Exploration (c) Copyright - Author: Melanie Buman, 2002
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  We had slept together many times, Kyle and I. We had settled into a nice comfortable relationship. Not quite ready for marriage, but secure in the knowledge that we were exclusive to each other. We had met at work almost 1 year ago.  I worked in the Customer Service department taking calls from unhappy customers all day. Kyle was the company marketing manager making sure that the company's image was flawless in the public’s mind at all times.

  It was obvious that Kyle was keeping an eye on me from the day I came to work. Even under my corporate day wear I can’t hide my fabulous ass and I have been known to wear Ally M Beal length skirts to show off my shapely, sexy legs.  We began flirting innocently enough after a meeting one day and progressed to dating quietly several times a week. A few months later it became clear that we were serious about each other and tongues at work began to wag. When it filtered up to my boss, it was suggested that I find employment elsewhere as the company had a no dating policy. I was pretty fed up with listening to customers complain all day and gave a 2 week notice.

  I have always been a self-suffient woman, not needing a man’s money to get me by and I had saved a little nest egg for myself. I decided to take a few months to plan my next move. While I was working out my career strategy Kyle and I were hotter than ever. Out secret affair was now out in the open and we took full advantage. We wined and dined all over town and our love for each other flourished.

  One Saturday afternoon he dropped by my apartment with a bottle of red wine. We drank the bottle of wine while listening to old blues and chatting the afternoon away. Feeling a little buzzed and free I leaned over and unzipped Kyle’s pants. Taking his beautiful cock out I saw that it was already semi hard. I slid off the couch and kneeled in front of him. “Let’s see if we can wake this guy up all the way.” I said, and began pumping his cock slowly with my hand. I dropped my head down between his legs and gave the tip of his dick and long slow kiss. At first I didn’t let more than the helmet past my lips. I gently, but firmly suckled the head and it sprang to life! No matter how many times I see it, I am fascinated at how big a cock can grow in such a short time. Before long he was thrusting at me and pushing my head down onto the length of his shaft. I really went to work opening my soft mouth just enough to let his cock feel the snug warmth and wetness of my cheeks and tongue. I ran my tongue around the engorged organ and pushed my mouth all the way to the root of his meat. Now that I had all of him in me, I closed my mouth a little more and sucked a little harder. My lips were sealed all the way around his dick. He held my hair tight in his fist with one hand and pushed my head down insistently with the other. He was pumping his crotch up and holding me down, impaling my face on his fleshy pole. I had to struggle for air, but he was so hot I couldn’t stop. He forcefulness was really turning me on and I could feel my nipples harden and my pussy getting wet. “Take it all the way, baby!”

he cried and he thrust again, driving his hard think cock to the limits of my throat over and over. I held onto his hips with both hands. He was pushing so hard that I couldn’t breath and still he held me down. I tried me push away to catch my breath for a moment and just as I did he exploded is an intense orgasm. Wave after wave of hot come splattered the back of my throat gagging me a little. I swallowed most of it, but there was so much and his cock was still filling my mouth that some spilled over my lips. As he withdrew his organ from my face a few drops of come dribbled down my chin. Kyle fell back onto the sofa with a satisfied groan. I sat down on the floor and caught my breath.

 I reached over to the end table and grabbed the pack of smokes that was lying there. As I lit a cigarette I looked up at Kyle, he had a slight smug look on his face. I was still pretty hot, Kyle had never been so forceful with me before, in fact I don’t think any man had ever been that forceful with me. There was no denying that I was turned on by the whole experience.  I got up off the floor and snuggled close to him on the sofa. I whispered one word softly in his ear, “Wow!”

 He laughed softly and said, “ You know that I love you. Do you trust me?” I took a drag of the cigarette and replied, “Yes, of course I trust you.”  He fell silent for a moment. This was a side of Kyle that as new to me. We usually had a light- hearted and somewhat airy tone when we were together. “Are you sure that we’re OK? If you’re unhappy, I think I really need to know the truth.” He smiled at me then and the sense of darkness was gone.  Once again he asked, “Do you trust me?” and again I replied that of course I did.

That next Saturday, Kyle and I had our usually date. After dinner we got in the car. I assumed that he was taking us to either my place or his. I was wrong, he drove us just outside of town to a small motel. You know the kind. It had small bungalows set apart from one another. He smiled back and opened that car door for me to get out.  He took me to the door of #9 and opened it up with the key. As soon as the door was closed Kyle began kissing me. He placed his hands on my face and kissed me long and sensually. He hands wandered down along my sides and landed on my firm round ass. He insistently and firmly backed me up against the wall. I felt as though I would melt, my spine was turning to spaghetti, my heart was pounding, and I was turned on as never before! Kyle was really taking charge and it was making me swoon. His skilled hands found my erect nipples and he rolled them between his thumb and forefinger gently, but firmly. He caressed the soft underside of my left breast while he suckled the right one. Time stood still as I got lost in the sensations of our passion.

Kyle leaned in close to my ear and asked, “ Trust me?” I nodded breathlessly. “Turn around.” It was an instruction rather than a request. I complied. “Don’t move.” He instructed again. I felt his hands fondle my ass for only a moment. He pressed his body close to mine pinning me to the wall. Kyle reached around from behind me and traced cheek with his fingertips, as he did this he leaned more of his weight against me. The feeling of his body pressing me into the wall was somehow thrilling. He pressed harder and I felt the breath squeeze out of me. I had the same hot feeling that I felt when he was holding me down on his cock the other day. My pussy began to throb. I wasn’t really trying to get away, but it was clear that he could keep me there if I had wanted to. I decided to test it and pushed back against him, he responded by pushing me back up against the wall, crushing my tits.

“Stay.” He said in my ear.

Kyle placed a long cloth across my eyes and tied it behind my head. I was blindfolded! He unzipped my dress and pulled it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor, exposing my naked body to him.  He kept me pinned to the wall for several more minutes. He pushed his right foot against the instep of my right foot and spread my legs apart as if to frisk me. Running his hands slowly over my body, stopping at my heart shaped ass, there he went to work squeezing and pinching. Next I felt his fingers probe my wet pussy and clit. I willing spread my legs a littler wider, taking my hint, Kyle fingered my wet pussy, but it was only a tease

He whispered in my ear, “I love you. Come with me.” Just the sound of his voice made me weak in the knees, it was deep and sensuous. Blindfolded or not I would have followed him anywhere. He guided me to the bed and instructed me to lie down on my back. I was feeling somewhat exposed as I knew he had a full view of my naked body splayed out and exposed. The feeling exciting and I found myself wondering what was next, expecting that our usual pattern of foreplay would follow, I was wrong

I felt his fingers playing with my right nipple as he did this he leaned in close to my ear and asked again, “trust me?”  I answered with a barely auditable “yes.” “Then let us begin,” he said. “ I want you to follow my instructions very closely. Do you understand?” “Yes,” I replied. “Good, what I want you to do is lie still, until I tell you to move.” I nodded.

Kyle stroked my face softly, first with his fingertips and then tracing around my cheeks and nose with his nails. When his fingers traced around my mouth, he said, “Suck.”. He had two fingers inserted into my mouth, pushing in and pulling out as I sucked them. He was fucking my mouth with his fingers! My pussy was getting very wet and my heart began to beat harder. I heard Kyle laugh softly, and then as he pumped his fingers in and out between my moist lips, I squirmed on the bed. Then he did something completely unexpected. He slapped my cheek with his free hand! I was so shocked that I let out a yelp and stopped sucking his fingers. “Trust me and continue or don’t and stop. I told you to lie still until I give you instruction to move.” I don’t know what came over me, but his powerful words and actions were overwhelming me. My cunt clamped down in a small spasm and my whole body was hot and tingly. There was no denying that I was not in my rational mind. I was excited and hot; it was only a small slap, a tap really. My wet pussy said “Go on!” “Do you trust me?” I could only nod yes. He traced my lips with his fingers as if to ask once and for all what my choice was. I opened my lips and let him in. And then he backhanded me, followed another forehanded slap, and followed by another backhand. I was in shock. He had not he hit me hard, he had not hurt me but he had hit me! Most shocking of all is that I liked it!

I had no time to respond. He kissed me hard, just as he had done when we first entered the room. His hands traveled all up and down my body, his hands now tender and kind. His kiss was passionate and intense, yet loving and caring as if he had not stuck me just a moment ago. His fingers settled on my left nipple. He rolled the very tip of my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, gently at first, then harder. I was breathing very shallow and hard and the wetness between my legs had taken on a life of its own.  I had that wonderful inner squishy feeling and the lips of my cunt twitched, begging silently to be fucked. I wanted to give in to my inner urges and buck my hips, but I didn’t dare.

I took all of my strength to be still.

“Oh, Kyle fuck me, you must fuck me!” I begged. His reply was to laugh and say “No.” just like that, no! And the heat between my legs became unbearable.  Kyle really went to work on my tits. He had progressed from gentle pinching to rolling them back and forth between his fingers with constant pressure. Next, he flicked my tender little nubs of flesh. Over and over, first one then the other, slowly and deliberately. He played me spacing out the flicks, so that I never knew when the next one would come. Lying still was becoming impossible, but I managed. The more he flicked, the more they stung and I started to get angry. I was unable to move and this hurt, I was indignant. I was just about to say “enough!”  Then….it felt good, the sting turned to an ache that reached down inside my chest and traveled down to my hot honey pot. And still he flicked them over and over. Kyle described them to me “Oh, baby you should see you tits! They are so beautiful, your nipples are hard and red and swollen.” And still he flicked them; I became his experiment to see how much I could take. Then, just as I though that I couldn’t take anymore he stopped and caressed the rest of my tits, leaving my nipples to cool off.

His hands worked their way down my body until they found my ass and open waiting pussy. I felt juice running from between my legs, I had never been this turned on. I wanted to come the moment that his fingertips grazed my pubic hair, but he was very skilled and lingered there no more than a second, then he said to me, “Trust me?” I said yes, oh yes and couldn’t you just fuck me and put me out of my misery? He replied in his best Arnold voice, “I’ll be back.” I wanted to laugh at his impression, but I was too high on hormones.

I heard the door open and shut. I wanted to get up or turn over, but I would not disobey him, so I stayed very still. My upturned nipples stinging and throbbing from the abuse they had suffered. Kyle wasn’t gone very long, but while he was gone I pondered the whole scene. I had no idea that Kyle was kinky, but even more surprising was that I didn’t know that I was kinky.

I heard the door open and shut again. “Ready for round two, darling?” I replied that I was. “Good, then let me see that fine ass of yours, stand up.” Still blindfolded I did as he instructed, I got off the bed and turned my backside to him and then he chuckled. “What’s so funny?” I asked, “Do you still trust me?” I replied “More than ever.”

“Come here.” He guided me over his knee! Oh the rush of being draped over his lap! I had never known a sensation like this, I was dirty and submissive and I loved it. Kyle’s strong masculine hands caress the backs of my legs and then the soft skin when my butt and legs meet. He rubbed my ass checks with one hand while he reached under me and tugged a still sore nipple. “I’m going to give you the spanking of your life. Now remember, you are not to move.”

The first slap didn’t really hurt nor did the next, but that would  change. The feeling that I had been a bad girl who was getting an over the knee spanking was exhilarating! Kyle took his time savoring every smack. He made sure that he covered every inch of my ass and the backs of my thighs with sharp stinging sensation. In my effort not to struggle or move I cried out with grunts and groans. I made sounds that I was shocked were coming out of me. Kyle would egg me on “You like that don’t you baby? Scream out for me the people in the next room can’t hear you.” Just as Kyle had used my nipples unrelentingly, so he did with my backside. Over and over he slapped me red. Varying the placement and timing I never knew when the next blow would strike, but strike he would. I could feel my ass swell up, it felt 3 times it’s normal size and Kyle would say things like “Oh, your ass is SO red and hot. I just can’t bring myself to stop. I want to know how much you can take. I wanna know how red and hot your ass can get.” And as I felt hot tears stream down my face he stopped. I sobbed quietly confused and conflicted by my emotions. There was not way that I could deny how much I enjoyed being spanked.

My cunt was dripping and Kyle rewarded me. He placed me on the edge of the bed and I hooked my legs over his shoulders. There he drove face first into my sloppy wet puss. He lapped up all of the excess juice around my outer lips making smacking wet sounds. Then he latched onto my already swollen clit and began to suck. The sensation was pure ecstasy, my head was swimming, I was completely lost to the world and was floating somewhere in another dimension. My orgasm was endless. I came forever and ever! I cried out in a long melodic moan and as one sensation subsided another one would come on. Kyle stayed attached to my clit until I was just a twitchy lump on the bed.

“Now, it’s my turn,” and with that mounted me and fucked away, There is just no other way to describe it. He had waited all night attending to me and now he could wait no more. He drove his thick, hard cock deep inside my cunt. He pushed hard and fast, he objective was clear and it didn’t take long. He came buckets inside me and fell satiated on the bed next to me.

We slept hard that night. And when we woke the next morning I was so sore that I could barely move, which Kyle would make many references to all throughout the day. We went out and ate a huge brunch. Who knew that being kinky could make a person so hungry? As went let Sunday slowly drift by we talked about many things, but we kept coming back to theprevious nights activities.

2 weeks from now we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary and I can’t wait to see what Kyle has planned!