Food Excursion  (c) Copyright
By Megan Murphy Copyright, March, 1999

I believe that some days are just better than others. And those days

can be fantasies come true. Let me explain . . .

My name is Sam. I'm just an ordinary guy who sometimes lets my cock talk for me. Not necessarily a bad thing, right? At least I don't think so. Even my girlfriend, Lisa, listens to him once in a while.

Saturday morning. I was wide-awake, watching Lisa sleep. We had been up late the night before so as I listened to her softly breathing I tried to convince myself I should just let her rest. My cock was telling me otherwise. What's a guy to do? I always did have a habit of listening to this little head of mine.

I turned on my side to look at her. Reaching over, I pulled the sheet down from her chest. She looked so lovely to me, hand by her face, fingers curled so delicately. In my mind, I could picture what those fingers would look like, wrapped around my hard rod. So, I gently

brought her hand down, covering it with mine as we held my cock. It felt good, comforting, if you know what I mean.

My other hand lightly touched her breast. She once told me she liked that a lot and I have to admit I did too. I never realized how good it could be to watch a woman become slowly aroused. Yeah, my Lisa has shown me a lot about the man I could be, considering the man I knew I was. I mean I've spent a lot of wasted time thinking that it's hard to make a woman come. I always tried because I'm not selfish about this mutual pleasure thing. But if I didn't succeed, I tried, she knew I tried and then it was ok if I came. It's the thought that counts, you know? Well, Lisa took my thinking and made mincemeat out of it. I don't know how she did it, or even when it happened. All I know is that I'm learning that her pleasure makes me happy; makes mine so much more intense. This girl has shown me what give and take really means. Not that I'm perfect yet. Sometimes my little head still doesn't know just when to keep quiet. But my Lisa understands and loves me anyway.

So, in a way, I'm always fighting with my cock. Hell, I want to go slow, find all the pleasure for us, but this little guy (term of affection, NOT true size) just gets so riled up at the thought of being inside something other than my underwear that the word slow means nothing. But, hey, I'm a new man. I'm in control of all of this...for the most part, anyway. Like I said, I'm not perfect yet.

I was having a hard time concentrating on what a changed man I had become that Saturday. My hand lightly stroking her breast made me feel good. I still can't get over how exciting it is to watch her nipples get tight or see her hips begin to rise slightly when she starts to wake up. Usually, she's up and out of bed before me, so this is not something I really get to see that often. I'm telling you it's a pure rush to know that I can do this to her and for her. But I'm digressing.

The hard tip of her breast felt incredible as I softly moved my palm over it, watched the outside edges of her aureole crinkle. (Lisa taught me that word.) My cock twitched in our hands as I lightly pinched her nipple, then rolled it between my fingers.

Lisa's hand tightened her grip on my cock for only a second before sliding down my thickening shaft toward my balls. That let me move my hand from my cock to her pussy. I held it in the palm of my hand, much like she was cradling my balls in hers. It was like a slow dance because when I squeezed, she squeezed. My cock grew straighter when the tip touched her outer thigh. I pushed my middle finger between her lips while I kept gently pressing her wet slit.

I watched her face; saw her beautiful blue eyes open in lusty surprise while her hand kept rolling my balls between her fingers. I pushed my finger tighter between her lips, almost touching the opening to her core, the opening where my cock needed to be.

I sat up and moved between her spread thighs. Her hands moved to my hips as my finger inched closer to her entry. I stared into her blue eyes as I spread her lips wider, my middle finger drawing moisture from her opening to her clit. Her eyes widened when my finger slowly pushed deeper inside. I wanted her to feel every inch of it as I tried to find her g-spot. Hearing her moan, I knew that it was almost time for me to make her come on my cock.

I held myself with one hand as I continued to slowly move my finger back and forth inside her. I didn't want to hurry this moment. My Lisa was teaching me to enjoy the leisurely luxury of exploring the senses and I was trying to teach my cock. But I lost control when I pulled my finger out and pushed my cock in. Her legs wrapped around my waist as she lifted her hips to pull my entire length inside her satiny warm depths.

My two fingers moved to her clit. I had to make her come and I wanted to come with her. Her hips moved up and down my shaft, fucking me from underneath as I captured her clit and rolled it, circled my fingers around it, pushed down and rotated it. Her pussy tightened on me and I can't even tell you what the sensations felt like when I felt her hips pushing up to me. Her clit grew as erect as my cock.

Suddenly, she gave a soft cry. "Oh Sam," she moaned as her legs held me captive between them. I've never felt such a grip. It was like her inner walls were moving up and down, massaging me in a million different directions.

"Lisa, come with me," I hissed as my fingers swirled her clit. She didn't have to answer. I came when she was the best come I've ever had. I never wanted her pussy to stop the vibrations that her coming did to my cock. Our mutual explosion was just amazing...

When I felt her inner muscles loosen, I reluctantly pulled out. Lying next to her, my hand traced from her hip to her waist as she turned and cuddled next to me, head against my shoulder.

"Sam, you're so exciting. It just gets better all the time, doesn't it?" She murmured sleepily.

"Lisa, you have no idea. I can't believe I've lived so long without this feeling."

She moved her head and I saw the look that I loved so much. "Sam, you just never found the right person to feel this with," she smiled.

Oh yeah, my cock and heart were beating as one with that answer. She was right, of course. But that look reminded me of another look I had seen earlier in the week. The look that Annie, a customer in the camera shop I work at, had. My mind drifted as Lisa moved closer to me, throwing her leg over mine.

Annie was a woman who had walked into the store with her boyfriend. He made this beautiful woman come as she stood in front of my counter. After she did, she looked even more beautiful when she looked at me, eyes slightly glazed. When I bent down to find them a camera they wanted, I saw she wore no panties. His hands were on her pussy and she wore nothing but his fingers. I can remember coming home that night (no pun intended), wondering how I could get Lisa to try that with me. And that's where my thoughts were heading right then. Ok, sure, I was feeling something I thought was love for her, but like I said, my cock kept giving me ideas that sometimes had nothing to do with anything but lust.

"Lisa," I asked, fingers stroking her soft curly hair. "Do you ever have any fantasies?" Now this may sound strange but I had never thought too much about sexual fantasies until Annie came into my store. Hardly ever thought about them. My sex life has always been great - never boring - so it always seemed to me that fantasies were over-rated. It may seem even odder that Lisa and I had never talked about them but it's true. I didn't even know if she had any. For me, Lisa was everything I needed, sexually I mean. I guess I was learning so much about her that I thought any fantasies I had were already coming true. Until Annie...

After I asked the question, I felt her tense for a second. "Fantasies? You mean like sexual fantasies?" I thought she sounded nervous yet excited. But I mean, why wouldn't she be? This conversation was arousing the hell out of me.

Like I said, I think Lisa is showing me things about myself. I've spent my whole life thinking that I am a woman's fantasy, if you know what I mean. The definition of male ego could have been summed up in one word, 'Sam.' And most times I might have been right, you know? Hey I can dream, can't I? At any rate, I pursued this conversation, testing my theory about whether or not she was getting hot.

"Sure. That's exactly what I mean. Have you ever thought about what it would be like try different things with me?"

"Sure, I have. Haven't you?" I heard hesitation in her voice. "What's the fantasy you'd most like to try?" Something in her changed with that last question and it made me smile. I was right, I thought, she is excited.

"Well, like...well take today. We have to go grocery shopping. Why don't you go shopping with me with no panties on?" There, I thought. I said it. Well, if she was upset, I could always blame it on me thinking with my little head instead of my big one. It was an excuse that I knew she would understand. After all, I was still learning wasn't I?

"Sam, you know, that fantasy has always intrigued me. I just never thought you were interested in things like that."

I tried to move my hand between her leg and my cock. I didn't want her to know that we were jumping for joy. "Well, yeah, of course I'm interested. I have fantasies like that." What I wanted to say was 'I didn't until I was exposed to it' forgive the pun.

Lisa sat up. "Let's do it, Sam." She grinned as she got out of bed. Leaning down, she kissed me, my cock, then headed for the shower.

Me? I lay back, wondering what it was I did to deserve a woman like her.

I took my shower while Lisa was dressing. I think she was actually trying to figure out what she was going to wear to hide what she wasn't dressing. I almost had to change the hot water to cold because I was getting hard as I tried to figure that out.

I thought about a plan, or tried to think if I even had one. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make her come in a public place, if I wanted to just be able to touch her naked pussy or what. I mean this was my first time doing this. I didn't want to get caught or anything. In the end, I figured I'd adlib. Best laid plans and all of that, you know?

I went downstairs and made coffee. It was brewing when I went out to get the paper. As I read it, I imagined the weekly newspaper police reports - man and woman arrested in small-town grocery store for indecent exposure and lewd conduct. Suddenly, my fantasy didn't seem like such a good idea. I was just getting ready to go upstairs and tell Lisa to forget it when she walked into the kitchen.

My cock did a double take as I stared at her, my mouth open and almost drooling. Her clothes were perfect; a white t-shirt and a short denim skirt. Not too short, but short enough that if she were to bend over, I'd see the heaven my cock craved. I looked at her long legs ending in white sandals on one end and her skirt covered pussy on the other. I saw the lusty look on her face. Screw the police reports, I thought. I knew that we could do this - make this fantasy come true.

She walked over and poured herself some coffee. After taking a few sips, she turned toward me. "Ready, Sam?"

I heard her voice and my cock almost answered before I could get the words out. "You have no idea, Lisa." I was about to ask her to lift the skirt so I could see what I was imagining, but she smiled, then walked toward the door. I couldn't do anything but follow. At that moment, I would have followed her anywhere. And no, I couldn't tell you if that was my cock or me thinking because we were now both one and the same, blood brothers as it were.

I drove, thinking about what we were doing. She was sitting next to me, legs together as she looked out the window.

"Lisa, spread your legs a little." She kept staring out the window but she did open them. I pulled into the parking lot, found a parking spot and shut off the engine. I was nervous but very willing. This was my fantasy. Ever since I had seen Annie, it was my fantasy. I reached over and touched the inside of Lisa's thigh. It was smooth as silk, soft and inviting. Now, you may think me crazy here but you know what? I heard her pussy calling my name. Heard it clear as a bell. My fingers moved higher. I touched her smooth shaved lips, a hint of moisture seeping from between them. I can't tell you how arousing it was to know that she was excited at what we were about to do. I moved my hand away.

"Guess we should head in," I said, hoping that my voice wasn't cracking.

"I guess we should," she said as she opened the door and slid out. What she did next was not anything I expected. She stood just inside the door and bent over as if to buckle her sandle. I didn't even know I loved the way the back of her thighs met her ass until that moment. It was all I could do to keep my hands away as I stared. She straightened up, turned around and grinned at me.

My heart melted. It was at this moment that I saw her. I mean really saw her, if you know what I mean. She wasn't just the woman I lived with and made love to. She was fun, spontaneous, giving and warm. And today, for the first time, I saw a sense of the devilish passion in her. And no, my cock didn't have to say anything. My big head was finally talking by itself for a change.

We walked into the store, my hand on the small of her back. I still didn't have a plan. Just knowing that she was bare, wet and doing this was enough to make me want to change my mind and get her home. Ok, so my big head didn't have complete control yet. So I still have some piggy thoughts. Did that make me all bad?

We grabbed a cart and started heading toward the vegetable area. She grinned at me and I suddenly realized that even if I had a plan, it didn't matter. I could tell by her Cheshire cat grin that suddenly she was the one with a secret agenda. Who was I to spoil it?

We walked past the tomatoes, the lettuce and stopped at the bananas. Hell, yeah, I know it's a cliché thing. Women and bananas right? But no, my Lisa was not into stereotypes. She picked up that banana, looked me in the eye and said, "You know, when I hold this banana in my hand, I don't think about the potassium content. No, I think of me kneeling in front of you, unzipping and slowly peeling your jeans and briefs down and...." I swear she surprised me again as she took her tongue and touched the tip of that banana in a slow sensuous lick.

I didn't know if I could stand there and watch because my cock was ready to burst out of my jeans without any help from Lisa's hands. I looked around and didn't see anyone. Good thing, too because that police report in the newspaper kept coming, pardon the pun, into my mind.

"But you know, I think we have bananas at home, don't we?" she asked.

"Ah, yeah, I think we do," I answered. Hell, I didn't know and didn't care. But you can bet that if we did, and Lisa wanted one, I was going to watch her eat it.

She proceeded to the avocado, star fruit, pomegranates and other 'weird fruit' bin. Not only was I curious, but aroused. I wasn't forgetting that she had no panties on. She was teasing me and I could imagine her pussy getting wetter. Teasing. Slow. Yes, I suddenly remembered how she liked me to touch her. I remembered how teasingly slow she liked to touch me but did that include slowly making me crazy by playing in public like this? Did she know what she was doing to my cock?

If I had any doubts about that, they disappeared when she picked up a kiwi. My hard flesh was almost hurting behind my jeans when she said, "You know, when I hold this kiwi in my hand..." she stopped, watching me watch her roll it her hand, testing it for ripeness.

... I don't think of how healthy this is for me. I'm not even sure I think of all the extra Vitamin A this little piece of fruit gives me. No, I think about how your balls feel in my hand when my mouth is on your cock, licking and sucking. Did you know your balls feel exactly like this when you get excited?" She put the kiwi in the cart. "Well, I can see you don't believe that. Perhaps when we get home, I can prove it to you."

I wanted to push her down on her knees and prove it to me right there! And the amazing thing was, she knew it! This was my fantasy and she was taking it over, making it her own. I could tell because when she walked away, her hips swayed in a way I'd never seen before. Believe me, I loved watching Lisa walk, the way her ass tightened in her jeans with every step she took. But I'm telling you, her hips never moved like that before.

I did the only thing I could do. I followed her down the cereal aisle.

"You know, Sam. We always buy the most expensive cereal. We've never looked at those bags of cereal on the bottom shelf, have we?" Smiling, she bent down. "Look at this brand. Just as good as that boxed stuff up there, don't you think?" She held out the bag, just out of my reach.

I knelt down next to her and she turned toward me, her legs spreading for me. One of my hands rested on her knee, the other moved slowly up her thigh. "Sam, I think we should try this bag, don't you?"

How she managed to keep up a conversation was beyond me. Do women have more self-control when it comes to this? I mean, my fingers were moving toward the lips that were opening for me. Her clit was hard, I could feel all of this and she was talking about grains and fiber. I hardly heard her words until she said, "Sam, make me come. Right here, right now."

I looked up and down the aisle. No one was there to see me. It was so damn exciting to see my Lisa, craving and lusty. Who was I to deny the woman I was beginning to love? I saw her eyes and knew she was almost ready to come for me ... in a grocery store.

Remember me telling you that I was learning that her pleasure makes me happy; makes my pleasure so much more intense? Well, at this moment, this arousing moment, I understood exactly what I was learning. I moved close to her, my finger gentle against her clit. I saw her knees tremble, felt her inner thighs tighten as her hand held that bag of cereal, the other one holding the cart to kind of shield us a little. She rocked back on her heels as my middle finger pushed into her pussy, my thumb on her clit. I slowly finger fucked my exciting Lisa as my thumb pushed her clit down and massaged it in little circles.

She came for me, on my finger. Just as her pussy had gripped my cock earlier that morning, it now gripped my finger. It felt so different and yet so good. Her pleasure, her face growing tense, her chest rising. I saw it all and knew that I loved this woman. I can't explain it. Hell, I don't think you can explain love, can you? You certainly can't plan for it, anymore than I could have planned what I wanted to do in this store, once inside.

Lisa straightened up as I unwillingly pulled my fingers away. She had felt so good. Her hand caressed my cheek, her thumb brushing my lower lip. She smiled and I saw the excitement for me in her eyes. That was the thing about pleasure. Until this moment, I just didn't really believe or realize how intense and right it was to give as good as you got. I sure got good and intense pleasure from her. And for the second time that day, I didn't have to listen to my cock because my big head was thinking real clear. Lust alone was just lust. Love alone was exciting. But lust with love? Hell, it was an amazing combination.

Lisa and I stood up. "Sam, I think we're done shopping. I can't think of anything I need except the kiwi. Did you want anything else?"

I shook my head. I think she already knew what I wanted and it couldn't be bought in a store.

"Well, we need to get home then because I believe I had a theory I wanted to test on you." Her hand held up that kiwi, rolling it in the palm of her hand as she smiled.

Me? My cock started yelling that Lisa was right and I should start listening to her. It was time to get out of that store and test this kiwi idea.

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