Sunday Morning, (c) Copyright, Bemr, 2000

It's Sunday morning and I can hear the kids quietly watching television in the living room. I look over and see him sleeping quietly.  I smile to myself and think, "I just love him so much." We've been together for 13 years and I still love waking up next to him each and every morning. Sundays are nice because he doesn't have to get up and get ready for work, so most of the time I let him sleep in.  I listen once again for the kids to make sure they are all right and rest my head on the pillow next to him in confidence that they are doing fine by themselves.  I snuggle up closer to him and press myself against his warm naked body and slide my arm gently around his waist.   He doesn't stir, but lets out a slight snore. He lays kinda sprawled out on the bed with his one knee up so he is almost laying on his belly but still on his side.  As I softly cuddle with my sleeping husband my hand slowly wanders around his stomach  to his back, just stroking him soft and slow. I leave little soft kisses on his back and press my cheek against his warm flesh.  I slide my hand lower, down over his cute buns and down over the back of his stretched out leg. As I move back up his leg I can't resist stopping at his buns once more and giving them a gentle squeeze.    "Hmmm..." I say softly with a playful grin on my face.  Since I had fallen asleep on him the night before I figured this would be a perfect time for me to redeem myself and wake him up in a "special" way.

I move myself slightly so that I can use one hand to touch and caress his ass cheeks and use the other to reach in front of him and stroke his stomach and leg.  Because of the position he is laying in I can't quite reach his package, but I know from experience that once I play around long enough he will stir a bit and switch positions for me.  He does, and I smile to myself once again. Now I have easy access to the whole front and back of his body.  His occasional snore has subsided to a calm deep breathing and I can tell that he will wake up in the next few minutes. It's almost like he has a "hand detector" in his penis and any time my hand comes within 5 inches of it, it will spring to life towards my hand.  This Sunday morning is no different. I slide my hand down his thigh and softly bring my nails back up it.  I brush the palm of my hand over the head of his cock and I hear his breathing change from a deep slow kind to a more shallow aware kind.  I know he is almost awake but I don't stop, in fact I increase my activity.  I reach my hand from under the comforter and move it to on top of the heavy blanket where I begin to cup and cradle his warm soft balls in my hand.  He lets out a soft sigh and turns completely onto his back.  By this time his cock is growing harder by the second, and I can't resist wrapping my long fingers around it and giving it a firm but gentle squeeze.

I begin to rub my naked lower body against his hip and thigh.  I can feel that warm tingle between my legs increasing more and more each second that I touch and stroke his ever growing cock.  I love the feeling of his soft silky chest hairs against my cheek and my mouth begins to seek out the nipple that is closest to my mouth.  I place gentle kisses all around it and softly run my tongue along it.   The cock in my hand twitches with delight.  I know my handsome man is awake but he lays still with his eyes still closed.  I don't want to wait any long to give him the treat he deserves so I move out of the bed and quietly close our bedroom door.  The kids know not to barge into Mommy and Daddy's room when the door is closed, I know now that we will have our privacy, and now my husband knows just what my intent is.

I crawl back onto the  foot of the bed and kneel between his covered thighs. I pull the comforter down his chest and stomach to reveal the cock that I had stroked to life and is now fully erect and waiting eagerly for me.  I glance up at my man and see his eyes are still closed, but he is definitely awake.  I whisper to him, "Good morning baby" , as my long curly hair falls onto his lower stomach and my lips begin to place soft butterfly kisses onto the head of his cock. I have to admit that I love the soft moans that come from his when I do this.   It makes me very wet.  I wrap my one hand gently around the base of his cock and rest the other on his strong thigh.  My mouth opens more and my kisses on his cock become more involved and intense. I slide my tongue down the length of his shaft and squeeze his rock hard tool in my hand.  Mmmmmm, he tastes so good.  Opening my mouth more, I take the head completely into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it and suck in and out all over it...almost like it's the last lollipop on the face of the earth and I am coveting each and every morsel of it.  His sighs and moans are constant and he moves his hands to my hair and wraps his hands up in my long light brown locks. He pushes gently on my head and I begin my decent down his cock with my lips wrapped tightly on him.  Up and down,he moves my mouth just the way he wants it, just the way he wants to be pleased at the moment.  I am happy to oblige because I can feel the affect it is having on me too.  I can feel the moisture between my engorged pussy lips and I'm anxiously awaiting the moment when he will pull my mouth from his cock and slide it inside of me.

"Oh baby, this feels so good!" He whispers in a deep and lustful voice. That turns me on even more and I suck my man's hard cock even tighter and deeper. With his hands on either side of my head he slows my movements down to a stop, the gently pushes my warm mouth down on him as far as I can take him.  I can tell he is getting close to a climax, and I am more than ready to ride that slick tongue moistened cock of his.

I seductively crawl up the bed to him and look in his wide opened dark eyes.  I smile sweetly at him as he positions his cock underneath me.  He grips my hips and lovingly pulls me down onto him, sliding easily inside my warm moist pussy.  "Mmmmmmmmm.......ahhhhhhhh" escapes both of our lips as we both lose ourselves in the most pleasant feel of the first couple movements inside me.  I begin to rock my hips slowly back and forth on him and sit up slightly to give him a better view of his juice soaked cock sliding in and out of me.   "Baby that looks so good" he says, and I moan in response knowing that it feels even better than it looks.  He reaches up to my breasts and finds my hard tight nipples and rolls and pinches them between his fingers.  I respond immediately by moaning and pressing my pussy harder onto his cock.  Out movements quicken as we both begin to get closer and closer to the edge of orgasm.  In one quick motion he pulls my body down and clamps his mouth on my left breast, sucking tightly and nibbling on my nipple.  This sends shock waves through my body and directly down to my already soaked pussy.  His wonderful cock is so hard and large inside of me this morning that it brings the beginning of my climax already.  He moves his mouth from my breast long enough to mutter "Baby we should've done this last night!" and presses his hips hard toward my pussy to meet my thrusts.  Our passion filled moans turn to lust filled groans of pleasure as we both are so close to the edge.  We can no longer control it and began to thrust and buck our bodies into one another as the waves of sweet climax sweep over us.

We slow our movements and gently touch and kiss each other.  "I love you baby"....."I love you too", he responds to me.  Just about that time we hear a little knock at the bedroom door.  I answer "yesssss???"

"Mommy...will you make us French toast?"

I just love sunday mornings.