Liaisons in the City - (Part One)
Jane Rhett-Samuelson
copyright  2001

Our first sexual encounter began at a party. As I was browsing through a bedroom looking intently at the jazz musicians' picture hanging on the wall, my mind drifted to smoky clubs and the sensual whines of the sax. He surprised me as he walked into the bedroom and peered over my shoulder. His presence mesmerized me. I had seen him during the party and we caught each other's eyes and we said hello. We introduced ourselves and playfully flirted, commenting on the picture. Did he follow me into the room? I said good bye and left the room. Our eyes caught each other during the night, but I didn't expect anything else but just playful flirting between us. I never expected where we'd end up together that night. I didn't expect him to follow me again--back to my jazz babies on the wall.

The first time was pure, beautiful fucking. We had found our way back to the bedroom. My eyes peered at the wall as I felt his lovely fingers roam down my back. His strong brown hands grabbed my bare ass and pushed my skirt and panties down falling around my ankles. His cock teased my wet lips as he snaked slowly inside me. My breaths came out in sharp, shallow puffs as I felt him slide inside my wetness. He overtook my mind, body, and soul that night. Our orgasms were fierce as we exploded together whilst the tinkling of glasses, soft jazz, and canned party laughter faded in the background of my mind. I knew his name and that he was an Ivy League student. That night still burns inside me.

The second time was just as wild. It was my turn to play seductress. I enticed him at the library, deliberately distracting him from studying. I teased and taunted him amongst the dusty bookshelves. I whispered how much I wanted to fuck him and how I would be waiting for him at his apartment. Later that evening, he sweetly paid me for my cock teasing. He bent me over his couch and took me until I wanted to pass out from the sheer torment and pleasure of his cock inside my pussy.

Our sexual adventures were always erotic and kinky and we always took it one step further just to see how far we could push each other's sensual limits. That leads me to our most recent escapade. It had been awhile since we had spoken or had seen each other. My pussy tingled at the thought of our bodies igniting each other after the long absence.

I met him at a café dressed casually sexy---fitted black slacks, tight gray cashmere pullover sweater, and soft black leather pull-on, high-heeled boots. I was lazily flipping through the newspaper sipping my coffee when he arrived. I felt his eyes burn into me as he sat down opposite of me. I didn't even have to look up to feel that whirling, all-consuming sexual tension that always stirred between us. I pretended not to notice him.

He ignored me and grabbed the sports section of the newspaper and leafed through it slowly. I finally peaked over my newspaper and our eyes caught each other--my blue, liquid heat searing into his black-brown fire.

I purred sweetly to him, "So can I persuade you to take me back to your apartment and fuck me for the rest of the day? If you re schedule allows for it, that is?"

He grabbed the newspaper away from me and pulling me closer to him, he kissed me hungrily and whispered in my ear, "It's been far too long."

"Oh, it hasn't been that long. I am sure you can recall how delicious my pussy feels against your mouth when I orgasm for you," I teased as my lips nibbled on his cold ear lobe.

"Get your ass out of that chair and come with me," he ordered, pulling me out of the chair as I laughed and threw down the paper on the table.

We barely made it through the door. We were a tangle of arms and hands as we stumbled through the door. I was intoxicated by him and my brain felt fuzzy. Our mouths met roughly together as our tongues wickedly explored each other's hungry mouths and lips. As we kissed, he unzipped my pants. He didn't waste any time as he pushed his right hand inside the front of my pants cupping my warm silk-clad pussy with his hand. His tongue was gentle but coaxing and wanting at the same time. He was moaning my name madly against my lips. He slipped his hand inside the elastic of my panties and when he touched my soaking wet pussy, I whimpered. He invaded me with his middle and index fingers and I ground hard onto his long, piano-playing fingers.

I backed up against the wall to steady myself and he started to finger fuck me with an intensity that overpowered me.

"Please now! I need your beautiful cock inside me--NOW!" I begged.

"Not yet. I want to tease you, my darling. I want you to come for me this way. I want your ass grinding into that wall with my fingers inside you and I want you to come right now. Give it to me. Let it go and come now!" he commanded as he drove his fingers deeper inside me.

His thumb found my clit and was circling it torturously. I could feel my climax building.

"That's it. Right there," I moaned deliciously as he pinched my swollen clit.

My body exploded. My juices poured out of me coating his fingers and hand and running down my inner thighs. My musky scent combined with my perfume hung heavy around us. My body gave out and I slumped against the wall. His body so close to mine that I felt he was almost crushing me against him.

I pushed him back slightly and looked down at the thick bulge in his pants. I smiled wickedly as I placed my left hand on his crotch feeling that warm, familiar hardness.

To be continued...