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     “I thought you were going to be at Amber’s tonight,” Meadow said as she opened the door to her very good friend.

     “I was,” Taylor grumbled.  “That was before she started bringing up the ‘c’ word.”  He flopped down on her couch, grabbed the remote, and turned on her television.

     Meadow frowned.  “The ‘c’ word?”  She closed the door and sat on the couch next to him.  She shoved a trashy romance in between the sofa cushions.

     “Yeah, you know.”  His dark eyes flickered over her.  “I fucked her once and now all she can talk about is ‘Commitment.’  Damn, if I thought she knew words that big, I wouldn’t have screwed with her in the first place!”

     Meadow giggled until she doubled over.  “You are such a pig!  If I didn’t love you so much, I wouldn’t let you in my house.”

     Taylor glared at her and turned the television off.  “This is your fault.”

     “My fault!”  Her dark blue eyes widened.  “How is this my fault?”

     “She was jealous of you, saying shit like I spent more time with you than her.  She said I was more committed to you than to her.  She went so far as to say that she thought that I was fucking you behind her back.”

     Meadow’s mouth fell open.  “I’m so sorry.”  She moved over on the couch to give him a hug.  She felt him tug on the long, blonde braid that trailed down the middle of her back.  “I’ll talk to her if you want.”

      “No, thank you.  I’ve escaped that trap.  I’m not going to willingly walk back into it.”  He kissed her temple.  “Hmm.  You smell good.  What is that?  Vanilla?”  He stroked her back.

     She pulled back a little and ruffled his black curls.  “No,” she said plainly and distinctly, her full lips forming the word perfectly.  Even if he hadn’t heard her, he would have known what she was saying.

     “What are you talking about?” he asked.  He held his palms up innocently.

     “I’ve known you too long for you to try to pull that game on me.”  She shoved off him and moved to the opposite end of the couch.

     Taylor turned towards her.  “All I said was that you smell good.  Come on!  You can’t believe that I was . . ..  Meadow, you know I love you.”

     “Yes, and I also know that when you first met me you had no intention of becoming friends with me.”

     “Shit!”  Suddenly, he grinned and dropped all pretense of innocence.  “Would it be so bad?  Fucking me?”

     “Have you been drinking?”

     “No.  Answer me.  Would it be so bad?”

     Meadow pulled her feet under her.  Her friend was more than attractive.  He was tall, sexy, and intelligent.  He was everything she’d want in a man except for one tiny thing.  “Taylor, I don’t mean to be blunt, but you fuck around too much for me.”

     His mouth dropped open.  “Are you calling me a slut?”

     “And,” she added hoping to get his mind off that insult, “I would definitely want a commitment before making love to you.”

     “That word again?”  His eyes traveled over her for a moment.  “I may be . . .” He ground his teeth together.  “A little promiscuous, but you’re a prude.  And before you argue with me, answer this: When was the last time you were fucked?”

     Meadow lowered her lashes.  “I’ve been busy.”

     “Busy?  You’re not doing anything now.  You’re damn beautiful but you never date.  You spend all your spare time sitting around here reading books about other women getting fucked, but you never get any yourself.  I’m the only man who ever even gets inside that door.  And you won’t fuck me!  You had one bad relationship.  I’m sorry.  That was years ago.  Build a bridge and get the fuck over it!  All men are not dogs!  I’m not saying you should spread your legs for every man in sight, but, shit, don’t you think this is the wrong century for a chastity belt?”

     She stood up.  Her body shook with anger and tears glittered in her eyes.  “Look, I’m sorry.  I never intended to call you a slut, but you’re being cruel.  Just because I don’t want to be added to the long list of women you’ve fucked and forgotten—“

     “Shit, Meadow, I’m sorry.”  He stood and pulled her into his arms.  “I’m so sorry.  Don’t cry.”  He felt like a stupid beast for hurting her.  He rubbed her back and kissed her hair.  “I’m just frustrated because what Amber said was true.  I’m more committed to you than anyone.  I’ve in loved you for years.  It hurts to know that not only wouldn’t you date me, you think I’m a slut.”

     Meadow sniffed and wiped her eyes.  “I’ve loved you for years, too,” she whispered.  “But I’m not sure that I’m ready to trust a man that way again.”  They held each other quietly for a long moment.  Meadow closed her eyes.  “Does this mean that you’re going to continue to see women like Amber?”

     “Do you want me to?”

     “What do you think?”

     He rubbed his chin on the top of head.  He inhaled her sweet scent.  He liked the feel of her full breasts pressed up against his chest.  “Are you testing me?”

     “Maybe.”  She shivered.  “I’m scared.  What if . . . what if things don’t work between us?  I don’t want to lose you.”  She clutched at his shoulders.  “What if you hurt me?”

     “Meadow, just give me a chance.”  He kissed her temple.  His lips skimmed her cheek.  A brief pause.  His mouth brushed over hers in their first true kiss.  His lips brushed over hers again.  Her lips were slightly parted and they clung to his.  He kissed her top lip and then the lower one.  She started to protest but he stalled her.  “Please?  It’s just a kiss.”

     Her breaths came in short little puffs.  She could never say no when he said please.  Her eyes fluttered closed.  When next his mouth covered hers and his tongue sought entrance, she allowed him that intimacy.  She gasped a little as his tongue touched hers.  It had been far too long since she had last been kissed.  Her nipples tingled and she hugged him tighter.

     He was slow and gentle with her, tenderly coaxing a response.  The kiss gradually deepened.  He held her closer as he drank from her mouth.

     Her muscles seemed to melt.  She was leaning on him when he ended the kiss.  He nuzzled her cheek.  “I’d better go now,” he whispered.  He tugged her braid.  He gave her one last kiss and then he was gone.

     He was taking things slow for her sake.  If it were any other woman than Meadow, he wouldn’t have had the patience for what lay ahead of him.  Gaining her trust would not be easy.  But he wanted her—had wanted her for years.

     Taylor invited her over for dinner.  He ordered a special dinner from her favorite restaurant and had it delivered to his home.  He decorated his place as well as he knew how, dimming the lights and lighting aromatic candles.  He wanted Meadow to know how much she meant to him.

     When dinner was over, he took her into his arms.  “Meadow, I want . . . I want you to let me give you pleasure tonight.”

     “Taylor,” she began hesitantly.  “I don’t—“

     “Shhh.” He put a finger to her lips.  “Hear me out.  I won’t take you.” He smiled and his other hand curved over her luscious bottom.  “Not that I don’t want to.  I want you to experience just a fraction of my love for you.  You’re so inexperienced; you don’t know what true pleasure can be found in the arms of a man who loves you.”

     She studied him, her eyes lingering on the fullness of his mouth.  Would he give her more of his heady kisses?  She thought of all the other intimacies he would perform and her legs grew weak.  She took a shaky breath.  “You promise you won’t take me, no matter what?”

     “I promise.”


     “Okay?” he confirmed a grin splitting his face.  She nodded and he scooped her up and carried her off to his bedroom.

     Meadow joined Taylor on the bed.  He wore only black silk briefs to make her feel comfortable about her own nudity.  She wore only a skimpy pair of black panties.  His gaze was frankly adoring.  It was that alone that prevented her from crossing her arms over her full breasts.  She shivered as her skin made contact with the cool sheets.  She wasn’t chilled for long.  Taylor leaned over, his warm chest covering hers, and took her mouth.  Gradually, he rolled on top of her, slipping easily between her thighs.  She gasped at the intimacy.  He ground his pelvis into hers.  With only the thin cloth between them, they may as well have been naked.  “You promised,” she gasped.

     “I know.”  He framed her face with his hands and looked down into her eyes.  “I want to be your lover more than anything, but I will because I love you.  I’d never do anything to hurt you.”  He kissed the corner of her mouth.  “Trust me.”

     She felt guilty about doubting him for even a moment.  She grazed her mouth up and over his, her bottom lip clinging to his top lip.  Taylor quickly took control.  He claimed her mouth fully.  When his tongue sought entrance, she didn’t deny him.

     For a long time, he did nothing but kiss her.  He explored the caverns of her mouth, sipped at her tongue, and nibbled at her lips.  When she began to whimper and clutch at his shoulders, he captured her breasts.  He squeezed and kneaded, thumbing her taut nipples, then tugging them in time to his sucks on her tongue.  Meadow moaned and arched her throbbing loins against his hard cock.

     Taylor growled into her mouth.  His mouth slanted over hers again and again as he deepened the kiss even further.  Finally, he broke away, kissing and sucking her neck and earlobe.  His breathing was harsh and choppy.  He was beginning to doubt whether he would survive this test of his love.

     He licked her nipples until they were glistening and hard.  Then he sucked them.  Her cry of pleasure made his stomach clench and his cock jerk.  Taylor moaned.  He wasn’t going to make it.  He was going to die right here in his bed.  He rolled to his side so that his cock wasn’t pressed against her now soaked panties.  He needed space to cool down.

     “Taylor?” she asked breathlessly,  “Is something wrong?”

     He took a deep breath and shook his head.  “Absolutely nothing.”  He bit the lobe of her ear and kissed her neck.  His large hand rested low on her flat belly.  “I need you to do something for me, baby.”


     “Touch yourself for me.  Let me direct your hands.”

     “Taylor, I don’t know—“

     “Do this for me.  I don’t want to break my promise, but if I touch you any more intimately, I’ll go insane.”

     His hot breath fanned over he sensitized flesh.  He cupped one of her breasts and thumbed the nipple.  His whispered “please” sent her right over the edge.  “W-what do you want me to do?”

     Taylor snuggled up to her side.  He kissed her temple.  “Touch yourself.  Slide your hand into your panties and touch yourself.  Feather touches.  Light and airy.”  When she complied, gasping as her finger passed over what he imagined to be a firm juicy and thoroughly tasty little bud, he groaned.  “That’s good.”  She arched her hips ever so slightly.

     “Easy now.  Save some.”  She continued to stroke herself according to his specifications.  “Want more?”  At her eager nod, he kissed her forehead.  “Fuck yourself for me.  Just one finger.  Slip it inside ever so slowly.”  At her low moan, he tugged on her nipple.  She gave a delicious little cry.  “Give me your hand,” he ordered.  “No, the other one,” he said when she offered her free hand.  Groaning, she slowly withdrew her hand from her panties.  Taylor gripped her wrist.  He studied the glistening middle finger.  “Believe me, if I thought I could handle further temptation tonight . . ..  As it is, I shall have to settle for a more secondary treat.”  He enveloped her finger into the moist heat of his mouth.

     Meadow felt the sucking pull all the way to her throbbing pussy.  He sucked hungrily.  He ran his tongue between her fingers, licked her palm, and even lapped at the edges of her nails until he had devoured every last trace of her dew.  She watched him, his ravenous behavior arousing her further.  When he was done, he placed her hand over her feminine mound.

     “I want more.”

     She wet her dry lips as she did as he requested swirling her finger around in her moist opening until it was wet for him.  When she withdrew her hand, he seized it immediately, taking her finger into his mouth.  “Once more,” he groaned when he had cleaned it of her flavor.

     Meadow groaned too and slipped her finger, wet and warm from his suckling back into her body.  Once more, he fed on her nectar as though her were a starving man.

     “Now, we finish it.”  He leaned over and licked each of her nipples.  “Take your finger deep inside.  Imagine that it’s my cock high up inside of you.  Take me deeper.”  She arched her hips and moaned.  He began to feed on her breasts, occasionally murmuring compliments on the lusty movement of her hips.  Other times, he gave orders.  “Harder.  I would fuck you harder,” he said around a mouthful of nipple.  She sobbed and he sensed how close she was.  Her little gasps were driving him wild.  “Slide a second finger inside and grind your hips into it.”

     She opened her legs wider and after a moment, she whimpered.  “I can’t.”

     Taylor swirled his tongue around her nipple.  “Yes, you can.”

     “I can’t”

     “Baby, it’ll feel good.  You can do it,” he encouraged.

     She bit her lip.  “I can’t.  It won’t fit.  It hurts.”

     Taylor stilled.  His gaze flew to where her hand disappeared beneath the elastic of her panties.  His cock jerked.  He almost choked.  “It’s that tight?”  At her nod, Taylor groaned.  He’d never wanted to be inside of a woman more than he did at that moment.  The thought of her tight hot pussy snugly encompassing his thick hard dick almost undid him. 

     He placed one hand at the small of her back, arching her.  The other covered her hand between her thighs.  “Finish it, baby.  Hard, fast, and deep.”  He directed her hand in its driving movements.  He sucked her nipples, wanting to give her all the pleasure he could.  His lips tugged on her to the rhythm of her finger plunging in and out of her hot sheath.  Her gasping cries of pleasure escalated until finally she gave one last sharp cry.  Her hips arched greedily, gobbling her finger whole.  She stilled, allowing the spasms of her climax to claim her.  “Oh, Taylor,” she moaned.  His world was almost complete.

One Week Later

     Meadow came to him in a white negligee made entirely of sheer lace.  She wore nothing underneath.  “Taylor, I’m ready.”

     Taylor stood.  He’d been lounging on the bed completely naked and unselfconscious about his obvious arousal.  He took her hands and his eyes devoured her.  “Baby, you look good enough to eat.”

     She stepped into his body so that her gown brushed his flesh.  “Whatever you want,” she said enticingly.

     He groaned and picked her up by the waist.  He took her to his bed.  He covered her and took her mouth in a passionate kiss.  His hands discovered the bounties of her body.  She arched and purred beneath his ministrations.  He drew the hem of her gown up to her waist and then pulled it over her head.  “So lovely,” he whispered before bending to suckle the nipples his fingers had nurtured to fullness.  Each tug of his lips and brush of his tongue made the flames of her desire burn brighter.  “Please . . ..” she moaned.

     He slid a hand between her thighs to soothe some of her restlessness.  She arched against his hand as he teased the taunt bud hidden in her folds.  He released her nipples and moved lower.  He spread her thighs farther apart and crouched between them.  “Watch me,” he whispered as he bent her knees and leaned forward to feast upon her.  At first, she cried out in surprise at the pleasure, then she arched into the heat of his mouth as he suckled the swollen evidence of her desire.  She held him to her and swiveled her hips as he licked, sucked, and nibbled her until she arched once more, crying out his name.

     He positioned himself at her hot tight opening.  “Look at me.”  She opened her eyes.  “You’re mine now, Meadow.”  At her whispered “yes,” he slowly began to penetrate her.  She was incredibly snug.  He withdrew and plunged deeper.  He held his breath as his sank deeper and deeper.  He pulled back once more and quickly thrust in to the hilt.  Meadow cried out in pain.  When he swiveled his hips, she felt positively gored.

     “I love you,” Taylor ground out.  Then he began to move, thrusting his large engorged manhood repeatedly into her.  His thrusts lifted her lower body.  She gasped at each deep plunge.  She lifted her knees for him.  It was several minutes before she knew the pleasure of having him ride between her thighs.  She began to pant, to crave being fucked by the man she loved.  She begged him for more.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted and opened herself to his fucking.  She craved each thrust of his thick cock.

     “Oh, God . . ..  Oh, please, don’t stop!  Please, don’t stop!  Oh!  Oh!  Taylor!”

     Taylor pounded into her in a frenzy, groaning his enjoyment into her neck.  He thrust harder and harder.  He couldn’t control his movements.  His lusty manhood wanted to taste all of her.  Her excited plea only made him wilder.  She exploded twice before he finally groaned, his splendid cock shooting his juices high into her body.

     They made love again and again.  She was suddenly insatiable.  She straddled him and took him into her body.  She rode his cock hard and fast; her legs open wide enough that he could see it each time her lusty body swallowed him.  The view of her beautiful breasts bouncing freely almost undid him.

     Later, he mounted her from behind.  She stirred her hips against him as he thrust deep inside her hot cavern.  He stroked her nipples and her feminine bud until she was wild with desire.  And as always when her climax came, she called out his name.  He allowed her tight spasms to milk his marble erection.

     “I never imagined it could be like this,” Meadow panted from beneath him.  “I love you so much!”

      He held her close and kissed her shoulder.  “I love you, too.  You mean so much to me.  Marry me.”

     Meadow smiled.  “I can’t imagine marrying any other man.”