Birthday to Remember© By Rachel 2001

She couldn't wait for the evening to begin. It was her birthday and her boyfriend wouldn't tell her anything he had in store for her, all he would tell her was to wear his favorite outfit and he would pick her up at 7pm.

The doorbell rang, he was right on time. She opened the door and marveled at how beautiful Josh looked. He was wearing black pants and a tight black shirt with the top three buttons undone. He was holding a bouquet of roses, her favorite.

"Wow, you look amazing", he said handing her the flowers, "Happy Birthday".

"Thank you, you look mighty fine yourself."

He gave her that wonderful smile that lit up the room and made her want to jump him; he kissed her. "We should get going."

"Where are we off to?"

"Well now, that's for me to know and you to find out isn't it?" there was that smile again.

It was a wonderful night. They went to dinner at her favorite restaurant. After dinner they went for drinks and dancing, then to the park where they walked and talked for what felt like forever. She felt closer to him and more in love than she'd ever been. She thought to herself that the evening had been absolutely perfect.

"Have you had a good time tonight?" he asked wrapping his arms around her. "I was just thinking how perfect it's been. Thank you. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday."

"Your welcome but the evening is far from over. C'mon." he took her hand and crossed the street to the beautiful hotel she had passed so many times and always wanted to stay in, and Josh knew this.

"What are we doing here?"

"I told you I had another surprise in store for you." They went in and walked right past the front desk to the elevators, where they went up to the penthouse.

As she walked in she was met with the glow of hundreds of candles that filled the room. She walked in to discover the same warm glow coming from the bedroom and bathroom. As she walked into the bathroom she could see steam rising off the warm bubble bath.

"I love you", he said coming up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck. "I love you too", she sighed as she turned around to discover he was in nothing but his black boxer briefs. She could see his excitement through the material.

"Wow, is that my other surprise?"

"That's just part of it. Now get undressed and get in. I want to bathe you."

She happily obliged and kicked off her heals while she pulled her dress off over her head revealing that much to Josh's delight she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. A deep breath escaped her throat as she eased down into the warm lavender scented water. Josh walked over and knelt down next to the tub, he took a sponge off the edge and sank it down into the soapy water. He raised it up, squeezing water over Allison's shoulders and neck, eliciting a small moan from her. He took her hand in his and held out her arm, he ran the sponge up her arm trailing it across her body tracing her collarbone and down the other arm. He brought the sponge to her breast and circled it over her fully erect nipple. The sponge continued moving over her heated body, down one leg and up the other, before nesting in her hot center.

She spread her legs to give Josh freer access. He dropped the sponge and let his fingers move over her sensitive skin. He could feel how wet she was and not just because she was in a tub. His finger glided back and forth over her bundle of nerves as she started to breathe heavy, lost in her delight. He moved his body closer to hers and kissed her softly on the forehead and then on the mouth. It intensified as their tongues intertwined. He pulled out of the kiss, "Are you ready for your surprise now?" Overcome with ecstasy a throaty "yes" was all she could manage.

With a final kiss he stood up and walked to the doorway of the bathroom, where he motioned to someone, then returned to the tub and sat on the edge. A moment later Andrew walked into the bathroom. She looked at Josh with a slightly bewildered look on her face.

Allison was slightly stunned by the sudden appearance of Josh's friend in the room. She had always thought he was incredibly good looking and had often wondered what it would be like to be with him, especially after the dream she had had about her, Josh, and Andrew in a threesome. After telling Josh about the dream he asked her if that was something she was interested in, she said it would be if it was indeed with he and Andrew.

"I know this is something you've wanted and I knew you'd never ask for it so I told Andrew about your dream. He thought it was a great idea I though it'd make the perfect present for you. Is this okay?"

She looked to Andrew who gave her a reassuring grin, and to Josh, then nodded. Andrew took this as his cue. He walked over to Allison and immediately began kissing her. Lightening shot through Allison's body. It was electrifying kissing another man as her boyfriend watched. Their kiss grew deeper and deeper as Andrew took her hands and brought her up to her knees facing him. His hands cupped and caressed her breasts as she worked at the buttons of his shirt, sliding it off his muscular frame. She ran her hands down his chest to his pants where she repeated her actions. She never took her eyes off Josh even as she slid Andrew's boxers off exposing his engorged member. Josh shifted on the edge of the tub, turned on by the sight of his girlfriend with his friend.

She leaned over and kissed Josh then turned her attention to Andrew. Slowly she licked up one side and down the other of his cock before taking him in her mouth. As Allison moved up and down on Andrew, Josh kissed her shoulders running his hand down her body until he had once again found her moist center, he began to work her teasing her clit. She reached into Josh's briefs and took his member in her warm hand and began pumping quickly and firmly, which caused him to stroke her more feverishly, slipping first one then two fingers deep inside her aching pussy. She sucked Andrew harder as he continued to fondle her taught nipples. The intensity of the situation was soon too much and her orgasm bolted through her body causing her to cry out various expletives. Both men looked at each other with congratulatory smirks and pulled way from her pleased that they had brought her such pleasure.

"Wow, that was quite amazing." she said looking from one to the other sinking back in the tub working on regaining her composure. "Well I'm glad we could be of assistance." Andrew said grinning. "You certainly were, but I'm not through with either of you. Follow me." She rose from the tub and walked into the bedroom without bothering to towel off. She directed Andrew to sit on the edge of the bed, walked over to him, turned around so that her back was to him, straddled his legs, and lowered her wet body on his throbbing shaft. "Josh, come here." He obediently walked over and stood in front of her, without a word she took his entire cock in her mouth. With Andrew's hands massaging her breasts she worked the two of them with precision as she rose on Andrew's shaft she fell on Josh's.

"I can't take it, I need to taste you", Josh groaned. With that she leaned back into Andrew opening herself to Josh's wanting mouth. His tongue found her clit and moved over it vigorously. Allison, lost in pleasure, rode Andrew even harder.

"Oh god! I'm going to cum!" she screamed. Andrew rose his hips slamming into her and Josh increased the pace and pressure of his tongue on her bud. Her orgasm hit her hard as she yelled out both of their names.

She collapsed on the bed, breathless, but Andrew and Josh weren't done with her yet. Josh lowered himself on her heaving body, kissed her, and plunged his shaft into her how wet pussy eliciting a groan of pleasure. "Tell me what you want", he demanded. "I want you both to fuck me. Now."

Josh rolled them over so that she could ride him and let Andrew enter her from behind. Josh continued his thrusting as Andrew held her hips to steady her as he slowly entered her. Each man thrusted in and out of her until the three found an intoxicating rhythm. Josh's hands found her breasts and groped them while Andrew's fingers fondled her clit. With one hand on Andrew's ass and the other on Josh's chest she begged them to go faster, harder, and deeper. With each pump and thrust the threesome came closer to their end. Andrew gasped as his orgasm started to come upon him and he started thrusting mercilessly. This made Allison thrust that much harder on Josh's ready cock. They all exploded together in screams of pleasure. Breathless Andrew and Allison rolled onto the bed, joining Josh. Allison turned to Andrew and kissed him gently and thanked him. He kissed her back, "My pleasure, Happy Birthday." With that she turned to Josh and kissed him passionately, "Thank you. I love you."

"I love you, did you have a good birthday?" he asked rising up on one elbow.

"Yes it was wonderful. I don't think anything could top this."

Josh looked at Andrew then back to Allison, and with a devilish grin said, "Just wait until you see what I have planned for next year…"