"Change of Lifestyle" - ŠLynne den Hartog-Smith 2000

"Have you seen the box with the coffee percolator?"

"It should be in with the stuff we've already unpacked. I thought we'd need a cup once we got down to sorting all this mess out."

"Well, it's not here. I've looked everywhere. Damn, this is no fun!"

"Wait a sec., I've found the kettle, would a cup of tea do?"

"I suppose so, I need something. I'm parched! All this dust is making me feel as though my throat's coated with half of the Sahara desert!"

"So, where are the tea bags?"

"I thought you had them?"

"Oh great! And I've got more good news, even if we could find them we'd not be any better off. There's no water!"

"Oh no!! The caretaker promised he'd have the water on by this morning. This is getting to be beyond a joke."

Sinking down onto the floor Helen let out a sigh.

"This is turning into the disaster of the year. No groceries, no water - the maid I engaged hasn't turned up, and when I tried to ring the agency I discovered our telephone isn't connected either."

"Um, well you probably won't want to hear this right now, but the electricity seems to be off, too!"

"Oh Jeez! That would explain why it's so damned hot in here. This can't be happening. I'm hungry, thirsty, and fed up! Any suggestions? Apart from screaming in frustration?"

"Well, I guess we could go next door and ask for some help."

"Oh wonderful! I've heard of people borrowing a cup of coffee from the neighbors, but do you really want to go and knock on a stranger's door and ask, 'May I borrow coffee, a percolator, some water, and can I plug this extension cord into your electricity socket? Oh and excuse me, while I'm here how about some breakfast and the use of your phone?'"

Maggie giggled. "Yeah, put like that it does sort of make us into the neighbors from hell doesn't it?!!"

"Sheesh...I thought this was supposed to be a luxury villa? Our old two-bedroomed apartment had more luxuries than this place. Even if we did have to put money in the meter to get electricity and the water came out brown in the mornings, at least we had water and electricity! I thought when we won the lottery that it meant the end of all our problems, not the beginning of them!"

'Oh come on Helen, you're tired, it's not that bad! I'm sure we'll get this all sorted out soon, and just think, no getting up at 6 am to go into the diner and wait on sweaty, big mouthed, loose handed louts!! Wow, come and check out this view! It's beautiful."

Helen pulled herself off the floor and made her way to her friend who was looking out through the glass doors which covered one whole wall of the living room. Although the glass was filthy, shading her eyes against the blazing sun, she could still make out the silver sand which came right up to the house and the deep green-blue sparkling sea, breaking with little white flurries of foam on the beach. It was breathtaking, and she supposed made up for the irritations they were experiencing with the interior of the villa. This had been her idea of a dream house ever since she had been a little girl. She'd always thought that it would remain a dream, until that moment when Fortune had smiled on her for the first time in her life and she and Maggie had discovered that they were the owners of the winning ticket in the state lottery.

That had been six months ago, and suddenly they had entered into the high powered Kingdom of the Rich. Immediately their circle of friends had increased tenfold and they had been flung into a frenzy of easy living. Anything that could be bought for money was theirs, including it seemed quite a few men. In the beginning it had been great. Life was one continual
party and they certainly made the most of it, visiting the most expensive clubs and restaurants, and wearing exclusive designer clothes. They had both felt like princesses.

But when the novelty wore off and the dazzle of hedonism had faded from their eyes they began to notice the down side of their existence. Money talks, and no one seemed to argue with it. After a while both women realized the hypocrisy of a lot of the crowd they were mixing with. In fact they soon found they were slotting the people into categories.

There were those who were rich and were curious about these two ex-waitresses who had now entered their exclusive circle. These were the ones whom they would catch whispering when they entered the room. The men in this category seemed to enjoy their naivety, saying how refreshing it was, but after a while they noticed their, sometimes, not so subtle efforts to change them into the more acceptable stereotype of a woman with money. The women on the other hand didn't even bother to disguise their feelings. It was obvious that they thought that the girls were out of place there and catty remarks were the order of the day.

Those on the other hand who didn't have the money were perhaps even worse. Helen and Maggie saw more gigolos in that six months than they ever believed existed. It wasn't the women that these men loved, it was their money.

Finally the day came when both girls decided that this wasn't what they wanted. Surely there were better ways of enjoying the money they had won without this constant worry that it was the only thing about them that really interested these people?

That is when they had decided to leave the whirl of social materialism and find somewhere where they could be happy with themselves and their new life. This villa had seemed to be the answer. OK, their neighbors would be rich too, but surely it would be possible to keep themselves to themselves and find a way of life that suited them?

Money solved a lot of problems, but they hadn't realized how many new ones it created.

"Ah well" Helen sighed to herself. "Who said life was easy, with or without money?"

But now they had a more immediate problem, what to do to get their new home functioning? And where could they find something to eat and drink? Helen decided to check out the kitchen. The refrigerator was supposed to be stocked, but, opening the door, all she could find were four bottles of lukewarm lager that probably belonged to the caretaker.  . "Oh well, beggars can't be choosers," she thought, and it certainly wouldn't be the first time they had drunk tepid beer.

"Come on Maggie. Let's drown our sorrows!!"

Two bottles of beer each wasn't a lot but it was just enough to put them in a better mood.

"Hmmm...well they didn't last long did they?" And I'm still thirsty...What

"Well" said Helen, opening her suitcase "I have actually got a bottle of champagne here. It was meant for a house-warming party, but I guess the house isn't going to get any warmer than it is at the moment, so why not?!"Both girls' giggles turned into floods of laughter when Helen inexpertly opened the bottle and soaked both of them with the warm bubbly contents.

"Hey watch it! Don't waste it! It's all that stands between us and dehydration! And what's more, I'm now even stickier than I was!!"

It was true that both of the girls clothes were now sticking to them in a most unpleasant fashion.

"Come on" said Maggie, "Let's go for a swim and get ourselves cleaned up"

"That's a great idea but I've no idea where our swimming suits are."

"Who cares!! After all, it is a private beach, no-one can see us."

"Maggie!! Are you suggesting we go skinny dipping?!!"

"Yeah, why not? We've never done it before, and this is an ideal opportunity."

"Hmmm, well I guess it's something I've always had a sneaking desire to do!! Why not?" Before she could change her mind she shrugged off her sundress and was standing in her skimpy black bra and pants. Maggie, not to be outdone, followed her lead, to reveal a low cut lacy white bra and matching pants. Both girls giggled.

"What next?" asked Helen. "Actually I suppose we could leave these on, they don't look a lot different to a bikini." In fact, to be honest she realized that she was a little embarrassed at the thought of getting completely naked with Maggie. Although they'd shared an apartment for three years she couldn't ever recall having seen Maggie completely nude.

"What's the point? They'll get all salty and sandy, and seeing as we haven't got any water to rinse them out in they'll be ruined. Anyway there's only the two of us here." On saying this she unclipped her bra and stepped out of her panties.

Helen couldn't help staring at her friend's naked body. She knew that Maggie had a great figure, tall and slim, but she hadn't realized quite how beautiful it was until this minute. She noticed that Maggie's small breasts were tipped with dark nipples which, probably because of their sudden contact with the air, were now erect and hard. But the most surprising thing was her total lack of pubic hair. Helen gasped and blurted out "You never told me you shaved!!"

Maggie laughed. "Well, it's not the sort of subject that usually comes up in day to day conversation is it? Helen realized that Maggie was looking at her with a strange expression on her face. "And it seems you've been keeping a secret from me, too."

"Sorry? What secret?" Helen realized that Maggie was staring at her navel. "Oh - you mean my piercing?! I only got it done a couple of weeks ago.' 

"Why didn't you tell me about it?"

"Well, I wasn't too sure about it myself. And it really looked a mess in the beginning. What do you think of it?"

"I think it's great. You're so lucky to have an inny. Wish I did!" Slowly Maggie reached out her hand and traced the outline of the metal ring. In doing so her finger brushed against the sensitive skin of the other girl's stomach and Helen gasped. Since they had first started sharing a flat together Helen had known about Maggie's sexual preferences, but there had never been any sexual attraction between them. At least none that Helen had been aware of. Yet now she saw an expression on Maggie's face that she had never seen there before. She looked down at Maggie's hand that was now resting on her belly. Her immediate instinct was to pull away, but for some reason she didn't.

Encourages by her friend's reaction Maggie whispered, "Does that feel good?"

Weakly, Helen nodded.

"Do you want me to go on? I think you'd like it." She saw Helen's hesitation and quickly continued, "Not that I want you to be my permanent lover or anything like that. But you must admit, it would probably relax both of us, and, it can be fun!! Just think of it as an experience you should at least try once in your life,. Hey...and, if you don't like it, you never have to do it again!!" She reached out and caressed Helen's shoulder.

Helen felt she ought to stop this before it went any further, but suddenly she was curious to know what it was like to make love with another woman. She gripped Maggie's hand, and still she didn't know what she was going to do. Then she realized that she was gently stroking her friend's hand, and it seemed she had made her decision.

Maggie smiled "Thatta girl!! It's really not all that bad you know!! After all, who better to pleasure a woman's body than another woman?!!" And gently she pressed her lips to Helen's, whilst her hand began to caress her breast.

Helen still wasn't sure about this, but it seemed that it was too late to change her mind and she tentatively reached out her own hand to touch Maggie. It was so strange to feel another woman's lips on her mouth and to touch a breast that wasn't her own. But she had to admit that Maggie's touch was doing things to her body which she'd never have thought possible.

No woman has seen her naked since the schoolgirl days of sports changing rooms. Even then, when the first signs of her developing womanhood became apparent, she would try to hide them from inquisitive, comparing eyes. She was apprehensive of what was about to happen.

Maggie's body pressed against hers and she felt long fingernails gently tracing a path along her skin, causing her to draw in her breath. She found she did not dislike the sensation. In fact it was extremely pleasurable and, as if to emphasize this, her body reacted to the touch and she could feel her nipples hardening.

She willed the hands, now exploring the sides of her breasts, to travel further and when Maggie squeezed her nipples between her fingertips Helen felt the muscles in her stomach contract and her body shuddered. The pressure increased and a low moan escaped her lips.

She felt Maggie's hard nipples against her skin and realized she was excited too and, without knowing why, the idea pleased her.

The sensation of hot breath on her neck made her shiver and she was amazed at the way her body was reacting. She would never have imagined that a woman could do that to her.

Maggie's hands were soft and gentle, as they turned Helen round to face her and Helen knew she didn't want her to stop. When Maggie's lips encircled her nipple she found herself pushing her breast against her face. "Oh that feels good," she whispered.

"I can make it feel even better" smiled Maggie. "Lie down and open your legs."

Helen hesitated for an instant. She'd let very few men do that, and now she was going to let a woman do it? Even if it was her best friend it was a hell of a step to take. Somehow she felt almost the way she had felt when she had lost her virginity. In a way she supposed this was a bit similar, another first, but one she had never expected to experience.

Then she was lying on her back and Maggie's tongue was working magic on her clit. At first she resisted the feeling building up inside of her, her nervousness wouldn't let her relax, but when Maggie suddenly stopped she almost cried out in frustration. She realized that Maggie had picked up the champagne bottle and was saying "Might as well take advantage of this champagne." Filling her mouth with the bubbly liquid she placed her lips on Helen's and as they kissed she slowly let it run out onto Helen's tongue.

Helen's first incongruous thought as they exchanged the fluid was, "Oh my God, I shall have to swallow!" Now that was something new.

She didn't have much time to think about it though as Maggie was now dribbling the champagne over her clit. The bubbles popped like so many miniature balloons and Helen bucked her hips in desire. When Maggie's tongue began lapping up the cocktail of champagne and her juices Helen just couldn't bear the feeling of hanging on the edge any more and finally she let go, allowing a shuddering orgasm to wash over her. As she came she pressed her pussy hard against her friend's mouth, and felt Maggie's tongue enter her. It felt wonderful.

Laying next to her friend, her breathing gradually slowing down, she tentatively reached out her hand and stroked Maggie's breast. Strangely enough she was finding this far more difficult than anything that had gone before. What if she couldn't give Maggie the pleasure she had given her? It wasn't as if she was experienced at this. Yet not to do it would have been selfish, and that was not one of Helen's shortcomings. With trepidation,  she filled her mouth with the last of the champagne. However, as she attempted to repeat Maggie's actions, the bubbles went straight up her nose, and she sneezed. She was mortified, but realized that Maggie, far from being upset, was doubled up laughing! "Oh, if you could see your face!" she giggled. "This is supposed to be fun you know! You look as if you've just failed an exam or something!" At these words Helen relaxed, and began to laugh too.

"Really, if you're not comfortable with it, don't feel obliged to return the favour. I know it's not exactly your thing! To be quite honest I was surprised you went this far!"

It would have been easy for Helen to accept this way out, but she was never the one to take the easy course, and if she was going to undergo a new experience then she was not the type to stop halfway.

She needn't have worried. As her tongue licked around Maggie's pussy, and she tasted another woman for the first time, her friend grasped hold of her head and yelled "Yes...oh yes...that's just how I like it - you've got a magic tongue you know!...Oh I'm going to cum...lick me sweetie... make me cum... yes... like that...now faster... aarrgghhh!...YEEEESSSSS!! I'M CUMMING!!!"

Five minutes later, when they had both got their breath back, Maggie said, "Now that wasn't too bad was it?!!"

"It certainly wasn't. In fact I'd say it was very good," and she grinned.

"Hey, what about that skinny dip now? I've certainly worked up a sweat, and seeing as there's no bath water it seems to be the only practical alternative, don't you think?!!"

Laughing, both girls rushed out of the house, across the sands and into the warm waiting waves.

ŠLynne den Hartog 2000