Elizabeth in the Morning
by Michael 2001

I dream of her, somehow I am watching she and I asleep. Sunlight barely sneaks around our bedroom curtain. I watch as she languidly stretches with a sweet little groan. Her little hand is happy, so warm and snug between her thighs, cupping her sweet soft shaved pussy. Now gently squeezing herself, “ohhhhhh” I hear her quietly moan, she is so soft silky, hot, wet. Her other hand holds a breast, her finger brushes the rigid little cherry, I can almost feel that it tingles. Her thoughts strangely are clearly alive in my head, she is begging my wet tongue to tease it, suck it in between my lips and more. Her thoughts cry out to me, “I am a naughty girl: I LOVE TO WAKE YOU>>>opening my arms and my legs to you sleepy and still full of my dreams”. Her lips in a pout of passion whisper: “baby, please make love me,,,,

I sense my sweet Elizabeth stir beside me beneath our satin sheets in the early dawn light. The smells of our nighttime lovemaking arouse sensual memories and I smile inwardly at the pleasant thoughts playing back behind my closed lids. I hear her whisper but cannot make out the words but her quiet purring tone awakens a familiar squeezing sensation centered deep in my groin. Still in sleep, I roll onto my back.

I feel her close to me moving ever so slowly at my side. Even in sleep I can sense her movement. I can see her in my mind's eye with her hand clamped between her thighs over her sweet shaven pussy as I had secretly watched once before while pretending to sleep. I am awake now but feign sleep. Her small warm hand is gently brushing down my abdomen and the sensation makes my manhood tingle and slowly begin to engorge.

She cups my balls in her hands and gently caresses them. She is moving beneath the sheets and I feel her hot breath along my stomach and then the tip of her tongue as she gently moves so as not to awaken me. Ooh Elizabeth, sweet, sweet Elizabeth. Her hands grasp my engorged cock. I am so aroused that the head of my cock extends beyond the grasp of her two gentle hands. She takes my head in her mouth undeterred by the smell and taste of our previous nights passion, oh how I love her and what she can do to me.

Elizabeth is ever so gentle trying not to awaken me, but I think she knows the game I play and I wait to see what she will do. I am deep in her mouth and she plays the head of my cock like a virtuoso. The sheets rise up and I feel her body swing over mine kneeling over my thighs. I hear the words forming in my head expressing my desire. Oh fuck me Elizabeth, fuck me  long and gentle. My heart is racing in my breast and with great effort I remain feigning sleep. I arms are aching to reach out to her and pull her close to fill her soul with whispers of love, to feel her body wrapped around mine.

As though she heard my thoughts, she rises up and her hands gently guide me deep into her as she slowly lowers herself downward. My pulsing rigid cock slips up deep into Elizabeth's secret place. It is warm and moist, oh now hot liquid fire stoked with passion. I imagine my entire being following my cock’s lead into the depths of my sweet Elizabeth. The smell of her excites me and I peek through my closed lids. She knows that I am watching. Her eyes are closed to keep my secret and her hands reach upward to cup her breasts as she begins to gently rock back and forth on my hardened member.

She throws her head back, her long curly tresses flying back over her head, thrusting her breasts forward. She is twirling her erect nipples between her thumb and forefingers. She begins to slowly gyrate her body, her head and shoulders moving in opposing directions and the pout on her full lips change to a so subtle smile. I am on fire, I love watching her. I am trying to hold back, she is so gentle but I am edging toward the brink, I want to delay to savor, the intensity grows. I feel her muscles deep within her secret place alternately squeeze on my enraged cock and then release me as she raises and lowers herself on my rigid member.

Elizabeth, you're cumming now, your eyes are squeezed tightly shut and your pert little nipples are sticking straight out. Her love juices are streaming out of her secret place moistening the sheets under me.

She shudders and suddenly her hands reach out for my chest as she seeks support in her ecstasy, no longer aware of anything except my presence deep in her belly. It is too much for me I cannot hold back any further. The tension rumbles deep in my groin rushing like a freight train along my tingling balls and erupting out the end of my erect penis in an explosion filling her secret place with my love juices. I am aware of only Elizabeth at that moment as we each close out the rest of the world in our orgasmic ecstasy.

There are a multitude of muffled sounds emanating for our inner selves and suddenly she collapses on me. Her hair falling over my face, the sweet aroma of her perspiration fills my nostrils with pleasing thoughts. We are both breathing hard fully expended.

Keeping me firmly embedded within her she slides her legs down along mine and then over and between my legs, clamping my shrinking manhood deep in her belly. She is purring in my ear as she snuggles deeper into my embrace and we lay quietly murmuring sweet words of love as the morning light brightens our bedroom.