Two Happy Campers (c) Copyright Will Adams 2002
All Rights Reserved - NO copy or duplication allowed

I'm excited as I near your house. We've been planning our "sneak away" to the mountains for quite some time now, and the day is finally here! It's an all day drive to where we will camp, but I know that this will most definitely be a camping trip to remember! 

It's early morning, and the sun is just rising on what promises to be a very hot summer day, and I'm dressed for the occasion in shorts and a tank top shirt. I nearly run over your trash can on the curb as my mind is wandering as I wheel into your driveway. As I turn off the car and prepare to get out of the truck to grab your belongings and come in for hopefully a cup of coffee, I see you dart out of the door with all of your stuff in hand, running. I meet you at the back of the truck and you drop all in your hands and wrap your arms around my neck and give me a big kiss. "Oh, and I almost forgot one important thing," you state, as you run like a teenager back into the house. I'm in awe of your attire that you've chosen today: A pretty sun dress, low cut in the front, and high cut at the bottom--and those very long legs are just gorgeous. I open the camper flap and begin to load your stuff into the back of the truck with my stuff. As I finish, I see you running back out with a thermos, which I can only hope is some of your freshly-made coffee. Your impatient nature once again shines through as you run to the back of the truck. "I've got your coffee. Let's go!" you say as you run and jump in the cab and slam the door. 

I get back into the truck and begin to back from the driveway, as I hear a "thud" as I do back over your trash can this time, because I'm so busy looking at your legs. You're busy pouring coffee as you haven't noticed that when you sat down that your little bit of a dress tail is hiked way up, almost enough to see your panties. You look up as you hear the sound, and catch me staring away, and you giggle and say, "Shame on you," in a playful voice. "Don't worry about that ol' can. Let's go!" 

Your coffee, as always, hits the spot as we drive out of town and into the countryside, heading for the mountains ahead. We casually talk and listen to music for most of the morning. But with the early rise and all of the excitement, you soon tire and eventually fall asleep leaning against the door. You look so cute sleeping there like that. It's nearly noon, as I look down at your legs again, noticing this time that the dress tail has hiked up even higher, and your pretty soft panties have now seen the daylight. A deep sigh breaks through my lips, and I stare as much as I can and still keep the truck on the road. You adjust in your sleep a bit, and you slide down farther, your legs seem to be all over the floor of the truck, sprawled out everywhere. Your last adjustment has made you very vulnerable, your hips have slid over very close to me, in arm's reach for sure. Temptation has now set in, and I decide that I have a nice "wake up" call in store for you. I place my hand against your panties, right up against your sweet crotch, and begin to rub my hand lightly against it, causing a bit of heat friction against you. After several moments like this, I decide that this isn't quite enough. So I reach over and ease my hands down the front of your panties. My fingers easily find your sweet button and lips, which seem to moisten slightly to just my touch. You moan and smile a bit in your sleep, and move ever so slightly. I dip my fingers one at a time into your sweet lips to moisten the ends well, then I move up and begin to massage your now-swelling clit. I can tell by the rising and falling of your breasts that your breathing is becoming more heavy, and I begin to swirl my fingers a little harder and faster. A few moments more of this and your body is hit as if with a bolt of lightning, and you scream out in both pleasure and surprise, as your hips automatically begin working up and down against my very busy fingers. You begin one long, deep moan loud enough to hurt my ears as you cum ever so hard. Once your orgasm subsides and I lick your juices from my fingertips, you say in your typical raspy bedroom voice, "Oh , baby! I love the way you wake a woman up!" 

"How was your first orgasm of the day, my sweets?" I ask you. 

"It was very good, baby, but the second one that you just gave me was ever so much better," you say with coy. "See, I woke up this morning, dreaming of you, and I came really good to that wet dream, too." 

I moan at the thought of that, as we both decide that it is certainly now time for us to stop and grab a bite to eat. We pull into a little road side cafe and order our meal. We sit and talk and giggle and chuckle and discuss our trip so far and things that are yet to come. We finish our meal and you excuse yourself to the ladies' room. A few minutes later, I hear a "pssssst" from behind me. I turn and look and your head is sticking out of the bathroom door, motioning to me to come there, with such a wicked evil grin on your face. There's no hiding that you're up to something, so I head for the door to see what you want. My guard is down as I get within arm's reach of you and you grab me and pull me suddenly into the bathroom with you. My head desperately spins around to see if anyone notices, but there's no time for that as I wind up in here with you. You place both your palms open on my chest and gently, but with conviction, guide me to one of the stalls in the bathroom. As we get inside, you lock the stall door behind you. You stoop in front of me and begin to rub your hand against my crotch, and within moments, the result that you expected happens, as my shaft stiffens inside the shorts. You smile happily from your success, and then unbutton and unzip my shorts and slide them down to my ankles. At this point, I'm in total awe. This is uncharacteristic of your somewhat shy nature, but I suppose your awakening earlier awoke more than your body, as you brush the head of my rod against the tip of your chin, looking up at me with loving eyes and satisfaction of making me feel so good. You spend a very short time teasing me before you dive into my swollen cock, nearly swallowing it in one gulp, as you start pumping me hard with your mouth, twisting your head each time that you go down. You waste no time on me, giving me no time to breathe, as I try to muffle my moan, but I still hear it echo off the porcelain walls, as my hips thrust forward and within moments explode, my balls draw up tight in your fingers, as I cum hard inside your mouth and throat. After making sure that you've gotten every drop out of me, you look up with a very "I'm happy with myself" look on your face and say, "Are you as awake as I am now?" 

"Of course I am after that, sweetheart! Damn!" I say in a weak voice. 

"Just a taste of what's yet to come," you proudly proclaim. 

We regroup, gather ourselves, and you giggle as we exit the bathroom just as another lady is going in, and proceed back to the truck. We, both smiling and laughing and enjoying each other climb in and head on down the highway. It's not long before we reach the mountain road and move up their steep inclines. Time flies, as we are constantly kissing and touching and enjoying each other's company along the way as we reach the road that will take us near to where we will be camping. It's not long before we reach where we will park the truck. It will be a mile or so walk to where we will make our camp. Packed up and hand in hand we walk the trail to the spot that I've been to before, and taking you for the first time. My ears tell me that we are nearly there as I hear the creek running through the forest in the distance. We reach the point where we will spend our night together: at a large bend in the creek, where the water will provide most of our music for the night. Our timing is pretty good as we get unpacked and get our tent set up and our sleeping bags unrolled. Perfect. We are ready to relax and enjoy. 

The air is a bit cooler now, but it is still quite warm for mountain weather. We're still hot from the day and decide to take a dip in the creek to cool off. We step down to the bank and each disrobe and get into the relatively cold water. I see you as you get your hair wet and it clings to your face and head, and notice your nipples perking out very solid. The water is just above waist-deep, and I wade over to you to brush your hair from your face. We embrace and kiss deeply, our tongues probing the inside of each other's mouths. Our hands roam randomly around each other's bodies, and the passion begins to flare. Knowing that we have all night together, I decide to bring you yet another sweet release. I suddenly wrap my arms around your waist and lean you back off of your feet and hold on tightly, letting the water support most of your weight, as I maneuver myself so that I can penetrate your wet lips with my hardened cock. You gasp in shock at the initial surprise of your "near-fall", and another gasp when the head of my cock touches your entrance. Being careful to keep your head above water, I make my move and drive into you deeply. You scream out and the water splashes about as we begin our dance. The water easily allow me to support you and manipulate your position, as I begin pumping you madly, as the water splashes even more wildly now. It's not very long before our bodies both begin to feel the rush of our passions, and I give you that one more sudden thrust that gives us both the orgasm that we've built up for. For it seems minutes that we cum and cum and cum together, screams of each other's names can be heard throughout the forest. The ache inside you subsides for now, as we collapse and fall, thankfully toward the bank and we don't drown. We get our bearing straight again as we find each other, out of breath, and embrace each other and kiss each other with weak pecks all over each of our faces. 

We nearly have to crawl out of the creek, and we gather up our clothes and carry them back to the tent. All of our activity has given us an appetite for sure, so you get us things from the cooler and make us sandwiches. I decide that while you are doing that, that I will begin to make us a fire, since the dark is approaching. We finish about the same time, sitting next to each other close and watching the fire, except for the occasional glances and smiles that we flash at each other. 

Sunlight leaves us and is replaced soon with the bright light of the full moon rising to take charge. An owl can be heard in the distance, and the crickets are providing the rest of our music for the evening. We embrace, and listen and look, and both decide that this is not only the perfect spot, but the perfect setting for a night to remember. 

We look into each other's eyes and know that the time has come for our night to begin, as I lean toward you and begin to kiss you softly, first on your lips, and then down your cheek to your neck. Your body tenses and your grip on my thigh tightens as I gently kiss, suck and nibble on your neck and shoulder. Your hand begins to move around on my thigh as your other hand begins to softly caress my beard, moaning as you do. My hand gently cups one of your breasts, as I lightly pinch your nipple between my fingers. You cry out a muffled, soft cry as I do, and I can feel your body release, your muscles relax, and succumb to my touch and kisses. Your body melts away from you as you instinctively lay back onto the sleeping bag and decide to let me have full control of you. One of my hands comes to rest at the very topmost portion of one of your thighs, and the other continues to cup your breast as I hover over you and continue the barrage of kisses and nibbles on your neck and shoulder. My mouth works its way down to the front of your neck, then just below, continuing to kiss you as both of my hands caress you gently but firmly. My caresses on your thigh produce occasional brushes of your pubic hairs with my fingers, and you arch your back slightly each and every time this happens. I spend what seems like hours to you, and it may well be because I'm losing all track of time, kissing your body and caressing you. My mouth finds your perked nipple and sucks it in hungrily, and in time, my wandering hand around your thigh finally moves to your sweetness, which is once again sopping wet for me. You squirm about as my fingers apply pressure to your passion button and as I suck harder on your nipple. My one free hand now finds its way to your face and hair and caresses you as your lips find my finger and you suck it into your mouth, as if to pacify you until you can get what you really want there. Your hand fumbles about, and you find my now extremely stiff tool. From the two other orgasms of the day, this time the skin that surrounds it is tightly-stretched and it is as hard as can possibly be, as my balls are drawn up nearly inside the skin of my cock. You give it several fierce strokes, and then I allow two of my wet fingertips to part your hungry lips and push them deep inside you. You let go of your grip on me as you lay back and soak in all that I'm giving you. On my knees at your side, I continue to move my fingers around deep inside you as I caress one of your breasts with the other hand. My motions inside you increase with each and every whimper that escapes your throat. In moments, you are squirming and crying out madly, and I can tell that you want to cum. Just as I watch your body brace and your hands grip tightly, I stop, and press against you hard inside. My fingers motionless, and my face now right in yours, I watch you as you are hit with a wave of a subtle, soft orgasm, which makes your whole body break out in goose pimples. You hips are convulsing and the walls of you sweetness contract, and the look on your face as you feel it drives me insane. It brings me so much pleasure to watch you cum. As this wave subsides, I stay right where I am on my knees to your side and lean over to give your clit a light, sweet kiss, leaving my fingers still deep and motionless inside you. A soft, weak cry fights its way through your throat, and your raspy voice tells me just how much you are enjoying what I am doing to you. Silently, I look back once more into your eyes, then I proceed back to paying attention to your sweetness. I lean over a bit more and suck your clit inside my mouth, flickering it with soft, gentle licks. Your moans almost sound like you are crying as I continue to do this for quite a long time, randomly changing the pace, so you will enjoy it without building too high at first. I inhale you inside me deep now, and begin to lick you harder as my mouth begins to move back and forth with your clit. You squeal, and as I feel it begin to twitch, I begin again slowly moving my fingers around inside you. This is all that it takes to bring you to yet another orgasm, as your body rigors and you go into a fit of passion, as I have to hold on to you tightly to keep my mouth in contact with your bouncing button. You cum for several moments, and then your body falls limp, and your breathing cries out sigh after sigh with each outgoing breath. 

It only takes you a few moments to recover yourself, as you spot my swollen shaft and begin to play with it a bit. You're once again on fire, and this ache is making you insane. You raise up and get on all fours, your pretty ass pointing right to me, as that tells me just what you want. I position myself behind you and place my head on the lips of your inviting pussy. I push myself inside you, slowly filling you completely up, as you cry out and squirm again. I remain on my right knee as I place my left leg in front of yours to raise me up a bit and to get into you deeper. I place both of my hands on your shoulders and slowly begin to stroke inside you with long and deep strokes. Steadily I increase the pace and your moans and breathing increase with me. It isn't long before I have a very fast and hard pump going deep inside you. Cumming earlier has made it easy for me to hold back, as I pump you wildly as you growl harshly from yet another orgasm that hits you violently. You lean over as it hits you, and begin pushing back against my thrusts. You cum hard, and I'm able to feel your twitches and juices flow as I brace myself and ram into you as hard and as deep and as long of a stroke as I can manage. 

You look back at me with eyes of the possessed when you realize that I didn't cum that time. And you act possessed, with no conscious thoughts going through your mind. Your only focus now is to take charge of me and steal the cum right from my body. You turn to me and place your hands on my chest and unintentionally push me back with force onto my back. You hover over me like prey, your hair wildly strewn around your head and face and you waste no more time climbing onto me and with your hand positioning my cock to once more penetrate you. You snarl in a somewhat evil voice, "I want you to cum for me and I want you to cum for me now!" You start rocking to and fro after you lower yourself onto my shaft, resting all of your weight on me, pushing it deep inside you. "I want you to cum hard, baby! Please cum for me so hard, my sugar!" I groan as I see you getting the perfect rhythm set for you. You ride me for a long time, almost with frustration as you want to cum again so badly now. I raise my hips up a bit to give it to you deeper, and that is all that it takes. You bite your lip, and your moans heighten and it hits you full force, and you begin rising and falling upon my cock, slamming me nearly into the ground beneath the sleeping bag. It hits me hard as well, as I growl and cry out to you, cumming so hard. We cum in such a wild explosion that we both lose consciousness of anything else around us. As you finish and this settles, you lean forward over onto me, as I have only enough energy to reach for your ass and hold onto you as I give you a few more gentle but deep strokes as you are enjoying the blissful end of your orgasm. We kiss each other with weak kisses.... 

..the very next thing we remember is waking up with you still laying on top of me.... 


There are other stories written by myself and a few other guest writers at "Rajin Cajun's Wet Spot". I hope my story has stirred you--this is the reason I do this. I'd enjoy the opportunity to please you again at .