‘MORE THAN SKIN DEEP’ (c) Copyright SSMoses, 1998/199
Author:  ssmoses@yahoo.com
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Just why was his nickname ‘Buzz’? Was it because of his finely shaved peach-fuzz hair or was it because of his work as a tattoo artist? I found myself thinking the craziest thoughts to keep my mind off the pain he was inflicting upon me. The wildest thing was that I was paying him to do this to me!

I had finally got up my nerve for a tattoo, especially after my friend had gotten one on her ankle. I got the ‘itch for ink’, as most tattooies call it and got the name and number for Buzz’s studio. According to my tattooed friends, Buzz was the best in town, so I decided he was the artist for my flesh-etched mini-masterpiece.

Now, here I was reclining back in an old dentist chair in the private rear office of his studio with my bare leg propped up, revealing my tender ankle to his tattoo gun. I felt the warmth of his hands, holding my ankle steady as he worked on the design I had choose to mark myself with. I had chose a permanent anklet of tiny roses to ring around my ankle, because, after all, my name is Rose.

The exhilaration of the continuous stinging sensation of the needle boring into my virginal flesh made my body flush with warmth, although the studio was well air conditioned. I had came to the studio prepared for my tattoo, wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and old tank top, cause my friends had warned me that I would be flushing and sweating under the gun. A sheen of perspiration covered my entire body as I listen to the steady humming to the gun, glancing down at my ankle from time to time as the design slowly emerged from my fair skin.

"Rose, how are we doing?" Buzz asked, beaming up at me as he picked up a spray bottle and squirted a shot of water and antiseptic over the fresh marks and dabbed off a mixture of blood and ink with a paper towel. My blood and his ink mixing together, I chuckled at the absurdity of this silly thought, letting the image drift through my torture brain that was racked with continuous painful sensations coming from around my ankle.

"Fine," I lied, licking my sandpaper lips and wishing I had brought something to drink with me into the room.


"Yeah, a bit."

"We’ll give you a tiny break. We have a frig in the next room. Let me go get you a soda, okay?"

I nodded as he laid the ink gun down and stripped off his rubber gloves. The room was quieter now without the buzzing of the gun to preoccupy my thoughts, just the sound of his partner’s CD player drifting through the doorway from the waiting area at the front of the studio.

I took a peek at my ankle, which had swollen a bit and looked red and puffy. The anklet was half finished and looked just as wonderful as I had envisioned it. Buzz was truly a talented artist, as well as quite handsome too. He wore a black "Metal Heads Rock" t shirt, and, I couldn’t help but notice the nice size bulge in the crotch of his faded jeans.

"Here ya go, Rose." Buzz reentered the room and handed me a cold soda.

I admired the tattoos that covered his own body, the black tribal markings that snaked over his well- muscled arms. I drained the can of its cold carbonated beverage as Buzz lit up a cigarette for a quick smoke.

"The roses look great. I can’t wait to show my friends!" I said, my voice squeaking, sounding to myself like a schoolgirl ready for show-n-tell.

"Yeah? The design suits you too, considering it’s your name. Ya know?" he replied with a boyish grin.

He took another quick draw off his cigarette before crushing it out in the ashtray under the stand beside the chair. Maybe I was hallucinating, but I thought I saw a twinkle in his dark eyes. Buzz put on a fresh pair of rubber gloves and began to load the ink gun again.


I took a deep breath and sank back into the chair, ready to continue the torture upon my already tender, swollen ankle. The familiar buzzing sound filled the room and the dreadful thought of hornets and bees swarmed through my mind as the bittersweet stinging began again. Focus…focus, I desperately thought to myself trying to mentally draw my attention away from the artful torture around my ankle.

Suddenly, I was aware of Buzz’s hands, one hand caressing my calf as the other, with the gun, creatively drawing out the delicate petals of another rose, his eyes downcast and intent on his work. I focused on the hand that was caressing my calf, letting the gentle strokes of his palm ripple through my body, magnified by the humming of the ink gun. I gave a soft moan; closing my eyes and letting his hand smooth away the soreness.

My pussy warmed as his hand moved slowly over my bare calf, massaging the tense muscles there. The electric magnetism of his hand on my calf sent shock waves sparking up my legs to my pussy. The room grew warmer as my pussy tingled, my thoughts growing lustier with each petal of each rose, as Buzz continued to etch my bloody flesh with his dark inks.

"So, what does your boyfriend think about you getting a tattoo, Rose?"

Buzz’s question jolted me out of my trance, my mind racing for an answer.

"Boyfriend? Uh … I don’t have one." I licked my dry lips again; I was parched for another cool drink, but would have settled on sucking on his cock.

"Well, the guys are going to go apeshit over your sexy little tattoo, you know?"

"You think so?" I asked, with a drop of lusty anticipation in my voice. I sat up in the chair a placed my sweaty palm on the rubbered hand that massaged my calf with the gentleness of a lover.

Buzz looked up with a wicked grin. Without saying a word, he sprayed down my design and wiped the ooze off my ankle. He was done; finally the torture was over.

"Oh my! It’s beautiful, Buzz. A work of art!" I squealed with delight as I looked down at the freshly etched wreath of roses that circle my swollen ankle before he tenderly wrapped it in a bandage to heal.

"Just think, my mother wanted me to be a doctor and here I am drawing on people’s skin with needles for a living!" he said with a chuckle and his eyes twinkled again in the studio light.

"Well, you do have wonderful hands to touch with," I replied in a whispery voice, before I realized what I had said.

"You think so?" he asked, leaning over the end of the chair towards me.

Before I could reply, his lips met mine and I melted like butter under his fiery lips. He pulled away, his eyes burning now with the same hot, passion filled fire that had consumed my lips just seconds before. Buzz got up and locked the door to the studio behind him, smiling down at me with a lusty look that mirrored my own as he disposed of his rubber gloves with two swift moves.

The small studio room heated up like an oven in just a matter of moments. I peeled my tanktop over my head, exposing my perky tits as I laid back in the chair, beckoning him closer to me with a slight motion of my head. Buzz lowered his lips to my hard nipples, sucking on my tits while his hands cupped my breasts. The touch of his naked hands set ripples of desire over my entire body.

His lips brushed down my soft skin, kissing and licking as he worked his way towards my cut-off shorts. My pussy begged for release, bound within the denim prison between my legs. The burning sting around my ankle faded from my mind as hot liquid passion boiled now in my crotch.

After he had peeled away the shorts from my bare naked legs, he freed himself of his own denim prison revealing his tight well-toned abs and equally stunning, hard cock to my gaze. My mouth watered at the sight of his huge rod as he lowered it to my puckered lips. I lightly kissed his cockhead. An excited chill ran over his body as he let out a low moan as I took his cock in my hand and drew him closer to my eager mouth.

In my laid down-position, it was easy to stuff his whole cock into my hot, wet mouth. I slurp over his cock feeling it throb under my tongue as I lapped over his good, hard nine inches of manflesh. Buzz’s hips rocked in time to my sucking, his hand holding my head steady as I rolled back and forth over his fine endowment.

"Oh Rose …"

Buzz was moaning my name as I enjoyed every inch of him like an all day lollipop. I lapped up from the base of his balls to the top of his swollen, mushroom shaped head. He was like putty in my hands. His cock grew harder and hornier with each stroke of my puckered mouth as I drew him closer to exploding between my lips. I tasted his salty flavor on the back on my tongue and gentle pulled the large cock out of my mouth, making him groan in frustration.

With a nervous giggle, I propped myself back in the chair and raise my legs over the arms, giving Buzz full access to my aching pussy. He lowered his peachy head between my legs and began to work over my pink, fleshy lips with a flick of his tongue. My cunt went wild as he tongue darted over the delicate folds, tasting my juices as they oozed down my thighs. Fiery heat enveloped my body as his tongue stroked my pussy with divine relish, making me whimper and twitch with desire.

Buzz…now I knew how he got his nickname as the tip of his tongue dipped and darted over my soft, wet pussy. My whole body quite literally ‘buzzed’ under his wonderful flicking tongue, as he left no part of my horny little cunt untouched.

"Mmm … Buzz" I moaned, drawing his fuzzy head up to my nipples again.

His tongue danced and drilled over them, making making me tingle all over. My body was hot and tight and ready to explode in the locked little studio room as I begged him to fuck me then and there. With a gleam in his eyes, he pulled a condom out of a small drawer on the worktable beside the chair and sheathed his wonderful nine-inch boner, before we did the deed.

Buzz fucked me like a madman. I squealed like a banshee as I wrapped my legs around his back when he crawled up between my legs in the chair. His rock hard cock pumped in and out of my fiery hot pussy making all the pain of my earlier tattooing disappear into thin air. Each squeal I made spurred him on as he panting hotly over me. The fire and sweat streaming from his body as our body slapped together like two animals possessed by lust.

My squeal turned into a high pitched cry as I exploded, stars filling my eyes. The orgasm rippled through my body. My cosmic fireworks caused Buzz to come right after me as he pumped feverishly into my wet cunt before his final, quaking explosion shot into his rubber sheath.

We both laid together in the chair, afterward, and collected ourselves before he unlocked the door and resumed business as usual.

"Buzz, I want another tattoo," I announced with a soft smile.

"You think so?" he asked with a boyish grin.

You could have heard a pin drop as I leaned over and gave him a kiss.

Sometimes tattoos are more than skin deep.