Elizabeth in the Morning  II- HerStory (c) Copyright, Michael 2003

My darling Michael: Sunlight barely sneaks around the curtain as I stretch   and groan, the wisp of an erotic dream dissipates. I find my hand is happy,  so warm and snug between my thighs, cupping my sweet soft shaved pussy. Now  gently squeezing myself, ohhhhhh I am so soft silky, hot, wet filled with  your cum last night. I can still feel your creamy thickness coating my inner  walls as I dip my finger inside. My other hand holds a breast; my finger  brushes the rigid little cherry that tingles, begging your hot wet tongue to  tease it, suck it in between your lips and more. My head turns and I see you  lying on your side, next to me, sleeping with a contented smile upon your  lips. Only the thin satin sheet covers your body, with the fringe of it just  below your chest. My finger is wet, passing over my clit while my other  finger slowly circles my swollen nipple and I am filled with desire to wake  you to experience your love all over again. I am a naughty girl: I LOVE TO  WAKE YOU - opening my arms and my legs to you sleepy and still full of my  dreams, my lips in a pout of passion. I whisper: baby, please make love  to me.

But alas, your deep rhythmic breathing tells me you are somewhere off in  sweet dreams. I quietly move closer to you, wanting to touch you so badly.  My movement causes you to stir and mumbling a noise, you roll over onto your  back. I can feel the matted hairs on your body as I gently run my hand down  your abdomen. I feel tortured inside, knowing that your sleep separates me  from your attention. My hand searches lower, to the warmth of your scrotum  and just to feel your jewels inside makes me shiver as I caress them. I want  to taste you as you sleep. Feeling the naughty wanton slut that I can be, I  quietly slip down under our satin sheets. A black stocking gathered about  the ankle of my foot, the other somewhere lost along with a clingy slip you  like so much in the tangle of our bedding. Your flesh quivers as I softly  graze my lips over your belly, lightly licking the salt from the sweat you  worked up over me last night. I can feel your cock growing against my cheek  as I work my way downward flicking the tip of my tongue around the bases of  your growing member. I take your cock into my hands and I wonder if you are  still asleep or just pretending to be.

I marvel at the size of your now fully engorged cock. Even with both my  hands wrapped around it, its reddening bald head extends well beyond my  light grasp. I near my face to it and take your crown into my mouth, tasting  the residue of our sex. I lower my head, slowly taking your shaft into my  mouth until the head of your pride pierces my throat. Within the loving  caress of my lips, I slowly bring them back up, leaving you glistening as I  free you. Your staff is powerful and exciting to my eyes and I want you  inside me more desperately than I did last night. I play you with my mouth  until I taste salty droplets emerging from your member.

I rise up and the sheet drops behind me, down below your knees. I kneel on  the bed, my knees straddling your thighs. I look down at your face. You look  asleep, but how can you be, aroused as you are. My body is too hot to  question the thought any longer. My pussy burns for you as I rise up over  your lap. With my hot juices freely trickling down the insides of my  thighs, I guide your cock towards my waiting desire. Slowing lowing my hips,  I feel the unmistakable thickness of your length entering me, so awesome the  feeling as my body descends. I moan with the feeling of melting to the  sensation of our joining. I close my eyes, cupping my breasts, rising to the  delight of my womanhood as I rock back and forth on your hardened member. I  can feel you looking at me, although you pretend to be asleep and I know you  like watching me enjoying myself.

I'm hot to put on a show for you, throwing my head back, thrusting my  breasts forward, twirling my hard nipples between my fingers, gyrating and  twisting as though the beast himself has entered me. I can feel the rage  growing within your cock as I move up and down your shaft and I try to  squeeze it so hard. My gyrations bring the thick shaft of your sex in  contact with a secret sensitive place deep in my belly. I feel the warmth  flow through me as I slowly begin to cum. I feel my body quake with an  intense vaginal climax as my juices flow from me, dripping from your balls  onto the sheets.

I brace my hands upon your chest, my little heart pounding within my breast.  There is a ringing in my head, I feel dizzy at the highlight of my ecstasy,  feeling nothing but your warmth deep inside my belly. You can feel me  creaming on your cock, my body shaking every time a new wave of pleasure  sweeps over me and you cannot hold back any longer. I hear you groaning  loudly and I feel you’re cum pissing hot from your cock so deep within me.

The glory of your moment sends me over the edge again and then yet once  more. Blood rushing down from my head to fulfill needs deep in my belly  weakens me and I collapse upon you. You catch me in your arms as I fall, my  hair cascades over your face and you hold me, sweating and gasping in your  arms. I rest in the secure embrace of your arms, catching my breath, and  clamping my thighs between your legs to capture your shrinking excitement,  wishing that I could hold you within me forever. There is a tingling in my  clitoris, it is begging for attention. Oh, I am such a wanton slut. I purr  as I hear you whisper your love for me. I am safe and secure in your arms.  Oh, how I love it here.

I must have slept for some little while lying safe and quiet in your arms.  Bright sun and the sounds of a summer morning drift in through our open  bedroom window. Locked between my thighs, your exhausted member, while not  erect but yet not flaccid either, rests within the clutches of my hot sticky  cunt. Your regular breathing tells me that you are hovering somewhere  between sleep and wakefulness. I am distracted by the urgent tingle in my  clitoris that begs for attention still. My pelvis gently moves controlled  as it were by the carnal need between my thighs seeking satisfaction through  a gentle grinding motion against the coarse hair at the base of your semi  rigid member lubricated with the juices of our lovemaking.

Your hot breath tickles in my ear as you whisper sweet nothings and then  begin to gently nibble my earlobe. Your hands soothingly slide down along my  back to the rise of my firm little ass. You cup each cheek in your hands,  your fingers kneading them in the rhythm of my movement. Your finger   naughtily traces along the cleft of my ass down and around the entrance to  my little sweet black hole. The touch of your finger disappears for a  moment and returns wet and slippery with the juices of our lovemaking. It  circles playfully at my black hole once more poking me seeking entrance. I  relax and the slippery digit slips in and wiggles around causing a pleasant  sensation.

My hips grind on the base of your cock picking up my rhythmic tempo. I want  more. My tongue licks the salt from around your nipple and I arch my back  inviting you to suckle my breast. You oblige by moving your head down and  with your finger inserted deep in my ass you slide me upward. You take my  breast with your mouth sucking hungrily pleasing me so. Our movement has  allowed your cock to escape the confines of my hot sticky cunt and my poor  clit has been abandoned and cries for your return. I try to recapture you  but I am so small and you are so large it is am impossibility.

Your finger slips from the confines of my little black hole and I rise up.  Your hands at my hip seek to turn me. I pivot over you facing rearward and  straddle you squatting forward. Scooting up higher on our pillows, with a  deft hand you guide your firm but not yet rigid member up into my delicate  black hole and I rock back fully engaging you as you catch me reclining in  your arms. My knees raised and spread wide in a most unladylike pose, our  left hands meet at the mound sheltering my needful clitoris and our entwined  finger seek to assuage its urgent calling. Our right hands seek to still  the needs of my nipples alternately tickling and squeezing the rigid nipples  crowning my firm little orbs. My fingers spread the lips concealing my  clit while your fingers work at satiating its needs. Sometimes your fingers  tease me by wandering downward and slipping in and out my salivating cunt  still hot with the liquids of our previous work. I squirm impaled on your  more rigid member savoring the sensations your penetration produce. Soft  moaning escape my lips punctuated with most unladylike guttural sounds. You  follow my lead in bringing my orgasm up near the brink and then backing down  to allow it to retreat a little. Our fingers alternate service to my clit  and dipping into the hot reaches of my cunt for slippery lubrication. I run  my fingers from within the reaches of my cunt down over your scrotum  tickling you causing you to grow firmer and larger in depths of my ass. Your  hips begin slowly to rock fucking my ass. Involuntarily I bear down on your  member as it slides outward and relax as you slide inward. As I bear down I  can feel your heart pumping hard in your cock engorging it still increasing  pressure on my bladder and insides, and your tempo mounts.

With little warning I lose control. Lost in my passion I center upon the  sensations welling up from deep in my core. Your hands have abandoned their  work now griping my hips firmly. My fingers work hard at my breast and  clitoris. You are pumping hard to your own rhythm and I feel your release  as you plumb hard into me. My heart throbs wildly, white light flashes  behind my tightly shut eyes and loud primal sounds emanate from my lips as  an over whelming sense of pleasure wells up from the depths of my womb.

We lay quietly once more, my head resting on your shoulder, your arms  enfolding me, our hands entwined, exhausted, satiated and fully spent. Your  cocks hard work done is slowly fades and disappears from within me.  Moisture runs in rivulets from my brow, my neck, and between my breasts down  over you, mixing with your sweat and wetting the sheets beneath you.  Copious amounts of moisture leak from the orifices between my legs gushing  down over you. I realize my bladder has betrayed me in my orgasmic passion  releasing a trickle of hot moisture over our thighs but I care little. I am  warm, happy and loved, securely basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking.  I catch a glint of gold from our ringed fingers entwined on my abdomen in  the bright sun light. At that moment I realize there was purpose to my  lustful morning passion, with primeval intuition I am certain that I will  soon be with child.