Delicious Interruptions, © 2000 Jessica
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The loud thrum of a diesel engine stirs me from my desk. I look out my window and see a truck idling by my back gate. The carpenters are here to build a roof and add some railing to my deck and it looks like they start pretty early. Being a single, newly divorced woman in a small town always gets the local gossips going. Therefore, not only did I want some shade but also a measure of privacy in the backyard of my new house.

 I step out onto the deck as two big strapping young men start unloading lumber. "Good morning," I say, greeting them with a smile.

They both give me almost identical surly looks and mumble "Mornin" as they continue with the task at hand. I mentally shrug my shoulders, not really giving a shit about their lack of an enthusiastic response. They finish unloading, hop back in the truck and take off. I'm left standing there wondering what the fuck is going on here! Aren't they going to build my deck? Did they go for coffee break already? I knew I should've hired somebody local.

The sound of my front doorbell echoes throughout the house. "Shit…now what?" I mutter heading back inside to answer the door.

"Good Morning! Alene?" I stare blankly at the sight before me. A thick dark mustache tries to hide very delectable lips and white teeth, which are bared at me. Slowly my eyes travel higher. Long straight nose, I can see small nose hairs twitching with each breath and then mischievous blue/grey eyes twinkling at me.

"Yeah, that's me," I answer, clearing my throat unnecessarily.

He sticks out his hand, "I'm Rob, I'm here to build your deck." I notice the tool belt he's grasping in his left hand a second too late. Guess I must have been temporarily distracted. As I reach out to shake his hand, I am again distracted by the almost non-existent caress of his fingers along my palm as he grips my hand in a firm shake. Did I imagine that touch?

"Did the lumber arrive yet?" he asks as he steps across the threshold. I move back a bit so he can come in.

"Uh, yeah, they just delivered it. I thought 'they' were the carpenters."

Talking as I lead the way to the back patio doors. "I was wondering why they took off like that."

A deep, throaty chuckle answers me. I look back at him, he's following me but not really following me; he's busy looking around at everything. "Nice little place you got here," he remarks.

"Thanks, I love it," I answer as we step out onto the deck. "I will love it even more when I get a roof and some railings out here. Then I can sit here in the evenings or in the early mornings with my cup of coffee."

"Your hubby's not a builder?" he asks.

"My X-hubby ­ and no, he never could build anything except perhaps the wall between us."

 Rob touched my shoulder lightly, "I'm sorry, didn't mean to bring up delicate issues."

  I tried for a nonchalant grin. "No problem. So, you got a helper coming later or what?"

He was walking around the perimeter of my deck, then he jumped off one end and peeked underneath. Nice ass! I couldn't help but notice how nicely he filled out his jeans.

  "Hello? Alene?"

  The sound of his voice brought me back from wherever my mind had meandered to. "Oh sorry, I was…um…daydreaming. Did you say something?"

  "I said I usually work alone but if I need help I know who to call. I also asked you if you know how long ago this deck was built?" He was looking at me with an 'I know what you are thinking' expression on his face.

  I could feel my face starting to turn red. What was wrong with me? I couldn't keep my eyes off this guy. Was I that desperate? I laughed self-consciously. "Actually, I just bought this place in March, I don't know when it was built. The deck, I mean."

  "Okay, no problem. The base looks like it's sturdy enough to withstand the added weight. I'll also put in separate supports for the roof anyway."

  My thoughts drifted again as I listened to the soft drawl of his voice, explaining what he was going to do. I was wondering what his voice would sound like whispering in my ear. Would his mustache tickle? How would his callused hands feel on my most sensitive skin?

  "Am I boring you?" he asks, with a chuckle.

  Damn, caught me at it again. "I, um, think I'll let you get to your work. I don't think I'm quite awake yet. Need more coffee probably. Would you like some?" I rushed to fill in the awkwardness caused by my behaviour.

"Maybe in a little while, thanks," he answered.

"Okay." I escaped inside.

Standing at the kitchen counter, looking - without seeing - out onto the quiet street I ponder my unexpected attraction to Rob. As far as I knew I still hated all men. Had I passed that hurdle without realizing it? Suddenly, there he was, getting into his truck and driving off. Shit, not again! I hurry out to the deck. His toolbelt is still there.

And there he is. He had just driven around to the back alley. Out come the sawhorses, extension cords, circular saw, ladder and other building paraphernalia. "Hi. Didja think I left too?"

 I smile and nod my head sheepishly.

"Don't worry, I won't leave without saying good-bye." Why did I get the feeling that he meant more than what he said?

I watch him set up his work area; he is very precise about where each tool is placed. My potted plants will have to be moved. I hoist them one at a time and move them a safe distance away. Only when I finish do I notice that Rob is staring at me.

 I look down at myself. Am I showing something I shouldn't be? My nipples are hard from the morning chill and are proudly displaying themselves. I cross my arms quickly. "Kinda chilly this morning," I remark.

"Oh," he says in a disappointed voice, "and here I thought you were glad to see me." We both burst out laughing. I knew there was something about this guy that I liked.

 I head back inside but stop with one foot inside and one out. "You know Rob, I did take two years of shop in high school so if you need a hand just let me know."

He grins at me. "You aren't going to stand there and clap if I ask for a hand?"

 "Nah, the clapping won't be until the job is complete and I'm satisfied!" I wink at him and go inside.

I settle myself at my desk and once I am able to concentrate I get into my thesis writing again. The sounds of wood being cut and hammered keep me company. I don't notice the sudden quiet until I hear a voice calling, "Hey Alene, I could use that cup of coffee right about now."

"Okay, be right there,” I answer, stretching back in my chair. Looking at the kitchen clock as I take out a mug, I notice that it's already ten after twelve. Holy shit, I have been working steady for an hour and a half! And so has Rob.

 "What do you take in it?" I yell.

  "Black," comes the muffled reply. He's sitting on the step, eating his lunch, when I take him his coffee. He nods his head in thanks since his mouth is full of sandwich. There's a bit of a bread crumb on his mustache. Before I can stop my hand, it brushes off the crumb. His mustache feels soft and rough at the same time.

"Any more?" he asks with a grin.

"Sorry, didn't mean to do that."

"Haven't had my mustache brushed off by a pretty girl in a long time…" he drawls.

I grin at him and look around. "Wow, you're making real progress. You'll be finished in no time a'tall."

 "Yeah, it's going pretty good. Have a seat. I'll give you half my sandwich for the coffee."

"No, that's okay. I'll just go inside and fix myself one." I start to go back in.

 "And then you're coming out again, right!" It wasn't a question.

"Yup, I'll be right back."

 He jumps up to open the screen door for me as I try to maneuver opening the door with a cup of coffee and a plate in my hands. We sit on the step and just talk about general stuff. I find out he isn't married, never has been and isn't in any hurry either. He has a degree in commerce but decided that he enjoyed being a carpenter more. I tell him that I am working on my master's degree and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I go back inside for more coffee and bring out some peanut butter cookies.

"Mmmm, peanut butter cookies, my all-time favourite," he practically drools at the sight of them.

Wow, wish I would get that kind of reaction if I was offered to him on a dish.

 "You probably would!"

Oh my god, I had spoken my thoughts aloud. My face starts to turn red again. Dammit! I gotta stop blushing so easily. "Oh…shit."

He laughs and pats the step beside him. "Don't worry bout it. Come and brush the cookie crumbs from my mustache." I sit down next to him, he slides over a bit closer until our thighs are touching lightly. I can feel his body heat seeping through his jeans; he's burning hotter than the sun. I can smell the slight tangy odor of body sweat, mixed in with a woodsy smelling cologne or deodorant, I can't tell which. We listen to the robins twittering in the trees and munch on cookies; both caught in a companionable silence.

His weight shifts and I turn my head to see that he has lain down, his hands clasped behind his head. Since his eyes are closed I take the opportunity to stare at him. He's not handsome in the truest sense. His nose is a bit long and looks like it got squished as it approaches his eyes. If I could just lift up his mustache, then I can see the shape of his top lip. My fingers itch to trace the laugh lines radiating out from the corners of his eyes. It looks like a regular face. What is it then, that pulls me toward him?

My scrutinizing eye travels downwards. Fair sized chest, doesn't look like a washboard stomach, hips aren't overly slim or wide either. I'm halted from traveling further down as I notice a twitching in his groin.

 "You like what you see?" he drawls.

My eyes dart up to see him looking at me through slitted eyes. "How long have you been watching me watching you?"

 "I asked the question first," he answers.

I bite my lower lip and decide to go for it. "Yes, very much. I especially liked that twitching I saw." I nod toward his groin.

"Think he's wakin' up," he chuckles.

I look at him, give him a small grin and turn back around to face the backyard, while my hand slides along his thigh, going from the outside to the inside and up. My palm rests on the hardening bulge in his jeans. He doesn't move a muscle. I squeeze my hand gently and feel his cock grow harder.

I let out a small yelp of alarm as he rises up, grabs me and pulls me back with him. He has his arms around me, just under my breasts and I'm laying halfway on top of his chest. One hand reaches up to cup my breast and squeeze it. "I can see why you need a more private deck," he whispers. "How about we continue this inside."

We only make it as far as the inside of the patio doors and he pushes me against the glass, grinding his hips into me as we share our first kiss. Coffee and peanut butter cookie kisses. His hands cradle my face as he places gentle kisses all over, over my eyelids, the ridge of my eyebrow, the tip of my nose. The tip of his tongue gently caresses the corner of my lips, my knees go weak and the wetness gathers in my panties. Nobody has ever done that before.

My hands go down and I unbutton his jeans. I pull them down and grasp his cheeks. God, they feel so good, firm and warm and such a nice handful. I press him harder against me as I spread my legs even more and wrap a leg around his. I crave his cock in my cunt.

 "You don't mind if we…mmmm…have a quickie?" he asks, as he suppresses a groan when I start stroking his cock.

"Hell no, I just wanna fuck," I answer breathlessly. We topple onto the nearby couch. Frantically, we struggle to take off my jeans. The cool air on my cunt temporarily cools me off as he slips on a condom and then his heat fills me totally. We both breathe a sigh of relief that quickly turns into breathless gasps as he starts pumping. In and out, grinding his pelvic bone against my clit, in and out, grind, in and out…the rhythm quickly builds me up. I squeeze my inner muscles, trying to stop the inevitable, trying to prolong this utterly delicious sensation coursing through my body.

Rob groans, rests his head on my shoulder and slows down the pace.

"Noooo," I wail pitifully.

 "Then stop… squeezing… me like that… or I'm going… to… come before you," he gasps out.

"But… I was soooo close…" I unclench my muscles and he starts pumping again. The in, out, grind rhythm catches us up again. Each time he's all the way inside me, I clench my muscles as he withdraws. Our eyes meet and he starts to slow down with each withdrawal, prolonging our pleasure and our torture. The build up begins again. I push my hips up with each of his downward thrusts.

"Faster Rob, fuck me hard, make me come," I urge. Our bodies slap together, the wonderful squishy, sucking noises and our breathing, the telltale signs of our activity. My body starts to quiver, my hands grasp his asscheeks and I grind him into my clit, holding him there while he rubs himself in a circular motion. My body arches up and then falls back down as I come, with a small scream followed by soft whimpers. Rob lets me recover for a bit, then resumes his thrusts. This time I squeeze my cunt muscles for all they're worth and he shudders and groans into my neck after only a few strokes.

He withdraws his cock but continues to nestle between my legs. Rising up on his elbows, he looks at me. We grin at each other and then kiss lightly.

"I, uh, better get back to work," he says and gets up. He gives me his hand and pulls me up.

 "Just a sec. I'll get you a cloth to wipe yourself off." I go and run a washcloth under hot water. He's still standing there with his jeans down around his knees, used condom nowhere in sight. "You look so cute," I giggle and wipe off his limp cock. He grins at me and allows me to clean him up.

 "That feels good. You know I'm beginning to think that this job might take a little longer that I had thought." Once again he cradles my head between his hands and covers my face with soft, mustache-tickling kisses.

I was going to do whatever I could to keep him here as long as possible too.

Part 2 -  Air-drying © 2000, Jessica

"What are you doing?"


Rob starts laughing as he looks at Alene lying spread-eagle on the bed.
She's completely naked, freshly out of the shower. She runs her hands
underneath her breasts and down her belly. She lifts up her feet so that
they are resting on the bed.

"The Princess needs drying as well?" Rob stands with hands on his hips,
smiling at this sensual creature who constantly surprises him. He watches
her as she plays with the Princess, his pet name for her pussy.

"Of course. She's been freshly shorn. But I like playing with her anyway."
Alene gives him a mischievous grin and slips in a finger. Pulling it back
out, glistening with moisture, she tempts him, "wanna taste?"

With a half suppressed groan he goes around to the side of the bed, kneels
down, spreads her lips apart and he sucks and licks at her spicy wetness.
Her hips lift off the bed when his teeth graze her clit. "Oh fuck, yes, I
love that," she whispers, pressing his head into her. Two fingers slip
inside her cunt and he taps on her g-spot, sucking hard on her clit. A small
scream escapes from her.

He uses his skilled mouth and fingers to bring her quickly to the brink of
orgasm but doesn't let her come. Rob backs off, sliding his fingers slowly
around inside her, giving her small, barely noticeable kisses. "You're
always in such a rush, Sweetheart," he soothes. His moustache tickles her
sensitive shaven lips. Slow loving licks from her perineum right to the top
of her slit makes her moan, her eyes flutter closed as she rolls and pulls
at her nipples.

"Fuck me."

"Right now?"

"No, tomorrow you goofball. Yes, right now." She lifts up on her elbows to
glare at him.

"But honey, you just came out of the shower." He smirks at her, teasing her
because the last time he had tried to make love to her right after her
shower, she had pushed him away, saying that she had to get dressed.

"Rob..." she says in a threatening tone. Before he knows what happened she's
risen up, grabbed him by his lapels and pulled him down on top of her.
Growling at her, he pumps his hips into her. The rough fabric of his jeans
creating a delicious friction in her cunt.

"Mmm, I love a woman that knows what she wants," he says as he nibbles on
her lips.

"And right now, she wants you to fuck her." Alene kisses him savagely,
ripping open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere. Rob doesn't know what's
gotten into her but he doesn't care. He unbuttons his jeans with one hand
and slips them off, all the time kissing her and grasping her abundant
breastflesh. His thick hardened cock, finally loose, plops onto her cunt.

She grabs it and guides it inside her. She barely has time to move her hand
away when Rob slams into her. They both grunt from the force. Their fucking
is hard and fast and rough. The sweat intensifying the slapping of their
bodies. She clenches her muscles, meeting him thrust for thrust. A long
drawn out whimper signals Rob that his lover is ready to come. He pumps
faster, pinching her nipples hard and is rewarded with tight rhythmic
convulsions around his cock and a high pitched scream.

He loses control, groans out "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck...Baby." He pushes into
her, wanting to be all the way inside her as he comes. His cock continues to
pulse inside her. He slips his arms underneath her shoulders and buries his
head into her neck.

"I love you, my darling," he whispers.

He feels moisture on his cheek. He raises his head to find her crying
without making a noise. She smiles through the tears, "And I love you."

He shakes his head, kisses the tip of her nose and licks off her tears.
"I'll never understand why you cry when you come."

"Me neither. I think it's just that all the emotions just get to be too much
and I have to get them out somehow." She sighs and wraps her legs around

"Need another shower huh?" They both laugh.

 © 2000 Jessica,  All Rights Reserved.

About the Author:  Jessica is the pseudonym for a 36 year old Canadian woman who fulfills her creative urges by writing whatever pops into her head. She has written mostly short stories, in various areas such as children stories, teenage romance, essays on growing up as a First Nations person, adult romance and in the past year she discovered the world of erotica and hasn't looked back since. She is currently working on her first non-fiction, non-entertainment piece of work called her master's thesis which is giving her the greatest writing challenge of her life.