Mariah’s Desires
(c) Copyright 2001- Laisrena Braden

Mariah smiled and waved Kiley into the office as she finished up her phone call.  Her glance slid to the clock on the opposite wall as Kiley shut the door quietly.  Mariah continued a steady stream of upbeat chatter, taking care of the business at hand.  What her caller couldn’t see was the deadly serious gaze she leveled onto Kiley upon noticing her lateness.

Kiley’s hand curved around the angular handle of the door.  She could push it down and slip out, just the way she’d come in, it was true.  Her teeth pressed softly into her lower lip, and her eyes lowered shamefully not willing to meet the icy blue stare that pinned her against the door.  Part of her wanted the phone call to last and last, but all it really would have been was a postponement of the inevitable.

Mariah punched the disconnect button and silence snaked through the room like an electric coil.  Her hands shifted about leisurely over the desk top, rifling through papers, slipping a folder in the long slender drawer.

“You’re late.” She said as she continued to straighten things.

“I…well…  the traffic was very bad and..”

Mariah waved her hand and sat back with a tired look on her face.  “I don’t need the excuses.  You know what time I close things up here.  You know what time to be here when we’re going out to dinner.  It amazes me that after all of these months, you still can’t give yourself enough time to make it through the five o’clock traffic, Kylie.”

Kylie went to speak, and then closed her mouth.  What she’d said was true.  She’d spent too much time primping in the mirror, unnecessarily, and look where it had gotten her.  She didn’t want to feed into Mariah’s stress; she wanted to be there to relieve it.  She blinked and watched as Mariah stood up and turned to look out the window, down at the city below.  The first signs of fluorescent lights were peeking out into the tentative veil of darkness that would settle completely within the next hour.

“And why is it, that you’re standing there like that?” she spoke to the window.

The hard line of Mariah’s carefully lined mouth feathered darkly in the crescent of her reflection.  Immediately cursing herself for her carelessness, Kylie knelt onto the floor.  The rolled edge of the deeply colored wool area rug bit into her knees.  She’d been so worried, so worried, she lost her place and she was already angry with herself.

“That’s better, girl. But, I want you here. Now.”

Mariah snapped her fingers sharply and turned to watch as Kylie crawled quickly across the floor. Her full hips swayed high in the air and her breasts brushed low to the ground.  She was a good girl. Her intentions were commendable.  It would just be a matching of her intentions with her actions that would complete her transition, and they were working slowly towards that metamorphosis.  Although sometimes it might seem that Mariah was being overly harsh, everything she did was with a view toward helping Kylie become the submissive she so sincerely wanted to be.  It was obvious that the reason she was late had everything to do with her seeing to the details of her appearance.  Mariah smiled inside, watching the full curves of her breasts nearly spilling over the deep scoop neck of the short black dress she was wearing.  Her black stockings whisked across the carpet at a frantic pace until she reached Mariah’s feet.

Kylie stopped and pressed her forehead to the floor, pushing back to rest her ass against the heels of her pointed feet and stretched her arms out quickly.  Her breathing was soft and heavy, even as she tried to quiet it within herself.  She could hear Mariah’s heels click once on the parquet flooring and then the silence as she stepped around her in a slow circle on the rug.

Mariah stood behind Kylie and slid her foot against the carefully pointed toes.  At the slightest touch, Kylie shifted position, her ass lifting high in the air and her legs parting in one fluid motion.  The skirt of her dress wrinkled in at the waist, the tight fabric inching up over her thighs and she felt the open air against her bare lips.  She breathed in sharply. 

Mariah watched the slight tremble in her legs, and her eyes focused in on the freshly shaven lips.   They’d spent an entire evening, as Mariah showed her exactly how she could remove all traces of hair without harming herself in the process. It looked as though the lesson had paid off.  Still, it was difficult to see from that angle and Mariah smiled slowly as her mind began to work.  She moved around to where Kiley’s forehead was still resting on the floor and crouched next to her.  Gathering up a handful of shimmering black hair, she pulled her head up until they were looking eye to eye.

“I don’t want your excuses, we’ll deal with the tardiness at a later time.  I want you to think about why I request you here and what it says to me when you disregard my instructions, however unintentional it may seem.  But, right now, it’s time for inspection.”

Kiley whispered softly. “Yes, Ma’am, I understand.”

Mariah let go of her hair and grasped her chin firmly.  “Good.  I want you bent over my desk, with that ass high in the air, and your legs spread wide. Now, go, girl.”

As she released her hold and stepped back, Kiley scrambled up.  She knew that moving quickly would please her Mistress, and it was the only thought that entered her mind now.  She wouldn’t dream of distracting herself from Mariah’s desires.  She may have started off rocky today, but she wanted to overcome that.  Bending quickly at the waist she pressed her torso tightly onto the desk, her legs spread as wide as possible.  With the aid of the high heels she’d been trained to wear, her ass was situated nice and high.

Mariah swept in behind her and yanked her skirt up around her waist.

“There she is.” she whispered softly.

Her fingers slid down underneath the garters that fastened to Kiley’s stockings and she snapped them sharply against the skin, seeing just a tinge of pink against the tanned flesh.  She chuckled softly as Kiley jerked at the suddenness of the touch.  Mariah leaned in close, her lips within millimeters of those petal soft lips; her words pushing tiny tufts of air against Kiley’s barely contained movements.  Quickly she reached out and squeezed the lips tightly together between two fingers, her nails biting into the skin.  Kiley moaned, her head turning on the desk and everything but the touch of her Mistress began to fade into the background.

“That’s my girl,” Mariah smiled.  “Such an obedient slut, aren’t you?”

Kiley whimpered softly as she felt Mariah’s fingers tracing and kneading over her lips, testing the smoothness.  Suddenly, Mariah slipped her fingers just inside her slit and trapped her clit sharply between two fingers, pinching it roughly.

“Ohhh.” Kiley moaned, her hips moving slowly.

Mariah pulled, her hand pressing on the small of Kiley’s back and holding her into place.

“Does my girl want to come?” she smiled.

“Yes, Mistress, please.” She begged softly.

“No, not yet, darling.”

Mariah withdrew her hand and delivered several hard stinging slaps against each ass cheek watching the skin redden with delight.  She rubbed her hand over the fading handprints and pinched the skin softly.  Listening to Kiley’s moans was getting to her.  Looking at that sweet ass, and watching her writhe and rise to meet the slaps caused an immediate arousal deep inside of Mariah.  She knew it wouldn’t be much longer before she had to give in to her own release.  But, she liked to take her time with Kiley, to watch her reactions and to pull the most desperate feelings from her.  Mariah reached over Kiley’s thigh and tapped it lightly. 

Kiley knew the signal, and she turned over on the desk as Mariah opened a drawer on each end for her to place her feet in.

“Closer.” She commanded, watching Kiley slide her ass to the very edge of the table, her sex hanging almost over it.  “Mmmm…better.”

Mariah pulled her chair up and sat in it, rolling it until she was inches away from Kiley, centered between her legs.  Her hand cupped over the moist lips, pressing the heel of it just slightly into the opening.

“Time to fess up.” Mariah whispered

Kiley moaned softly, her head shaking, but knowing that she would do as Mariah asked.

“How many times?”

Kiley bit her lip, the number catching in her throat.

Mariah squeezed her hand hard, pumping against Kiley’s pussy until she cried out.


Mariah removed her hand, absorbing the response.  “Five.”  She said evenly.

Reaching past Kiley’s foot she pulled out a short leather strap and ran it through her hands.  Very gently she laid the tip of the strap on top of Kiley’s tummy and positioned the rest of it snuggly between her lips, watching it dangle off the end of the desk.

“She’s been a bad girl, hasn’t she?”

“Y-y-yes Mistress.”

“Well,” she sighed.  “You know the rule Kiley, it’s two for each orgasm that you have without my permission.  Beg me for it.”

After barely a moment’s hesitation, Kiley began slowly, and then her words tumbled out as Mariah held the strap at both ends sliding it up and down ruthlessly between her lips.

“Please!  Oh please, Mistress…punish this slut for coming when she is not supposed to.  Please!”

“Very well.” Mariah nodded and withdrew the strap with one stinging downward motion.  “Count it out, girl.”

Mariah’s wrist snapped and the tip of the strap flicked hard against Kiley’s wet flesh.  She cried out, over and over, her ass pressing into the edge of the desk. Her pussy swelled and soaked with each renewed lick of the strap.  The numbers came out breathlessly, and the tears stood in her eyes.  Mariah was moved by her ability to bear the strap without shrinking from it.  This was a very pleasing milestone in her development.  No matter how well she knew Kiley, there were always the odd little moments when she’d be taken by surprise.  Mariah wanted to scoop her up off of the desk and gather her into her arms, kissing her tears away.  But, she could not.

It seemed that as suddenly as the blows began they stopped and there were the heavy velvet ministrations of Mariah’s tongue bathing her reddened tender flesh.  Kiley pushed against the tongue, feeling it flatten out and slide up and down her opened slit.  Her moans became louder, and her breathing frantic as she felt the tip of Mariah’s tongue pressing insistently into her pussy

“Ohhhhhhh….yesss please! Please, god!!”

Mariah withdrew.  She leaned over Kiley and slipped her hand behind her neck, pulling her to an upright sitting position.  Her lips fell over Kiley’s neck, groping and sucking at the flesh, her teeth pressing into it.  She whispered in her ear in a very soft and gentle voice.

“I’ve been waiting for you all day, baby girl.  You’ve had your fun, and paid the price.  Now it’s time for you to take care of me.”

Mariah pulled back and sat in her chair, shifting the skirt of her suit up to her waist.  Kiley slipped carefully off the desk and knelt, her eyes fixed on the perfectly trimmed pussy of her Mistress.  Her eyes softened with desire as Mariah hooked her legs over the arms of the chair and pushed herself forward.

“Do it well, and I’ll let you taste me, would you like that, girl?” she smiled lovingly at Kiley.

“Oh yes, Mistress, I want that so very much!”

“Then show me how badly you want it, dear.  Now.”

Mariah leaned her head back on the chair, feeling the soft firm lips of her girl as she licked and sucked at her slit.  Within moments, Mariah was gripping the arms of the chair, trying to hold back, wanting to feel the girl’s tongue and mouth on her as long as possible.  Kiley pushed her tongue in slowly, and Mariah reached down with both hands, one placed on the back of her head and the other gripping her hair.  She pressed Kiley tight into her pussy.

“Yes!  Fuck me with that tongue…mmmmmmm, goddd…that’s my good girl.” She crooned softly.

Kiley responded eagerly, her own pussy throbbing with a dull ache from the strap, and the intense sensation of grappling onto the edge, not wanting to come and disobey Mariah.  She felt the hands tighten in her hair, the walls of Mariah’s pussy clenching hard and hot against her tongue.  God, this was what she wanted, what she needed. 

With a loud groan Mariah called to her, “Yes darling…suck it, suck it hard my little slut.”

Kiley buried her face tight, tighter than even Mariah was urging. She opened her mouth wide, sucking at her pussy hard.  She felt the warm sweet juices bathing her tongue and sliding down her throat as her Mistress shuddered against her, her tongue worshiping the pulsing throb of wet flesh pressed against her mouth, her nose, her chin, infusing all of her senses.

Slowly, Mariah came down, and eased Kiley back.  Her legs came trembling back to their natural resting position.  She reached down and stroked Kiley’s hair, smiling at her and pulling her up into her lap.  Covering her throat in soft kisses, she whispered in her ear.

“You are such a good girl, I treasure you, Kiley.”

She smiled and touched Kiley’s chin, turning her face until their eyes met.  Their kiss was a dance of fire, tongues delving against each other with a kind of savage tenderness that would fuel them through the night.  Breaking off slowly, Mariah murmured against Kiley’s lips. 

“After dinner tonight, I want dessert, girl, so save it for then.”

With a small wicked smile, she slipped Kiley off her lap and swatted her playfully on the ass.  Mariah stood up and straightened her skirt, smoothing her jacket down.  She walked quickly to the door of her office, smiling as she heard Kiley’s knees against the floor, struggling to keep up.  Once in the doorway, she waited for her to stand, and reached out to smooth the wrinkles in her dress and push her hair from her face.  She leaned to kiss her softly on the cheek.

“My love.” She whispered and took her arm, as the two of them stepped out of the door and into the evening ahead.