Night Vision  1997 by B.K. Bilicki
All rights reserved - copy/duplication prohibited

It started with a touch.  Even through the many layers of sleep which surrounded me, I could feel it. A warm hand traveled across my bare thigh. I lay there unmoving, unable to rouse myself from the slumber which gripped me tightly, yet I somehow I could feel it all. A hand had found me naked and waiting beneath the sheets and now caressed me gently. It slowly rubbed down the front of my left thigh to my knee and then made its way back up. The move was repeated on my right leg, but the hand continued its upstroke farther this time and came across to find my bare manhood. Slowly the questing hand wrapped itself around my flaccid cock and held it. The hand stopped then, seemingly content with its parcel.

My mind teetered on the brink of awareness, but then overbalanced and fell back into the black depths. My body floated alone amidst the stars as I started to dream.

A sudden sensation threatened to break my peaceful state and my mind bobbed up towards consciousness again. Like before, it didn't break the surface of my sleep, only approached it enough to see out. The hand which had held me was gone, but it had been replaced by another sensation. Warmer, wetter, slowly sliding up and down my now-rigid shaft. Dreams surrounded me, those of a pair of lips gliding across the taut flesh of my cock. A tongue danced across the swollen head and my mind smiled at the ether-feel. What little shred of cognicence I had told me that this was all a dream, so I laid back and simply enjoyed. The unseen lips and tongue worked together, licking and sucking my throbbing member, before moving down to lavish my heavy balls with wet kisses. My mind rejoiced in the sensations, which grew so pleasurable and rhythmic that I was lulled deeper into the dreamrealm without even realizing it.

Deep in the dark abyss of my sleep, I dreamed of you. Of your lips and hands stroking me, teasing me. Of your lazy grin as you looked deep into my eyes while you worked me into a frenzy. How I loved to watch you as you loved me, covered me with your touch. The feelings I had washed over me and in my slumber, I moaned.

Another feeling, an abrupt stop, and my mind was returned to its limbo between awake and asleep. My senses strained, wanting to know, and slowly the feelings came to me. The warmth and wetness still surrounded my cock and I sighed happily. The dream was still working its magic upon my aching shaft, but there was a change. Hotter, wetter and taking my entire length inside it, there could be no doubt as to what the fantasy was up to now. Not content with only offering me your mouth and hands, the spinner of dreams now gave me the choicest of prizes. Your hungry sex was now claiming me, taking me inside your yearning body to the hilt.

The full force of the dream took effect and I could feel your hunger take over. Your buttocks came down to me, slapping lightly against my hips, as you drove yourself repeatedly up and down my length. Suddenly the dream intensified its efforts and gave my senses a jolt. I could feel every part of your dripping sex now, feel it gripping me tightly, down to the slight scrape of the hairs lining your swollen lips against my flesh. In my mind I could see you, squeezing one of your breasts in one hand while your other hand tickled your clit mercilessly as you rode me. My mind exploded in a wash of love and lust as the dream told me that my illusion was nearing its climax. My cock swelled inside your phantom warmth and I exploded, pouring my gift into your unrelenting body. Flashes of light bathed my mind, driving my peak higher and higher. A shiver tingled through me before it was swiftly banished by the blazing heat of our shared love. My mind calmed as the dreamfire consumed us both and I drifted away into the depths of slumber once more.

* * *

I awoke with a start. Staring at the ceiling, my mind raced over all that I had dreamed and the clarity of it all made me smile fondly. This was definitely a dream worth remembering. Leaning over your sleeping body, I kissed your cheek tenderly. Perhaps tonight we could relive what my mind had scripted last night, I thought with a grin. Carefully sliding out from under the blanket, I stood and yawned as I walked over to the dresser. On it, I found a small pile of photographs. Picking them up, I started to look through them. The first was a picture of me laying in bed with my eyes tightly closed, an indecipherable look on my face. I puzzled over it a moment before looking at the next.

The picture was a close-up of a cock sliding into a pussy. It was shot at an odd angle and taken in mid-stroke, judging by the streaks of colour around the edges. The lips were being held open for the camera and a finger rested upon the swollen clit. Taken by surprise, I looked at the next picture. It was your face. Your eyes were open and glazed with lust and you were smiling wildly. I could see your arms extended to either side of the picture, telling me that you had taken it yourself. The remaining pictures were more shots of the cock and pussy. They were taken obviously at the moment of climax or soon after, judging by the milky-white trails dripping down the shaft. Taped to the last photo was a note in your handwriting which read, 'Sweet dreams, lover!'

Lifting my wide eyes from the photos, I looked back towards the bed. On the nightstand beside you was an instant camera with a flash attached. Of course, I thought with an incredulous laugh. Those flashes of light in my dream. The coolness on my belly, when you had laid the camera there while showing me the results of the thunderous orgasm you had coaxed from me while I slept. Looking at your face, I saw your naughty grin as you slept and I laughed again.

Sweet dreams indeed.

"Night Vision" is copyright 1997 B.K. Bilicki . This story may not be distributed without the author's permission.

About the Author:    B.K. BILICKI is a semi-notorious rogue who has taken up the curious pastime of spying on other realities and writing down what he sees there. On the run from various cosmic authorities since 1995 for this, he has passed on these curious scribbles in the form of short stories, poems and the occasional sprawling novel. Much of the evidence against him can be found in the Reality Corridor at  Words of encouragement (or pleas to turn himself in before it's too late) can be sent to