung about the place, some open, some half unpacked and the lamps without their shades cast unfamiliar shadows against the bare walls. He was extremely tired from working at his new office and then coming home to unpack his things. He was about to toss what remained of his food when he heard a voice from behind him in the kitchen doorway.

"Well howdy there handsome! Ain't you a site for sore old tired eyes."

Paul about choked on his dinner he was so startled. Turning around with his brown eyes wide, there in the doorway stood an older blonde woman with her hand resting on the doorjamb giving him a big ole Texas smile.

"What... who... how did you get in here?" Paul said still shaken and surprised.

"Why sugar, you got yourself quite a mess here don't you? You just ride into town Darlin?" She moved closer to Paul while looking about the room and then began picking up some of his things to examine them. She seemed to be making herself right at home.

"Excuse me, I didn't get your name?" Paul set down the little white box of Chinese he was eating from and stood up.

"The name is Sarah Maye honey." She winked. "I just saw the lamp on and thought I would see who was here. I can't remember the last time there was a warm body in this place. Oh and you do look warm Darlin." She picked up his pager which was laying on top of one of the boxes and looked at it closely. "That's a funny looking..."

"Sarah, I don't know about El Paso, but  where I am from people just don't come into someone's home without knocking." he said while taking the pager out of her hand. "It's a new model... I can get my e-mail on it."

"E what Darlin?" She said as she put her arms around his neck and got face to face with him.

Paul all of a sudden realized just how attractive she was, how good she smelled and how good she felt against him. "E... E-mail." he stammered. Taking her arms off from around his neck he stepped back. "Look Sarah, I am really tired. I just want to take a shower and get some sleep. My back is killing me. Maybe you can come back another time so we can get to know one another?"

"Oh sugar! I give the best back rubs this side of St Louis. Why don't you let Sarah Maye give you a bath and a good ole rub down." she said while walking to the stairway then leaning over on the banister. Her well rounded breasts heaving from her dress, her blue eyes almost glowing with her invitation. "I believe the tub is this way sugar."

Hey, Paul was a man, just a man. He had needs just like any man, and Sarah was a beautiful woman. His cock made an instant decision to forget any questions he might have been contemplating and just go with what was happening. "Yes Sarah, I do believe you are right. After you!"

Sarah walked in front of him up the stairway and down the hall to the bathroom. She bent over to draw the water for his bath and hiked up her dress so he could see she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Paul just stood there looking up her dress at her hairy pussy and he could feel his cock begin to come alive. "Are you going to take your clothes off sugar, or do you want Sarah to do it for you now?" She turned and gave him a wink.

"Oh... yes... I can get them... thanks." He stuttered and blushed having been caught.

"Aw now Darlin. You ain't going to be one of those shy ones are ya?" she said turning around to help him undress.

"Um no Ma'am.. I mean Sarah, I have to say I am a little nervous. I mean I don't know you, and for Christ's sakes you just like appeared out of nowhere."

"First time honey? Don't you worry Sarah Maye has broken in quite a few cowboys like you. You need not say another word Darlin, just enjoy" She said as she pulled down his boxers and his cock flopped out. "Oh my Darlin if that isn't the most handsome cock I have seen."


"Hush now and relax, you are in good hands honey." she said as she put her right hand over his mouth. She then looked back down at his thick prick and gave it a little pet before giving it a gentle kiss. "I think your bath is ready darlin."

Paul slinked down into the warm tub, and she began to wash his body. Neither of them said a word. She took the soap and lathered up his shoulders, chest and back. Her touch was so soothing and gentle. Paul felt as if he were being treated as a king, and thought to himself it had never been like this with his ex-wife. Sarah's hand reached into the soapy water between his legs. Her fingers curled around his semi hard cock. Her hand was slick and the water was so warm, his meat began to grow in her hand.

"Oh I think he likes that." She said with a smile. Then leaning closer and whispering into his ear...  "I bet he would really like it if I stroked him too."  Her hand slowly slid up and down his shaft as it became hard as a stone. "That's it sugar, now doesn't that feel good?"

Paul's mouth opened and his eyes got narrow, he couldn't speak but his head gave her the nod.

"Now don't you think I am going to let you cum in this here bath now sugar. This is just a warm up. Let's get you out and dried off and into the bed cowboy. Sarah Maye has something special for you." she winked.

She took the towel patting him down and took extra time around his balls and ass. She led him naked down the hall past many doors until she reached the last one.

"Wrong one, this isn't my room." Paul pointed to the other door across the hall. "That's my bedroom."

"I know it's not your room sugar, this is my room." She said opening the door.

Paul looked at the old door which had many coats of paint on it and beneath a couple of the coats he thought he could make out the number five on it. He never remembered seeing it there before when he had gone through the house with the real-estate agent. In fact he thought, he never remember opening this door before. The room was dark and he could hear Sarah moving ahead of him.

Scratch! Paul jumped back as Sarah had lit a match and her face suddenly appeared in front of him in its glow. She walked over and lit an old lamp and the rooms contents appeared. There was a bed, dresser and night stand... none of which belonged to Paul.

Sarah patted the bed. "Lay down sugar, and let me get out of these clothes."

His attention quickly shifted to watching her undress. She slipped the dress off over her head and reached around to unclip her corset. Her beautiful full breasts unbound from it and her nipples looked so perfect mounted atop her mounds. "You are beautiful!" His cock was also alert and ready for action. He was so turned on by this older woman, she just had a presence about her, or maybe it was the way she carried herself and oozed sex. He sat leaned back on the bed, his legs over the edge and she kneeled down between them. She looked up with those glowing blue eyes and opened her mouth. Her tongue jetting out touched his balls while her hand held his cock straight up. She licked his sack like penny candy, the flat of her tongue dragging across the tender flesh taking out all the wrinkles. Her hand stroked his hot stick slowly as she continued to make a meal out of his scrotum, sucking in his balls and twirling her tongue against them. Her hand felt like velvet rubbing up and down on his cock. He could feel his nuts getting tighter and tighter. She looked up at his face, she could see the pressure was building inside, she knew his bullets were loading into his gun. His hips lifted from the bed trying to increase the steady rhythm of her hand, he was fucking her hand and dying to cum when she stopped.

"What's wrong?" he said surprised.

"Not yet." she said putting her mouth back on his balls without continuing to jerk him off.

Paul wanted to cum so bad, he kept trying to lift his ass and push his cock through her grip.

"Oh you naughty boy, I said not yet!" She smiled.

"I want to cum so bad! This feels so good!"

Sarah stood up. "Well then sugar you are just gonna have to fuck ole Sarah Maye!" She laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Her fingers moved down over her hairy mound and spread back her curtain. "Put your cock in there cowboy and empty that shooter inside me."

Paul wasted no time in mounting her. She grabbed his cock and guided into her wet slit. He could feel the lips of her cunt slide around his hard prick as he slide it in until his balls bottomed out.

"Oh sugar!" she grinned and grabbed his ass. "Give it to me good!"

Paul gave it to her alright, his pounding thrusts pushed harder and deeper into her box. She held her legs up high and rolled onto back  so he could get as deep as he could in her.

"That's it, fuck me... I want you to cum in my pussy! I want to feel that hot cock of yours fill me!"

That's all it took... her words triggered his gun and he emptied his full load into her cunt. His cock convulsed each time as each gob of his goo shot into her. Her walls pinched his cock milking every drop from it. Her eyes lit up and looked deep at him while her lips curled up into a big smile.

"You feel all better now sugar?"

Paul nodded "Yes... but where did you come from?"

"Well originally me and the girls were from St Louis, but we got ran out of town. So we hopped on a wagon and made our way here."

"Wagon?... girls? What girls?" Paul said getting up off her and standing up. There were giggles coming from outside the door. Paul opened it to see four barely clothed women standing at the door, who looked as if they had been listening through out his sexual romp. Paul turned back to Sarah who was still laying in the bed. But now she looked almost transparent, and the room was very cold.

"Those are my girls. I run this house and take care of the girls. I sure could use a man in the house though. We had us a bad night some time back when some drunk cowboy came in and started shooting up the place. You are the first one we have had here since."

Paul's stomach was in knots... his cock shrunk back in and he could see his breath.

"What's wrong sugar? If you will stay and help out around here, you can have any of the girls for free any time you want. But I want you to sleep in my bed more times than not!" She said as she vanished into thin air.

Paul turned back to the hallway where the girls were and the littlest one said. "Oh sleep with me next please? I give the best head!"

As another one said. "He's cute, I get him next!"

Paul's fear changed in one frightened heart beat into the realization of living with five beautiful nympho ghosts.

"I knew this place was a bargain!"

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