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I am a female executive in an import/export firm in NYC. Previously the only women in this business were secretaries. But I came in with a business school education and due to that (and the fact that I am very aggressive and competitive) I'm now almost at the top of the organization. I have a private office and my own secretary, Julie. She keeps things in order and handles administrative chores for me.

I often read a local newspaper that has, among many other features, a rather amazing set of Classified Personal ads. Some categories are for the usual service you find in almost any paper - educational, typing, almost anything. But this paper has sexually explicit ads in categories like Men Seeking Women, Men Seeking Men, Women Seeking Men, and Women Seeking Women. There are also some which tend to be wilder like Multiples, Transgender, and Anything Goes. I looked at the personals and frequently got turned on because many were erotic and focused on kinky behavior. But I had never seriously considered responding to any of those ads until I read the following in Anything Goes:

"You're a woman with a sense of adventure, daring, and private office. This cute White Male will give oral pleasure while you take calls."

That really aroused me. The thought of a guy going down on me while I took phone calls stirred me up; it became my favorite masturbation fantasy. The thought of doing that sort of thing while conducting business made it seem quite exciting. I saved that edition of the paper and I read the well-worn page whenever I wanted a sexual charge. Originally I had no intention to answer that ad, but it became an obsession with me. Finally I contacted the box number, figuring that I would probably turn this guy down because he was some sort of weirdo. A week later the writer of the ad called me. He sounded like a nice guy and very matter-of-factly told me that he really liked to perform oral sex on women, that he was very good at it, and that the office setting turned him on. He said it would be fun and exciting for both of us and urged, "give me a try." I still hesitated, but the idea had seized my imagination (and my pussy.) So I called back and we made the appointment: he would come as "Mr. Wilson" on some pretext - at 2:00 on the following Wednesday. I felt that I might be doing something stupid and risky, but I was so aroused that I was compelled to make the appointment.

When I told Julie to put Mr. Wilson in the appointment book for Wednesday I gave some sort of bullshit reason for the appointment. Julie is a smart woman, and I suppose she wondered what the real reason for the appointment could be. But she did as told and booked the appointment. When getting dressed Wednesday morning I wondered what to wear to get my pussy licked and sucked. I put on a black lace garter belt, and very nice long black stockings - very sexy. Then I put on my best black panties, which could be slipped off while leaving the garter belt and stockings in place.

It seemed crazy to be dressing for this sort of thing, but I was in a state
of sexual arousal higher than anything I have felt before. After arriving
in the office on Wednesday I was nervous as Hell and thought of canceling the appointment, but I didn't cancel. As the clock approached 2:00 PM I was nervous, but the usual phone calls and paperwork thankfully took my mind off the coming adventure. "Mr. Wilson" arrived five minutes before the appointed time. Julie announced his arrival and I said to let him in. In a way, the beginning was an anticlimax, if you forgive that choice of words.  He was in his mid-thirties, dressed in a conservative business suit, and was  the sort of man you would find in any office in Manhattan. We spent a few  minutes in smalltalk, and then he said he was here to eat my pussy and that we ought to get to it. I nodded weakly. He reminded me that it turned him on for me to continue to take business calls while he was giving me pleasure. He told me to sit sideways in my chair and then he got on his knees in front of me. He told me to just lean back and enjoy, while he would take care of giving me what I craved. He had me pull my skirt up and then both of us got my panties down below my knees. Then I just leaned back and enjoyed an expert giving me the best sexual experience I have ever had.

Some men perform oral sex on a woman reluctantly, only to please their partner - not him! He clearly enjoyed the smell and taste of cunt. My pussy was already wet. He used his tongue on my pussy lips, licking softly and going all the way to the clit. I have a large clit that protrudes when I am aroused. He brought me the edge of an orgasm by using his talented tongue on my bud. Then he brought me over the edge by sucking on it, softly at first and progressively harder and faster. I came with an explosion that rocked my entire body. Just then the phone rang because I had instructed Julie to put through phone calls! It was almost an indescribable feeling - breathing hard and wanting to moan, and having to talk to a customer on the phone at the same time. But it was also very exciting, getting my pussy serviced while talking to a customer who had no idea of what was going on. It added to the thrill do something so erotic while escaping detection. I'm sure the caller thought I was very distracted for some mundane reason but had no idea of  what was really happening.

I had two more orgasms during the remainder of our time together. I have "wet" orgasms: there is a copious flow of pussy juices when I climax. That didn't bother "Mr. Wilson" at all - he just sucked up my juices and kept going! There was one more call during this session, from the company President. I managed to handle that call but he must have also noticed what seemed like distraction on my part. Can you call having an orgasm "distraction?"

Thirty minutes after my visitor's arrival, I had been licked and sucked like never before in my life, and my pussy was soaking wet. I wiped my pussy off with some Kleenex and pulled the panties up. Then the skirt came down, and I was the corporate executive again. "Mr. Wilson' said that he had satisfied his urges and asked how I felt. I responded truly, that it had been great for me. We agreed to have him visit me the following week; I called Julie to schedule "Mr. Wilson" again for a 1/2 hour appointment the following  week.  I never asked "Mr. Wilson" for his real name. He said that the real name was not important, and I agreed with that. In our long sexual relationship we never traded small talk and we never discussed his personal life or what he did for a living. It was enough for the two of us that he had a compulsion to eat pussy in an office, behind closed doors, and that I wanted to be the object of his sexual desires.

One day we were discovered by Julie, who came into the office with some papers for me, as I was getting my pussy serviced. I have a suspicion that her curiosity about what was happening behind closed doors drove her to deliberately barge in. It must have been a shocker for her to take in the scene and then realize what was happening. There was this man kneeling in front of me, and my skirt was pulled up. Then she must have realized that his face was in my crotch and going up and down - eating my pussy! Rather than pulling my skirt down and having "Mr. Wilson" stop, I was so pissed off that I just told Julie to leave us alone. Her face turned red and she ran out, closing the door behind her.

After "Mr. Wilson" left I called Julie and asked her to come into the office.  I was pretty cool about the matter, saying that we would not discuss this incident again and that she should keep her mouth shut about what she had seen. I said that, if she spread any talk about me, I would get rid of her for insubordination, make it hard for her to get another job, and sue her for libel if she made any public charges. When I asked if she understood  what I had just said, she nodded yes. I told her to get back to the outer office.

I was so taken by my sexual infatuation with "Mr. Wilson" that I could not stop, even after being discovered by Julie. We continued the appointments almost every week. One day Julie asked if she could talk to me about a personal matter. I said OK, and she came in. She seemed very flustered and said it was very difficult to discuss personal matters. I urged her to go ahead and confide in me, that I would keep anything she said confidential. She responded that the scene she had witnessed in my office had really shaken her, and that she really couldn't get it out of her mind. First of all, she apologized profusely for barging in and said she felt that she should be punished for that. Then she said that the scene had stirred up sexual feelings, and confessed that she now had those feelings for me, especially a recurring dream that she was going down on me, instead of "Mr. Wilson." She asked for my advice. I said that I would think about it and get back to her.

The real problem here is that one should never get involved sexually with someone in the office. But Julie is an attractive woman with a nice figure. I am especially taken with her tight little ass. I can visualize making her my submissive at home; eating me on demand and whatever else of a sexual nature I might want. And I would love to apply punishment to her, spanking that lovely ass until it turns rosy and then spreading her ass cheeks and exploring the sensitive area around her anus with my tongue.

I still haven't decided what to tell her.

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