Copper Mountain, (c) Copyright, 2000
All rights Reserved

Rock Climbing

Most people reach a point in life where they need something new. Iím sure it has something to do with age, but no one ever admits it.

I had been feeling so restless and unchallenged lately. Everything just seemed so, well, lacid.  As a team leader for a software development company, I was respected by my peers and co-workers. With careful planning and a good staff, our projects were always on time and on budget. I had applied that same methodology to my personal life as well.   As a single woman, with no solid attachments, there was never anyone in my life to tell me what to do or where to go.  By my own choice very little changed or deviated from the norm. And boy, it was time for a change.

A friend had listened to me complain about my life and dared me to try rock climbing. She felt I might like it and recommended a guide to help me learn the basics. The camp was located at the base of Copper Mountain in the Colorado Rockies. The air was thin and clean from the altitude. Clear blue skies and the view of the mountain from the riverbed were I was standing took my breath away. Craning my neck back to looking all the way up the edge of the mountain, I wondered what in the world was wrong with me. I was afraid of heights and scared half to death. Who would have thought it, rock climbing at my age? The face of the mountain went straight up for miles and the rock face looked so jagged. A person could get killed trying something like this. Shaking my head sadly, as I walked back to camp, I wondered if I really needed a challenge this badly.

As I approached the cabins. I could hear our group talking. They were a small group of first timers, so I didn't feel self-conscious about never having climbed before. There was Glen, a software engineer, who didn't get off his duff much and needed the exercise. Chris and Brenda, advertising execs, who were checking out the guide for a company activity.

I noticed the our guide, Bo, because he stood out from the rest of our group. He was intriguing. His face was kind of rugged or weathered from the life he led. Bo was tall, but he his movements were graceful and confident. And the man was lean and trim. I studied him as he chatted with the rest of our team. He was quiet, and gentle, softly seeking the attitudes of each beginner to judge their ability to learn. He must have had a lot of patience to take on a group of first-timers like that. But when he turned his head from the group to look at me, his eyes were full of mischief. Wanting to conceal the doubts I had about the whole thing, I turned away from him to talk to Glen.

We were set to leave in the morning and since we were going into the mountains, Bo wanted us to sleep outside to get accustomed to the environment. We pitched our tents in a circle and I started a fire in the middle. Glen was funny, always telling a joke while we ate dinner. His eyes were the most intense eyes of anyone I had ever met. The light from the fire made them seem to burn. Chris and Brenda were friends so it was a very comfortable evening. I knew I was going to like this. We invited Bo, but he refused and left the camp. It was very late when we all turned in, excited about the next day. I fell asleep with the image of Glen's eyes running through my mind.

Morning came way too soon. Always cranky without coffee in the morning to get me started, I was slow getting prepared for the hike that morning. Bo told us to eat some cold food so we could begin, and scowled at me for lagging behind. I really needed some coffee. He told me if I couldn't get up without it, I should go home. I didn't care if he did have a nice ass, his disposition left something to be desired! But I didn't want to give up so soon. I started to pack and Glen helped me with the tent. Soon we were all set and took off towards the mountains.

The air in the mountains was so sweet. And the day was calm and dry. Perfect for walking and I no longer resented Bo's insinuation that I shouldn't be there. This was well worth the price! The exec's, as I nicknamed them, were moving right along with Bo. Glen and I were lagging behind, getting to know each other. He was really having a hard time keeping up. The first stop of the day wasn't for another 5 miles. There was a park rangerís station there if anyone couldn't make the rest of the hike. Bo kept watching us, assessing whether we could make it. He seemed upset because Glen and I were lagging behind. I smiled at him to see if he was human after all, but he turned away.

Dispite the guides attitude, the walk was enjoyable and Glen was charming company. I was relaxed, but when we stopped for lunch, Bo roughly pulled me aside, away from the others.

"What do you think your doing, playing nice with Glen?" he asked. "Don't you understand the seriousness of this hike. If Glen can't make it, he could die up here."

His hand on my arm left marks, but his eyes left me breathless. When I looked at him, they seemed to soften just a little. "Iím really sorry, I didnít think. Does Glen know this?" I asked. Why was he telling me?

"Yes, Glen does know it." He said and explained how he had allowed Glen reluctantly and was now changing his mind.

"Your all new to this and your distracting him from keeping up with the rest of the group. He should be paying more attention to his surroundings." He said. He advised me to stay at the station with Glen if I couldn't take this more seriously. Then he stalked off. I watched him leave, puzzled as to why he was so upset.

During lunch Glen was quiet and the execs were ready to move on. I STILL didn't get any coffee as Bo said it would take too long to brew and I could do without it. What a pain in the ass this man was. Must have a prejudice against the brew! We quickly packed up and were off again. Bo must have said something to him because he was quiet and keeping to himself, so I left him on his own to keep pace with the rest of us.

After 3 grueling hours we finally reached the station. It was getting chilly outside and the fire in the main room was inviting. I was tired and hungry and REALLY still needed a cup of Java. You could smell it brewing from the kitchen and it was heavenly. We were told to put our gear on the back porch and come into the kitchen for dinner. I was so tired I didn't want to move. Muscles I never knew I had were making me aware of their existence. Boís words began to make sense. This was really not something for the light hearted. It would take sheer will to push your body up the side of a mountain like that. Tired from just walking, I wondered if maybe this was too much for me. I threw my gear on the back porch and headed for the kitchen.

They were all sitting at the table, tired, but laughing at something the ranger said. He was poking fun at Bo. The man was positively scowling and said "Some friend you are." He grabbed a plate and left for the front yard to eat in silence. As we passed around the plates, the ranger mentioned that Bo made me some coffee.

"Why is this was such a big deal?" The ranger asked.

"Because that man has no appreciation for the more important things in life!" I laughed. Glen explained to him that I was rather a bitch about not getting it every time we stopped The ranger laughed. He said Bo never took well to anyone who couldn't do without on the trail. He was the best guide in the area and we should all listen to him carefully.

"Bo never said or did anything without a reason." He explained. I felt bad then, about only thinking of myself and not the good of the group or the lesson he was trying to teach us. Without even thinking of the coffee, I went to find him to apologize.

He was sitting on the porch swing, rocking back and forth, not touching his dinner. I asked him if he would stop so I could sit down and apologize. He put his feet on the floor and the seat stopped immediately, as though it could obey him. I realized this man was not someone who was used to being ignored. Or disobeyed. Something inside me changed just then, and I knew as I looked in his eyes, I could trust him to take care of me. And I was touched that he would be so concerned for a stranger. This was not the kind of man you meet everyday.

I sat down and bowed my head, trying to think of the right way to apologize without sounding like a wimp. I was afraid he had lost respect for me and for the first time in my life was at a loss for words. Since there is no way to do it but to jump in, I looked up, prepared to meet that ugly scowl again. What I saw made my heart flip. This man was so intense. And his eyes were boring into me waiting for what I had to say.

"Iím sorry for questioning you today. You have every right to just leave me here, I shouldnít have mocked you in front of the others." I said. His hand reached out, took my chin and pointed my face into the darkness.

"You just don't know what's out there that could trip you up. And if you don't listen to me, it will." He moved his lips close to my ear and whispered, "I have never lost anyone on a mountainside and I won't start now. Coffee or anything else you think you want may not be what you can have at the moment. If you can't trust me in the little things, you will stay here until we are through." His hand gently pulled my face towards his.

"Do you understand me, little one?" and he kissed me then left. I sat there stunned for a second and went back inside to eat. But my stomach was rolling and my thighs pulsing from his touch. All I could do was drink the coffee Bo had made me. The rest of the group was done eating by the time I sat down. They were having a good old time listening to the ranger tell stories of life on the mountain. We sat for hours, until the coffee was gone. Then we all moved outside in the cold where Bo had set up all our tents.

As we said goodnight and each went to our tents, I lingered at the flap of my tent, looking for Bo. I crawled into my sleeping bag, shivering from the chill and realized a longing deep inside me. All my life, and by everyone I had ever know, had treated me with respect, and as a peer. No one had every wanted to control my life that way and it felt good. Damn good. So good it made me want him. But my pride kept me in my own tent, even when I heard him circle the camp, checking the tents one by one. One kiss and I was wet for the man and didn't want to admit it.

Watching his shadow through the fabric of the tent, I reached down to satisfied myself in the dark. His shadow paused beside me and I swallowed a maon. The glow from the fire outlined his head as he turned towards my tent, and he was so close I could hear him breathing. As he moved away from me desire crept up my limbs. I arched my back with the climax and I wondered if he would hear my release while he slept somewhere else. And fell asleep dreaming of his touch......

I was up before the others the next morning, feeling relieved. No one is indefensible and I was caught off guard the day before. But not today. Rock climbing was on the agenda for today and I wasnít going to be distracted. I was sure he would lose respect for me anyway if I made mistakes so I tried to put him out of my mind.

I started a fire and made my own damn coffee before anyone else was up, figured I could have my cake and eat it too. By the time I finished the second cup Bo came out of the station to wake us up. We were starting the trip to the beginners climb. His hair was jumbled around his ears and he had a shadow across his face. He smelt the coffee right away and turned around to find me sitting there, shit eating grin on my face, downing the cup! He smiled then, and sat down next to me.

"Would you share that with the rest of us?" he asked. When I turned around to hand one to him, his eyes bored into mine again. This time with desire, not aggravation. The cup shook in my hand and I spilt a little of it on him. The hot liquid was seeping into his jeans and he never even flinched.

Putting his hand gently over mine, he said "Let me take that before you scald me with it!" The heat from his hand stayed on mine and it was melting me inside.

"Are you feeling better this morning?" he asked.

"Better than what?" I asked.

"Any better than you did last night?" he chuckled. This time he had the shit eating grin on his face. I blushed when I realized he was listening to me in my tent. I turned away from him in embarrassment.

He turned my face towards his with the tip of his fingers and just smiled at me. God, I would follow this man anywhere and I hardly even knew him. But I did know the look in his eyes and the gentleness of his touch. And I wanted him. Damm the man. His face got stern then.

"I will remind you that if you lose your concentration today you could fall and no one wants that!" he said.

"Of course not! I didnít hike all the way up here to kill myself on the first time out!" I growled. He was really starting to make me mad. It was irritating to be treated like a child.

"Good things come to those who wait. And you can wait right where you are if your not up to this." he reminded me. Slapping his hand away from my face, I mumbled "I can assure you Iím up to any challenge you can dish out!"

"I wonder if you are?" he laughed, throwing out his coffee and went to wake the others.

We only hiked an hour and were facing a small mountainside. I was no longer distracted. I was scared to death. What in the world would I want to climb a mountain for? Surely I had lost my mind. But Bo was suddenly behind me, whispering words of encouragement in my ear. He strapped a harness on to show all of us how to do it, then checked each one to make sure they were correct. The rest of the group was laughing. Even Glen, though he wasn't going to climb. He was worn out from the hiking and glad not to push himself too hard. When Bo got to me to check my harness, I shivered. He ran his hand roughly up the inside of my legs and over my ass to make sure they were strapped in right. I was wet from his touch again and he knew it. He pulled on the back of the harness and yanked me backwards, laughing.

Then he got very serious as he explained what and how we were going to make it up that wall. He was painstakingly detailed as he spelled out where each foot and hand went and what to do if we slipped. He climbed part way up to demonstrate how. In spite of all the jokes and casual flirting, each of us were awe struck at his grace and agility. I was suddenly wanting to climb. The harness would hold me. And I felt safe somehow with Bo watching me. It was only 100 feet to practice and if we mastered it we would move to the next step tomorrow. And I would suddenly be alone with Bo in the wilderness, or almost. Glen would not be coming with us and the execs were actually lovers, using company money to take a trist away from their crowd.

We each hooked our harnesses into the safety line and began. The hike the day before had strengthened the muscles in my thighs to handle this and I suddenly felt freer than I ever had. What a rush as I watched, hand over fist, the earth disappear beneath me. I only slipped once and felt the tug on the harness as it held me still. Bo was on the ground holding the rope with a determination I had never seen in a man before. He wouldn't let me fall and he wanted me to keep going. All three of us made it to the top in no time and were ready to go down. But walking down was even worse that going up. I didn't look down, but knew I was getting close. When I reached about 3 feet from the ground I felt strong warm hands softly gliding up to the small of my back as I dropped to the earth. And they stayed there rubbing circles under my shirt as I caught my breath.

Each of us had to scale the wall another 5 times before we could prove we would be able to make the next climb. By the end of the last climb I thought my body would just crumble, even though I thought I was in shape. Even though I was stretched beyond my limits in both mind and body, I kept going. Every time I slid to the last 3 feet, Bo would be there, waiting for me to fall.

The executives decided they were tired and wanted to return to the station. Glen couldn't go, so that left just Bo and I. I wanted so much to continue on. This was what I had paid for and so much more. Bo called the ranger on his cell phone to accompany the rest of the group back to the station. We began to climb the wall one last time and continue to the next level. At the top we waited for the ranger to take them back.

My eyes scanned the view in front of me. It was so peaceful. Words just could not describe it. The wind was gently blowing and I watched the trees sway with it. The mountains rolled out before me endlessly and for the first time in my life I wasnít afraid of the height.

Bo never looked at me while we waited, but I could tell from his stance he was very tense. He never said a word as we waited. When the rest of the group was gone, he turned to look at me It was a look of someone in complete charge. I knew it well because I had used it myself many times. But somehow it was disleveling to be on the receiving end of my own controlling nature.

"If we continue I wonít promise you that Iíll stop touching you." He said.

"And Iím not sure if thatís something Iím ready for. Even if I was, I donít know if I want you to touch me!" I snapped. This was NOT in the brocure my friend had given me. His arrogance in thinking I wouldnít resist him was infuriating.

He laughed, slipped his arms around my back, grabbed me by the harness and lifted me off the ground. This put me eye level with him and dangling my feet in the air. My weight and the angle he was holding me at caused the harness to pull on my lower lips. It was getting colder as the sun went down and I could feel the breeze brushing against it. He was smiling as he watched desire crawl over my face. There was no denying then just how I felt. He pulled me close to his chest and I could feel his heart pounding. He kissed me softly at first, then hard, drawing my tongue into his mouth, gently sucking and releasing it.

"Take the harness off" he said as he dropped me. "We have a long way to go and I want to make it before nightfall."

What an aggravating man to leave me hanging like that and then storm off like nothing happened. Gatherering my gear, I followed him, complaining about not getting enough coffee. With each comment, his shoulders tensed and I could tell it really pissed him off, but he kept walking.

We walked for the next two hours. I tried to speak to him, but he would just glare at me. So I started to whistle and once I saw a slight smile on the corner of his mouth. And I tried to get him to react to me, but he wouldn't utter a word, so I focused on trying to keep up with him. His long legs moved at such a pace it was hard for me, and I was beginning to get tired.

When we finally did stop, I was beat. Mentally and physically. I tried to keep my thoughts on climbing the next rock, but they wandered back to the man next to me. In less than two days Bo had stirred something inside me that had always been secret and something I wouldnít even admit to myself I wanted. We pitched two tents that night, made dinner and turned in early to our sleeping bags. I fell asleep right away but didn't sleep for long. The most erotic dream woke me up, very wet and horny.

As I lay in the darkness, I listened for any movement from Bo. There was none. I tossed and turned trying to go back to sleep, but could not. Frustrated, I reached my hand between my thighs to put an end to my distress, but just as I spread the lips of my vagina to touch myself, I heard his deep voice in the darkness.

"Don't!" he said, and lit a lantern in the corner of the tent. With the light spreading around his body when he stood, my breath stopped in my lungs. I could just barely see the rise and fall of his chest, his strong legs and the bulge between them. I sat up to reach for him and he pushed me back down on the sleeping bag.

He put his hands on either side of my head and slowly lowered his lips to mine. His kiss was so light and gentle, but I could feel his arms quivering beside me. Then he drove his tongue deep inside my mouth, plunging and withdrawing just to the tip of my lips. He sucked them and quickly bit my lower lip. A moan was stuck in my throat. This was what I desired, and was afraid of. He kissed me a little harder then and the moan I had held in silence escaped me. He slowly lowered himself beside me and I rubbed my hand on his chest, touching first one nipple, then the other. I heard him suck in his breath and he grabbed my wrist to stop.

He pulled the covers away from my body and smiled. His gaze slowly covered every inch of me, and his hand followed his eyes. Hovering just above my skin, but never touching it.

"I just knew you were beautiful," he said. "I've wanted to touch you since we met, but didn't want to start something with you that we couldn't finish. You needed to keep your focus on what you were doing, not on me." His eyes then rested on mine, and the desire there seemed to burn right through me. His hands gently touched my face and he kissed me again. Hard, creating a longing that made me want to scream. Drawn to his body, I raised my hips to his chest and growled like an animal.

"I want to watch you," he said. "I hear your heavy breathing in the night and see your shadow rock against the tent. I want to see your face as you climax and swallow the sounds that escape from your throat."

Then he kissed each finger of my hand and placed it on my clit. Then he sat back away from me, staring at my hand, smiling. It was a wicked smile and scared me a little. I had never been what you would call kinky before, and it was exciting. Using two fingers, I pinched my clit hard and rubbed it from side to side. Then up and down. I began rubbing faster in a circular motion as my legs began to shake and my hips rise from the ground.

"Touch your breast," he whispered, "it's so sexy to watch you. Cup it from underneath as though you were offering it to me."

My hand shook as I wrapped the palm of my hand under my breast and gripped it, pushing my nipple higher in the cold air. I heard him groan then, and move towards me. His mouth cupped my nipple and he sucked hard for a second, then softer and he drew more it of into his mouth. He drew it in deeply, suckling as a baby would it's mother. I growled and stroked myself harder. The need he was causing in me cried out to be satisfied. A burning in my vagina that I needed to feel him fill. He felt my hips rise again and quiver as I climaxed, the he released my breast from his mouth.

My muscles were so tired. Slumping down, feeling myself melting into the ground beneath me, Bo began to message my legs with his fingers. He was rough, but it didn't hurt. He released the pressure in my thighs and slowly ran his tongue down my chest, over my stomach to the hairline between my thighs. He pushed his tongue against my clit and sighed.

He kissed it once very gently and said "Thank You." He rose up from the floor, doused the lantern and left.

I watched him through the wall of his tent, his shadow created by the fire. What I had experienced was so erotic but I wondered why we didn't make love. Knowing that if I questioned him, he would turn us around and take me back without a word, I stayed where I was. Starring out into the still night, I fell asleep listening to his moaning as he stroked himself for release.

The heavenly smell of coffee woke me. And the sound of something hissing on a pan in the fire. I didn't even bother to get dressed I wanted that coffee so bad. Pulling back the flap on my tent I saw him bending over the fire to pour a cup of coffee. The muscles in his ass were tight and I could see his balls pressed between the cheeks. I sighed and he turned around to look at me. He wasn't wearing a shirt and the first button of his jeans were undone. He smiled and walked towards me, holding out the cup.

"Good Morning," he said. His smile turned into a very wicked grin again. As I reached for the cup, he held it up high so I couldn't reach it. His eyes glared into mine.

"Just how badly do you want coffee?" he smirked.

"Are you a complete idiot? You know just how badly I want that coffee!" I barked. He scowled, turned the cup
upside down, spilling to coffee to the ground. I tried to grab the cup from his hand to pour one for myself, but he kept it just out of my reach, laughing at me.

"If you want this coffee, your going to have to show me. Take off your nightie."

I felt my legs quiver and a warm wet sensation between my legs. God, this man was crazy, and the hottest thing I have ever experienced. I turned my back to him and pulled the nightie over my head. My arms rose up to cover my breasts and I turned around to face him.

"Lower your arms," he said, glaring at me again. I was so ashamed to expose myself in front of him in broad daylight. But I did and as the cool morning air brushed against my nipples they tightened and rose up. He took my hand and led me to a log by the fire. There were eggs and bacon frying in the pan and two plates on the log. He poured me another cup and dished the food onto the plates evenly for each of us.

Sitting on the log he said, "Sit here, on the ground, at my feet." I refused and as he moved to dump the food on the ground I sat as he asked me to. He smiled then and we ate in silence. I was so hungry by that time I no longer cared. And I was so aroused I would have done anything he asked of me.

I wouldn't look at him as we ate. So many feelings flashed through me. My hunger was gone, the food delicious, though I really wanted more coffee I wasn't going to push it until I was finished. I was frightened at what he would do next, but this was exciting, as he obviously did want me, just not in a traditional sense of lovemaking. I heard him put his plate on the ground and decided to risk the coffee.

Looked up at him, sitting above me, I asked "Could I please have another cop of coofee?"

"Oh, that will cost you more," he said and ran his fingers through my hair. "I want you to suck my dick till I want you again and then we'll see." What a smile was spread across his face now! I rose to my knees and place a fingernail on one of his nipples. Now it was my turn to tease.

"And just how badly do you want that?" I moaned. His smile turned to a frown and he jumped up, taking me by the wrist and dragged me back to my tent.

"You stay here till I come back, don't move, don't try to run away, or I will find you wherever you go and you won't like what I do to you then." He closed the flap behind him and I listened as he cleared away the dishes. When he returned he was gentle again and I sensed he had some question as to whether I would listen to him or not.

"Are you ready or should I leave you again?" he asked. I wanted this man more than anything I ever had in my life and his games excited me beyond a point where I could return. I didn't say a word, just smiled at him and dropped to my knees in front of him, unbuttoning the fly on his jeans. My lips slowly drew him into my mouth. Gently at first, but as the tension built in me I drew him in further and harder. He rocked back and forth, moving his shaft in and out of my mouth as I pushed my finger on the small area between his balls and ass. I sucked him until the
muscles in my mouth hurt and my lips were sore.

He grabbed me then and moved me to the sleeping bag. He slowly pulled my panties down and off me and began to suck my skin into his mouth. He moved his way up between my legs and laughed.

"And now itís my turn, little one," and I could feel his hot breath against my clit as he spoke. It didn't take him long to have my hips rising off the ground. I wanted this man so badly I began to beg him to take me. He slid one finger into my vagina, pulled it out and licked the juices from his finger. He gazed down at me, his eyes burning with desire and moved between my legs. I wrapped my legs around him as he plunged into me. He was so hard, and hot, I cried out.
He moved faster. Grabbing my ass to lift my hips up off the floor and meet his thrusts. I moaned his name as he rocked faster and faster into me. He knew when I was about to come and slowed down.

"Look at me," he said. "We will come together. Watch my face and you will know when it's time." I wanted the closeness with this man, who had unlocked so much I had hidden even from myself. I tried to hold back until he was ready.

Then his face changed. He pushed himself all the way into me, rocking faster. The excitement that had built in both of was aching to be released. Then we came. I growled as he called my name and felt him shake his shaft from side to side emptying himself into me. He laid on top of me then and signed. Not a word was spoken between us. We both knew it was something that could never be repeated.

Over the years I have taken many rock climbing tours. And I have yet to climb that damm mountain! Bo is always my guide and I always go home sore from the exercise, sated from the sex, and silent.

Because he likes it that way.