Ordinary Camera Clerk
By Megan Murphy
Copyright February 1999, Revised December 2000

Have you ever woken up feeling like it would be an unusual day? Me
neither, until that Friday morning…

My name is Sam and I'm just your ordinary guy. By ordinary, I mean
that I have an ordinary life. I have enough money to live on but want
more money to be comfortable with. I have a nice girlfriend but want
a sexy woman. I guess you could say I'm the type of guy that always
thinks the grass is greener in someone else's pasture.

That Friday I woke up and rolled over to look at Lisa, my girlfriend.
She was lying on her back, one hand by her face, the other on top of
the sheet. When I saw her flat nipples through the thin white cotton,
my cock woke up right along with me. I didn't want to wake her up
right away though. I wanted to see how excited I could get her while
she slept.

I moved my finger against the sheet, lightly circling her left
aureole. My cock started talking to me when her nipple started to get
hard. I loved watching her smooth breast grow stiff in the center. I
grew a little bolder with my finger as I occasionally scratched her
nipple through the sheet. I smiled when I saw her expression go from
deep sleep to surface dreaming. Her legs started moving a little as
her fingers on top of the sheet tightened their grip on the material.
My cock was slowly growing as firm as her dark bud against my
finger. "Time to wake her up, son!" my cock yelled. I have to admit I

I moved my hand to the top of the sheet and carefully lowered it past
her beautiful breast. I caught my breath as soon as I saw what I had
done to her. The soft smooth skin around her nipple was puckered on
the edges. Her nipple was a deep rose color, hard and tight. I closed
my lips around it as my hand took hers and moved it to my cock. Her
fingers curled around my hardness as she turned on her side. My mouth
covered her breast as my tongue slowly moved back and forth against
the firm nub. Moving my hand away from her hand on my cock, I slid
the back of it against the underside of her breast, down across her
stomach and to her wet channel. Spreading my fingers wide to open her
lower lips, my middle finger found her clit. Her moans excited me as
my finger moved in gentle but firm little circles on her small rigid
little shaft. Her free hand pulled my head closer to her breast as
her upper leg wrapped around my hip. We stayed like that, her hand
stroking my cock as my finger stroked her clit. Her body was tensing
and relaxing, a sign I had seen a million times. I knew she was close
to an explosion so I placed my thumb on her clit and turned my hand
so that I could insert two fingers deep inside. I wanted to feel her
come on my fingers …she didn't disappoint me.

As her inner muscles started squeezing my fingers, I quickly turned
my body so that I could muffle her moans with my cock. She always
sucked me the deepest when she was in the throes of passion - her
words, not mine. With her head resting on my thigh, her mouth opened
and I buried my cock in the warmth of her mouth. Her lips pulled it
deeper down her throat as I continued to spread my two fingers open
and shut, trying to get to her g-spot while still rubbing her clit
with my thumb. I knew I found it when her body tightened. My cock was
buried as deep as it could get in her mouth and still she tried to
suck me deeper. She was making wonderful groaning sounds against my
cock as her pussy gripped my fingers. My free hand gripped her soft
ass cheeks and pulled her closer as I came along with her. I couldn't
hold her tight enough against me…

When I had the strength, I moved so that I could hold her head
against my chest.

"Sam, that was incredible," Lisa murmured, sounding as if she was
going to go back to sleep.

"It sure was, Lisa. A good way to start the day," I smiled, stroking
her hair absentmindedly. She curled tighter against me and fell
asleep. For a few minutes, I held her, thinking of our life and how
sometimes an ordinary day just doesn't have a chance of staying that

I walked into the camera shop about 8:30 in the morning. Since I was
the first one there, I made the coffee. I moved all the flavored
beans out of the way and found the plain but good regular coffee.
While it was brewing, I wiped the glass counters clean and thought
about my morning with Lisa. I poured myself some coffee then opened
the store for business.

As I unlocked the front door I looked outside. I watched a car pull
into the lot. A man got out and opened the passenger door for a woman
and it suddenly hit me. This was not going to be an ordinary day in
any way! The woman was gorgeous. The sun shining on her red curly
hair took my breath away. The fact that her dress was short enough to
show long sexy legs didn't help my breathing any. I waited and
watched, hoping that they were coming into the camera shop. I looked
up to the heavens and smiled when they moved away from the car and
headed in my direction.

Whistling softly, I walked back behind the counter. I was really
grateful that I was the only one working this morning. I didn't want
to share this woman with anyone. Well, except for the man with her.
But hey, I could do a threesome with no problem… I chuckled,
wondering where that thought came from.

I could tell the man knew exactly what he was doing as he led her to
my counter. "Excuse me, Sir. My girlfriend and I would like to
purchase a Polaroid camera. Unfortunately, we don't exactly know what
model we want. Tell him what kind of camera you want to see, Annie."

Annie. Well, if you asked me the name sure fit this woman. She had
the bluest eyes I had ever seen. She smiled at me as the man moved
close behind her.

"Perhaps the One Step is…"

Her voice made me forget the words … sexy and sultry. Could a guy ask
for anything more? All I could think of to say was "That's a good
choice, Miss. Let me just get one for you to see." I turned away,
thinking that what I really wanted to say was "Come in the back with
me and I'll find one for you." Yeah, I can be a pig sometimes, but
this woman was talking to my cock.

When I turned back around, her friend was standing really close to
her. Something told me that his mind was not really on buying a

"Can you show me how it works?" she asked.

Oh could I, I thought. What I said was "Sure, Miss, let me take a
picture of you."

The flash went off. When the picture developed, I showed it to Annie.
She was as surprised as I was to see the excitement in her eyes the
photo had captured. At least I could tell she was surprised because
she was breathing a little fast. And you know what I wondered? I
wondered if I was exciting her as much as she was exciting me. Yeah,
I'm a pig and a dreamer.

The man looked at the photo and said, "Nice photo, Annie." Then he
turned to me. "Is there any other model similar to this one that we
can see?"

I looked at Annie while I answered him. All I can remember are my
last words when I described this other model. "The camera is green
with yellow accents and even comes with a tote bag." Boy, did I sound
like a geek! But the amazing thing was his comment to her.

"Comes, Annie, did you hear that?"

I couldn't believe it. I mean, it made me wonder what he was doing,
standing so close to her. Then it dawned on me. Heck, I don't need a
ton of bricks to fall on my head.

The man turned to me and asked if I could take another picture of
Annie with the second camera. I told him I could but that I had to
find some film. I turned away from them and looked on the back wall.
I figured they were busy and wouldn't notice if I slipped to the back
room. I had to. Once there, I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock
out. It was so damn hard! I needed some relief but I wasn't sure I
had the time. I could have made myself come real quick. I know that
just by thinking of this woman, wondering what her mouth would look
like wrapped around my hard shaft …well, the next thing I knew, my
hand was stroking my cock but it was Annie's tongue I was feeling…
wait Sam, you can't do this here, I thought. All I'd need is someone
to walk back here for coffee and find me with my cock exploding all
over the place.

Reluctantly, I put my cock back where it didn't want to go and zipped
my jeans back up. I went out and found the film. When I went back to
the counter, I was breathing just as quickly as Annie was. I tried to
act calm as I loaded the film, all the while wondering what kind of
glue this guy used to get himself so attached to Annie. But I'm a
professional sales clerk after all. It wasn't my business to know
what he was doing to her. Too bad my cock didn't agree.

"Ready, Miss?" I asked as I held the camera up. Even through the
camera, she was beautiful. I know I keep saying that but if you could
have seen her, I know you'd agree. I took the picture and as I did,
something really funny happened. She gave a loud sigh, leaned against
the counter on both arms and closed her eyes. "Are you okay, Miss?
Would you like some water?" I didn't know what was going on.

The man reached around Annie and took one of her hands in his. Then
he told me some cock and bull story about her having the flu. When
she opened her eyes, I saw what happened. The flu? Hell, I knew what
happened. I could see it in her eyes. Lisa had that same look this
morning. He made her come! Right in front of me and I had missed it!
Talk about a disappointment. Remember Kevin Kline in a Fish Called
Wanda? Remember how he kept yelling "Disappointed!" when things went
wrong? Well, that was me…DIS-A-PPOINT-ED!

They decided to buy the first camera I showed them. I leaned down to
get a new box from the bottom shelf, and boy, did I wish I had done
that earlier. Through the glass, I saw his hand on her pussy. He had
lifted her dress and I could see his hand just holding her there. Her
thighs were spread and I could tell she wore no panties. His middle
finger was lying between her shaved pussy lips. I stood up quickly
and handed them the box. I was flustered. I mean, I love sex, as much
as anybody, but in a public place like this? How'd he get the nerve?
Better question was how did she feel about not wearing panties in
public? My inquiring mind just wanted to know…

I rang up the sale. As I handed Annie back her change, the man she
was with looked at me and winked. It made me feel like I was in on it
with him. They left the store, his arm around her. I would have gone
in back again to finish that conversation with my cock if another
customer hadn't walked in the door…And I am a professional sales
clerk after all. A professional sales clerk who was just not having
an ordinary day.

All day, Annie was all I could think about. The way she came and then
leaned on my counter. The way his finger looked between those bare
lower lips of hers. The way her eyes looked.

I got home and saw Lisa standing in the kitchen, making dinner. I
watched her, smiling at the way her ass looked as she bent down to
get a lid for a pan. My cock and me got real excited as I thought
about how I just might hide her panties for the whole weekend. Maybe
we'd have to go grocery shopping and . . .

Copyright by Megan Murphy, February 1999 meganmurphy@moose-mail.com
2,193 words.
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